Alfred Milner

Alfred Milner (1st Viscount Milner) was a British political puppet, used to move towards world government. He was Secretary of War under David Lloyd George and Secretary of State for the Colonies. He was born in Hesse Germany. He was married to Violet Maxse (Order of St John), who was previously married to Edward Cecil. Her brother Leopold Maxse played the role of controlled opposition against the UN and Zionism.

He was a friend of Arnold Toynbee, uncle of Arnold Joseph Toynbee (Tavistock). He worked for the Pall Mall Gazette (sold to William Waldorf Astor) under William Thomas Stead, a friend of AC Doyle, Cecil Rhodes and William Randolph Hearst, the inventor of the tabloid press. Stead died on the Titanic.

He was a member of the Order of the Bath. He became a secretary of George Goschen, later Chancellor of the Exchequer in the cabinet of Robert Cecil.

In 1897 he visited South Africa, worked with Cecil Rhodes and founded the Milner Schools. He played a role in the Second Boer War, while Leo Amery was correspondent for The Times.

He became a member of the Coefficients, a club of Sidney and Beatrice Webb of the Fabian Society, with HG Wells (FS, Wellington House), politician Edward Grey (New Liberalism), Leo Amery (Milner Group, father of nazi John Amery), Bertrand Russell, Henry Birchenough (Victoria League of Violet Milner-Cecil), Leopold Maxse (National Review, sister married to Milner), James Louis Garvin (The Observer of David Astor with George Orwell), William Hewins (director of the LSE), Clinton Edward Dawkins (JP Morgan & Co, related to atheist Richard Dawkins).

He became chairman of zinc mining company Rio Tinto.

In 1910 he founded the Round Table A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the British Empire.

At the start of the WW1 and WW2 ritual he met with Leo Amery, Waldorf Astor, David Lloyd George, Geoffrey Dawson (The Times of Lord Northcliffe, secretary to Joseph Chamberlain).

Lord Northcliffe of propaganda office Wellington House (HG Wells, AC Doyle) was married to Mary Elizabeth Milner (Order of the British Empire, Order of St John).

He attended the Paris Peace Conference as Colonial Secretary (with Colonel House, Woodrow Wilson, Edward Bernays, Wellington Koo and Warburg brothers) and signed the Treaty of Versailles.

His secretary Lionel Curtis advocated world government and helped founding the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA or Chatham House) with Arthur Balfour Cecil, after the Paris Peace Conference, simultaneously with the Council of Foreign Relations.

He was a Honory Governor of the London School of Economics and member of the Pro-Jerusalem Society. In 1921 he was made a Knight in the Order of the Garter (Rosicrucianism originated in Hesse) and married Violet Maxse (Order of St John), who was previously married to Edward Cecil.

Elon Musk, Max Theiler (vaccine against yellow fever), Nathan Kirsch (Covid19-vaccine) and Peter Hain (cabinet of Gordon Brown) are alumni of a Milner School.

In 1981 jesuit Carol Quigley wrote the Anglo-American Establishment with the theory that Milner, Cecil Rhodes and Nathan Rothschild were members of a secretive group named the Business Roundtable.

born 3/23/1854, date Dietrich Eckhart, Wernher von Braun.

died 5/13/1925.

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