Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was an emperor of the Greek-Macedonian Empire (top-down organized society ruled by elite families who practiced pedophilia). According to legend he was tutored by Aristotle at a lyceum (wolfs were associated with Apollo Lyceus). His mother Olympias was member of a snake worshiping cult of Dionysus. From 336 BC he succeeded his father Philip II (Philohippos: horselover) as king of Macedonia. In 334 bc he invaded the Achaemenid Empire and overthrew Darius III. He conquered Babylon (33d parallel in Iraq) and founded Alexandria in Egypt (later a center of alchemy), ending the 33d dynasty.

He visited the desert oracle of Siwa in Lybia, at a mountain where a river springs from inner earth. He was told he was the son of Enlil- Zeus Ammon (depicted with horns, the God matrix). He was associated with myths of Mount Athos and Gog and Magog. He took the Iliad with him during travels.

The Persian and Macedonian Empire was a continuation of the Draco-Orion Empire. His general Philip, also depicted as horned, became emperor of the Seleucid Empire.

In 200 bc Greece was conquered by the Roman Empire. Like the Anunnaki gods in Sumerian civilization, its symbol was the eagle, as birds are related to reptilian dinosaurs.

born july 356 bc.

died june 323 bc.

Alexander Borgia was head of the Catholic Church. Alexander I and II were Romanov kings of the Russian Empire. Aristotle Onassis named his son Alexander.

Richard Burton played in Alexander the Great (1956) of UA with Frederic March and Peter Cushing.

Malcolm McDowell plays Alexander DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange.

Colin Farrell played Alexander in Alexander of Oliver Stone with Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer (=Batman, Dionysus archetype Jim Morrison), Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Plummer, Rosario Dawson (biracial wedding of Harry and Meghan) and Joker Jared Leto (gay-transgender agenda).

Antichrist figure William called his son George Louis Alexander.