Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a medi actor and provocateur agent used in the media industry and Hollywood film industry to play the role of controlled opposition, a cartoon character of crazy conspiracy theorist, that promotes the NWO-Illuminati hoax and political puppet jesuit Donald Trump in the Right Wing Church. His main disinfo outlet is Infowars. Silicon Valley tech companies use Jones as an excuse for censorship. a

The list of guests on Infowars is a who's who in the land of controlled opposition:

Andrew Tate Milo Yiannopoulos
Buzz Aldrin (NASA) Naomi Wolf (Feminist Church)
Catherine Austin FittsNick Begich Jr
Charlie Sheen (son of Martin Sheen) Nick Fuentes
David Horowitz Nigel Farage
David Icke Owen Shroyer
David Knight (the Real News) Pat Buchanan (Order of Malta)
Donald Trump (jesuit) Paul Craig Roberts (AFP Willis Carto)
Eddie Bravo (Flat Earth) Paul Joseph Watson
Ezra Levant (Rebel News) Pepe Escobar (RT)
Fritz Springmeier Ray McGovern (RT)
G. Edward Griffin
Immortal Technique (Hip Hop) Robert David Steele (CIA, Qanon)
Jack Posobiec (Pizzagate) Ron Paul (Anarchopulco)
James O'Keefe (Project Veritas) Roger Stone (friend of Roy Cohn)
Jerome Corsi (jesuit) Russia Today
Jesse Ventura (Reform Party) Sean Stone(son of Oliver Stone
Jim Marrs Sethikus Boza
Joe Rogan Stan Monteith (JBS)
Jordan Maxwell Steve Jackson (Illuminati card game)
Larry Pratt (gun lobby) Steve Pieczenik
Leo Zagami (Illuminati hoax) Texe Marrs
Mancow Muller (History Channel) Tim Ball
Marc Morano ('climate denier') Tommy Robinson (Rebel News)
Mark Passio (Anarchopulco) Tucker Carlson
Mike Cernovich (Pizzagate)William Binney (NSA)

Project Veritas is funded by the Gatestone Institute.

As a disinfo agent, Jones constantly makes a fool of himself on Ted Turner's CNN, as an opponent of gun control, with Infowars bringing the same slick, fake, sensationalism as CNN. There are a lot of connections between Ted Turner's CNN, McMahon's WWF and the Infowars clique. Ted Turner also created the Sting mask, later the Anonymous masks of jesuit Guy Fawkes, similar to the Brandon Lee Joker character in The Crow (Alex Jones dressed up as Joker in 2001). Anonymous and Infowars use the We Are Legion phrase.

Jones was part of Sacred Cow productions, who also sold videos of Bill Hicks and was made famous with shaky video footage of a ritual at the Bohemian Grove of the Bohemian Club. The ritual was made into a trope of fake conspiracies, as evidence of elite satanism by Jones and David Icke, with no evidence to back it up. Infowars employees also worked for intelligence firm Stratfor, founded in 1996 by jew George Friedman, educated at Cornell, who worked for the RAND Corporation (because of Henry Kissinger's involvement, another favorite target of the Jones clique).

FBI Project Megiddo 'investigated' the threat of right wing conspiracies. Director of FBI from 1993 to 2001 under jesuit Bill Clinton was Louis Freeh, Roman Catholic with a jesuit trained son, like Jones part of the Waco siege media ritual.

Like Graham Hancock, Jason Louv and Jim Marrs, Alex Jones' books are published by the Disinformation Company, who spread disinformation as performance art. The Disinformation Company also promotes Aleister Crowley, who wrote Book of Lies, the inspiration for all these provocateur agents who make an art out of making a fool of themselves with rants, contradictory information, media stunts, to cause more mystery, confusion and chaos.

Controlled opposition that spreads disinfo is a means to make sure that all the people who are trying to 'wake up' people about satanism, are satanist themselves (Horus in the Aeon of Horus is the god of truth but also of war, in the media masculinity and action is portrayed as negative, feminity and passivity as positive).

The Disinformation company is owned by Richard Metzger, connected to jesuit George Noory (disinfo show Coast to Coast, Gaia), satanic transgender Genesis P-Orridge, satanist Marilyn Manson, Luciferian Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger (funded by jesuit John Paul Getty, movies with Mick Jagger and Anton LaVey), Marilyn Manson (Church of Satan) and Discordian Robert Anton Wilson who helped to spread the Illuminati hoax in the 70's, like the jesuits did in the late 1700s.

After the 911 Twin Towers ritual search engines offered Alex Jones as a voice of independant journalism.

Like James Corbett, Jones' favorite scapegoat is George Soros, because his Open Society Foundations funds Black Lives Matter (the Black Church), although Soros also funds Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

In every country the population is manipulated with different tactics, in the US the main tactic is patriotism, to create a false hope narrative, in which Jones plays the role of alt-right conspiracy theorist, a concept the mainstream media uses to protect its own narrative. The censorship of large tech-companies with a leftist ideology is seen as 'good taste', action against hate speech etc..

In may 2001 he participated in a Channel Four tv show with Jon Ronson (Them: Adventures with Extremists), giving extra publicity to his Bohemian Grove media stunt. Ronson interviewed comedian Harry Shearer (The Simpsons, famous for predicting every world event, The Truman Show with Jim Carrey about an idiot living in a staged reality) who dismissed the claims that the gatherings have an occult meaning.

In 2001 he played in Hollywood movie Waking Life of Richard Linklater with Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Adam Goldberg, Steven Soderbergh and in 2003 as a crazy, paranoid conspiracy theorist in Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly with Keanu Reeves (The Matrix became a blueprint for the 'truth movement') and Robert Downey Jr (also played a role in the Joker James Holmes Phoenix ritual). ASD was based on a story of Philip K Dick, tied to mind control projects of the 60's.

He produced the Loose Change film series about the 911 ritual. He spread disinfo about HAARP.

In 2009 jesuit billionaire Charles Dolan produced the 'documentary' New World Order, through his AMC Networks about Alex Jones and his crazy bunch, protesting at the Bilderberg conference.

It also focused on Jim Tucker, who published in The Spotlight of Willis Carto (John Birch Society) in the 70's.

In 2012 he was used in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook psyop, with Leonard Pozner filing a defamation suit against him. Pozner later met with Ricken Patel  (International Crisis Group with Jones's scapegoat George Soros).

In 2016 he played an important role in the Pizzagate psyop with Infowars affiliates Mike Cernovich, Vigilant Citizen,..

The jesuits used Jones as an inspiration for X-files character Tad O' Malley and character 'Alex Jones' in the movie 'Prisoners' with Jake Gyllenhaal (with Joker Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain) and Hugh Jackman.

In 2018 he played the antagonist of David Hogg and March for Our Lives.

In 2019 after massive Youtube censorship (deleting of thousands of channels), only the reaction of Alex Jones was allowed. With Roseanne Barr, Jones was a crucial tool in the campaign of jesuit Donald Trump, to sell him as a political outsider and saviour (because he never attended the Bilderberg meetings), with a cabinet of jesuits, Zionists, Rothschild or Goldman Sachs bankers.

During the Covid19-ritual he used the Great Reset narrative. He participated in the Jeffrey Epstein psyop.

Jones and his associates (Gavin McKinnes of Proud Boys, Rebel News, Andrew Tate, Tommy Robinson, Robert David Steele) were used in the Capitol attack 2021 media farce to frame all resistance during the Covid19-ritual as right-wing (David Brock's Media Matters for America).

Astrological chart

born 2/11/1974, date Jennifer Aniston, d Whitney Houston, Sarah Palin, Burt Reynolds, religious experience PKD, Leslie Nielsen, Jeb Bush, in Dallas Texas (associated with the JFK ritual). 42nd day, nr of Alice in Wonderland, 12 days after Christian Bale (Batman, Jones played the role of Joker).

Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Aquarius, Capricorn - Uranus (rebellion, revolution, eccentric outsider), Moon, Venus.

Uranus and Moon in Libra, Neptune in Sagittarius, Saturn in Gemini, Mars in Taurus, Venus and Lilith in Capricorn. Moon square Venus like Diana, Mercury square Neptune like Jim Carrey and Mel Gibson (Conspiracy Theory).

Controlled opposition

Donald Trump