Aldo Moro

Aldo Moro was an Italian political puppet of the Left Wing Church, media actor and freemason who played the role of prime minister of Italy from 1963 to 1968 and 1974 to 1976 under president Giovanni Leone. He worked for Catholic Action and was leader of the Christian Democracy party. In 1978 (the Years of Lead) he played a role in a media ritual in wich he was kidnapped by the Red Brigades (students of the University of Trento) and supposedly murdered after 55 days.

The Red Brigades had ties with CIA agent Ronald Hadley Stark. He collaborated with Enrico Berlinguer of the Italian Communist Party. His secretary was mason Sereno Freati.

On 7/1/1963 (date of birth Diana, 4 months before his assassination ritual) he met with John F Kennedy in Rome, after visiting the NATO headquarters in Naples.

He was a friend of pope Paul VI (Montini), also affiliated with Catholic Action and advised by Giovanni Colombo. Montini was accused by jesuit Roger Peyrefitte (gay and pedophilia agenda) of a homosexual relationship.

The founders of the Red Brigades, Renato Curcio and Alberto Franceschini were arrested in 1974 through Franciscan Silvano Girotto, after wich leadership passed to Mario Moretti. The lawyer of the Red Brigades Giovanni Capelli, was also the last visitor of Ulrike Meinhof.

On 3/16/1978 he was supposedly kidnapped (Pluto: abduction, era of Patty Hearst trial, mysterious death of Pier Paulo Pasolini, abduction of Michele Sindona, abduction of JP Getty's son, abduction of Hanns Schleyer by the Rote Armee Fraktion).

Francesco Cossiga, related to Enrico Berlinguer, set up a crisis committee with Steve Pieczenik, sent by Jimmy Carter. Pieczenik worked with Henry Kissinger in the administrations of Carter, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush and was later used in the Conspiracy Church with Alex Jones.

Franco Ferrutti (P2) played the role of terrorism expert who suggested Moro had developed Stockholm Syndrome (similar to Patty Hearst).

His dead body was was found (supposedly after a séance of Romani Prodi, wich gave him the street name) and exposed to the press on 5/9/1978 like JFK in his Lincoln car.

1978 was also the year of death of Montini and Montini's successor, pope John Paul I after 33 days of papacy (most important nr in the Scottish Rite) and the Jonestown massacre of Jim Jones.

To create a masonic murder mystery, the murder was linked to Operation Gladio of NATO, the Hyperion school in Paris, Banda della Magliani, Ordino Nuovo, P2 and the mafia (similar to the web of distraction of the JFK ritual). Antonio Negri played the role of suspect as a member of Potere Operaio with Adriana Faranda and Valerio Morucci (Red Brigades), defended by Michel Foucault.

Journalist Carmine Pecorelli (militia of Knight of Malta Valerio Borghese, P2) was supposedly killed in 1979 with Giulio Andretti trialed for complicity (Pluto in Libra era).

Like Abraham Lincoln and JFK, Moro is often presented as a hero who wanted to fight the corrupt financial system or a NWO cabal with villains like Henry Kissinger and Allen Dulles, f.i. by David Talbot in The Devil's Chessboard, Daniele Ganser (LSE) in NATO's Secret Armies.

The Red Brigades were used as story element in Year of the Gun of John Frankenheimer (The Manchurian Candidate, RFK's assassination media ritual) with Sharon Stone and Valeria Golino.

born 9/23/1916, date d Sigmund Freud, Bruce Springsteen.

died 5/9/1978, (JFK born 5/29) date d Ulrike Meinhof (Rote Armee Faktion), Candice Bergen, Rosario Dawson, JM Barrie.

the Left Wing Church