Labaratory and psychological alchemy use the same concepts. To the alchemists the material world consisted of a prima matera, a prime chaotic matter, formed in 4 elements water, fire, air earth. The elements can be transmuted because of the elements they have in common. The Latin phrase solve et coagula, means to dissolve and recombine, seperate the pure from the impure. Base metals (basic undeveloped consciousness) have to be transmutated into noble metals, the process of turning lead (by fighting everything that is impure and selfish, by purging it and breaking it down in its quintessence,) into gold (incorruptable), following the framework of kabbalistic Tree of Life with its various levels of consciousness.

Base metals are transmuted into the noble metals silver and gold, the ecliptic path is the cycle of evolution of consciousness. The places where the ecliptic and galactic planes intersect and create a quadrant, are the Silver and Golden gate Orion-Taurus and Scorpio-Ophiuchus, now slightly more in Gemini and Sagittarius.

It is the task of the initiate to make the divided self (Osiris cut up by Set), the two opposing forces of Sun and Moon, yang and yin, whole again, to create a temple of Sol-o-Mon.
The Magnum Opus in spiritual alchemy is to dissolve the current limited sense of oneself, to be completely reborn as the true, eternal self. The whole, when purified and integrated is the Holy Grail or Philosopher's stone.

We have a Mental body, the seat of all mental faculties, intelligence, emotion, will, memory,.. Hermeticists believe in the unity of nature as expressed by the idea of the prima materia from which all bodies were formed and into which they might again be dissolved and the existence of a potent transmuting agent capable of promoting the change of one kind of material into another, known as the 'philosopher's stone'.

Alchemy basically is not much more than another cult of the pineal gland and 7 chakra's. 7 steps to enlightenment, 7 hermetic principles:
1 Mentalism. All is one, all is spirit/mind, matter is just spirit in lower density. everything happens as result of mental state, idea. Everything is connected, the concept of internet. In Hinduism and Hermecticism (teachings of Hermes=Mercury) thoughts and emotions exist in space, have shape, duration.
2 Correspondance, planes of existence are connected, as above so below, the outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Thoughts and images from consc and subconsc manifest in the outer world, we recreate what we focus on (in the New Age religion this Law of Attraction is distorted into: don't focus on the negative or you'll feed it, always be postive, run away from negative)
3 Vibration. Nothing rests, everything moves vibrates (spirit energy in motion), the teaching of Heraclitus 'everything flows', one never steps in the same river. One changes mental state by power of Will=change of vibration.
4 Polarity. Everything is dual, opposites are same in nature but different in degree, heat and cold are same thing, different degree. Love is hate, fear is courage.
5 Rhytm. Everything happens according to a cycle of rise and fall, the tide of sea, swing left to right, a rhytm between opposites, chaos and order.
6 Causality. Everything happens for a reason, the law of karma. This insight leads to being the cause, the one who acts, the master instead of victim affected.
7 Gender. Everything is male and female water fire yin yang.
Hermetic knowledge origin in Atlantis, spread to Europe and Egypt, called Khem the black land. taught by Toth=hermetic science. The start and endpoint of mercury, the Fool on his fool's journey, completion of the circle. transmutation of sexual energy, the fire serpent of the Kundalini energy to achieve gnosis, grail, philosophers stone, gnostic G inside square and compass, squared circle.

The chakra body is seen as a ladder of 7 steps to enlightenment:
1-calcination: detachment of ego, material possessions, humbling
2-dissolution: letting go of control, prejudice, personal hangups
3-seperation: rediscover the essence, letting go of restraints
4-conjunction: empowering of the new, refined self, unity between opposites
5-fermentation: reenergize, out of souls blackness, discover yellow ferment, the better part of the foul soul, display of brilliant colors and visions, deep meditation and dreaming
6-distillation: letting go of sentimentality and insecurities, increase in purity, realisation of higher love and purpose
7-coagulation: gaining of confidence, beyond all things, 2nd body of golden light, out of crown chakra, philosophers stone ( circle squared).

The Tetractys of Pythagoras shows how the Monad divides itself in Dyad, light and dark, sun and moon, heaven and mundus.

From these 2 principles comes a triad, the 3 alchemical principles sulphur, salt and mercury.

The opposing forces are united in the trinity of sulfur (soul, male), mercury (spirit- consciousness, androgynous), salt (body, container, female). Mercury is a psychopomp that seperates the soul from the body, to later unite them again. The worst adversaries and ordeals are the best chances to wake up, an easy life leads to stagnation. (friction between blue and red, horus set water fire) dissolve the animal ego to crystallize the soul (conscious work and voluntary suffering).

Sulphur is two things, it is at its highest level the sacred fire or the Kundalini, the fiery power of the Divine Mother, the sexual fire, libido, the dormant power that needs to be awakened and developed, and arsenified sulphur, sexual fire or sexual drive polarised through lust, that only works through the mind, through its conditionings and concepts based on sensations and the senses. The arsenified or conditioned fire in us only works when the concepts of our mind are pleased and these concepts are based on sensations, we can not activate that fire using the heart but using the mind with the fantasy of sensations etc. Semen contains phosphor, spermatic waters, the Emerald tablets. We have the raw mercury and the sexual fire or sex drive that later needs to be transformed into the sacred fire of the Divine Mother Kundalini. A part of that sexual fire that we have is conditioned in lust and a smaller part is free. The Alchemist controls the conditioned fire and uses the free fire to create Mercury and later frees more and more fire that joins with the real Sulphur if the Alchemist has it already awakened. We have the raw mercury, the raw sexual energy or the seminal entity, though we need to voluntarily fabricate the mercury which is the transmuted raw sexual energy. We also do not have the mercury which has been fecundated by the real sulphur which creates things such as the solar bodies. This third type of Mercury is what crystallises into our inner worlds as new creations.

From these 3 principles come the 4 elements, corresponding to 4 kabalistic worlds and letters for God: yhvh. 4 worlds of kabbala, 4 elements of fire-water-air-earth (plasma, liquid, gas, solid), 4 alchemical stages: nigredo albedo, citrinitas and rubedo, blackening, whitening, yellowing and reddening. transmutation through red and white elixir.

It is the task of the alchemist to break down the chaotic unity of the triangle into 4 elements (a square) and than combine them into higher unity (a squared circle), creating a Quintessence (a 5th element spirit), Water, Azoth, Astral Ether. The union of red sulphur male active principle and white mercury, the female, passive principle creates Rebis, an androgynous being, the hermaphrodite. Spirit, the 5th element or quintessence, has the quality of fire (Hebrew letter Shin), glue but at the same time seperates the elements. yhvsh became Yeshua/Jesus.

The Great Work is divided into 4 alchemical stages
primera matera, chaos out of wich refined substance or 'gold' is produced. spirit hidden in darkness, divine spark buried in matter. the primera matera carries projections of the subconscious.
1 Nigredo (blackening, ruled by Saturn) 40 days (40 mem the hanged man)seperation of soul from the body, eliminating energies that block growth. Breaking down of personality in its most basic form, death desolution, depression, blacker than black, putrefaction, calcination, mortification (in christianity repression and denial of natural instincts) sacrifice of old self , crucifiction.
melancolia, encounter with shadow,there is a blessing in the curse, wisdom found in ignorance: the part we repress contains the mystery, symbolised by a rat, turtle, black toad or serpent. the stone rejected by the builders used as cornerstone. (also lapis exilis, stone that supposedly fell off Lucifers crown, symbol is venus symbol inverted)
the hermit descends to ascend to conquer the dragon (ego, reptilian mind), in the ninth sphere yesod, 9=tet, serpent,find vitriol (visit interior of the earth) and take all the forces of the serpent (hermetic science phosphor in sperm)-soul reborn out of 9th sphere=pregnancy of 9 months.
night sea journey, first dark night. dangerous, toxic aspect, causing insanity if not approached with the highest regard-like when peacock eats poison, its plumage becomes brighter.stage of peacock's tail, like white light broken down in different colors through prism. euphoric. appearance of inner anima (eve) or animus (tarzan), marriage with our inner earthly nature.
2 Albedo (whitening) aurora morning star rising moon in dark night. source of all existence, the One. soul mate anima or animus.becoming conscious of our soul nature, who am i?. slightly withdrawing from life, further purification.2nd alchemical marriage with the anima as moon woman (Helen of Troy) or animus (movie star, captain), Eros, 2nd rebirth of the lunar child.the self now identifies with its soul nature.

Venus is symbolised by the dove.A person is comprised of three separate components: body, soul and spirit. The body is material and the soul spiritual. Spirit is a kind of bridge that connects the two. The dove is a common symbol of the Holy Spirit (Binah) in Christianity, in comparison to God the Father (soul, Kether) and God the Son (body, Chokmah). the bird offers a third rose, attracting both lovers together and acting as a kind of mediator between their contrasting natures.
Rosicrucianism, crucifying the body, so the perfected rose can bloom, no longer need for human body.
3 Citrinitas (yellowing) dawning of the solar consciousness, symbolised by wise old man.light no longer reflecting and lunar but direct, pervading. the Original light.Divine intellect, distinct from human intellect.begins with "yellow death, a dying away of the "lunar light" to the point of complete darkness, a "black light," a light so bright we cannot see it as our inner sight is veiled and it appears as darkness. death of the sense of self as being a separate individual. a
complete dying of the dualistic state of mind that perceives subject and object as separate. the anima as Divine virgin (Dante's Beatrice), animus as guru. culmination rebirth in a revelatory light. leaving the alchemist free in a state of Pure Spirit, Pure Intelligence, beyond space, time and form but without a consciousness of body or mind.
4 Rubedo (reddening) dawn sunri Red Death iosis merging of ego and self, self manifested in wholeness, discovers true nature, destiny, union of opposites, of yin and yang. Dark unconscious no longer repressed but integrated into new whole. Union of the self and the all, ego and non-ego .The Phoenix completes this process of soul development. The Phoenix builds its nest which at the same time is its funeral pyre, and then setting it alight cremates itself. But it arises anew from the ashes transformed. the alchemists experience of spiritualisation, He has integrated his being so much, that he is no longer dependent upon his physical body as a foundation for his being. He now stands upon the sureness of the spiritual - he has in this sense attained the Philosopher's Stone, the Spiritual core of his being (Shosanna in Inglourious Basterds) androgynous unicorn white horse with phallus. self transcendence, emancipation of his will, a state of non-doing.symbolised by androgynous Naphomet. The anima becomes the Mother of God, or Consort of God, the object of mystic love. The corresponding animus figures are Illuminated Ones - Christ, Buddha, the Saints, etc. God consciousness, in being born into the world of the earth, realises its Godlike nature consciously - as an enlightened, transcendental individual and in a state of oneness with the Cosmic whole. putting the complex mysticism of stage three in daily practice.
The alchemical principal of 'solve et coagula' or dissolve and coagulate, is used at each stage of the process. The form the soul is caught in (the self) must first be dissolved in order to free the soul so that it can rise (in consciousness) to experience a purer and subtler form, which can then be re-coagulated and experienced as the new self.
The dragon, storm god slaying a primordial multiheaded dragon. Mushussu in Mesopotamia, depicted on the Ishtar gate in Babylon, Ra slaying Apep in Egypt (who resides in underworld), Vritra in Rigveda, Zeus slaying Typhon, Apollo slaying Python, Hercules slaying Hydra in Greek mythology, Jörmungandr in Norse mythology, Baal slaying Lotanu (Leviathan in the bible) legend of Beowulf, St George slaying a dragon. constellation Draco. conquer 4 elements and enchain them.

Alchemical symbols
red lion: rose colored blood,
white eagle: invisible universal semen, Gluten of the Eagle, Virgins milk (beginning Clockwork Orange, Inglourious Basterds,..), the Seed, the Sperm of the world, root of the world. visceous slimy, revealed through inner voice.
corvus niger,(close to virgo, exaltation of Saturn, rules Nigredo) black raven signifies beginning of the great work of soul alchemy.
the Eagle will devour the Lion. Green lion devouring the sun: green, liquid sulfate called 'vitriol' purifies matter, leaving behind the gold within the matter. Pure vitriol is an acid that eats through practically anything, except gold.().(V.I.T.R.I.O.L., latin sentence meaning Visit the interior of the earth, which by rectifying, you will find the occult stone, depicted on Art card 14. It also describes the process of photosynthesis whereby plants use the rays of the sun to grow. white and red. red vitriol: passion that reddens everything, We enter into the world of passion through Da'ath, the doors of eroticism, in order to fight battles with tempting demons in the underworld, dominate the beast and eventually steal the fire, the cups of the spinal column from the devil. Each cup stolen from the underworld shines with immaculate whiteness in its corresponding vertebra of the medulla.The whiteness of the Vitriol whitens all of the red bodies.
We must descend to the Abyss many times, and ascend again, to search for the Red and Green Lions (this process is illustrated in Snow White, where the seven dwarves work in a mine to find diamonds). The green lion is our internal angel, our innermost (in Thelema,Holy Guardian Angel, projection in wizard of Oz).
Carnal passion is the door to enter into the abyss.

The teachings of Hermes Trismigestus (thrice great) concern three births corresponding to 3 signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Ophiuchus. Azoth primera matera fire water (elixir of life, universal solvent universal medicine, androgynous mercury symbol, related to Ein Soph, 3 rings, infinite substance divine origin that created all matter, in negative form abbadon, azazel, cernunnos) + 9 (3x3, Ophiuchus the Snakeholder, Enki, Hermes thrice great) physical body first birth, mastering ego in heart 2nd birth, mastery over mind 3d birth (3d eye, 3 glands light and dark, creator and destroyer), free from 3 poisons anger, attachment, ignorance. 13th sign 13th cranial nerve
Stage 9 – OPHIUCHUS – November 30 to December 17
Alchemical Theme: Unification, Wound Healing (Asclepius son of Apollo, raised by Sagittarius chiron)
Ten is the all-inclusive structure of the four dimensional Universe, which also represents maintaining the domination and order contained within the structure. Thus, ten also represents the "Matrix" of that construct which hypnotizes and keeps one locked in the illusion of the third dimensional world.The Sacred Decad geometry is held within the Ophiuchus constellation transmission (13=4) which represent the organization of dimension and space in the Cosmos:
the first row represents zero-dimensions (a point)
the second row represents one-dimension (a line of two points)
the third row represents two-dimensions (a plane defined by a triangle of three points)
the fourth row represents three-dimensions (a tetrahedron defined by four points)
Ophiuchus the man is the God that has returned, and he represents mastery over his mind (third birth). He is fully liberated and commands his energy.
The 5 platonic solids depict the 5th element aether as a dodecahedron.

The Great Work is like ourobouros, a serpent biting its tail, no beginning or end, forever ongoing.

Tree of Life