Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was an Ashkenazi jewish theoretical physicist and media actor, used in the media industry, as a priest in the Science Church (Relativity Theory) and to play a role in the WW2 ritual, which had the founding of the United Nations and state Israel as goal. He expressed the Uranus energy of genius, innovation, eccentricity in the new age of Aquarius. He was made famous by The New York Times and became a pop culture trope in the 50's like Marilyn Monroe. He married Mileva Maric in 1903 (she died 8/4/1949, date Obama and Meghan Markle).

He was a member of fraternity Sigma Chi (founded at Cornell) like Jack Parsons, Richard Feynman, Enrico Fermi, Linus Pauling, Francis Crick, Edgar Mitchell, Blake Van Leer (Georgia Tech), Jennifer Doudna (CRISPR gene editing), John von Neumann, Marie Skodak Crissey (APA), James McMahon, Al Gore, Theodore Hesburgh, Adam Savage, William Carey (AAAS),..

He was educated at Humboldt University of Berlin (Illuminati) and University of Göttingen.

In 1904 (year 0 the Fool, Hebrew letter Aleph) Aleister Crowley wrote Liber Al as prophet of the Aeon of Horus.

In 1905 (year 1 the Magician) he published four papers (Mercury: documents, intellect) on the photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, special relativity, matter-energy equivalence. He had ties to the Royal Society, the forerunner of modern freemasonry with descendants of Frederick Lunenberg and Elizabeth Stuart.

On the Electrodynamics of Bodies introduced the Special Theory of Relativity, based on Hendrik Lorentz' work and James Maxwell's equations, after Albert Michelson supposedly had disproved the existence of aether.

In 1911 he attended the 1st Solvay conference (subject Radiation and its Quanta, Belgian Solvay family related to the Saxe-Coburgs) with Hendrik Lorentz (UNESCO), Marie Curie, Henri Pointcaré, Emil Warburg, Robert Goldschmidt.

He married his cousin Elsa Einstein (tradition of incest). 

After his meeting with meetings with Niels Bohr and Max Planck about quantum mechanics, their interpretation became known as the Kopenhagen interpretation (uncertainty as part of scientific model).

In 1913 mathematician Hermann Weyl (University of Göttingen) became his colleague teacher at EHT in Zürich Switzerland. He later provided the mathematical framework for Einstein's theories.

He was director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute from 1917 to 1933.

After the solar eclipse (black sun symbolism) of 5/29/1919 (date JFK) The NY Times made Einstein a media icon, a genius who had overthrown the Newtonian concept of the universe, with the eclipse as a proof of his theory of bending light by gravitation. Gravitational red shift is seen as evidence of relativity.

He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for discovering the photoelectric effect (start of quantum theory).

In 1922 he joined the International Committee for Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations (UN world empire) with Marie Curie, Henri Bergson, Hendrik Lorentz (all 3 awarded with Nobel Prize), jesuit Chandra Bose (student of Francis Darwin, teacher of Satyendra Nath Bose).

With Satyendra Nath Bose (Royal Society) he developed the concept of Bose-Einstein statistics and Bose-Einstein condensate.

He pushed the gay agenda with Magnus Hirschfeld (branded in the media as Einstein of Sex) as fake activist against Paragraph 175 with Thomas Mann.

With Thomas Mann, Richard Kalergi and Sigmund Freud, he visited the Pan-European Congress.

In 1933 his writings  were burned in a publicity stunt of Joseph Goebbels with books of Walter Benjamin, Herman Hesse, Heinrich and Thomas Mann, Walter Rathenau, HG Wells, George Grosz, Felix Mendelssohn, Magnus Hirschfeld, Franz Boas, Ernst Bloch, Sigmund Freud, Upton Sinclair, Victor Hugo, Ernest Hemingway, Karl Marx, Robert Musil,... 

As a nemesis of Antichrist Adolf Hitler, like Hermann Weyl, he moved to the US to work at Princeton University, New Jersey. He met Robert Millikan and jesuit Georges Lemaitre (Big Bang theory) at Caltech.

In 1935 he published a paper with Boris Podolsky (connected to Xavier University of the jesuits).

He worked at the Institute for Advanced Studies (two faced god Iacchus, in WW2 mythology funded by Rockefeller, Pluto: oil, plutonium, wealth, dark secrets) with Kurt Gödel and helped creating the atom bomb in Project Manhattan (Robert Oppenheimer ACCF, Edward Teller, Enrico Fermi), at Los Alamos (Alma dark mother Saturn, name of tunnel where Diana and Dodi died).

He made propaganda with Zionist Alexander Sachs and Leo Szilard as an excuse to usher in the nuclear age.

In 1945 Roosevelt died, Harry Truman became the new US president. Two atomic bombs were dropped on august 6 and 9 (69 nr of Cancer, Revelation 911), the Pluto in Leo era, a year before Babalon Workings of Caltech rocket scientist Jack Parsons.

He was a friend of Zionist Stephen Samuel Wise (NAACP, American Jewish Congress with Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter ACLU).

He presented Mercury the Magician (Merlin, John Dee, Crowley) ruling the twins of Gemini, completing the alchemical marriage, uniting Judy and Baal, Dark Feminine and Masculine with the atom bomb as Devil's egg, the egg on the Lovers card.

He helped to create a Zionist state in Palestina with Chaim Weizmann.

Albert's son Hans Albert worked for Caltech, school of Jack Parsons.

In 1948 he participated in a media ritual with the NY Times, Sidney Hook (CCF, ACCF) and Hannah Arendt (NY Intellectuals) about the visit of Menachem Begin (also awarded with Nobel Prize) to the US.

In 1951, on his 72nd birthday (nr of Chesed Jupiter), Arthur Sasse of United Press (later bought by Hearst) made the famous picture of Einstein sticking his tongue out (symbol of Kali, Saturn, moon: reproductions, like the famous photo of Marilyn Monroe). He played the trope of crazy professor, playing with forbidden knowledge (Faust, Rotwang in Metropolis), false God in the Science Church, after the Holocaust, the symbolic death of God, announced by Friedrich Nietzsche.

In 1955 he wrote the Russell-Einstein manifesto with Bertrand Russell (S&B family Russell), as the start of the Pugwash Conferences On Science and World Affairs (world empire disguised as peacekeepers) with Cyrus Eaton (protegé of John Rockefeller), Cecil Powell (Royal Society), Brock Chisholm (WHO), Herman Muller (teacher of Carl Sagan), Shinichiro Tomonaga (IAS of Princeton), Paul Doty (International Science Foundation of George Soros).

Bertrand Russell wrote the ABC's of Relativity to explain Einstein's theory to a broad audience.

Einstein was on the board of the Yiddish Science Institute with Sigmund Freud and Moses Gaster, whose daughter married the brother of Zionist Harold Laski.

Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne popularized his Theory of Relativity.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes wrote The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein - The Propaganda of Supremacy.

Astrological chart

born 3/14/1879, date d Stephen Hawking, d Karl Marx, Albert of Monaco, Sasha Grey, Michael Caine, Quincy Jones, Jamie Bell, Kirk Alyn (Superman), Gilda (with Rita Hayworth, name atom bomb). 3,14 nr of Pi (7/22, date of prince George=3, 14).

Asc: Cancer mc: Pisces. Dom: Pisces (imagination, the Moon), Sagittarius, Cancer - Moon (Monroe), Neptune (omniscience), Sun.

Houses 10, 6, 11. 10: Sun in Pisces, Venus, Saturn conj Mercury and Lilith in Aries, 6: Moon in Sagittarius (religion), 11: Neptune and Pluto in Taurus. 1: Cancer, 3: Uranus in Virgo (opp Jupiter in Aquarius).

died 4/18/1955, 3 days after birth Dodi Fayed, who would die with Diana Spencer, mother of Antichrist William, 9 days before Eric Schmidt (Google, omniscience), year 7 the Chariot.

Einstein in pop culture

1947 The Beginning and the End (MGM) played by Ludwig Stossel (also jew that fleed from the nazi's, played in Hitler's Madman with John Carradine, GI Blues with Elvis Presley) Moroni Olsen (Hitchcock's Notorious, Magic Mirror in Snow White, 11/22 like the JFK ritual) with Oppenheimer and other IAS members as consultant (year 21 the World, end of the Great Work).

1967 The Beatles Sgt Pepper's album cover with Crowley and Monroe, largely obscured by John Lennon (like solar eclipse).

1969 Charles Manson tongue pose like Einstein after the 911 Sharon Tate ritual on 8/9, date of atom bomb, swastika on his forehead, associated with German Adolf Hitler.

1977 Star Wars (year 7 the Chariot) Yoda based on Einstein

1985 Insignificance Nicolas Roeg Theresa Russell as Marilyn Monroe

Back To the Future Christopher Lloyd as crazy professor playing with forbidden knowledge Emmett Brown like Wernher von Braun (Einstein published on Brownian motion), house in Pasadena like Parsons. He has white hair, and a dog named Einstein in house full of clocks. Einstein is used in a time travel experiment in Delorian car (the Chariot), announces the 911 Twin Tower ritual in Manhattan.

1987 Star Trek: The Next Generation by Jim Norton as hologram, playing poker with Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking.

1988 Young Einstein the Fool hit by lightning (the Tower = Mars the child, Uranus genius)

Eiffel tower in Paris where Dodi and Diana died.

1994 I.Q. Tim Robbins Meg Ryan (Meghan Markle) as Catherine Walter Matthau (d 7/1 like Diana, The New School) as Einstein (Mercury ruling Gemini).

The Shawshank Redemption Andy Dusfresne (Tim Robbins) has a poster of Einstein in his cell. Morgan Freeman born 6/1 like Marilyn Monroe.

Mariah Carey E=MC²

2001 A.I. Robin Williams (in Hook produced by Dodi Fayed) as Dr Know Google A.I. based on Einstein.

2005 Playhouse Disney Little Einsteins

2006 Eureka town of geniuses, project with Einstein, approved by Truman

2007 Einstein and His Life Walter Isaacson

2008 Einstein and Eddington 11/22 Andy Serkis as Einstein (BBC/HBO of jesuit Charles Dolan)

2009 Night at the Museum (Pisces the Moon) Ben Stiller (Moon dominant) Robin Williams as Roosevelt Eugene Levy as Einstein (American Pie=Pi 3,14)

2010 The Nutcracker in 3D (egg of the Lovers card) Elle Fanning Nathan Lane as Uncle Albert (Dod: uncle)

2011 Transformers Dark of the Moon Que character based on Einstein (Qanon, Quain)

2013 Rick and Morty time traveling professor based on Einstein and Emmett Brown in BTTF

2017 Genius National Geographic (Hearst and Disney) Geoffrey Rush (also played Marquis de Sade, born 15 days after Robin Williams) as Einstein, Emily Watson as Elsa Einstein.

2018 Holmes and Watson by David Shackleton

Einstein robot by Hanson robotics

the WW1 and WW2 ritual

the Science Church