Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry, to announce the William and Catherine wedding and their child George. He is the son of Harry Einstein, who worked for the Hearst family and Thelma Leeds who worked for RKO Pictures.

He was educated at Beverly Hills High School (Angelina Jolie, Mona Simpson, Richard Dreyfuss, Monica Levinsky, Carrie Fisher, Crispin Glover,..), Los Angeles City College (Rudi Gernreich, Brenda Benet, Diana Canova, Laurence Fishburne, Morgan Freeman, Victoria Vetri, Clint Eastwood, Mark Hamill, Pamela Courson, Gene Rodenberry, Charles Bukowski, Donna Reed, Sue Lyon) and Carnegie Mellon University.

He appeared on NBC shows The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and SNL. His brother Bob Einstein was a comedian on the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and Curb Your Enthousiasm.

Astrological chart

born 7/22/1947, date Alexander the Great, Rose Kennedy, Selena Gomez, Willem Dafoe, d John Dillinger, prince George, Terence Stamp, Leo Strength in 1947, year of Elizabeth Short and death Aleister Crowley.

Asc: Cancer, mc: Pisces. Dominants: Cancer (the Chariot, Taxi Driver), Virgo, Gemini - Moon, Uranus, Mercury.

Houses 4, 2, 1. 4: Moon in Virgo, Neptune in Libra, 2: Sun in Cancer, Saturn and Pluto in Leo, 1: Venus conj Mercury in Cancer. 12: Mars and Uranus in Gemini.


1976 Taxi Driver Tom Martin Scorcese Robert de Niro Cybill Shepherd Jodie Foster
1979 Real Life Harry Shearer (The Truman Show)
1980 Private Benjamin Yale Goodman
1981 Modern Romance Robert Cole Also writer and director
1983 Twilight Zone: The Movie Car Driver Segment: Prologue John Lithgow produced by Steven Spielberg
1983 Terms of Endearment James Brooks (Taxi with Andy Kaufman) Shirley MacLaine as Aurora, Jack Nicholson John Lithgow Danny DeVito Jeff Daniels (purple rose), announcing the Joker Aurora James Holmes ritual. Larry McMurtry (friend of Ken Kesey, Brokeback Mountain with Joker Heath Ledger) Barry Diller
1984 Unfaithfully Yours Norman Robbins Natassja Kinski
1985 Lost in America David Howard (Howard Hughes Desert Inn Las Vegas)
1987 Broadcast News Aaron Altman
1991 Defending Your Life Daniel Miller
1994 I'll Do Anything Burke Adler
1994 The Scout
1996 Mother Debbie Reynolds
1997 Critical Care James Spader
1998 Dr. Dolittle Jacob the Tiger (voice) Eddie Murphy
1998 Out of Sight George Clooney Jennifer Lopez Don Cheadle Steven Soderbergh novel of jesuit Elmore Leonard
1999 The Muse Steven Phillips Also writer and director Jeff Bridges Sharon Stone Andie MacDowell cameos Jennifer Tilly Martin Scorcese
2001 My First Mister Leelee Sobieski John Goodman
2003 The In-Laws Michael Douglas Candice Bergen Ryan Reynolds
2003 Finding Nemo (Disney) Marlin (voice) Willem Dafoe (also 7/22, in Lars Von Trier's Antichrist) Ellen DeGeneres Barry Humphries (gay and transgender agenda)

2003 Exploring the Reef Marlin (voice) Short film
2005 Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World Also writer and director
2007 The Simpsons Movie Julie Kavner (BHHS) Tom Hanks
2011 Drive (scorpio) sex=death drive, Bernie Rose, rose cross Ryan Gosling Bryan Cranston Carey Mulligan Oscar Isaacs Ron Perlman Nicolas Winding Refn produced by Gigi Pritzker
2012 This Is 40 Larry Judd Apatow Paul Rudd Leslie Mann Megan Fox John Lithgow
2014 A Most Violent Year Andrew Walsh Oscar Isaac Jessica Chastain
2015 The Little Prince The Businessman (voice) Paul Rudd Rachel McAdams Marion Cotillard James Franco Benicio Del Toro Jeff Bridges Paul Giamatti Ricky Gervais Mackenzie Foy
2015 Concussion Dr. Cyril Wecht
2016 Finding Dory Marlin (voice) Ellen DeGeneres (gay agenda)
2016 The Secret Life of Pets Tiberius (voice) One World Trade Center rabbit (Alice in Wonderland programming) Kevin Hart
2017 I Love You, Daddy Dick Welker Louis CK
2019 The Secret Life of Pets 2 Tiberius (voice)


Mind control