Alan Watts

Alan Watts was a British mind controlled MI6 agent, used in the New Age Church, to popularise Buddhism and to move towards a world religion. He worked with Dimitrije Mitrinovic (Der Blaue Reiter with Wasily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, The New Age of Fabian Society). He attended the World Congress of Faiths at the University of London.

He was a member of the Buddhist Society of Christmas Humpfreys of Theosophical Society, with Nicholas Roerich, Alice Bailey, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (2nd president of India), Daisetsu Suzuki (Columbia University).

In 1951 he moved to California (era of CIA mind control projects Bluebird, Artichoke, MK Ultra) and joined the American Academy of Asian Studies, which later became the California Institute for Intergral Studies (CIIS). The academy was founded with help from Frederic Spiegelberg (Stanford, classmate of Carl Jung) and Haridas Chaudhuri (pupil of Indian guru Sri Aurobindo, educated at Cambridge, ashram with the daughter of Woodrow Wilson).

The institute worked with Stanislav Grof (worked with Walter Pahnke who conducted CIA research on LSD with Timothy Leary), Dave Carter (transgender agenda), Chani Nicholas (gay agenda, astrology trend with Oprah Winfrey), Douglas Vakov (SETI Institute with Stephen Greer), Judith Tyberg (Theosophical Society)..

In 1957 he published the Way of Zen (the Dao or the Way= concept in Crowley's Thelema), with focus on Nobert Weiner's theory of cybernetics.

He was used in research on mescaline with Oscar Janiger, the cousin of Allen Ginsberg, who also gave LSD of Sandoz Laboratory to Aldous Huxley and Cary Grant. He also worked with LSD dealer Michael Hollingshead (like Watts affiliated with Harvard).

He worked for CIA front Esalen Institute with Gregory Bateson (MK Ultra) to create the fake hippie counterculture of the 60's. He was a friend of Robert Anton Wilson, who mentioned him in Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati.

He trained Werner Erhard (John Paul Rosenberg).

In 1967 he participated in the Human Be-In in CIA controlled Haight-Ashbury with Timothy Leary, Lenore Kandel (The New School, Kenneth Anger movie with Anton LaVey), Jerry Ruben, Richard Alpert, Michael McClure, Dick Gregory (Civil Rights MovementPlayboy Club), Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder (Esalen, lived with Jack Kerouac), The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane,...

He spoke at events of Chet Helms (Summer of Love).

His last book Tao: The Watercourse Way was published posthumously with Al-Chung-liang Huang (mentored by John Blofeld who worked for the UN).

He was mentioned in movie Her with Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johannson as an A.I. program.

Astrological chart

born 1/6/15, date Rowan Atkinson, Syd Barrett, Eddie Redmayne.

Asc: Sagittarius (teaching, religion), mc: Libra. Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Sagittarius, Aquarius - Jupiter (philosophy, higher learning), Saturn, Mars.

Houses 1, 2, 8. 1: Mars, Sun conj Mercury in Capricorn, 2: Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius, 8: Pluto in Cancer. 6: Lilith in Gemini, 7: Saturn in Gemini, 8: Neptune in Cancer.

died 11/16/1973.


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