Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming is a British (Scottish) mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry and BBC propaganda to normalise the masonic sodomy and pedophilia religion of Aleister Crowley.

He appeared in Broadway musical Cabaret.

He pushes the gay agenda with GLAAD and Human Rights Campaign. He opened a gay bar in East Village with Dick Leitsch (Stonewall Riots, Mattachine Society of Harry Hay, OTO) and Daniel Nardicio (Europride), promoted by Emma Stone, Paul McCartney, Adele, Jennifer Lawrence. The bar played a role in the fake Black Lives Matter movement. He had a relationship with Saffron Burrows (also used in gay agenda).

He performed in a Samuel Beckett play at The Old Vic.

In 2013 he was present at the Jay-z publicity stunt at the Pace Gallery in Boston with Marina Abramovic (Pizzagate psyop) and Roselee Goldberg.

He is a vegan and promoted PETA. He promoted political puppet Bernie Sanders.

Astrological chart

born 1/27/1965, date Wolfgang Mozart, Lewis Carroll, Rosamund Pike, Bridget Fonda, Mohammed Al-Fayed, Arpad Busson, d John Farrow, d JD Salinger.

Asc: Aquarius, mc: Sagittarius. Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Sagittarius, Virgo - Moon, Uranus, Jupiter.

Houses 7, 10, 12. 7: Uranus, Pluto, Mars in Virgo, 10: Moon in Sagittarius, 12: Venus conj Mercury in Capricorn. 1: Sun in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces.


1992 Prague Alexander Novak
1993 The Airzone Solution MacNamara
1994 Second Best Bernard
1994 Black Beauty Black Beauty (voice)
1995 Circle of Friends Sean Walsh
1995 GoldenEye (James Bond=John Dee) Boris Grishenko
1996 Emma Philip Elton
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1999 Titus Saturninus
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2001 The Anniversary Party Joe Therrian Feature directorial debut
Jennifer Jason Leigh
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2001 Company Man General Batista
2002 Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams Fegan Floop Cameo
2002 Nicholas Nickleby Mr. Folair Barry Humphries Charlie Hunnam Christopher Plummer Jamie Bell Anne Hathaway Timothy Spall
2003 X2 Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler
2003 Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Fegan Floop Cameo
2004 Garfield: The Movie Sir Roland / Persnikitty (voice)
2005 Son of the Mask (mask programming like EWS, sequel of movie with Jim Carrey) Loki Jamie Kennedy
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2005 Ripley Under Ground Tom Wilkinson Barry Pepper Willem Dafoe
2005 Neverwas Jake Ian McKellen (gay agenda) Aaron Eckhart Brittany Murphy
2005 Sweet Land Frandsen Also producer
2005 Bam Bam and Celeste Eugene
2006 Full Grown Men The Hitchhiker Also co-producer Debbie Harry (gala with Marina Abramovic)
2006 The L Word
2007 Gray Matters Gordy Heather Graham
2007 Suffering Man's Charity (aka Ghost Writer) John Vandermark Karen Black Carrie Fisher
2007 Tin Man (Wizard of Oz programming) Zooey Deschanel Sci Fy Channel
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2009 PoliWood Himself Documentary
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2010 Burlesque Alexis Cher Christina Aguilera Stanley Tucci Kristen Bell
2011 The Smurfs (announcement of blue Moonchild George) Gutsy Smurf (voice) Neil Patrick Harris (gay agenda) Sofia Vergaria Hank Azaria George Lopez Katy Perry
2012 Sir Billi Gordon The Goat (voice) Sean Connery Ruby Wax
2012 The Outback Bog (voice)
2012 Any Day Now Rudy
2013 The Smurfs 2 Gutsy Smurf (voice) Paul Reubens
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2014 Chu and Blossom Uncle Jackie
2015 Strange Magic (blue moon) Bog King (voice) Alfred Molina Evan Rachel Wood
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2017 Battle of the Sexes Ted Tinling Emma Stone Steve Carell
2017 Queers (gay agenda) BBC
2018 Show Dogs Dante (voice)
2018 Instinct CBS Naveen Andrews
2018 They'll Love Me When I'm Dead Narrator Orson Welles Cybill Shepherd
2022 My Old School Completed
Marlowe Lou Hendricks Liam Neeson Diane Kruger
Run Steve
Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men


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