Akhenaten or Akhenaton was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, who ruled Egypt from 1353 bc to 1336 bc. He introduced monotheism (the God program) in Egypt with the worship of the sun disk Aten at the city Amarna (sun gazing as daily morning ritual). He was the son of Queen Tiyee (Nordic bloodline of Yuya) and Amenhotep III, married to Nefertiti and the father of Tutankhamon and Meritaten. As a statue he was depicted as an androgynous figure with wide hip and large skull.

He moved to Anu/Heliopolis, for his education under the supervision of snake priests of sun god Ra.

In 1352 bc, after the death of his brother Thutmose, he was allowed to ascend the throne. He corresponded with Babylonian king Burna Buriash II about a possible marriage with his daughter. In Babylon, Chaldean Magi mixed Kabbalism with heretic teachings of monotheistic Zoroastrianism.

He became involved with the Levites, (levitators) a sect of monks. They preached to the Habiru (Hebrew), an unpopular nomadic people of low class mercenaries, raiders and thiefs from the North.

Horemheb, Ramses 1 and Seti planned a military coup against him. To prevent civil war, he abdicated the throne to his son Tutanchaten who changed his name into Tutanchamun and restored the old religion.

In the jewish bible of the Judaism cult he became the biblical figure Moses.

Sigmund Freud wrote Moses and Monotheism.

Nefertiti was worshipped by the nazi's and in program Hip Hop and Pop (Michael Jackson's Remember the Time).

In 1984 minimalist composer Philip Glass premiered the opera Akhenaten.

Iman (wife of David Bowie) played in Michael Jackson's Rember the Times with Eddie Murphy.