The Agnelli family is an Italian banker family, related to della Spina, Bertoli, Torlonia, Gaetani, Lancelotti Breakspear, Fürstenberg and Brandolini d'Adda.

Giovanni Agnelli founded Fiat in 1899.

Eduardo Agnelli married Virginia Bourbon del Monte.

Clara Agnelli married Tassilo von Fürstenberg and had 3 children: Ira, Egon and Sebastian Fürstenberg.

Egon Agnelli-Fürstenberg (educated at Le Rosey) married Diane Halfin.

Gianni Agnelli was the richest man in modern Italian history, had affairs with Pamela Harriman (like Averell Harriman), jesuit Jackie Kennedy and Anita Ekberg. He owned Juventus. He became part of the European Round Table of Industrialists, CFR and TC circle of Marcus Wallenberg and David Rockefeller, served on the board of Chase Manhattan. His brother was senator Umberto Agnelli (CFR).

Aurelio Peccei of Fiat started the Club of Rome and the Green Church as part of Bernhard Lippe's WWF. Their sister Cristiana Brandolini d'Adda had four sons. Tiberto married Georgina de Faucigny (daughters Cornelia and Bianca Brandolini), Brandino married the daughter of Béatrice Rothschild.

Margarita Agnelli married Alain Elkann, a descendant of the jewish Turinese banking family Ovazza who funded Benito Mussolini. His father Jean-Paul Elkann worked in the fashion industry as chairman of Dior. He is a member of the Legion of Honour (Bonaparte's).

Their son John Elkann Agnelli is chairman of Fiat, Exor (143 billion revenue, the Economist Group with Rothschilds), Ferrari, Moma, GEDI (La Stampa, la Repubblica) and Juventus (sport industry, Cristiano Ronaldo), married to Lavinia Borromeo.

Andrea Agnelli and Juventus are suspected to work with the Ndragheta mafia.

Ginevra Elkann-Agnelli worked with Bernardo Bertolucci and married Don Giovanni Gaetani dell' Aquila d'Aragone.

Marella Agnelli was part of the social circle of women of Truman Capote (his so-called Swans).

Fiat merged with Chrysler into Stellantis.

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