Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart is a German-Scottish-Irish mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry, to play a a Christ like saviour role in the James Holmes Joker Phoenix ritual (rebirth of Brandon Bruce Lee/River Phoenix/Heath Ledger). The Stuart bloodline, protected by the Knights Templar and Scottish rite freemasons goes back to Akhenaton (Moses and Aaron) and House of Bruce: Bale played Moses in 'Exodus' and Knight Bruce Wayne.

He was raised as a member of the Mormon Church (LDS), a cult founded by mason Joseph Smith, and educated at Bringham Young University, sponsored by the Mormon Church, like political puppet Mitt Romney (3/12), nemesis of Barack Obama (Harvey Dent) in the presidential election ritual in 2012.

Character Max Eckhardt in Batman 1989 was played by William Hootins (Tiferet: the heart, Christ).

He lived in the UK and in Sydney (33d parallel) Australia.

Astrological chart

born 3/12/1968, date Alfred Abel (Metropolis), Mitt Romney, novel Rosemary's Baby, Jack Kerouac, Rhonda Byrne, Liza Minelli, pisces ruled by Neptune (planet of dreams and illusions, dominant of JFK, Marilyn, Jackie, Harvey Lee, Frank Sinatra) 3d decan mars, year 20 aeon, year of release Rosemary's Baby, murder Robert Kennedy. end of 60's Neptune in scorpio, idealism dreams of Martin Luther King with a dark destructive, sexual twist of Manson murders.

Asc: Libra (like jfk), mc: Cancer. Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Aquarius, Libra - Uranus, Venus, Pluto.

2: Neptune in Scorpio, 5: Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, 6: Sun in Pisces, 7: Saturn and Mars in Aries, 8: Lilith in Taurus, 11: Jupiter in Leo, moon in Virgo, 12: Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.


1992 Double Jeopardy Dwayne
1993 Slaughter of the Innocents Ken Reynolds
1997 In the Company of Men Chad
1998 Your Friends & Neighbors Barry (Barack) Catherine Keener Natassja Kinski Ben Stiller
1998 Thursday Nick (clocks Alice in Wonderland) Mickey Rourke
1999 Molly Buck McKay (Uranus: mental diseases) Elizabeth Shue (Egyptian gods Geb and Shu) MGM
1999 Any Given Sunday (the Fool, orange) Nick Crozier Al Pacino Cameron Diaz Jamie Foxx Joker Matthew Modine Dennis Quaid LL Cool J James Woods
2000 Erin Brockovich (year 8 Adjustment, Libra ruled by Venus) George (Uranus: environmentalism) Julia Roberts Marg Helgenberger (married to Alan Rosenberg, Rosenbergs connted to John Dee)
2000 Nurse Betty Del Sizemore Renée Zellweger (the High Priestess, waitress in Kansas Wizard of Oz) Morgan Freeman Chris Rock Crispin Glover
2001 The Pledge Stan Krolak Joker Jack Nicholson (dom Pluto: Hades who abducted Persephone) investigating case, getting lost in illusion Sean Penn Vanessa Redgrave Patricia Clarkson Mickey Rourke Tom Noonan (Last Action Hero) Helen Mirren (Prospero in The Tempest) pledge=first act of magic trick in The Prestige.
2002 Possession Roland Michell Gwyneth Paltrow Lena Heady (gay agenda)
2003 The Core Dr. Josh Keyes Hilary Swank Stanley Tucci (Pluto in Sagittarius, visit center of the earth, the heart)
2003 The Missing Brake Baldwin Ron Howard Tommy Lee Jones Cate Blanchett (Catherine) Val Kilmer  Evan Rachel Wood
2003 Paycheck James Rethrick (story of PKD about memory wipes) Ben Affleck Uma Thurman as Rachel (=Meghan Rachel Markle) Paul Giamatti
2004 Suspect Zero (0 the Fool the Joker) Thomas Mackelway Ben Kingsley Carrie-Anne Moss

produced by Tom Cruise, about CIA psyop Stargate Project (Carrie Anne-Moss in The Matrix witch spoon bending scene like Uri Geller)
2005 Neverwas Zach Riley Ian McKellen Brittany Murphy Alan Cumming
2005 Thank You for Smoking Nick Naylor conman

produced by Edward Pressman (LSE of Fabian Society who also produced The Crow) based on book of Christopher Buckley (Skull and Bones, Bohemian Club)
2005 Conversations with Other Women Man Helena Bonham Carter (Johnny Depp movies) Olivia Wilde

2006 The Wicker Man Truck Stop Patron Ellen Burstyn Leelee Sobieski Nicolas Cage James Franco
2006 The Black Dahlia Sgt. Lee Blanchard Josh Hartnett Hilary Swank Scarlett Johansson (in The Prestige with Christian Bale) Richard Brake (Joe Chill in Batman Begins) pose of Rosemary's Baby and John Lennon's Imagine, Glasgow smile of the Joker

2007 No Reservations Nick Palmer Catherine Zeta-Jones (William and Catherine) Abigail Breslin
2007 Towelhead Mr. Vuoso novel of Alicia Erian (Alice in Wonderland)
2007 Meet Bill Bill Anderson Jessica Alba Elizabeth Banks Logan Lerman
2008 The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan Harvey Dent / Two-Face Heath Ledger Christian Bale Gary Oldman Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel (Meghan Rachel Markle) Eric Roberts Morgan Freeman
2009 Love Happens Dr. Burke Ryan Jennifer Aniston (Rachel in Friends)
2010 Rabbit Hole (Alice in Wonderland programming) Howie Corbett get lost in illusion Nicole Kidman (Alice in Eyes Wide Shut, Truman Capote ball)
2011 Battle: Los Angeles SSGT Michael Nantz
2011 The Rum Diary Hal Sanderson Johnny Depp Giovanni Ribisi (Scientology) based on novel of Hunter S Thompson, friend of jesuit John Kerry
2012 Erased Ben Logan Also known as The Expatriate (belgium 3/22 attack) erasing procedure in Hubbard's Scientology
2013 Olympus Has Fallen (Uranus: the Tower) President Benjamin Asher Morgan Freeman Ashley Judd (Harvey Weinstein ritual=Harvey Dent) Gerard Butler
2014 I, Frankenstein The Monster / Adam Frankenstein (the Fool on the ledge) Mirando Otto (name daughter Prospero in The Tempest) Bruce Spence
2014 Lennon or McCartney Himself Short documentary film; interview clip
2015 My All American Darrell Royal story of Jim Dent Finn Wittrock (Halloween High, River Phoenix died on Halloween) Sara Bolger (Aurora in Once Upon a Time= Aurora theatre in Denver)
2016 London Has Fallen President Benjamin Asher
2016 Sully First Officer Jeff Skiles Tom Hanks Laura Linney
2016 Bleed for This Kevin Rooney Katey Catherine Sagal (Peggy Bundy) Ted Levine
2016 Incarnate Dr. Seth Ember Carice Van Houten astral projection, demon named Maggie like Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight
2019 Midway Patrick Wilson Dennis Quaid Woody Harrelson
2020 Wander Katheryn Winnick (William and Catherine) Tommy Lee Jones (9/15 like Harry) Heather Graham conspiracy theorists 9/11
The First Lady Gerald Ford (assassination attempt by Manson Family of Charles Manson)


Mind control