The American Committee for Cultural Freedom (ACCF) was a CIA front of anti-communist propaganda, founded in 1950, as US branch of the Congress for Cultural Freedom in Berlin. Sidney Hook was the central figure in the ACCF. He supported the Russian Revolution and Emma Goldman and was a student of John Dewey. He taught at the City College of New York. He visited Germany in 1929 and worked with marxist Karl Korsch of the Fabian Society.

Korsch was a friend of marxist Bertholt Brecht and Felix Weil (Frankfurt School). Hook than visited the Soviet Union. In the US he became a member of the Socialist Party of America, the American Communist Party and American Workers Party. He was a follower of Norman Thomas (The Nation, founder of the National Civil Liberties Bureau, precessor to the American Civil Liberties Union).

Propaganda in the British press (open letter of George Orwell, Arthur Koestler, CEM Joad, HG Wells) cited the Dewey Comission and and announced the Nuremberg trials.

Elia Kazan co-founded the Actors Studio in Hell's Kitchen NY in 1947.

The CIA had ordered the anti-communist book The God that Failed in 1949, with essays of Louis Fisher (The Nation), Arthur Koestler, André Gide (gay and pedophilia agenda, Institute for Sexual Science of Magnus Hirschfeld, friend of Mabel Dodge), Ignazio Silone (later CCF), Stephen Spender (friend of Aleister Crowley, JP Sartre and Allen Ginsberg) and Richard Wright.

1950 was the year of the start of mind control project Project Bluebird, the founding of secret police Stasi in East Germany and the founding of the Committee for the Present Danger (CPD). The same year The Freeman was published with writers of ACCF and CCF, and Morrie Ryskind (Hollywood screenwriter of Marx Brothers movies for Paramount Pictures), Frank Meyer (LSE, advisor of William F Buckley Jr), Isaac Don Levine (American Jewish League Against Communism with Roy Cohn).

Knight of Malta William F Buckley Jr founded its successor National Review in 1955, with contribution of the same ACCF members.

Sidney Hook, Daniel Bell and Irving Kristol were members of the NY Intellectuals, a group of CIA controlled leftist/marxist jews (the Left Wing Church), connected to City College of New York, Columbia and New York University: Elliot Cohen (CFR, PNAC, Commentary magazine, American Jewish Committee), Susan Sontag (lived with Herbert Marcuse), Harold Rosenberg (art scene), Norman Podhoretz, Nathan Glazer. Hook, Kristol and Podhoretz later became agents of the Right Wing Church (political game of left-right dialectics).

City College of NY also trained Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, Bill Graham (Haight Ashbury scene of The Grateful Dead), Sterling Morrison (Velvet Underground), Gardner Murphy (SPR), Ed Koch, Abraham Foxman (ADL).

Writers of the AFFC published in The New Leader of Norman Thomas (contributions of MLK, Bertrand Russell, Sidney Hook, George Kennan, James Baldwin).

In 1967 The Public Interest was founded by Daniel Bell and Irving Kristol. Kristol became a member of the American Enterprise Institute with Kevin Hassett (economic advisor Trump), Glen Hubbard (BlackRock), Scott Gotlieb (Pfizer), Gerald Ford (Order of Malta), jesuit Jeanne Kirkpatrick (CFR, CPD, Committee for the Free World), Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Dick Cheney,..

Partisan Review was a propaganda outlet of the ACCF, which pushed the white guilt agenda with Susan Sontag.

The successor of the CCF and ACCF was the Committee for the Free World, founded in 1981, with jesuit Jeane Kirkpatrick (CFR, CPD, Reagan administration, American Enterprise Institute), Midge Rosenthal Decter (CPD), Irving Kristol, William Bennett, Ray Cline (WACL), Edwin Feulner (The Heritage Foundation), Melvin Lasky, Sydney Hook, Norman Podhoretz, Richard Allen (CFR, CPD, Hoover Institution, Le Cercle), James Goldsmith (father of Ben and Zac Goldsmith, married to Rothschilds), Arnaud de Borchgrave (Diligence, CSIS), Ben Wattenberg (Radio Free Europe, strategist of Henry Jackson),..

In 1966 The NY Times (a CIA front itself) revealed that the CCF was a CIA front.

In 1991 the Soros Foundation merged with Entraite Intellectuelle Européenne, an affiliate of the CCF to form Open Society Foundations.


- Arthur Schlesinger Jr (Philips Exeter, OSS, CFR, campaign of RFK)
- Clement Greenberg (NY Intellectuals, Partisan Review, The Nation, art critic who promoted Jackson Pollock in the art scene)
- Daniel Bell (City College of NY, Columbia University, NY Intellectuals, The End of Ideology, The Public Interest with Irving Kristol and Nathan Glazer, Hudson Institute)
- David Riesman (sociologist, promoted by Time magazine)
- Diana Trilling (NY Intellectuals, The Nation)
- Dwight Macdonald (NY Intellectuals, Philips Exeter, Partisan Review, The New Yorker, RESIST with Noam Chomsky and William Sloane Coffin)
- Elia Kazan (co-founded the Actors Studio with Lee Strassberg in Hell's Kitchen NY, Hollywood film director, movies with Marlon Brando of fake Civil Rights Movement, racism and antisemitism as theme, plays of Tennessee Williams CCF, Baby Doll defended by the ACLU)
- Elmer Rice (Greenwich Village, American Civil Liberties Union)
- George Schuyler (Marcus Garvey, John Birch Society)
- Henry Hazlitt (The Nation, The NY Times, The Freeman, Mont Pelerin Society)
- Irving Kristol (City College of NY, Encounter, The Public Interest, CFR, NY Intellectuals, father of William Kristol)
- Jackson Pollock (Greenwich Village art scene, promoted by Lee Greenberg and Life magazine, Peggy Guggenheim as patron, married to Max Ernst)

- James Burnham (American Workers Party, National Review of William Buckley)
- James Wechsler (New York Post)
- John Charmberlain (The NY Times, The Freeman, Life magazine under Knight of Malta Henry Luce, Dewey Commission)
- John Dewey (The New School, Dewey Commission in trial of Leon Trotsky)
- John Dos Passos (Sidwell Friends School, Choate Rosemary Hall school, friend of Ernest Hemingway and Malcolm Cowley, Dewey Commission, National Review of William Buckley, The Liberator of Max Eastman, William Buckley's Young Americans for Freedom, campaigned for Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon)
- John Kenneth Galbraith (US ambassador to India under JFK)
- Karl Jaspers (German existentialism, friend of sociologist Max Weber, teacher of Hannah Arendt and Erich Fromm of Frankfurt School)
- Mary McCarthy (1963 novel The Group about free love, abortion and lesbian sex, made into a movie in 1966 with Candice Bergen, Shirley Knight, friend of Hannah Arendt and Stephen Spender, sister of Kevin McCarthy who played in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, married to Edmund Wilson of Fabian Society magazine New Statesman, friend of Harold Laski)
- Max Eastman (fellow student of Walter Lippmann, Greenwich Village scene with Mabel Dodge and Harlem Renaissance, artist colony of Huntington Hartford in Rustic Canyon, Readers Digest, National Review, The Liberator, anti-communism of jesuit Joseph McCarthy, Mont Pelerin Society, portrayed by Mark Pellegrino, brother of feminist Crystal Eastman NYU, who co-founded the American Civil Liberties Union)
- Melvin Lasky (City College of NY, editor of Encounter, brother-in-law of Anatole Shub who worked for CIA fronts Radio Free Europe and NY Times)
- Moshe Decter (American Jewish Congress, married to Midge Rosenthal Decter NYU)
- Richard Rorty (neo-pragmatism)
- Richard Rovere (The Nation, The New Yorker, Harper's)
- Robert Oppenheimer (Horace Mann School, Project Manhattan, Los Alamos Laboratory, Trinity Test)
- Roger Nash Baldwin (influenced by Emma Goldman, American Civil Liberties Union, which worked with the NAACP)
- Sidney Hook (CCNY, Dewey Commission, PRODEMCA)
- Sol Levitas (The New Leader of Norman Thomas)
- Sol Stein (friend of Richard Avedon, editor of Beacon Press, Stein and Day publisher of jesuit Che Guevara and George Bernard Shaw of Fabian Society)
- Whittaker Chambers (Time magazine, National Review)
- William Philips (City College of NY, Partisan Review, Council of Literary Magazines and Press with Playboy, The New Republic and Paris Review)

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