A.C. Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle was a jesuit trained British propaganda writer of MI6 used to make war propaganda for Wellington House of Charles Masterman (the war industry). He was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with Aleister Crowley and the Society for Psychical Research. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh (like Charles Darwin, Peter Pan inventor JM Barrie) and Stonyhurst College of the Jesuits.

His daughter Jean Conan Doyle was a member of the Order of the British Empire and an assistant of Elizabeth II. He was the godfather of his daughter's friend Anna Lee, an actress who worked with John Ford (CIA team of William Donavan). She played in John Ford's 7 Women with Sue Lyon and Margaret Leighton (married to Laurence Harvey) and in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane of Robert Aldrich (grandson of Nelson Aldrich, co-founder of Federal Reserve).

In 1887 he wrote A Study in Scarlett (Babalon the Scarlett Woman), the first story about detective Sherlock Holmes.

He became a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with Arnold Bennett, WB Yeats, Bram Stoker, Samuel McGregor Mathers, Edith Nesbitt (Fabian Society) and Aleister Crowley.

He was a member of the Society for Psychical Research with Arthur Balfour (Cecil agent, Balfour Declaration), Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), Everard Feilding (boss of Crowley) and William Gladstone (pm of UK, mason, Chancellor of the Exchequer, American Philosophical Society with Charles Darwin).

He was also a member of the Order of St John and of the Ghost Club like Dennis Wheatley, Julian Huxley, Algernon Blackwood, Charles Dickens, Peter Cushing, CEM Joad (Fabian Society, BBC, New Party of fascist Oswald Mosley).

Doyle and Lewis Carroll were also members of the Athenaeum Club (cult of Athena) like Charles Darwin, Humpfrey Davy (Royal Society), Arthur Wellesly, Michael Faraday, Robert Forbes, Thomas Huxley, Rudyard Kipling, Benjamin Disraeli, James Maxwell, St John Philby, Robert Peel, John Ruskin, John Russell, Edward Bulwer-Lytton and later Jimmy Savile.

He was a friend of Harry Houdini and Frank Podmore of the Fabian Society. He promoted compulsary vaccination. He was initiated as a freemason at the Phoenix Lodge No. 257 in Southsea.

During the WW1 ritual he made war propaganda for Wellington House with Arnold Bennett, Fabian HG Wells, Lord Rothermere (married to Mary Milner), Edward Bernays. Like HG Wells, he published in The Strand magazine.

First National Pictures made a movie of his novel The Lost World.

Special Operations Executive (SOE) was located at Baker Street London like Sherlock Holmes lived at Baker Street 221 (holy bread symbolism). The service was nicknamed the Baker Street Irregulars.

In 1940 the wife of Ian Russell (Daily Mirror) produced the tv version of Sherlock Holmes.

Peter Cushing played Doyle in The Great Houdini (1976), David Warner played Doyle in Houdini (1998). Warner also played in The Lost World (1992).

In 2009 Guy Ritchie made Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr (born 4/4 like Joker Heath Ledger), Jude Law and Mark Strong.

Its sequel Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows was a reference to the Great Game.

The James Holmes Phoenix ritual at the Aurora theater contained many references to the HOGD (Ordo Hermeticus Aurorae Aurorae).

Asrtological chart

born 5/22/1859, date Richard Wagner, d Victor Hugo, Naomi Campbell, Morrisey, Ted Kaczynski, Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus with Heath Ledger.

Dom: Gemini (the Lovers), Aquarius, Taurus - Mercury (wit, intellect), Jupiter, Saturn.

Houses 12, 9, 1. 12: Sun, Mars, Uranus in Gemini, Mercury in Aries, 9: Moon and Lilith in Aquarius, 1: Jupiter in Gemini.

died 7/7/1930, date Robert Heinlein, false flag attack London.


1887 A Study in Scarlett
1890 The Study of Four
1912 The Lost World

Bertrand Russell

Fabian Society