The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAS) is a corrupt organization founded at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia in 1848, used to guard the official narrative of the Science Church. From 1880 it publishes Science magazine. William Charles Redfield (American Philosophical Society) was its first president.

Matthew Fountaine Mary (American Philosophical Society, American Civil War) was a co-founder. The academy worked with Thomas Jefferson and Alexander von Humboldt and later with Charles Darwin.

Science magazine was funded by Thomas Edison (Theosophical Society) and Alexander Graham Bell (National Geographic). It published papers on gravitational lensing by Albert Einstein and spiral nebulae of Edwin Hubble. Philip Abelson (Manhattan Project, co-discoverer of neptunium with Edwin McMillan) was editor from 1962 to 1984.


- Asa Gray (promotor of Darwinism, friend of Joseph Dalton Hooker of the X-Club) 
- Simon Newcomb (daughter studied at the Art Student's League, friend of Albert Michelson, president of the American Society for Psychical Research)
- Joseph Lovering (Royal Society, American Philosophical Society)
- Samuel Langley (secretary of the Smithsonian, Smithsonian Astrological Observatory, American Philosophical Society, namesake of NASA Langley Research Center)
- Edward Morse
- Robert Andrews Milikan (Nobel Prize for Physics)
- Franz Boas (Columbia University, cultural relativism, teacher of Ashley Montagu who was part of administration of jesuit Lyndon Johnson and writer of the Unesco document the Race Question)
- Edward Thorndike (eugenics agenda, American Psychological Association, worked with William James at Harvard)
- Arthur Compton (Manhattan Project, Nobel Prize of Physics)
- Glenn Seaborg (Manhattan Project, isolation of plutonium, Nobel Prize in Chemistry)
- Margaret Mead (married to Gregory Bateson, involved in MK Ultra with Ken Kesey)
- Leon Lederman (Nobel Prize in Physics)
- Stephen Jay Gould (NYU, Harvard, Natural History magazine, Darwinist, Society for the Study of Evolution)
- Peter Agre (BSA, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, American Philosophical Society, National Academy of Sciences)

From 2001 Alan Leshner (National Institute of Mental Health, appointed by George W Bush to the National Science Board, honorary degree of jesuit university Georgetown) was CEO of AAAS.

Kendrick Frazier was editor of Science News, worked for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and wrote a book about the Roswell crash. Paul Kurtz, Philip Klass also worked with Center for Inquiry/Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

In 2006 it helped establishing the official narrative of the Climate Church (climate change caused by humans as a threat to society with the necessity to control greenhouse gas emissions).

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