9 the Hermit

9 the Hermit (letter yod 10, hand) =Path 20 from Chesed to Tiferet. Saturn as the keeper of the gate in sign of Virgo, seclusion and search for wisdom, keeping of independence. The dwelling in the wasteland, the desert of the mind, defying Satan/Saturn, the tempting serpent (the passion of the Christ). Odin as the grey wanderer. He learns to discriminate the voices in his head as subtle whispers of the serpent or the voice of silence.

Hermetic knowledge of raising the kundalini serpents, abstinence, phosphor found in sperm and other body fluids.

Poverty, soberness, descend into dark depths of subconscious (9-Yesod, lower Eden, cave).

He seeks rebirth like a seed in the womb of 9 months pregnancy, carrying a lamp, the light of consciousness and truth (yod first letter of yhvh, world of fire, the father). He descends into the flaming forge of Vulcan, pictured on the Lovers card between Adam and Eve. He has the wisdom of the high priestess. Pressure to refine. Periods of abstinence, sleep deprivation, praying/meditation in womb for 9 months (after long period of darkness, the pineal gland starts to make DMT automatically). Earliest tarot versions depicted Saturn eating its children. Descent of Dante in ninth circle of hell. Nietzsche's prophet Zarathustra.(Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, narrow path of Daath).

Toth deck: The hermit is accompanied by three headed dog Cerberus of Chiron the ferryman. The yod is shown as spermatazoon and green Orphic egg with snake. He holds a lamp as the sun (the path between Sun and Jupiter, Tiferet and Chesed). He wades through a wheat field, (seperating the wheat from the chaff) the earth sign Virgo associated with corn, ruled by Mercury (the intellect). Isis searching for Osiris, Demeter searching for Persephone, search for undeveloped part of soul, secret of fertility of nature.

Yod: Hand (closed), arm, handle, stem, place, power, to thrust, to throw, worship, guide, law/responsability.

Example: Gandalf the Grey with a fellowship of 9, undergoing nigredo process ruled by Saturn, Lord of the Rings, going to Mount Doom, the fire of the furnace of the alchemist.

8 Justice/ Adjustment

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