8 Justice/Adjustment

8 Justice/Adjustment (letter lamed 30, ox goad) Path 19 from Geburah, judgement to Tiferet, beauty. Venus in air sign Libra, holding the scales of Maat, where Saturn exalts (the justice system is based on Saturn worship, black robes and wigs of goat hair). Her pose is similar to the High Priestess, who sits between two pillars in front a veil. As the air sign Queen of Swords, her sword is the fairness aspect of Saturn father time with his sickle during harvest, equality in death. Libra cuts the year in half.

Scales are connected to Tribe of Dan, who acted as judges.

(In the Rider-Waite deck the strength card is nr 8- justice nr 11.In older decks and in the Toth deck this is reversed: card nr 8 is Adjustment, card 11 Lust)

Toth deck: Based on the AL formula in book of the law (Liber AL), the letter lamed is the ox goad, instant karma for the ox the fool. Sacrifice, out of love, love under will. She maintains the balance between yin and yang, Lam (the Dao, the way). Above her head the checkers pattern of Arlequino in the commedia del'arte. Combination of the high priestess (virgin Isis) and the magician. Mask, the blindfold of Lady Justice (Zorro, Anonymous, Batman,..).

Lamed: Ox goad, taming whip, shepherd staff, learn, teach, yoke, bind, arm.

Example: Captain America.

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