6 the Lovers

6 the Lovers (letter Zayin 7, sword, axe, mazon: food) Path 17 from Binah to Tiferet. Gemini, the twins, ruled by Mercury. Adam and Eve, the brothers Cain and Abel. They are illuminated by a fiery angel, the Sun (on microscopic tree of life sepirah 6: tiferet the heart chakra the sun). Venus/Mars creative love. The lovers card is the impulse that drives humans out of the garden, towards adulthood. The impulse of curiosity (Eve, Pandora) or sexuality.

Path from Binah (Saturn) to Tiferet (sun), death to life: Saturn as lord of the rings plays an important role in weddings, the groom is Saturn who gives his bride the ring of Saturn, restricting her. With the Lovers, the Fool has to make intelligent decisions or choices about the path ahead. The Lovers is about duality and purification of parts which is the sacrifice that is made when the Fool embarks on his journey out of ignorance. Zayin: sword, seperation, opposite of vav, uniting.