50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson (50 Cent) is a mind controlled actor-rapper, used in the media and Hollywood film industry as a PR agent (image of black successfull, rich entrepreneur in free market capitalism) of the Black Church in the cultural marxist program Hip Hop, to promote crime, violence, degrading of women and the Luciferian sodomy religion.

He was born in Queens (Gemini the Lovers card: marrying the queen with black king). The media created a mythology around 50 Cent with a death-rebirth story like Christ (=Curtis), shot 7 times by the bodyguard of Mike Tyson, similar to the story of Tupac Shakur who died after a boxing match of Mike Tyson. He had a feud with Ja Rule (Jeffrey Bruce Atkins, single with Jennifer Lopez, born 2 weeks before the Manson murders by Susan Atkins), who also had an image very similar to Tupac Shakur (Pain Is Love on 10/2 bday Jack Parsons Agape Lodge).

Astrological chart

born 7/6/1975, Leo (Lust, the Beast), date Nancy Reagan, Frida Kahlo, George W Bush, Sylvester Stallone, in South Jamaica Queens. Dom: Gemini (the Lovers), Cancer, Libra - Mercury (trade, witty), Uranus, Moon.

Jupiter in Aries, Mars in Taurus, Moon and Mercury in Gemini, Sun and Saturn in Cancer, Venus in Leo, Pluto and Uranus in Libra, Neptune in Sagittarius.

Discography and filmography

2002 50 Cent is the Future Tony Yayo (Tony Montana in Scarface) Lloyd Banks (Charles Lloyd, born a month before Charles and Diana's son William)
2003 Get Rich or Die Tryin'
feat Eminem (marketing 'black' gangster lifestyle to young white children) Sun and Saturn in Cancer, the Chariot= red king Frederick V= You'll Never Get Rich Fred Astaire Rita Hayworth 10/17 like Eminem.

In Da Club (the Hanged Man position) Dr Dre Eminem. P.I.M.P remix Snoop Dogg Venus in Leo (Lust)

androgynous Mercury the Lovers.

song Magic Stick (Mercury the Magician) with Lil Kim
G-Unit Beg For Mercy

2005 The Massacre (original title St Valentine's Day Massacre, date wedding Frederick V and Elizabeth, alchemical wedding uniting black and white). The Game The Documentary, West Side Story (movie with Nathalie Wood 11/29 like The Game, date death George Harrison, G-Unit as The Beatles), How We Do, Hate It or Love It.

Get Rich or Die Tryin movie as Marcus (Mars) Greer 'Caesar' (Colonna bloodline) child Horus. Get Rich or Die Tryin soundtrack, Windowshopper, set in Monaco. appearance on the Simpsons.
2006 Home of the Brave Samuel Jackson Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake)
2007 Curtis Crowley pose on 9/11 with Kanye West Graduation
2008 Terminate On Sight 7/1 like Diana. Righteous Kill Al Pacino Robert de Niro. 50 Cent: the Money and the Power show on Mtv (based on the Apprentice with Donald Trump, aspirational programming)
2009 Before I Selfdestruct 11/9 one eye robot programming.
2009 Streets of Blood Val Kilmer Sharon Stone. Dead Man Running.
2010 Caught in the Crossfire (cc=33). 13 (13 Death) Jason Statham Mickey Rourke.
2010 Gun (Osiris Risen pose) Val Kilmer.
2010 Morning Glory Harrison Ford Diane Keaton
2011 Blood Out Val Kilmer.
2011 Set Up Bruce Willis.
2011 All Things Fall Apart Ray Liotta.
2012 Freelancers Robert de Niro.
2013 Escape Plan Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone also 7/6 Jim Caviezel Vincent D'Onofrio Sam Neill.
2013 Last Vegas Robert de Niro Morgan Freeman.
2013 The Frozen Ground Nicolas Cage Vanessa Hudgens (Disney)
2014 Animal Ambition (Leo the Beast). Vengeance Danny Trejo. The Prince Bruce Willis (prince William).
2015 The Beast is G-Unit (Beast and Babalon of Lust card). Spy.

Southpaw the Lovers Jake Gyllenhaal Rachel McAdams Rita Ora Forest Whitaker


2018 Den of Thieves (Mercury: thief). Escape Plan 2: Hades
2019 Escape Plan: The Extractors

Hip Hop

Dr Dre