5 the Hierophant

5 the Hierophant (letter vav 6,'and', nail, hook) Path 16 from Chokmah to Chesed. Sun in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Pisces. 5th element ether/spirit, quintessence. Element earth, earth sign Taurus, ruled by Venus. The card shows a priest with scepter and triple crown, with 2 bald spectators. The Hierophant is about learning traditions, dogma's and structures such as mystical or religious groups or institutions, a church/sect with creed or dogma.

He represents a mentor, teacher of inner values, the world of belief, study and question.

In non-western cultures the masked shaman/ trickster. Osiris- Zeus/Jupiter on Mount Olympus, a priest in the Eleusinian mysteries. Christ- Buddha, receives divine wisdom of Chokma. He wears a triple crown (thrice born, trinity), in YHVH, the Vav -the phallus, pyramid shape one eye, third eye or pineal gland. Beneath him are the keys to the Silver Gate and Golden Gate, x ecliptic and galactic cross. He represents occult knowledge, unity in contrast with the separation of the Lovers card.
Taurus= king of pentacles, most stable earth sign, luxury material possession, creator of worlds= the demiurge.
Egyptian tarot: mask of Anubis with staff (impartial), the interface of balance between two hei's, Isis and Nephthys.

Toth deck: The hierophant has nine nails (vavs) above his head, an oriel window, with a 5 petaled rose in bloom. He is seated upon the bull of Taurus, ruled by Venus (elephant Ganesha, root chakra, where the Kundalini energy sleeps). He has knowledge/gnosis on how to conquer the mind, the elephant or bull. He has a sinister smile (V in V for Vendetta, John Hannibal Smith in The A-Team) and is surrounded by 4 masks wich represent cardiac signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

The card shows a hexagram representing the macrocosm, inside the 5th element spirit G gnosis in the middle, a pentagram representing the microcosm, with dancing child, the child of the Aeon of Horus.

His phallic headdress forms an upward pyramid fire (Hadit), downward pyramid the scarlett woman matter providing her starfire (Nuit). Before him, the Scarlett Woman with girdle (Lady in Red, Taurus ruled by Venus, exaltation of the moon). He carries the key of the trinity, the heart. legend of Pasiphae. Ra Hoor Khuit of the Book of the Law. Vav: Hook, spear, mace, tent peg, nail, to hang, to secure, to fasten, to add, connect, man in his sinful nature (666), flesh.

Example: Don Fanucci in The Godfather 2.

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