4 the Emperor

4 the Emperor (hei, 5 window-tzaddi fish hook) Path 15 from Chokmah to Tiferet. Sun in Capricorn, order, establishment (3 and 4 represent the archetypes of the parents). Aries is the first sign, corresponds to the head, he is the head of the state, the leader. He rules the material world, rationalises through empirical evidence. The Animus, yang energy. King Arthur star Arcturus, bear Ursa Major at the North star. The male fire of Mars, protecting divine feminine, if not tempered, he becomes too judgemental, expresses his warlike nature.

Stability of four walls. He bears the Ankh as a scepter but 4th card is linked to 13th (1+3=4) card Death, emperors ruling through power of death/life.

Toth deck: His legs are in the shape of a 4, forming symbol for sulfur (triad of Mercury, the Magician- Salt, the Empress- Sulphur, the Emperor). Beneath him the lamb, docile version of the ram. Based on the channeling of the Book of the Law, Aleister Crowley assigned the emperor to Tzaddik (90, fish hook). He receives white light from chokmah. Hei: Man with arms raised, man calling out, look, behold, jubilation, wind, breath, window, thread, court, to be broken, to take seed, the Other Side, Eternity.

Tzaddi: to hunt, bent over servant.

Example: Begbie in Trainspotting.


3 the Empress

5 the Hierophant