3 the Empress

3 the Empress (4th letter daleth, door) Path 14 from Chokmah to Binah. Venus in Taurus fertility, growth, mother Nature, love, mercy, sexuality, emotion. The interior garden of Eden. The secret door of Daath. Self nulification, ego death, the bar between Binah (understanding) and Chokmah (wisdom). The Anima (feminine side of men). She wears a crown, a ring of 12 stars. Law of three, the trinity, 3 mother letters Aleph Mem Shin (iao, lux signs). Beneath her is a heart shaped box, a shield with symbol of Venus.

She holds the pearl, the pure part of the soul as a key, in Yesod, in her vagina, the secret of sexual energy is hidden. Left hand path, worshipping black, fallen Venus, right hand path pure Venus. Her body has a whirling shape like the Kundalini serpent. Guinevere, Isis, Venus/Aphrodite born from water.

Toth deck: she holds a blue lotus or lilly as symbol of wisdom. Alchemical symbol of salt, (inactive, needs to be energized by sulphur) zodiac as her girdle. Left to her the pelican feeding its young with blood from its heart (5th degree OTO) as symbol of self sacrifice, right to her shield with the white eagle, corresponding to red eagle of the emperor. At the bottom of the card a Fleur-de-lys symbol. Depending on how her energy is used she is the door to heaven or the door to hell.

Daleth: tent door, fish, ear, poor person, lifting up, entrance,..

Example: Satine (Nicole Kidman) in Moulin Rouge!

2 the High Priestess

4 the Emperor