23 with nr 33 (2 3's) is a number associated with the spine, the pole of the torus (the bull), used the Saturn cult (freemasonry, the Scottish Rite) because it represents the pineal gland on top of the 33 vertebrae. July 23 was the Sumerian and Egyptian New Year (flooding of the Nile as start of the agricultural year, season of fertility), associated with the rising of Sirius the dog star (spins on its axis 23x per minute, 23 x more luminous than our sun). In Kabbalism Sirius is associated with hidden sphere Daath (gnosis) and the Fool (the Joker). 2 3's (upward and downward pyramid)=6 (sex). 2/3=0,666.

The tropic of cancer (moon) and tropic of capricorn (Saturn) are on the 23d parallel. The human spine has 33 vertebrae, 23 intervertebral disks.

Earth is a circle with arches, an ark. Incarnating is entering the gravity field of earth. The deep waters (conductors of magnetism and electricity 'sparks' through charged ions) of earth have a stronger gravity pull (sinking=synchronizing). Earth, the compressed version of Sirius, has a 23 degree 'wobble' (groove, pulsation) in its axis and is connected to the DNA field (=serpent Lucifer) of humans with 23 chromosomes. The wobble represents the spiraling around the obelisk, pole of Baal, the One (unified field) principle, regenerating itself (spiral of spiritual energy).

In spiritual teachings crossing the Abyss (deep waters of subconscious) leads to spiritual rebirth (in the womb of Sirius-earth, Vesica Pisces symbol, opening of the eyes), holistic thinking and increase in life energy, because the trinity of soul-mind-body is aligned with the multidimensional self. When the energies are not balanced, the spiral (rabbit hole) leads to confusion and delusions of the astral realm (downward spiral, overactivation of the pineal, hypnosis, naive and blind belief, under influence of parasitic consciousness).

The spiral energy of deep water in oceans (H³O instead of H²O) has healing life energy and is deliberately poisoned through mercury poisoning and in rituals like fracking and the BP oil Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010 as dimensional portal for negative entities (announced in 2010 the Year We Make Contact), technology of quantum computers like D(eep)Wave. Lower beings target higher energy beings to steal their energy (the stargate of the heart as target). The increasingly dogmatic and fanatic Gay and transgender Church and UN empire with climate propaganda is a distortion of the spiral energy of Gaia the earth, guiding humans in their spiritual evolution towards oneness (the wobble is the cause of the precession of the equinoxes, the Great Year).

The axis of earth with 23 degree tilt is the Djedd pillar of Osiris, Eris or Discordia, arrow of desire, opposite of Nike). The 23 degree tilt is also in the masonic square and compass, cross of Order of St John and logo of Nike.

In the bible psalm 23 mentions the rod=penis and overflowing cup (Ace of Cups). 23d letter W, water, will, weight, why, wings, whirl, world, witch, woman, waxing and waning. Witches sabbath is on june 23.

The magic for destruction (dischord w23) is done during the waning cycle of the moon (creating a Moonchild, Anubis pictured on the Moon). The W is in the sigil of Lucifer (logo of Google Play, The Weinstein Company,..).

The solar bull god was sacrificed on winter solstice, december 23. Osiris personified the spine and world axis as the Djedd pillar.

Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times. 23 is the nr of path The Hanged Man.

Jacques de Molay was the 23d templar.

The lightning of the Tower is in the shape of W.

The jesuit order founded on 10/23/1491.

23 symbolism in pop culture

1872 Bohemian Club (bc: 23)
1913 Federal Reserve on 12/23
1923 Walt Disney (Order of DeMolay) founds Disney with magazine D23.
1963 Principia Discordia
1969 The Beatles Yellow Submarine Blue Meanie with 23
1975 William Burroughs '23 Enigma' Illuminatus trilogy  Robert Anton Wilson Discordianism.  Lucifer Rising Kenneth Anger born 2/3
1978 The Omen 2 elevator 23. Max Headroom network 23.
1991 Reservoir Dogs (dog star Sirius) 10/23.

1993 (closest approach of Sirius) Bill Clinton (bc: 23) as president. James Raymond Jordan father of Michael Jordan (23) sacrificed on july 23 (Dog Days) found dead in river. Chicago Bulls (bc: 23) Nike 23 degree tilt (ring of Saturn). Wu Tang Clan (WTC) Snoop Dogg (Anubis, Calvin Broadus, 23 shirt in Still D.R.E.). death River Phoenix (=river Jordan) age 23. Tupac Shakur making W sign. the K Foundation publicity stunts. Throbbing Gristle (Genesis P Orridge)
1996 Space Jam Bugs Bunny (rabbit hole next to Sirius)
1998 The Truman Show. The Big Lebowski bowling lane 23. Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky scandal (born 7/23, start of dog days) announced in Wag the Dog.
2001 the 911 ritual, 9+11+2001=23. Flight 23, 23d floor in Building 7. dog Sirius George W (23) Bush. Jeeper's Creeper. Black Knight Martin Lawrence 23 shirt.
2003 Matrix Reloaded 23 people to repopulate Zion. Bruce Almighty Jim Carry pager nr 23, meets God at 23d street
2004 Lost Gate 23. jackpot nr 23 and 42 Matthew Fox Mark Pellegrino. Friends Ross and Rachel at Gate 23.
2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory elevator with W (Willie Wonka). 
2007 The Number 23 red book Jim Carrey Danny Huston as Dr Sirius Leary (=LSD prophet Timothy Leary) Virginia Madsen born 9/11 Lynn Collins Rhona Mitra  Logan Lerman (Beverly Hills High School, Noah, Percy Jackson films) Joel Schumacher Mark Pellegrino Warner Bros.

  Marvel Comics character X-23 genetic twin of Wolverine
2008 The Dark Knight Wayne Tower '(W) Heath Ledger as Joker (the Fool) Why So Serious?.  The Prestige Christian Bale (bc: 23) as prisoner 23. Gorillaz (Damien Albarn) 23 symbolism
  2011 7/23 d Amy Winehouse (dog on album Frank)
2012 Prometheus Weyland Corporation. LA Lakers LeBron James.
2013 Miley Cyrus (Sirius) 23 (Mike Will Made It Wiz Khalifa). Shakira song 23. prince George baptized on october 23 with water from Jordan.

Youtube linked corporation 23andMe analyses DNA from spit from the mouth (Daath)
2021 Space Jam a New Legacy LeBron James


the Scottish Rite