21 the World/the Universe

21 the World/the Universe (3x7, 777 lightning flash, tau 400) Path 32 (spring equinox 3/20) from Yesod to Malkuth. Path 32, in chess 32 pieces, 32 black, 32 white squares, football 32 panels. Element earth, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto. Constellation Ophiuchus the Serpentbearer. Downwards the path means physical birth or daily life, putting theory and spiritual vision into practice. As the last step it signifies cosmic Omniscience, control, power of creation. The Great Work is done, the crown, the end, mental paradise. Woman inside a wreath or garland, holding 2 sticks (opposite poles).

The sash in shape of a Kaph is said to hide male genitals, the new life is still androgynous, undifferentiated. Her legs form a triangle over a cross, the sign of Alchemical Sulphur.

Upwards it means physical death (initiate becomes twice-born), start of the Great Work, introversion from the sensory consciousness to the consciousness of the deeps of the inner world.
As the first step, the first path of initiation is to discover the gateway to the inner world. The concept of death/rebirth and regeneration is explained, reenacted in initiation rituals.

In the Egyptian Osirian Mysteries, Osiris is cut in pieces by Set (Saturn) and Isis has to put them back together. The circle has to be squared, the personality has to be broken down in its basic 4 elements, a painful process of dissolution, ruled by Saturn.

The Tau cross is the Christian symbol of regeneration but also the cross of the 4 elements, it divides in 4 : in the corners of the card are the 4 fixed signs, reflections of the 4 holy creatures in Kether. The Tau cross was inscribed on the forehead of every person admitted into the Mysteries of Mithras. When a king was initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries, the Tau was placed against his lips.

In the Greek Eleusinian Mysteries the cycle of regeneration was explained through the myth of Persephone, the daughter of Demeter (Malkuth, earth) who is abducted by Hades (Pluto) to the underworld/inner world. Hecate, goddess of moon and magic (Yesod) guides her until they are reunited. Persephone is abducted to the underworld, Sophia falls into a dreamworld (through the magic mirror of Yesod the moon), Dorothy going to Oz, Alice going to Wonderland (the rabbit holds a clock, symbol of father time Saturn), Wendy to Neverland,.. Grade of Neophyte, control of the astral plane.

The Black Dahlia ritual in 1947, the 911 Sharon Tate ritual and the mystery of Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks represented the World card. Miss World and Miss Universe represent the end of the Great Work.

Toth deck: A maiden with arms and legs in the form of triangle and cross, symbol of sulphur, the dance of Shiva.
The 3 last paths make the wind Qeshoth, Sagittarius is the arrow that pierces the rainbow from moon to sun. At same time going down the tree and climbing up to reach Kether again, the beginning and the end. descent and return to Malkuth (Tau as gateway also on fool card).

Last letter Tav: mark (part of mark master), owner's mark, seal, stamp, impression (concept of tv, constant stream of impressions), sign, wound, carving, impression, crossed sticks, cross, code, end, redemption. first aleph, middle mem, last tav ameth: truth, the stamp of God.

Example: first scene in the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

20 Judgement/Aeon

0 the Fool