2017 Las Vegas shooting

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting was a hoax of the media industry in Las Vegas on 10/1/2017, with obelisk and one eye pyramid symbolism and 'lone wolf' shooter Stephen Paddock, a 64 year old man from Nevada who supposedly killed 60 people during the Harvest 91 country music festival from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandala Bay hotel, directly across the Luxor Las Vegas pyramid of MGM. The City of the Pyramids is a concept in Thelema.

Stephen Paddock lived in Mesquite Nevada, a city founded by Mormons near the Mojave desert. Thelemite Jack Parsons (Babalon Workings in Mojave Desert) died on 10/2. He was 64 years old, Chester Bennington died in 2017 64 days after his friend Chris Cornell.

Paddock worked for Lockheed Martin (the war industry). The 32d floor and 23 rifles is death star Sirius symbolism associated with nr 23 (the shafts of the Great Pyramid were aligned with Sirius and Orion and North Star Vega). The death star was celebrated with blood sacrifice and sodomy rituals (Stephen Paddock and brother Bruce Paddock supposedly were fans of child pornography). The festival was sponsored by Sirius XM as it represented the recipient, the Cup of Isis.

Paddock was born 4/9, date of Hugh Hefner who founded Playboy on 10/1 and died 4 days before the event, marriage Charles and Camilla, Kristen Stewart, Mark Pellegrino, Elle Fanning, Eric Harris of Columbine shooting, d François Rabelais, d Francis Bacon, Jack Parsons' Liber 49. 4+9=13, nr of Death card (Paddock had the nr 13 tattoo on his neck).

He was educated at California State University Northridge (CSUN) in San Fernando Valley (porn valley, close to Disney hq in Burbank and Laurel Canyon) like Stephen Bollenbach (Trump Organization, Disney, Hilton Hotels), Thousand Oaks shooter David Long,  Paula Abdul, Helen Hunt, Eva Mendes, Cubby O'Brien (MMC), Mike Curb, John Densmore, Lee Soo-man (SM Entertainment), Serj Tankian (Armenian). Mandala's are used to create an alter grid. San Fernando's 'Porn Valley' symbolizes the Cup of Babalon. The shooting represented the sexual union of Beast and Babalon.

The Luxor pyramid is an example of postmodern architecture. Luxor is a city in Egypt dedicated to Amun Ra. The Louvre pyramid is the location of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa (Amon - Isis) and was used in The Da Vinci Code. The MGM pyramid hosted an exhibition about the Titanic (4/15 like da Vinci). Criss Angel, who worked with Uri Geller of Stargate Project, performed his show BeLIEve at the Luxor pyramid.

The famous Luxor Sky Beam is mimiced on the poster of Stargate of Roland Emmerich with Kurt Russell and in The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman. The hotel appears in Up in the Air with George Clooney (Las Vegas movie Ocean's Eleven), Blade Runner 2049, The Hangover with Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis and played a role in the Tupac Shakur ritual. Emmerich also made 2012 with Woody Harrelson (Las Vegas movie Now You See Me) and scenes in Las Vegas.

Mandala Bay was named after the poem Mandalay of Rudyard Kipling, recited by Boris Johnson before the ritual. Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise in Back to the Future represented Trump Tower (ejaculating phallus symbolism of the Tower, magdala tower of Mary Magdalena).

Route 91 Harvest was founded by Live Nation and MGM Resorts International. Elizabeth II was age 91 at the time and Hugh Hefner died age 91. Jason Aldean performed at the festival (similar to shooting of concert of Eagles of Death Metal with Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme at Bataclan Paris). Aldean was used to normalize cancel culture of the Transgender Church. He was born 2/28, date of death George Kennedy who played in movies with Trump's friend OJ Simpson, who was released in 2017 after 33 years (orange=33=sodomy), 17 days after Chester Bennington's friend Mike Shinoda.

The Sunset Strip also contains an imitation of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the place where Diana died. MGM also owns Excalibur (King Arthur symbolism).

On 6/18/2016 Donald Trump (friend of Hugh Hefner) played a role in a fake assassination attempt media ritual with 19y old Michael Sandford in the Mystère Theatre in Paradise Nevada (Las Vegas). Trump's 'Make America the Great Again' symbolizes the mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots.

An old Navy Veteran present at the Harvest 91 festival supposedly was killed in the victim Thousand Oaks shooting in 2018 (media ritual with jesuit Jerry Brown and shooter David Long, trained at CSUN like Stephen Paddock) with the niece of Disney slave Tamera Mowry, programmed at Disney World.

2017 was the year of the inauguration of jesuit Donald Trump at the obelisk in Washington and jesuit Emanuel Macron at the Louvre pyramid in Paris (who later met in Paris that year),  internet rumors about the Mandela Effect (dimensional portals), d David Rockefeller, d Chris Cornell (Black Hole Sun) at the MGM Grand, shooting ritual at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, d Chester Bennington, solar eclipse media ritual, d Prodigy (Illuminati and one eye pyramid symbolism in Hip Hop) in Vegas, d Jerry Lewis (age 91) in Vegas.

Ariana Grande had a relationship with Mac Miller (Mac-ron, song Donald Trump) and mimicked the Playboy rabbit on Dangerous Woman album cover. Manchester resident and vegan Morrisey was used in the media ritual of the Manchester 'attack'.

It was announced in Frank Ocean's Pyramids (orange and Simpsons symbolism), Mars Attacks! with Jack Nicholson, Leaving Las Vegas with Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette as Whore of Babylon, Now You See Me, 2012 (destruction of Las Vegas) with John Cusack and The Accountant with Ben Affleck as autistic accountant and John Lithgow. The star Vega plays a role in Contact with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar with John Lithgow).

Similar to the Orlando shooting, crisis actors on CNN, NBC and Fox News deliberately mocked the audience (Joker symbolism).

One crisis actor told a story of a mysterious woman who announced they were all going to die, like Mélanie Laurent as Emmanuelle Mimieux (=Emanuel Macron) in movie theater scene in Inglourious Basterds, announcing Babalon archetype Melania Trump.

Character Emmanuelle Mimiuex was based on Yvette Mimieux who played in MGM movie The 4 horsemen (war, conquest, famine and death), also the name of the Las Vegas magicians in Mélanie Laurent's movie Now You See Me.

Like the Orlando shooting and the Manchester shooting, the images contained purple symbolism (hypnotic trigger to dissociate).

Paddock's remains were sent to Stanford University. Céline Dion (song for Titanic) was used in VegasStrong with heart symbol trend to evoke compassion. 2 days later Sniper: Ultimate Kill was released with Billy Zane (Back to the Future with Trump/Biff Tannen and Titanic).

On 10/19 (birthday of Interstellar actor John Lithgow) the media announced the discovery of an interstellar object called Oumaumau ('first scout') coming from Vega.

In november the press spread rumors about the Paradise Papers (reference to Paradise Nevada) focusing on financial secrets of Elizabeth II and Charles.

Eminem referenced the event in the song in Darkness.

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