20 Judgement/Aeon

20 Judgement/Aeon Judgement day (letter shin 300: fire), the revelation of destiny. Liberation, redemption, an angel (Michael, attributed to south-fire) blowing a trumpet with a flag bearing red cross, people rising out of their graves. Rise of the phoenix, Osiris/Christ reborn (xx galactic and earth cross), Jesus resurrected. Through the pineal, the Eye of Horus, Osiris is reborn, freed from matter (Ida lunar introvert Harpocrates/ Pingala Ra Hoor Khuit extravert, the duality of Apollo/Dionysus). Path 31, the three in one.

Analogous to Pluto in Aries or a conjunction between Mars, Sun and Pluto.

Conventionally, Pluto is associated with the sign of Scorpio. Psychologically it connotes the Jungian 'Shadow' and corresponds with gods such as Thanatos, Hades and Shiva. It is associated with the so-called underworld journey (Hades abducted Persephone) and spiritual resurrection.

Toth deck: The card represents the Aeon of Horus, the child. The imagery is based on the Stele of Revealing nr 666, the supposed start of a process in 1904, where Crowley received dictation of the Book of the Law, a sort of bible for his Thelema religion. It represents the discovery and fulfillment of true will (Thelema), the birth of Horus/Harpocrates out of the union of the star goddess Nuit and Hadit, a winged globe of fire (in Egypt Aryan goddess Ary became Ra, Hary-Horus).

In the Gnostic tradition Horus is Io (pronounced Aho), Harpocrates makes the silence sign, keeper of hermetic mysteries. The A and O, Alpha and Omega above his head, the beginning and end. He stands on the symbol of Shin (fire). Dual: extravert Ra Hoor Khuit and passive, introvert Hoor-paar-kraat/Harpocrates. Fire of the hearth, building a home. In the formula of Aeon of Horus, in contrast with rituals of Aeon of Osiris there is no death and rebirth, only lessons for the child, like the sun going its way (the Dao).

Aeon is an age but also gnostic term for an aspect of the One, intermediate deities who exist between the ultimate, True God and ourselves. Planet: the Sun and Pluto in Aries or a conjunction between Mars, Sun and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio). Resurrection, birth of a star. Thelema sex magic Rose- cross, anus -phallus, splitting the egg of Harpocrates. Shin: tooth, devour, eat, composite bow, that, year, change, serenity, to sleep, sharp, press, destroy, old,..

Example: scene in the Matrix Reloaded.

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