2 the High Priestess

2 the High Priestess (3d letter gimmel, camel to cross the desert of Daath, letter symbolizes foot) moon, element water. Path 13 from Kether to Tiferet. Card 0 and 1 are hermaphrodite, 2 and 3 female. Inner wisdom, mother goddess Isis, Virgin Mary, Cybele, Diana-Artemis (Diana Spencer), Hel-aine. Daath is the cloud hidden mountain or the condemned cell or empty room, because it contains no real form, where the last remnants of Individual soul are stripped away to absolute nothingness so that union with God can be achieved.

In Greece at the oracle of Delphi a young virgin was given the role of Pythia, from puthein, to rot- decomposing body of Python, slain by Apollo.

She sits on a cubic stone in front of her veil of 4 elements, the ark of the covenant. The veil has 10 pomegranates like the 10 sepiroth, she is Persephone who ate a pomegranate and was abducted to underworld. She sits between the two masonic pillars of Boaz and Joachim, of Severity and Mercy, because she is the snake goddess that guards the secret of secrets, Daath sexual energy of the two kundalini serpents.

She is the womb of the earth and cosmic mother that created everything. The veil hides the secret of life/death, secret of nakedness, of sexuality that breaks the trinity of mother-father-child. From the moment the child develops sexuality, that trinity is broken, the child is thrown into the world, in search for fulfillment of dualistic desire. Voice of silence, passive.

The moon as symbol of duality. The realm of subconscious we enter at night. Pillars of the pi-symbol, order out of chaos, out of irrationality. She carries the book of the Torah, the law, her son Horus, the Word. Path between Kether the crown and Tiferet, the heart or soul, link between archetypal world of fire and world of formation-water. Daath reflects the light of Kether.

Sophia (chokma, wisdom) emanation of God, sitting on the philosopher's stone. Because she is fallen from grace, she creates the material world, like a weaving spider (her snakes=dna). She resides in humans as divine spark (Sophia before her fall, Alice before entering Wonderland). The snake goddess of wisdom Athena holding the spear, the middle pillar, the pole. She is the Moon nourished by the milk of the Supernal Mother, and is a representation of the Supernal Mother herself, the bright reflection, the Shekhina, her dwelling place, the Holy of Holies (a Shekhinah above Binah and Shekhina below Malkuth).

The Shekinah is the Spiritual Bride of the just man, and when he reads the Law she gives the Divine meaning.
The High Priestess reversed indicates all the negative aspects of the sign of Scorpio, dark moon that betrays the sun, the Lady in Red, the vengeful Scorpion desmasculating, castrating the Bull (myth of Mithras).

Toth deck: depicts the camel and sunflower, new life ( black sun Saturn). Gimel: Camel, foot, throwing stick, rich man running after a poor man, to load, bridge, weaning, benevolence, divine purpose, walk, gather (Diana before her Alma tunnel 13th pillar).



Example: Arwen in the Lord of the Rings.

 1 the Magician

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