17 the Star

17 the Star (tzaddi: fish hook 90) Jupiter in Aquarius, the water bearer or Venus in Pisces: desire for the inscrutable. Path 28, from Netzach to Yesod. One foot in spiritual world, one foot in physical world. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, the guiding light, hope and trust, intuïtion that everything is in balance (for instance star guiding Dante through underworld). Isis unveiled with her star Sirius, dog star of Isis, the star of Bethlehem that announced the birth of Jesus Nazirius (Nile microcosm mirror of milkyway macrocosm). Enki, John the Baptist.

The 8 pointed star of Venus, the lightbringer, the morning star with her 8 year cycle, guiding the path from 7 to 9, being tested by Lucifer.

The higher self above Tiferet, a mirror of the lower self, represented by astrological symbol of Aquarius.

In alchemy the washing albedo stage, the dawning of wisdom (Chokma). 'Le Toile' as the word is seen on some cards, to 'La Toille', meaning cloth, and 'La Toilette', washing -also 'Le Toule', Marseille dialect for 'spring', another place for washing. Our spiritual sun Sirius, connected to Isis (in the Wizard of Oz, dog Toto pulls back the curtain, Glinda the good witch guided her). Alice who stared too long at her reflection and fell in dreamworld, separated behind a hei window, the window of the prostitute, the whore of Babylon, Sophia lost in broken mirror of reflections.

When the Boddhisattwa falls (fornicates). The Philosophical Stone is lost, it has dissolved in the water. Whosoever dissolves his Stone in water loses his Stone (on Saturday, day of Saturn, kingdom of death). The Stone re-emerges into life, it emerges much more powerful, can only be done 7 times.

Thoth deck: seven pointed star Babalon (based on channeling of Book of the Law, the star was assigned to hei, and the emperor to tzaddi). Fish hook, man on his side, righteous man, trap, lasso, wait, chase, snare, hunt, capture, catch, bird trap, plant, to contemplate, to meditate,..



Example: American Beauty.

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