14 Temperance/Art

14 Temperance/Art (letter Samekh 60: helper, 7+7) Path 25, dark night of the soul, winter, testing intellect. A white robed angel pouring cups, one foot in water (spiritual), one on the ground (physical), similar to the Star. One of the seven virtues, our inner angel, balance between fire (male) and water (female), between love and judgement. Start of the alchemical work, to unite opposites, reach alchemical gold, path between Sun and Moon, Tiferet and Yesod.

Art/Temperance is the external expression of the Hierophant. Art is card 14 which numerologically adds up to five.
In the background are twin mountains with the dawning sun =Venus (purple, union of blue and red), Lucifer /Baphomet“The Daughter of the Reconcilers” and “The Bringer Forth of Life”.

Art: Duality is united in one androgynous figure. The Golden Gate of Sagittarius (ruled by jupiter and neptune) is the complement and fulfillment of the Lovers (the Silver Gate of Gemini, opposite of Sagittarius). She represents the beginning of alchemical work, the process of 'dissolve and combine'. The lion (fire Leo) and eagle (water Scorpio) have traded colours, have changed from static to animated, red lion turned white, white eagle (hidden universal semen) turned red.

The fire burns up the water; the water extinguishes the fire.
They drink from cauldron with bird on a skull (union of life and death) containing air (life force of universe, 3 mother letters shin mem aleph).

The figure is cloaked in a rainbow: the full spectrum of colours, representing the full spectrum of what it is to be human. word v.i.t.r.i.o.l., the universal solvent (nr 726) visit the centre of earth, the philosophers stone.Diana the huntress, the arrow as a glyph of mercury of will, also arrow of cupid on the Lovers. She wears a green dress, the color of the heart, associated with Tiferet (the generator, the divine, true self- care the key to enlightenment).

Sagittarius is the arrow piercing the rainbow; the last three paths of the Tree of Life make the word Qesheth, a rainbow, and Sagittarius bears the arrow which pierces the rainbow, for his path leads from Yesod the Moon to Tiphareth, the Sun, galactic center. The way up on the rainbow bridge of seven chakras. Androgynous figure like Mercury: like the Lovers card, It incorporates John Dee's symbol of Mercury as metaphor for sodomy. Baphomet solve et coagula, inner angel is androgynous bringing back equilibrium.
Linked to Ninth Degree of the O.T.O. menstrual blood (starfire, red vitriol) and amarita. Samekh: support, prop, shield, fish, spike, tent peg, thorn, pillar, trap, hate, protect, uphold, ..

Example: the Oracle in The Matrix.

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