13 Death

13 Death (letter Nun : fish, 50) Path 24 from Tiferet to Yesod. Saturn in 8th house, Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Osiris slain by Set, grim reaper sickle. Destroying the perfection of 12. 13th letter M, mors, mortal, mother of all primeval matter (mm also seen as 33). Mem scorpio water sign, death is the return to the water of the womb of Saturn, the mother. Fear, loss, death of desire. Death on white horse, carrying a white rose flag. Trapped in limits of time but the sun appearing at the horizon.

Gnosis is the science of daath, life and death, preparation for death, detachment, love for something in its temporal form.

Fish= the vesica pisces, the womb. Energy can not be destroyed, changes form, related to dream experience. 13 nr of rebellion against God (Judas the traitor the 13th guest at last supper, presumption of godhood 1+3, one eye pyramid at the dollar bill has 13 steps, Diana died at 13th pillar,..) leaving behind shell, ego qlippoth. The story of Noah (nun, hei) represents creating an ark while letting the sexual waters rise. In Hindu immortality Amrita, a liquid, an ocean. Becoming a fish in the great sea of nothing. The grave as a door to rebirth.

First of three paths that guide the soul through a dark night, that tests the driving emotions, aspirations and intellect . A period of emptiness, stagnation and suffering that follows upon the initial illumination and which, through creating a state of impotency and despair, paves the way for a more lasting and secure unitive experience, leads to a stronger faith, or acceptance of opposites. The self considering itself 'spiritual', elevated above the sensual plane, is forced to turn back.

Thoth deck: The skeleton of Osiris (who was chopped up in 13 pieces, his phallus thrown into water) in waters of Amenti, with scorpion, serpent and eagle, 3 types of putrefaction. Scorpio, Ophiuchus and Aquila at the Golden Gate show the path towards galactic center. Scorpions can commit suicide, putrefaction in lowest form.
The serpent is the 13th sign Ophiuchus, Imhotep/Asklepios, the snakeholder caduceus leading to centre. wave of life and death. Completion of Lust, path to Venus.

Eagle, exaltation above matter. Osiris lord of underworld, later synchronized with Set/Saturn, death as pure evil, not creative at same time.

Jesus as fisher king, 13th figure amidst 12 disciples/months. Symbol of Capricorn 6 and 7, 6 vav male +7 zayin female=13.Bar Mitzvah at age 13. Death is Dharma, the law.

In Greece Osiris, the rising-dying God becomes Dionysus, Osiris mystery religion becomes the Dionysian Mysteries. phallus worship -Greek theatre catharsis (reaching kether through sin, extacy) away from left pillar of reason, male left brain approach of Apollo. The vine of the tree, serpent- Dionysus is also holder of caduceus, wine harvest. His epiteth eleuther, means the liberator, the path to Netzach, eternity, overcoming limitations. The joker falling down in vat of acid. death of personality, breaking mirror, mirors reflecting each other eternal return. Nun: snake, fish, eel, seed, kingdom, son, royal heir, faithful servant,...

Example: Superman stabbed by Lex Luthor.

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