10 Wheel of Fortune

10 Wheel of Fortune (letter kaph 20, open hand) ruled by Jupiter (Osiris). Path 21 between Chesed and Netzach (Jupiter and daughter Venus/Aphrodite). Perfection 1+0. 10th sepirah Malkuth (earth). The circle, the zodiac wheel of goddess Tauret/Hathor, the rotating Tarot wheel of karma, wheel of suffering, cycle of day and night, conscious and unconscious. On some cards the wheel is a boat of illusion.
It shows the 3 alchemical principles: the lion at the top (Fire), Anubis (Mercury) at the right and Typhon (Salt) on the left.

A blue sphinx carries a sword, as a guardian of the gate to knowledge- of the inner self, connected to the riddle of the sphinx (Paul McCartney on cover of Sgt Peppers album).

Hermanubis, synthesis of Hermes and Anubis life and death. The zodiac wheel shows the symbols of 4 fixed signs (man of Aquarius, bull of Taurus, eagle of Scorpio, lion of Leo). The snake Set slithers downwards. The arrow in the middle is the key of Solomon in the magic circle, from Omega to Alpha. Kaph: Palm of hand, bent, open, allow, bend, tame, sole of foot, grip, spoon, branch, handle, to suppress.

Example: the 'I am your father'-scene in the Empire Strikes Back.

9 the Hermit

11 Strength/Lust