1 the Magician

1 the Magician (2nd letter bet, beit house, the temple, dwelling house for God) Path 12 from Kether to Binah. Chesed, son of Kether. He makes the Hermetic sign As Above So Below (phrase of Emerald Tablet) and works with a table base of 4, 4 elements and kabbalistic worlds with his instruments that symbolize the same 4 elements wand, cup, sword and pentacle. The Maji, sun worship of Osiris. Left brain, action, creation. Independence, conscious action, energy directed at a goal. Kether is the Winged Orb at the top, Chokmah (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding) are the twin serpent heads.

In the context of Masculine electric sexuality, the Fool is the Testes, represented by the three flowers beneath the spread legs of the fool and the Magus is the Phallus, as he directs the first flow from the Fool. Mercury has an orbit of 88 days, 8 symbol of infinity above his head. The will that stirs up the One energy of Kether, start of the Great Work.

The phallus worship of Hermes, Shiva lingam in Hinduism, Priapus in Rome,.. Adam inner father touching the finger of his Father Kether. He works with the forces of nature, can raise a tempest (lightning symbol of Heinrich Himmler hh=88). Juggler with the planetary spheres/sepiroth. Mercury stone and liquid, foundation stone of the temple needs to be perfected. The symbol of Aleph contains 2 yods, higher and lower Eden.

Toth deck: 3 versions Hermes Trismegistus, three in one. Thoth monkey god. Beth: House, tent, dwelling, in, floor plan, blueprint, home, family, duality or division.

Example: Hattori Hanzo in Kill Bill.


0 the Fool

2 the High Priestess