0 the Fool

0/22 the Fool (1st letter aleph: ox) Path 11 from Kether to Chokmah. The Fool is the soul card (s written as f, sol=> fol), the sol reborn from Pisces to Aries, the hero/Horus starts his journey on the horizon, Orion (Osiris) and his dog Sirius on a ledge (Sirius, the dog star is considered as the divine feminine, as our spiritual sun). Aleph: ox, the bull of Taurus with red eye, Silver gate as the entry point of souls.
He walks in harmony with his animal instincts, with no past but infinite future, no sense of guilt or shame, no planning or suspicion. He embarks on the journey of messenger mercury.

On the microcosmic tree of life, the card is laid out over Da'ath (pluto, sirius) or Tiferet. He carries a white rose, new life spiraling out a Fibonacci sequence.

True nature, inner child pure joy, optimism, innocence, freedom, the egg of life, connection to source. element air, bag of wind. He has left the tau-shaped cave. He is the wandering madman with divine wisdom (hekoya), Dionysus/Bacchus, Jesus Christ, the clown, the Joker (archetype of the mad genius in age of Aquarius- Einstein, Hughes, Picasso,..).
The number zero, the magic circle, the 0, infinite possibility.
Season of spring (the Green Man), childish, playful optimism, innocence, taking things lightly. Connected to Uranus, the planet of androgyny, unconventional ideas, rebellion.
He stands on a ledge, ready to fall off. It represents a leap of faith, taking risks. Sign of Aries, Mars the child.
In negative interpretation, it symbolizes a state of ignorance and unawareness: the Fool wanders the earth clueless to his potential in his bag (4 suits of the tarot), chased by the dog of mundane everyday life, taking no responsibility, refusing to grow up, Truman living in illusion.

In the Thoth deck, he is clad in the Green of Spring and wears the Phallic golden shoes of the Sun. the vulture of Maut, the dove of Venus (Mari, or Isis) and the sacred ivy of the Devotees of the Green Man. Beneath his solar phallus, three flowers in one (Kether, Chokmah, Binah). Beneath his feet runs the Nile (the river of souls) with lotus stems and a crouching crocodile (Sebek). Dionysus with tiger, horns of Pan (Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Shrek,.. ) Aleph (contains 2 yods): Ox, ox/bull head, plowshare, strength, leader, teaching, a champion, eternal God, beginning, steer head.

Example: Dorothy in Wizard of Oz.