All religions are one big program. All religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, western atheïsm, humanism and capitalism/materialism, the religion of authority (Left Wing and Right Wing politics) and the New Age religion are one cult, the cult of Saturn (symbolized by the black box and One Eye symbolism).


Who rules the world? the Sport Industry
Elite families the Left Wing Church
Foundations and think tanks the Right Wing Church
the Financial System the Green Church
the Education System the New Age Church
Corporations the Multiculti Church
the Media the Black Church
Hollywood the Climate Church
the Music Industry the Gay-Transgender Church
the Fashion Industry the Transhumanist Church
the Art Scene the Alternative Media Church
the Feminist Church the Science Church
the Porn Industry the Comedy scene
the War industry the Mental Health Industry
the Justice System


Through the ages, the Saturn cult invented religions and cults to manipulate and control people through activating the pineal gland, giving them experiences of bliss and 'waking up' but trapping them in a false reality of Saturn energy, in a God program, making them act repressive, dogmatic and fanatical.


Our history (in short)

Something happened in the process of human evolution, that caused a fall of consciousness, and degraded humans into a slave race. A bloodline of elite families, most susceptible to mind control was put in charge as a priest class to uphold religion and systems of oppression (the idea of divine right to rule, being closer to the gods).

A 2nd group of slavemasters invaded, rebelled against the old 'gods' and took over the experiment (the consciousness known as Lucifer). The Egyptian pharao bloodlines of Akhenaten (Moses) turned into the Scottish House of Bruce- Stuart -and eventually Windsor, the ruling families at the moment, always protected by Templars, Jesuits and Freemasons, all with the same one eye/crown-chakra symbolism.

This has led to a classic collection of the most violent, cruel, psychopathic characters in the history of mankind. Dynasties like the Habsburgs tried so hard to keep their bloodline 'pure', their faces became deformed through all the incest and they became infertile.

They could only rule, not because they were so brilliant, but because this consciousness ruled their mind as one race (one Saturnian ring to rule them all).

The parasitic consciousness that rules the elite, that can only invert, inverted the solar worship of the earliest civilization into a perverse, distorted solar religion (leading to sacrifice rituals of Aztecs, Mayans, Canaanites,..). Out of the serpent worship of Valentinus and the Cathar movement, grew modern Luciferianism with an emphasis on sodomy. During the era of the Roman Empire and later, the socalled Holy Roman Empire, they always continued to worship Saturn, using Kabbalism, Tarot and numerology.

During the modern era, Rosicrucians gave rise to protestantism and the scientific and industrial revolution. The same Egyptian symbolism of obelisks and Sirius worship, continued in the American Empire. A corrupt financial system is designed to maintain slavery and an elaborate facade of Hollywood celebrities and fake media stories is used to create a false reality, manipulate thoughts and emotions. Technology is used to recreate the fall after biting of the Apple of Lucifer.


Obviously the elite is in the final stage of implementing a Luciferian totalitarian regime of global enslavement. An agenda is rolled out of transhumanism, transgender-propaganda, climate-nazism, forced immigration, forced vaccination, to create an androgynous, Egyptian looking slave race with a hive mind. The largest part of humanity is sleepwalking, keeps believing the lies on tv or controlled opposition and shows little or no resistance.

Slaves are distracted to create one lame herd, ready to bow down for One World Government, and coronation of King William V, who basically owns the whole world, the biblical Fifth Kingdom, their inverted interpretation, of the 'Kingdom of Christ'. This concept of biblical endtimes is not the end of the world, but the end of a 26.000 year old cycle, the Great Year.

This ridiculous plan of total control is just not going to work. As a species, we need to get rid of a deeply ingrained victim-mentality, discover how strong and powerful we really are. It's going to take a massive effort of a massive amount of people to turn this around, but it starts with doing the inner work.

Clubs and orders

Knights Templar Society for Psychical Research
Order of Malta Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
the Jesuits Ordo Templi Orientis
Order of the Golden Fleece Theosophical Society
Skull and Bones Fabian Society
Bohemian Club Scientology
Pilgrims Society Mormon Church
John Birch Society Order of St John
Dominican Order Knights of Columbus
Odd Fellows Order of Jesters
Legion of Honour Order of the Bath
Hellfire Club



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The Waltons1994 Stargate
1968 Rosemary's Baby 2001 Vanilla Sky
1971 Diamonds Are Forever 2001 Harry Potter
1972 The Godfather trilogy 2003 The Aviator
1975 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
1976 Taxi Driver 2005 V for Vendetta
The Omen Mission Impossible
1976 Charlie's Angels 2006 The Da Vinci Code
1979 Apocalypse Now 2009 The Lovely Bones
Teenage M.N. Turtles 2010 Alice in Wonderland
1984 Ghostbusters 2012 Prometheus
1985 Return to Oz Captain America
1986 Labyrinth 2012 The Hunger Games
Sex and the City 2013 The Tomorrow People
The A-Team 2016 Stranger Things
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