Who runs the world?


A Saturnian consciousness that rules a wide range of cults who sometimes unknowingly worship it as the black sun Saturn. It governs the catholic church of Rome, the pope and the black pope's jesuit army, the entire political and financial system. The jesuits have always infiltrated and trained their puppets through education (all big names in politics are educated at jesuit institutions). They also created communism so also control China. Their religion is an inversion and perversion of the old Atlantean solar religion, that evolved as Baal Worsip in the Middle East, Greek and Roman 'paganism', to modern day Luciferianism. It is based on astrotheology and kabbalism, involves sacrifice and pedophilia (trauma based mind control).

They present themselves as christian but internally their religion is Luciferian. They consist of bloodlines who trace themselves to Lucifer and his descendants ( from biblical Cain, Tubalcain, Noah, Nimrod to the Tribe of Dan, Spartans, Merovingians, de Medici, Lorraine, Farnese, Habsburgs, Battenberg,..) and go back to Babylon and the Roman Empire. They own the American colony, its secret services NSA, FBI, the World Bank, United Nations, Knights of Malta, freemasonry, basically almost nation states, all the big media, news and food corporations. They also run the illegal drug and weapan trade, maffia,.. They have perfected the art of creating controlled opposition, they also control islamic leaders and fake terror organisations like isis (and of course the new age movement, which is preparation for luciferian world religion and most of the 'alternative' media).

They have an obsession with fulfilling biblical prophecies and Jerusalem so Zionist jews are a part of their agenda, but they use jewish puppets as a front. Texts like Protocol of Elders of Zion (f.i. during nazism), which perfectly describe the jesuit philosophy, are used to deceive people to think this is a purely jewish agenda, so it can easily be brushed off as anti-semitism. Names like Illuminati, Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Warburg, Builderberg are used as a distraction.

Their system of strict hierarchy only works, because they are a bloodline, susceptible for mind control. They have no compassion and a hive mind mindset that is based on strict hierarchy and blind obedience. Most of humanity grows up in this prison system and copies that same habit of blind acceptance.

This reality is a multidimensional control system, so the corrupt banking, education and propaganda system is only the 3d part. Mind control of course takes place in the mind, the invisible realm 4D. Anybody stuck in very dualistic mindstate, in a condition of fear, anger (uncontrolled), greed is easy to manipulate. They worship the tempting serpent Lucifer as a symbol of the force that seduces people into selfish, immoral behaviour. That parasitic force feeds off negative energy in 4D and can be considered as the real entity (or group of entities) in charge of this planet. They have been feeding of sacrifices since ancient times and are probably communicating directly with its current rulers, affecting all people in slavery and suffering.
The childish mentality of taking no responsability, of indifference is engineered by them (the Aeon of Horus of Crowley) and is their biggest weapon. Their ruthlessness and strong will in contrast with the average consumerist spoiled brat, playing with his or her toys, not even aware they are on a playing field, perpetuates a situation where humanity loses every battle and is an embarassing opponent. They have to be defeated on a 4D and on a 3D level, understanding they are a part of us (the primitive, reptilian part of our nature) that we must integrate and transcend.