The Universe

There is no beginning or end in this artificial universe, only the circle of Eternal Return. Like when a clock strikes 12, a new cycle begins. All is one and one is all. As a simultaneous mass division and disbursement, consciousness, intelligent infinity experiments with creation as a form of greater self-exploration and self-expression, brings energies and essences of life, extensions of itself, into this universe and endowes those extensions with its gifts. These extensions begin to create their own hierarchy, which in turn create other hierarchies. For the purpose of self-experience darkness, imperfection is allowed in equilibrium with light, perfection.

The universe is fractal. Everything works nearly the same way, no matter what the scale. 'As above so below'. Planets interact the same way as humans as atoms.

Everything in our universe (from the universe itself, to pulsars, galaxies, planets, all biology, beings, the brain, cells, atoms,music, harmony.. ) works according the concept of the geometric form of a outward and inward pouring Merkaba. At the center of the universe, at the core of every cell, every Merkaba is a wormhole, a balance point, a dimensional window. We perceive it as a vacuum or a black hole. All energy, all information and light, the information we perceive as the physical world is transmitted from that core.

There are 3 'real' dimensions (not the ones we know) and 2 parallel realities (above and below), pouring into each other through the wormhole as a matter/antimatter matrix.

The physical universe we know consists of motion in these 3 dimensions with space and time as aspects of that motion. Motion (time) becomes fixed position (space) in the other.The outward motion is radiation (photons,..), the inward motion is gravity (matter). Motion in this concept is not the same as movement of something but motion itself, a ratio between space and time that causes change.

The law of one means: Space/time (above) = 1 = Time/space (below).

Gravity is the foundation of all material existence, the foundational field from which all other fields emanate, the binder of the matter/antimatter matrix. All matter is dual, has a counterpart. Matter features 3d atomic based matter, anti-matter features pure energy in conscious form. Energy bursts out of a collision between phyical bodies and/or atoms. Every outburst of energy creates gravity.

One dimension results in electricity, two dimensions in magnetism, three dimensions in atoms. Electricity flows from the center as a homopolar motor. Magnetism flows from the 2 poles as the two horns of a horus (horned torus).

The universe is information and we are stationary in it. We live in a hologram, the entire universe is just an electric signal in our brain, with no existence outside our mind. The visible part of our 'reality' is just 1%, one membrane of many.

Temperature and the color spectrum are an emanation of the Merkaba-form. The universe itself is conscious (magenta). It created nature (green) as a matter counterpart of itself. Extrememely hot temperatures (red) are nearly the same as extremely cold temperatures (blue). All colors at the same time form black or white, white holes and black holes are the same concept.

When a liquid like helium is cooled below a certain temperature, it becomes a superfluid (coöperative state). As if they were one mind, the atoms become one thing and can teleport.

Matter can be solid, liquid, gas and plasma (ionized gas). When it is solid (cold, blue), the atoms are tightly packed. In liquid form (less cold), the atoms move more freely. In a gas (warmer) phase they move unconstrained. When the gas is ionized (hot, red), it becomes plasma, it becomes superfluid again. All space and time works like a superfluid.

99% of the universe is hydrogen gas in the plasma state with strong electrodynamic forces (10 to the 36th x more powerful than gravity) and a higher frequency we can't see or hear. Plasma is the fundamental state of matter, it has 3 modes:

-dark current mode: flow with low strenth, like the magnetosphere, invisible to us.

-normal glow mode: significant strength like neon signs, emission of nebulae, the sun's corona.

-arc mode: very high strength, radiates brilliantly over a wide spectrum like electric arc welding machine, lightning, the sun's photosphere.


Everything in the Universe is energy, frequency and vibration. All energy is at different levels of vibration and frequency, all planets and their inhabitants vibrate at different levels. So everything can be seen as waveform, as sound. Dimensions are different baserate wavelengths. Unlike Density, Dimensions encompass entire realities and overlap each other.
Change your frequency and you will disappear in this world (die). As you go up into dimensional levels, the frequency gets higher, the wave lengths gets shorter and shorter, with higher and higher energy. Each Dimension consists of 12 sub-dimensions or harmonic overtones, and there are 12 Dimensions in each Octave of Reality, making a total of 144. We live in the 49th octave of vibration of the electromagnetic spectrum, our dimension: 7,23 cm. Each dimension has seven planes.


When we watch an animation movie, we accept the illusion of movement but we know every moment is a frame. There is no linear time. Time is an illusion, there is only the eternal now, the expanded present. It did happen, is happening and going to happen. Watching a tv-show can be empelling enough to think it's happening right now, but you can easily switch the channel and see other things are happening at the same time. There is vertical time (a series of time aspects of millions of infinities) and horizontal time (time aspects that manifest locally, as local time in space/time locales or addresses in 4-spacetime). Time codes and plays with information, allowing persons to move into realities simultaneously by stretching, distorting, curving, and twisting time around. A person can get on an elliptical curve of time and experience many realities by simply going around the elliptical curve and discovering that, as time is not solid, neither is reality. It can change, depending how you 'slice' it.Time seems to flow because the earth is moving through space.

Time obeys the rules of Karma. It flows into all the material processes in the universe, and embraces all these processes as sources feeding that flow. It flows into a system through a cause to an effect, pulled inside by a cause and gets denser at the location of an effect. In every process of nature, time can be formed or spent. A flow whose source is an irreversible, out-of-equilibrium process (Kozyrev).

If our eyes worked at a diferent wavelength, we would see that electric charge is an innate property of matter. Everything is radiating a light wave of electromagnetic radiation continuously. Objects interact with the wave duality of light continuously, forming new electromagnetic waves. This process forms the time continuum or arrow of time itself. Everything that happened or will happen still/already exists and can be recorded, the problem of seeing the future is:the moment we see it, it changes. The uncertainty of quantumphysics is the same uncertainty and propabilities of everyday life .

Time travel When we use the number 1 as the speed of the opposite motions and we consider a speed of space/time above that number, it is considered as time travel. One can return to the starting point of 1, but the location is different. People can be transdimensional transferred by electromagnetic adjustment of atomic structure to alter the convergence of the speed of time cycle. First one has to artificially induce an electromagnetic field, opening the window between dimensions of reality. Than, the person has to channel thoughts to access the channel with the energy focussed to the proper dimensional bridge. The electrons must be arranged in the correct frequency wave. Then the triage of matter/energy/perception of reality is sent through realm window in order to balance perceptions at all density levels. Information in the event has to be balanced or taken into consideration to make the 'program' run correctly.


A galaxy is a vast form of plasma clouds that contain electric currents and occasionaly, widely distributed tiny points of matter (nebulae, stars, planets,..).

The stars and virtually all elements are powered by fusion of light elements. Helium is the 2nd most abundant element in the universe with a very high nuclear binding -light elements are easier to bind.

The sun is a star at the centre of a solar system, an electrically charged ball of ionized gas that supports an electric plasma arc discharge. It fuses hydrogen nuclei into helium. Like most matter, it consists of 3/4 hydrogen (H), the rest is mostly Helium (He) and small quantities of oxygen, carbon, neon, iron. It has a diameter of 109 x earth and a mass 330.000 x earth (99,86% of total mass of the solar system). In its core it fuses 620 million metric tons of hydrogen each second. It acts as an anode, it turns negative energy into positive -electrons enter the sun, positive ions leave the sun. It will eventually become a red giant. It is a portal, a convertor for energy from a higher dimension.


Planetary systems are like atoms, so quantum theory can be used to describe these orbits, explaining quantum jumps: there is also a Planck constant of probability waves and quantum jumps on the scale of planets. The center of planets are thus also a sort of wormholes: they have particular magnetic field -gravity characteristics of intensity and density.
At the core of planet earth there's a fluid crystalline gas core, composed of methane and ammonia (methane and ammonia can be crystalline under the correct magnetic conductivity).

The brightest things in our universe are caused by the darkest. Giant stars die/explode into supernova/hypernova, leading to Gamma ray bursts. In a few seconds more energy is released than our sun will ever produce in billions of lightyears. Gamma rays pass through everything and send information. Celestial events effect us because they are picked up by the cluocia in our inner ear. The codes of the gamma rays are translated to the nervous system and energy field and can result in an upgrade, an epiphany.

Only when a star reaches a certain age, we can see it becuase of our limited color spectrum. The redshift of a star is a sign of youth. Outer stars rotating around galaxy don't obey Newton's law of gravity, just electrodynamics. They have little mass so they seem further away (leading to the theory of a dark matter).The electric laws that plasmas respond to are codified by Maxwell and Heaviside. The extra law of Lorentz explains the the stellar velocities.


Pulsars are 1000 x brighter than galaxies with billions of stars. A picture of a pulsar is a picture of something that happened billions of lightyears ago, like stars: we only see their ghosts. When we look out in space, we look back in time, due to the finite nature of the speed of light. Pulsars oscillate at an extreme rapid frequancy. They radiate from the black hole at the centre of its galaxy.

Black holes

What we perceive as black holes in space are formed from 1st magnitude stars as overtone to a higher dimension, like the black key from a piano. They consume 10 stars a year. The more it consumes, the larger the event horizon becomes.

Black holes eject jets. They are ejected from the circuit and form a new circuit.

When something goes into a black hole it disintegrates, followed by conversion to anti-material energy. It leaves a 2D-imprint on the event horizon and comes out on the other side in another universe but not as matter.
It can not re-emerge into the material universe intact. Stars are also portals of this nature,
stars in the anti-matter universe would be windows.
Hyperspace is 4th through 7th density, except 4th only perceives it, as 'living in the doorway'.



The spiral

Motion can be linear, rotational, linear oscillating or rotary oscillating.

One of the most fundamental forms of motion within the form of a Merkaba/torus is a spiral (rotational). The universe itself spirals, symbolised by the wheel of karma, or the evolutionary Swastika-symbol found in all cultures, it is the form of typhoons, whirlpools,..



Biological light creates biological life from a crude beginning, following the golden ratio (a Fibonacci sequence), towards light, complexity, where parts of a whole experience their own reality. Photons store genetic code. Everything continuously branches into new possibilities at an accelerating rate.

Eternal return

There is no time as we know it, its all just lessons for the collective consciousness.
At the closing of this grand cycle everything won't just start all over again because there is no start.
A lot of souls on the earth are going to recycle into these new bodies coming onto the earth
as ancient mankind and do the whole thing all over again, go back to square one, that's nature.
Some of the souls, at that point, are going to move into a higher density level. The collapse of one universe is the 'big bang' of another one.