Lots of new technology will be rolled out, pushing the transhumanism agenda, towards the so-called Singularity. The religious idea of a Tomorrowland, a new Kingdom where the debt system is abolished and everybody lives in abundance, no one is affraid anymore they can lose their job and can pursue their interest, a city of people where there's no conflicts or stress from walking around in a grumpy survival mode but where intelligence and creativity can be expressed freely.. Sustainable cities can be built in the desert, using the desert, salt water and CO² to produce food, freshwater and energy or on water as floating cities or underwater cities. 3D homeprinting and 4D (buildings that are intelligent, can adapt) homeprinting can make houses flexible, cheaper and easier to produce on a mass scale. People can leave the city and go live in nature for a while in small, intelligent lifepods, the idea promoted by Elon Musk to go off the grid. Of course all this technology could be used for a good purpose instead of mind control of an entire planet.


Antigravity technology Technology where energy is pulled from the vacuum, the zero point. Time and the speed of light exists within the larger framework of gravity, anti-gravity technology is therefore also anti-time technology. Anti-gravity technology uses a low frequency life wave superconductor that creates a light body (Meissner Field) that nullifies a magnetic field or gravity. Spaceships using anti-gravity are based on articial intelligence, have consciousness and ride energy fields through which they negate gravity and time, the experience of interacting with them is described as 'dreamtime', one week in this time can feel like 3 minutes.

Augmented reality in the form of lenses, adding computer vision, face and object recognition, GPS position, compass heading, time, screenless displays, holographic television,...

Big Data Trillions of sensors gathering mass amounts of information about society for total control. Through all the data of the Internet of Things, sociology becomes a real empirical science and relationships on this prison planet/social experiment can be studied from global scale to quantum level. Conflict resolution, meditation, peace studies, sociology of conflicts and their solutions. Political system/state becomes a service, when a person is unsatisfied, he can easily switch, move to another state. One can start a small like a start-up of a company, when there's enough interest it can evolve to a city/society/state.

Biocomputing. Retinal implants, brain implants and brain devices like Neurosky, using electroencephalography (EEG) or electromyography (EMG). The discharge of a single neurons is hard to measure but 100.000s of concurrent discharges occur in waves so it is easier to measure the contraction of muscles, associated with unique wave patterns. Neurosky isolates these patterns and detects 'blinks'. All electrical activity produce these waves, thus all electrical devices create interference. The most EEG devices pick up readings even if they're not on a person's head and it can not measure them outside outside the skull, but this is easy using nanotechnology. We will be able to convert neural signals into digital information. Biotelemetry, the transfer of human energy and vibration ( BPM, brainwaves, emotion) like a concert without sound.

Clean tech reducing the waste, turning polluted water into clean drinkable water.

Dreamrecorders that can record and project dreams and thoughts as an image or hologram.

Fusion power could supply the world's energy need for million years. ITER and DEMO will bring the first commercial nuclaer fusion energy reactor online by 2050. It could be used in interstellar space when solar energy is not available. The simplest way to capture the energy is using a heat cycle to heat a fluid with fusion reactions. Fusion of 2 nuclei with lower masses than iron (largest binding energy per nucleon) releases energy while the fusion of nuclei heavier than iron, absorbs energy. The energy released in fusion of light elements is due to interplay of 2 opposing forces, the strong force which combines together protons and neutrons and the weak force which causes protons to repel each other. The effect of this force is not observed outside the nucleus, hence the force has a strong dependance on distance, making it a short-range force.

Cold fusion is possible at a normal temperature and was used for thousands of years. In the most basic form 2 electrodes are submerged in asolution containing palladium and heavy water. The electrodes are connected to a power source to transmit elecrticity from one electrode through the other through the solution. Than a loading time, required to saturate the palladium elctrode with hydrogen.

Geo-engineering of other planets.

Gravity motor Tesla's idea for tapping the limitless power of acoustic resonance by generating standing waves within a drum (also possible with a heartbeat). The rest of Tesla's ideas like the Teslascope can also be disclosed and applied.

Healing, rejuvenation technology Using frequencies like the Atlanteans, medicines are no longer needed. The SpectroChrome, the ancient pyramid system,..Huge lenthening of human lifespan is possible.

Transport (self driving electric cars), TV, home devices, supercomputers and interactive internet merge into the Internet of Things and the Cloud. Machine/brain interface controlling machines, devices that amplify brainwaves like Neurosky.

Laser technology is evolving towards Zetawatt strength.

Quantumcomputers Where ordinary computer processes information in bits 0/1, in other words 'thinks' very black/white or yes/no, quantumcomputers can process information in qubits, considering more variables and probabilities, can 'think' in shades of grey thus approach the human way of processing. They can store a lot more, 500 qubits store more possibilities than there are atoms in the universe. Cell phones using graphene operate on an atomic scale, as a quantum computer.

Supercomputers Big companies like IBM, who collaborated with the Nazi's are creating supercomputers who know every piece of text on the entire internet. These computers can be displayed on much larger screens or spherical displays, holographic, accesible through touch,..

Virtual reality as lenses, complementary with brain sensors, leading to total immersion entertainment, to the option of living in another world.

Weather manipulation more overt use of their weather manipulation technology like Haarp. 3D-printable cars, electric cars, high speed magnetic trains, flying cars,.. .



1/3 of all land is used mainly for animals to be eaten. They will try to introduce decentralised vertical city agriculture with hydroculture for plants and in vitro cloning of cows as a new way, 100 x more productive, cheaper, needs no pesticides, brings food closer to the consumer and makes all ground available again. Agriculture controlled by AI, that controls, regulates and discover new tastes and recipe's. Food can be printed directly or ingested.