Space races

On earth there are 80 species governments are aware of. They are not god-like, they can make mistakes and as with humans, can have different levels of intelligence. However, their intelligence and civilisation is obviously much more advanced than ours.

Grays have used our genetics to build their own, as they have come in a situation where they can't mass produce anymore, and their species is threatened to be extinct. Thus, they abducted humans (and sometimes animals) to learn more and add to their genetic libraries. They sometimes use implants for tracking or holographic inserts. For holographic insert tremendous energy is needed because the process involves the merging of dimensions and a location where the dimensions are already merged, an energy vortex like modern day Syria.

Nordics 50/50 friendly and not, original Vikings, Scandinavian races.

Reptilians or lizards are 6 to 8 feet tall. They wear clothing but are 4th level so neither eat nor defecate in the regular way.
They have the ability to change their shape or appearance temporarily. They work together with both a faction of the Greys, Insectoids and one of the Nordic races. The hierachy of power is: Orion STS humanoid in structure, resembling large human beings-Lizards- Greys.


UFO's Spaceships use anti-gravity technology and work like a homopolar motor, the reason they have the form of a jetted disk. They are organic, nanobiotechnological, made of materials like Thulium (metal but at the same time crystal). They can float in the air without movement and are artificially intelligent, have consciousness. They are frequently sighted over geological fault lines because of electromagnetism, the electrical free waves are used as fuel for power restoration. They can suddenly dissapear because they reenter the etheric at will.

4 alien bases: Mount Perdido Pyrennee, Mount Ingyangany Zimbabwe, Mount Ziel Australia, Mount Hayes Alaska and LOC a Lunar Operation Command on backside of the moon, a diplomatic neutral facility for all space programs.