Everything is neutral and has no built in meaning. We are experiencing similar realities, but they are not the same. We are constantly shifting to paralell realities billions of times per second. We are what we think, we decide what reality we prefer.

Everything that exists in all realms of the universe can experience existence in one of only two ways, a long wave cycle and a short wave cycle. Humans chose physical existence, the short wave cycle. A long wave cycle involves only very gradual change in evolution in a cyclical manner, whereas a short wave cycle involves a duality -like souls in physical bodies on this earth plane because the soul experiences an ethereal state for half the cycle and a physical state for the other half of the cycle. It is not measured in time but the totality of experience is equal in each half. A positive by-product of physical existence is an increase in relative energy which speeds up the learning process of the soul.


Somebody watching a glass o water, decides wether it is half full or half empty, while it's both. An observer collapses the wave function. Synchronicity happens because all matter does not only contain energy but also thought, design, DNA. A person co-creates his reality field and the experiences he will encounter via what is shining forth from his Emotional Body onto the Radial Body to experience. When we focus our awareness on something, there is a quantum change in that object. Consciousness affects the very fabric of reality. 90% of the body is water and water is an energetic matrix, crystalizes or becomes chaotic,can be manipulated electromagnetic. There is no coincidence too absurd to be real because everything is an illusion, a story we tell to ourselves. Synchronicities are signs we are on the right track, showing that all things are interconnected and not just random.

7 levels of density

Everything is energy, vibration and frequency so all reality can be seen as on octave of 7 densities. Each density has a different core vibration. The levels of density involve, among other things, state of being physically, spiritually and etherically, materially, and state of awareness (state of awareness is the key element to all existence in creation). Everything created is a grand illusion, so state of awareness is more important than physical structure.
Once a person rises to a higher state of awareness, things as physical limitation evaporate. When they evaporate, vast distances, become non-existent. Being unable to see and understand has no bearing on what is or is not possible, except within your own level of density.
Our environment limits our awareness, it is the illusion which is there for the purpose of learning.
Understanding that statement enables experiencing all the levels of density, all the dimensions and all awareness and becoming illumined.
The path to illumination is knowledge. Emotion that limits is an impediment to progress but emotion is natural and also necessary to make progress in 3rd density. Preparing for the next density means separating limiting emotions based on assumptions from emotions that open one to unlimited possibilities. The denser the vibration level, the cooler and the lower it is in the light spectrum.


1st level. Light is first density, base. Light and darkness unify all densities.When light is transferred to electrical energy, it changes density from 1st to 3d.
For energy to go into 3rd density physical level molecules, atomic matter move upward.

2nd level. All biological life with awareness up to the point where there's mental and spiritual evolution and an individual sense of self.

3d level. Humans mainly live in 3d. The 1st step to open consciousness union with higher levels is the dream state. The 2nd step hypnosis, the 3rd step trance, the 4th step leaving the body.

Preparation for transition to 4th level consists of merely being there, it doesn’t imply a location or preparation, but is based on awareness and knowledge. The only thing one should be occupying oneself doing to shift with the planetary ascension, is gaining knowledge and focus on raising the vibration / frequency level. As vibration levels are raised (by releasing all blockages in the physical, emotional and mental bodies) the shift in frequency uplifts the person to the higher planes (wanting to do anything is automaticaly STS, 3rd density thought).

At 4th density, an individual exists as a light body, as a point consciousness and there is no materiality unless it is desired. Everything in reality is circular in nature, so direction is optional, as on a mobius strip, there is no right or left -mathematics in which you can add extra dimension which can change left into right.  

It is possible to live in the 3d and 4th: It is the environmental surroundings that count, not the structure of the individual. We live in the same environment as 2nd and 1st density level beings but our planet is in the ongoing process of ascending from 3rd to 4th density, this is an ongoing process.
When 4th density beings visit 3rd density environment, they are, in effect, 3rd density beings, and vice versa. When an abduction/visit takes place, especially a physical one, the subject becomes temporarily 4th density, because it is the environment that counts, and awareness, not physical or material structure. 4th density beings can make things manifest out of a thought pattern, into solid matter.

5th density When a person dies, he or she drifts above the body. The experience of a tunnel and a light, might be a soul trap. The involvement of a 'loving being' is presupposed, shaped by personal belief.
The dreamlike state merges with reality. Entering 5th density, a condition of ‘timeless understanding' and learning where you see and perceive, leads to a full range of emotional responses in profound clarity and a state of pure consciousness.
Negativity is there, but there is not the underlying fear of physiological damage that one perceives in 3d density, related to a genetic body response and hormonal brain swarms. 'Everyday life' does not apply. Different people learn different things, according to one’s karmic resonance.
Because of the timelessness, very recently 'departed' souls are often seen by their loved ones, imparting knowledge. Two souls involved in 3rd density traumas together, can instructs the other to go back.
For some people it is an instantaneous transition to 5th density.Best results are achieved when the souls are recently deceased as then you are most likely to play a big part in the contemplation process because of the intensity of frequency changes coming from those left behind.

7th level is core of existence, time does not exist at 7th.
A 'big bang' is at 7th level, when we all reach 7th level we will all blow up. We will all become one and it will all start all over again.

Switching levels

An atom is mostly ether/void/black hole: something higher dimensional, so to us it looks like electrons pop in and out of existence.

Through devices or natural methods our cells can be opened up to the vacuum (as engines connected to an energy source) through auto generative ways on demand, allowing us to heal, revitalize ourselves, and diminish the aging process ( the Priore effect). We can re-atomize our body. The cells, when in a relaxed state, dropping to lower brainwave (like sleep) automatically do this in small increments, but this can also be done consciously. Understanding the power of intent, combined with sound and the power of a directed (emotionally) intent, a group that uses this body technique can change weather, change future outcomes, avoid natural catastrophes, manifest things out of thin air, communicate with loved ones (deceased or alive) over long distances, retrieve information from anything organic, remote viewing.

In deeper states of awareness like meditation, at a Plank scale tiny wormholes (white holes/black holes) can be formed that through a pyramidal vortex can absorb/emit energy or information. Energy comes from the vacuum/zero point all the time. People can instinctively know something because we are antennas, because information is stored in biophotons and our DNA and this process is far more advanced than our conscious mind. The universe itself came from thought, so we can also manifest things through thought. With enough energy one can curse something/someone and one can get what he wants though will power. People who believe in the crucifiction of jesus can get stigmata on their hands, people who believe smoking causes cancer, develop cancer, people who don't want to live any longer, die and so on.

The rejuvenating Priore effect exists because time is is not constant, like an energy unfolding and rolling backwards at once. We can send longitudinal waves back in time. Cells can be regenerated to the moment they weren't sick yet.


The Akashic records are a natural imprint of any event in the etheric matrix, in the etheric structure, sub-structure of reality itself.   With proper technology you can always read what is stored, that informational imprint.  So light forces, of the advanced races have technology to read that record directly from the etheric substance.  Crystals, physical crystals can store that information quite effectively, they are more and more advanced versions of our current computer hard disc.  They can store more information, more dimensionally and more effectively.  Basically Akashic records can be accessed directly from the etheric plane with certain technology and for more involved beings they can access the akashic records directly with their consciousness.