0 - 2016

The present


Enough is enough. After 100.000s of years of wars, inequality, worshipping, sacrficing, suffering, ignorance and manipulation where only the names and the clothing changes, we need to progress to a higher form of civilisation, where humans finally live in dignity and real liberty.

We are now in times that will finally bring to an end an approximate 10,000 years of 'semi-consciousness' and regain our full consciousness that we deserve.

Most cultures have legends about the future as an apocalypse or an age of enlightenment, what the Hopi called the '25 years period of purification of 4th world and the beginning of the 5th', what the Zulu's called 'the world turned upside down' -a pole shift resulting in consciousness shift, what the Hindu's called 'the coming of the Enlightened ones', what the Incas called 'the age of meeting ourselves again', what the Aztecs called 'the time of the 6th sun, of the new race', what the Tibetans called the Golden Age, and what Christians called 'the Kingdom of Heaven'.

The 98% of our DNA, that scientists called 'junk DNA' is now being activated, we are being mutated and rearranged (from 2 helix back to 12 helix system) so we regain our inner knowledge, knowledge of self, knowledge that says there is much more than this physical world.



A new paradigm shift is coming. Like flatlanders who discover the earth is round, we undergo a process of radical change.

-We start to learn our history was incomplete, that science is manipulated and in a state of denial, that our political and economic system is outdated, that everything should be free.

-We lose the illusion of uniqueness, of postmodern relativism where anything goes and nothing matters, that there is no truth to base a morality upon because consciousness and human intention affects matter. Humans have the choice between good (light) and 'evil' (darkness), following a universal will or choosing to cut one's self off to that plan. Everything what happens, is recorded and has karmic effect. Making choices, using our free will, matters. We realize we are not just humans with a body and a mind, we are immortal souls having a 3D human experience with a free will and a spirit.

-We start to see happiness is something universal and scientifically measurable and easily obtainable.
We lose our tendency to judge according superficial appearance, we start to see the disadvantages of individualism.
Adherents of religions are confirmed in their search for righteousness but lose the illusion that their truth and book is to be taken literal. We learn that ancient cultures as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism don't contradict science: (we are souls that reincarnate towards a higher goal), that there is something like 'heaven' (higher dimensions, invisible to us).

-We learn we already live in an artificial reality. Because of our mix of dna we have a wide spectrum of strong emotions, a curse but also a blessing because it helps us to activate our consciousness and inactive DNA.


Economic system

Gold is the only real money, all the rest is credit=debit for wage slavery. It was the plan of the Cabal to eventually put a Visa ID number in our bodies, imbedded in our skin so people would have no choice: get the implant to conduct monetary transactions or starve.
US inequality is the highest, higher than India, China and Europe. Technology (microchips, mind control, exoskeletons, nanotechnology,..) in the hands of the global political bankers elite would end up as a Big Brother nightmare, eliminating all forms of free choice.

The world population is still enslaved to the 1%. There are still 30 million people, an estimated 15 million children in debt bondage in India work in slavery to pay off their family's debts. While American slaves in 1809 were sold for around $40.000, a slave nowadays can be bought for just $90, making replacement more economical than providing long term care. Slavery is a multi-billion dollar industry with generates up to an estimated $35 billion annually.

Giving the rights to banks to foreclose on people, to repossess their homes, farms and businesses is against natural law. A return to the real government, of, by, and for the people.

The debt, owed to the Federal Reserve System and the nation’s other creditors is false, and along with all debt of the world, can be canceled without harming anyone. Creating this interest-free money system solves all the economic problems of the capital wealth world and unites the people of all nations in building the new world.
All taxation and all bureaucratic controls over the people can end. Morality can be reinstated in the 'corporate world' of billionaires and speculators.


No more prison industries. The true concept of justice is to rehabilitate people regardless of what they have done. Humane prisons working towards abolition of all prisons.
Trials for the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bush, Cheney, McCain, Netanyahu, criminal lodges, Alcors, IMF, Mossad, Dupont, Monsanto, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, CIA, FBI, IMF, military officials, zionists, banking and street maffia, corrupt people in the world of science, space exploation, education, media, religion, health (knowing the cure for diseases for 100 years), keeping food stashed away to keep food prices high while others starve.
End of Rothschild zionistic genocide. Peace in the middle East.


Government reform

The military complex along with nation-states themselves and fundamentalist organised religions the way they exist now, have no place in the new world.
Decentralisation of government. End of corruption.
There will be no more hierarchies controlling the people in any way. Direct democracy.


After a while all energy (solar, wind, geothermic,..) and all food (vertical city agriculture, no more animals killed, more ground available) can be free and available in abundance.
China will be the biggest econmy of the world instead of the US.

The NWO agenda is to move towards a Creative Commons economy with basic income, Internet of Things (big data, social science), 3D printing, VR and AR lenses and build new cities in the desert, with home batteries, off the grid machines.

Urbanization: people living in cities from 3,5 billion today to 6,5 billion in 2050 (the construction of a city of a million people every five days from now for the next 40 years). We can not live in chaotic megacities without structure with possible drinkable water shortage.

Once the influence of the elite on the music industry is exposed, there is no need anymore for fake rolemodels. When copyright no longer exists because everything is shared, all art, everything ever created can be fully available for everybody.Through technology, humans can work together on art projects on a mass scale in the form of interactive art projects/games/scientific sociological experiments.


Humanity has to free itself, but not in a clumsy, irrational, violent way.The natural response of most people will be confusion and anger but there has been enough violence and panic. We must stay calm and start looking at the world differently, start looking at nature and at ourselves differently. We need to build the first communities and cities, designed for the transition to a new world. Justice has to prevail, but there is no need to feel frustrated because we can take care of ourselves and form a new society. We lose our human arrogance towards nature and other animals because we are not that bright after all, we are mere students. Once our basic needs are met, real civilisation can begin to flourish. We need a spiritual revolution before we start playing around with atoms, planting nanodevices in our brain and body, before we start cloning and designing humans, programming artificial intelligence and a network that will regulate our entire life.

Before we move into space and start colonizing other planets we have to make sure we are spiritually mature enough to respect our own planet and other species.
We have to lose our arrogance, control our ego and focus on the things we negelected, morality, culture, nature and learn from more advanced civilisations, not to choose them as new leaders but to unlearn our mental limitations.

We need centers for meditation spirituality and embassies for other beings.
All the world's religions, at their core, are one. The differences are man-made, deliberately to divide us. They can merge into a cosmic religion without leaders, rules or dogma's, not the world religion the elite dreamed about.


Modern technology like devices for entertainment and convenience are one of the biggest weapons of frequency control. Television sets are the primary tool used to manipulate consciousness on a day-to-day basis. This experiment is so finely tuned that we respond subliminally to disease via the television. Sometimes liberating information is broadcast but subliminally we are being hit with a frequency that keeps us from original thinking, keeps us immobilized and holds us in a silent, obeyant survival mode. There is nothing wrong with technology but it is used against us for fear mongering and to promote inactivity and a sedentary, obese life.

We need knowledge, a revolution in consciousness, we need to start thinking for ourselves, stop defining ourselves by mind constructs, look beyond our ego and 'reality', so real change can manifest in the outer world.. Consciousness is not seperate, when we become more loving, forgiving, in service to others, empathetic, we break the wheel of karma.

Earth is a genetic library. The damage inflicted upon us can easily be restored. Through eugenetics we could predict and avoid disorders and augment intelligence but we are not ready for it.

Revolution in education

All main universities are still controlled by the elite. Compared to them, the average college graduate has a small % of knowledge, while their knowledge concerning science, history, mathematics is evolving. Some parts of education are a mere preparation for wage slavery. It needs to be free, intuitive and open for everybody so everybody can learn continuosly and without restraints.

Revolution in sexuality

When organised religions no longer control entire populations, the taboos and the idea of original sin dissapear and once basic needs are met, there will be a sexual revolution. . Transhumanists want to digitalise sex through VR avatars and bodies, connected with sensors, gesture based camera controls and neurodevices and through pornographic total immersive entertainment to keep people locked up in endless distraction and self-gratification so sexuality is no longer is restricted to the concept of finding the right partner to start a family.

Revolution in science

End of Darwinism and Big Bang theory, dark matter theory.
In 18th, 19th century most scientific and technological research was carried out by individual inventors using their own funds.In the 20th century, scientific and technological research became increasingly systematised, as corporations developed, and discovered that continuous investment in research and development could be a key element of success in a competitive strategy.

There is too much conflict of interests: meat industry, sugar industry, cell phone industry,.. All kind of lobby groups boycott research instead of supporting it.
US is not doing much research, except in the process of preparing products for commercialisation.
2/3 is funded by industries, 1/3 by government/universities/military.
Suppression of revolutionary concepts as nuclear fusion. Abolition of the corrupt marketing and commercialising patent system.