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PISCES (ruled by Neptune, exalting of Venus)
Christianity of the Syrian Antiochans is further developed by the Essene sect and Hebrews as a mixture of Druïdism, Judaism, Babylonian and Egyptian religion. The son of Enlil/ Deus,Z/Jeus pater/Jupiter/Jehova=Hay-zeus. Dio(nysus) and his IHS (Isis, Horus, Set), latinized IES, adding the Latin suffix -US=> Jesus. The vesica pisces/vulva symbol of 2 fishes are used by christian in Ephesus, Turkey, announcing exalting of the morning star in constellation of Pisces.

They use the same concept of death and rebirth of the sun, wearing a crown of thorns or ivy. Holy mother goddess Isis (the sea), Rhea, Myriam, Mare Anu=>Venus the rose Mary- Maria. Life that springs from the Ram => fish and anchor symbol, the yin yang symbol of 2 fishes, ichtis wheel announcing age of pisces. Story of the 3 Magi from the east (the 3 stars from Orion's belt), showing the way to the morning star, born in Sirius (Na-Sirius, Nazarenes, from Nazareth). 12 moons of Saturn, 12 zodiac signs=> 12 apostles. Aquarius, fish god Oannes => the fisher Johannes, St. John, the baptist. The moon, magnetism, magnesium, maagd => Mary Magdalena (mm=33). Virgo is Biete Lehem (house of Holy bread) Bethlehem, place in the body where the christos oil ascends, place where a shrine of Tammuz was located. He becomes christ, the annointed one, the golden phallus, raises Lazarus/Osiris from the dead. Set as Judas Oz/O chariot/Iscariot gives him the kiss of death (scorpio).4 seasons, 4 gospels, 4 evangelists. Golgatha=cerebellum. 33 vertebraes and levels of freemasonry =>Death at age 33 at Mt Calvary.

14 Death of Emperor Augustus.
15-100 Apollonius of Tyana, a neo-Pythagorean, therapeut of Asclepius, travels to India, vegetarian,miracle worker, theory of 5 elements, universe as conscious being.
Emperor Caligula compells Patrician families to prostitute their boys at his Imperial Palace. He is assassinated by the Roman senate.
43 Rome conquers Brittain, called Albion, from albius 'white' because of the rocks of Dover. Celtic knowledge about natural stargates is destroyed. Sacrifices are made at an omphalos stone, marking the importance of London on the map of leylines. Emperor Claudius also has cerebral palsy.
54 Emperor Claudius dies. Emperor Nero burns the first christians, that live in the catacombs of Rome and starts the great fire of Rome.
66 Jewish revolt in Jerusalem.The wealth of the Israelites and the secret cabalistic knowledge, gathered from Egypt, collected in Solomon's temple, now the palace of Herod is divided in two. When the Romans sack Jerusalem, they take half of the treasure to Rome.
70 Titus destroys Herod's temple in Jerusalem on 9/11, builds a temple for Jupiter on the same spot.
79 When the Vesuvius erupts, Pompeii (Pompe, 5 nr of Venus, with 5 districts) is destroyed and Lucifer/Venus is worshipped even more (firemen: pompiers).
90 the Book of Revelation is written.

100 The city of Teotihuacan (where the gods were born) is built, with 3 pyramids aligned with Orion's belt. The city, at the time 6th largest city of the world, is centered around Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, the Ourobouros: a snake eating it's tail. 60 ft below his pyramid is a bassin mercury with jade statues, shells and rubber balls. Avenue of the dead leads to Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon for mass sacrifice. Use of obsidian, huge murals of red paint show the rituals of dragons, snakes, people getting moonshine drunk and worshipping their ruler, an owl or feathered reptilian.
106-117 Roman Empire at largest extent under Emperor Trajan after conquering Romania, Iraq and Armenia. Social change, outbreak of the plague. Rise of the Germans (maternal brothers).
126 Completion of the Pantheon in Rome, with hexagon honeycomb structure.
170-235 Hyppolytus of Rome, leader of the Gnostic sect the Naassenes.

132 Simon Bahr Kokhba (son of a star) leads another Jewish revolt, is seen by the Jews as a Messiah. He takes the title of Nasi (prince, Nazir, Na-Sirius). Near Har Megiddo, the 6th Ferrata legion of the Roman emperor Hadrian, with the bull as its sign, commits genocide of half a million Judeans. Hadrian calls it Syria-Palestina to erase the memory of Judea. The Jews are expelled from Jerusalem and are only allowed to mourn their defeat at the Weeping Wall.
200 Sadducees of Judea introduce Atenism to Rome, to conquer the west. Rituals are performed in the catacombs of Rome, with Jesus replacing Orpheus, depicting fishes and mushrooms. Marcus Aurelius, high priest at Emesa (Homs, Syria), calls himself Heliogabalus, building a temple in front of the Colosseum, with the holy black stone meteorite from Syria, in worship of El Gabal (Saturn), sacrificing young children.
216–276 Mani, an Iranian prophet founds Manicheism, based on gnosticism, influencing the Bogomils, Paulicians, Khazars,..Lucifer= the cock headed Abraxas (numerological code of 365), with snakes as legs.
250 Mercury mines are used as prison camps because it poisons them. Diocletian forbids alchemy, thinking the creating of gold is literal. The lead of their water aquaducts poisons the brains of the Romans, the Roman Empire falls apart. The sewer, the gutter: Enki, the goat of Capricorn.
256-336 Arius, priest in Alexandria, fighting against the concept of Holy Trinity.
267 Athens attacked by the Goths.
300 Recovery Roman empire. Christianity dominates the religion of Mithraism, but uses their miters as headdress. Alans (Aryans from Iran) spread across Western europe. The population is poisoned with lead, through red wine, mustum (thickened syrup used to color food) and the first water of the aquadacts, leading to a pale skin and hallucinations ('Saturnism'). Sugar is given as a medicine so they drink Hippocras, red wine with sugar and spices like ginger and pepper. In Germany, the elite plays modern bowling with the kegels they use for hitting people.
312-337 Constantine.
325 1st Council of Nicaea (Nikea at the Black sea, symbolic of Nike with her ourobouros, ring of Saturn). Church and state unite, the masonic symbol of a two headed eagle (Sirius, two headed lion or griffin, two faced God Janus) becomes the emblem of most nation states. Arianism, denying the idea of a Holy Trinity is considered heresy. The bible and New Testament is rewritten and filled with propaganda. The metaphoric story of the curse of the black Canaan (queen Sheba and her bloodline) leads to the discrimination of blacks, justficiation of slavery, racism of Mormons, Israeli's,..

331 After failure to suppres christianity, Romans decide to merge it with their religion: Constantine declares himself as the new annointed one, turns the Roman Empire into a Christian Holy Roman Empire, with its arch/ark bishops. The Pagan sun festival of 25 december becomes Christ Mass day. The entire ancient Babylon religion is reinstalled and updated with Jesus imagery but priests still wear the same costum and fish/pineapple symbols with the snake/Satan as embodiment of evil. Jesus as the new Horus, death/rebirth from shamanism. Slaughter of most of the Cathars, cutting off access to the knowledge of ancient civilisations, marginalization of Semites, anti-women doctrine.
350 – 415 Hypatia of Alexandria, female scientist who worked in the library of Alexandria, eventually lynch mobbed by the Christian sect. Mount Athos becomes the Garden of Virgin Mary, sacred to the Greek Orthodox Church.
354 – 430 Augustinus of Hippo. Influenced by the neo-Platonism of Plotinus, he converts to Christianity and helps to reformulate the doctrine of the Holy War, and the theory of Original Sin, giving way to the doctrine of self chastising and the Decretum Gratiani, a collection of Roman Catholic canon law which prohibits women from leading, teaching, or being a witness, and the christian view on sexuality. He adresses the issue of hybrid babies (a 'cambion' or changeling, baby by an incubus) by demons who use sleep paralysis and denounces the cult of the stones.
357 Constantius 2 moves the obelisk of Thutmoses 3 /king David to the hippodrome of Circus maximus of Rome. The knowledge about real human pre-flood history is moved to Mons Vaticanus.
360 Influx of pagan tribes, wearing the winged helmet.
410 The Visigoths sack Rome and Solomon's treasure, the wealth and gnostic knowledge moves to Langued'oc region of France. In that region of the Venus mountain, Caracasonne, the Khazars/ Cathars spread gnosticism (origin of the minnestrels and troubadours).
431 The Council of Ephesus puts more emphasis on Virgin Mary to satisfy the pagans and convert all temples and shrines of mother goddesses to christianity, Eve=St. Mary of Zion, mother of Jesus/Lucifer.
476 Fall of Rome: Odoacer deposes Romulus Augustus.

The royal Annunaki bloodlines with their special iron weapons fyr-ankhs, the Sicambrian Franks =>the Merovingian dynasty emerges, tracing themselves to the Trojans. The ancient trident/flint stone gladiolus sword/flower symbol of sacrifice for the trinity becomes the Fleur-de-lis (3 dolphins symbol of the region Dauphin).
564 Cometary explosion. Burning fragmentary shower ignites much of the land areas in Western Europe. Heretics are veiled and hanged.
Fathers use their daughters as a currency to pay off debt. The right of the first night is connected to the payment of the bride's dowry: if an unfree man wants to marry a woman, he must ask a loan to his Lord, who not only gains a new servant but has the right to take the woman home and perform the 'Beilager', the ritual of first intercourse with the virgin bride (legal rape by the authorities). Walking the daughter down the isle=the isle of Fortune, Elysium, the abyss. Wedding=making wet, baptising, intercourse. The bride who rides the bar is given the rings of marriage/rings of Saturn by the groom/grim reaper. Rice is thrown as the seed of the horn of Lucifer. Ritual of drinking mead on full moon, honey-moon. Wallking down the isle=the white isle, northpole, white mountain. In India and South America, this ritual is done by servants and seen as a dangerous duty, rather than a privelege or right, out of fear of blood.

In Japan, the little demons are called yokai, horned creatures oni, the Lords are called Daimyo, from which a shogun was chosen, they hire samurais as soldiers. A giant phallus, made of wood of the cypress tree, is worshipped in march at the Honen Matsuri festival. Reptilians are called kappa, children of the river and are thought to be scared of the ass (moonshine) and yokai, shapeshifters. The chinese imitate the Draco constellation by flying kites.

Middle ages


596 In Persia the shepherds who trace themselves to the Wanderers and Kalb (the dog) are called Berbers and Bedouins (from Bedaya, the beginning'). Based on zurvanism and Zoroaster's philosophy, the Sufi's promote charity and detachment: monotheïstic faith with the same obligated fasting of Ramadan, referring to the Holy Breath process, defying Satan, the dryness and heat of the desert, to activate the pineal gland. The Illuminati/Zionists distort it into Islam (submission). Baphomet with mohair, the Abraham, Ishma-El (divine authority of El) =>character of Muhammed, denouncing all other false prophets. The angel Gabri-El who dictates the Holy book: the moon. Islam and its 'crescent and morning star'-symbol dominates Mithraism. The reptilian green man, Osiris=> Al-Khidr. 72 duodeacons in the zodiac=72 virgins in the afterlife. Originally the conditions for women improve, before they were considered less than an animal. The original Mecca of the Quran=the city Petra, the rock. The Persian sacrifice children to at a sanctuary of Ishtar as Manat/Maniyyah (Monad, death, fate), walking in circles around a black stone.

691 The temple of Solomon (sun and moon) in Jerusalem becomes the octagonal Dome of the Rock, a shrine sacred to muslims. On the 21 parallel a site is built according to the golden ratio with the Kabaa, the 6 sided black cube, symbol of 666, of Saturn with twin towers. It represents the black box vulva that created the evil world through golden ratio (Isis=1, 618). It is aligned with star Canopus, the rudder, the wheel, the root chakra. It contains the Lapis Exilis (symbol of Saturn, matter without mind) as the rose cross, heart of the horn. The desert wanderers behead people as a sacrifice to Saturn, El=>Allah-Nanar and worship its black cube by walking around it like rotating rings (cc- capricorn, counter-clockwise).Warring factions include rules and regulations in the Qu'ran about insulting and veiling women. Once again, twin towers, pinecone shaped minarets, based on the lighthouse of Alexandria, with pentagrams and crescent moons/horn symbols are build by rulers worshipping Kali (khalifs). Tabernacles: maqsurah. More quarrels between groups with different interpretations. Women are forced to walk around like Isis as black widow.


In Northern Europe, the Slavs call the thundergod the wooden pole Perun, Lucifer=Balder. Mercury=the squirrel Ratatoskr, with dusk/tusk like tootht that collects cones and allows communication between the eagle and wormsnake, top - and bottom + of the World Tree. 7 gods of the week : moon, Tiw (Neptune), Wodan (Mercury), Thor (as in Ha-thor/Jupiter, riding a chariot of 2 goats), Freya (Venus), Sater/Soeter (Saturn) and the sun.The Celts call Orion, the horned god Cernunnos. In may, the birth of summer, at the festival Belthane, the fire of Ba'al, they worship him as the as Beil, the Ba'al with its belt of Orion through sacrifice and fire ceremonies with pentagrams and crosses and dance around poles. At winter solstice, they dance with the devil, wearing mask to invite demons to posses them and sacrifice children and goats at Yule. DMT is offered in the Cauldron of Dagda, the anointing stone of jerusalem=The Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny. The festival of the Morning star Eoster becomes Eastern in christian calendar. Winter solstice with the typhon/sekhina purple smoke around the sacred oak tree= christmas or X-mas. Founding of Austria (Eosphorus- bringer of dawn, Osterreich, the kingdom of Eastern). Scythians, called Sacae (dogs) by the Persians, become the Saxons and Anglo-Saxons (Abraxas=abrasax), the Saxe-Coburg bloodline.

Nordics and Celts occupy the Scandinavian countries. Beowulf (remnants of Celtic culture). The Green man of the druids is christianised into St.Patrick with his trinity-symbol the clover.
750-1258 Islamic Golden Age. Wisdom of Alexandria ends up in Constantinople, containing artifacts and books from pre-flood times. House of Wisdom academy in Bagdad, later closed by puritan khalif Al-Moetawakkil. The chess boardgame (Jah=>check, chess) from India reaches Persia and Europe through the silk road. It represents the Saturnian 8x8 matrix, number of DNA and hexagrams in Chinese alchemy, the I-ching.
800 In Chochicalco, build on the ruins of Teotihuacan, sacrifices are made to a monolith stele, engraved with the date year 10 cane, day 9 reptilian eye. As in Teotihuacan, beneath the ceremonial heart of Xochicalco, at the centre of the catacombs is a hexagonal (8-pointed star cube) shaft, creating a glowing cone of light. On two occasions of the year, 15 may and 28 july, when the sun crosses the Tropic of cancer, a strong blaze of light illuminates the chamber.

Cathar descendants, women with paranormal abilities are burned as witches as sacrifice to Lucifer. Khazars convert to Judaism to circumvent the rule of the Holy Roman Empire.
Black gun powder ('serpentine'), containg sulfur used in China to fire rockets. The 7 feet tall
Charles the Great (Carl=Jupiter, Thor and his curly breath ), member of the Ordo Draconum resides in Aachen (as in Akhen-aton) with its all seeing eye-pyramid cathedral. He is crowned Holy Emperor of the Romans by pope Leo 3 at winter solstice on st.Peters Basilica as the new king Solomon.
911 A group of Nordic Vikings of Nephilim descent are allowed in South France to protect the Roman empire from other Viking invaders. Having red hair they are called Ro's, they wear furs of wolfs and boars and helmets with bull horns and sail in boats with dragon heads and serpent tails. Saturn, odd numbers= Odin, with one eye and 8 legged horse, Enlil/Jupiter, the bull=Thor, Mars=Tyr, Venus= Freya. the Tree of Life=Yggdrasil guarded by a rooster with a golden comb. Set=the jester clown Loki. The temple of Hercules Monoikos => the Rock of Monaco, fortress of the elite bloodlines. The traveling priestesses are called the völva, who have rituals at the Venus Mountain in the Pyrennees (Perineum). Tribe of Dan=> Denmark, with inverted templar cross flag.

1000 The reptilian bloodlines are in power at Glastonbury. The search for the lapis exilis, divine knowledge= search for the Holy grail. The round table of King Ar(c)thur= Arctica or Hyperborea, beyond the northpole (space, inner earth), the polar Bear of Ursa Major showing the way to Draco, the holy royal Annunaki bloodline. Barnabas and his Amarita, nectar =>Joseph of Arimathea who put his spear into the body of Jesus, keeping his blood. Lancelote is the shape of the sacrificial Fleur-de-lis stone. The bloodline of the bears=> Berlin. Victims are dismembered in 4 direction (quartered).
The Hyksos and Scythian empire of the caucasus turns into the jewish Kazharian empire, later Kazachstan. Yazidi's worship Lucifer as Melek Taus, the peacock angel, cock of Pi. Virgins are kept in moon-asteries, dressed as moon-keys, while men wear hooded robes as moon-ks (beguins, when the jinn/gene entered, the beginning). As serpent priests they are in charge of brewing beer. They wear Saturnian black with a white collar, the light/seed rising from darkness. Their prayers end with Amen (Amun ra). Cardinals dress themselves as Amanita Muscaria mushrooms and give their followers full moon Hostia (sacrificial victims), Bread of the Lamb, as offering, prosphoron. Development of Gregorian music (shamanistic music of the Grigori, the fallen angels, based on the Ohm frequency). The flute of Pan/Capricorn as worship of the Holy Breath=> Church organ.
1066 The Normans and Bretons of France conquer the Norwegians and rule Brittain.Artois, representing Arctus, the bear is the centre of weaving tapestry of whole Europe.
1091 The eagle/lion helmet turns into the knight helmet. Because of surviving Cathar families on Montsegur in the Pyrennees (the Tribe of Dan, so-called Mary Magdalene bloodline) the military arm of the Order of Sion and forerunners of the Freemasons find out the other half is still in Jerusalem. Godfrey of Bouillon gathers armies of Crusaders to go to Jerusalem and steal the rest of the gold. Origin of the Cathar minstrels and troubadours who travel with anti-church songs. In the low countries the story of Lucifer turns into the allegorical tale of a red haired trickster, Reginhard the sly fox (in England Russel, german). Röggnvalder, fields of corn, ruler of the gods=> Ronald, Rockafeller.

1099 Siege of Jerusalem. 1119 founding of Knights Templar by Hugues de Payens. They gather at Al Aqsa Mosque as Temple of Solomon, copy of Sumerian temple.

1163 Construction of the Notre Dame in Paris with twin towers and gargoyles.

1202 In Pisa, Fibonacci rediscovers the Hindu-Arabian knowledge of the Golden Ratio.
1204 Phoenicians/Venetians and crusaders loot Constantinople and destroy its library. Constantinople is later conquered by the Ottoman Turks, Istanbul, the stand of the bull.
1229 Council of Troyes recognizes the order of Knight Templars. Returning from Jerusalem, the found the first elaborate banking system in Europe:
The Teutonic knights possess the entire treasure (gold and secret knowledge) and found the concept of banking and create a bond market as a means to control European nobles through war debts. The Templars use their looted gold to buy 9,000 castles throughout Europe and run an empire from Copenhagen to Damascus. They found modern banking techniques and legitimize usury via interest payments. Templars’ bank branches pop up everywhere, backed by their gold. They charge up to 60% interest on loans, launch the concept of trust accounts and introduce the first 'credit card system' for Holy Land pilgrims. They act as tax collectors, though themselves exempted by Roman authorities, and on the important leylines build the great Gothic ('magic', from art Gotha, the argonauts ) cathedrals of Europe with luminous stain glass, having found instructions regarding secret building techniques. The cathedral of Chartes is built on a sacred dolmen site of the druïds, dedicated to the mother goddess Isis. The proportions are based on human body/tree of life, the 2 pillars of Boaz and Joachin, sun and moon. Cities and cathedrals are alligned with constellation Virgo (Paris=the bar longitudinal line of Isis).
They use the same imagery as Egyptian and jewish temples for depicting Madonna where Isis=Madonna, Horus=Jesus. Notre Dame=Dam (blood), the kakodaimon, the evil eye. Origin of the Holy Grail mythology.

Djengis Khan/Quaïn conquers the biggest empire thus far, the Mongolian Empire. His grandson Hualagu invades Bagdad and builds a pyramid of chopped off heads.
1291 With the profits of another crusade, the Black Nobility of Phoenicia/Venetia and its banksters found Switzerland (sisters of Isis), with the rose cross flag, from where all wars will be financed. Lucifer, who refused to bow for God becomes the hero Guilyan/Willem of Tel (the mountain), the apple he shoots with his crossbow phallus=Venus. In Germany he becomes Teil Eulenspiegel (with his owl and his mirror).

1307 The templars are attacked by the Vatican who wants to stop the information from spreading, they flee to Scotland. Others sail to North America and Mexico. Friday 13 october King Phlip IV of France orders first arrests of the Templar Knights. 22 november Pope Clement V issues Papal bull 'Pastorales Praeeminentiae' against the Templar Knights.

1314 Pope Clement V suppresses the Templars, burns Jacques de Molay.
1320 Dante's Divine Comedy, christian view on heaven and hell.
1347 In India a black sun temple as Konark (cone, corner anf-gle of the ark). As a Saturnian ritual, the virus of Black Death is brought in from the Silk Road to the Black sea to the port of Genua. It spreads through fleas and rats kills 10 million people,one third of the European population in 4 years. As a biblical plague, a punishment for original sin, the blame is put on jews, muslims, Roma and witches. After the planned economic collapse, the venetian model is followed, Genua is ruled by a Doge (of the underworld).

1380 In Belgica they worship Baal/bel at the white mountain (Mont Blanc). People call themselves fleming (Venus as flamenco firebird) with the lion as other Venus symbol. In Ghent (Gontia=Venus/Lucifer), the descendants of Charlemagne build a stone citadel with templar cross, a Devil stone, St. Anna church (Anu) leading to 3 towers, like the pyramids corresponding to Orion's belt. They install the Golden Dragon from Bruges in the Bell tower. Quain slaying the giant Atlanteans=>Silvius Brabo cutting off the hand of a giant=Brabo, who threw the hand (Antwerpen). The ones with royal blood=seigneur, señore, sinjoor.

People are hanged by a noose (knot of Isis). Marriage ceremonies are based on Saturn and Lucifer/Venus (Madonna). A marriage candle is carried in the bridal procession and placed in the couple's nuptial chamber as the fire of Lucifer. Another crusade is held, the Bar-bary Crusade.
1403 Practice of fagging and whipping, sexual abuse in English schools to create an educational system as in Greece and Sparta.


1429 Founding of the Order of the Golden Fleece, by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, wearing scarlet red.
1440 Invention of the printing press.
Artifacts and books from pre-flood times, stolen from the library of Alexandria are now in the Vatican library. Ancient texts about sacred geometry are rediscovered and translated into Latin by the Italian Renaissance court of Cosimo de Medici. 'Patroni d' onore' a secret society evolves from the Medici family, origin of the name medical doctor. De Medici's have their own bank and create the first bank crash. They introduce high heels, ice cream, ballet dance,.. Figures are depicted in contrapposto, in spiral pose, later in 'sepentine' form. The pre-flood time of the Ark and the Wanderers is idealized by pastors and pastorale music about Arcadia.

Knowledge passed on to Vitruvius. Leonardo, member of the Order of Sion studies sacred geometry, cymatics,..His painting of Mona Lisa on populus wood stands for male and female in one body, the morning star, Amon and El Isa/Isis. Michelangelo is also initiated, the reason why he makes a statue of Akhenaton/Moses with horns. God touching finger of Adam:golden ratio of finger.

P, the rock (Ju-piter) Petra -the rock in Jerusalem, the phallus=>St.Peter, the doorman of the underworld. In Rome, on the Mons Vaticanus ('mountain of prophecy'), on the pagan hill of the Taurobolium, a site is built: a Basilic after the basilisk, the fabulous dragon that was deadly to anyone who looked at it. The square is shaped as a chalice of the Holy Grail, a vulva Omega with the 8 pointed star of Ishtar (hypercube) with an obelisk Alpha inside it. A P-arrow through the Rose Cross shows the 3 stars of Orion (3 Magi) the way to Pleiades.

1453 Ottoman empire conquers Constantinople with large bronze cannons shooting black balls and throwing granates (black pomegranates). They trace themselves to Solomon (Sulayman) and Alexander (Dhul Quarnayn), Quaïn of the sun god Og (Oghuz Khan). Vlad Dragula of the Order of the Dragon, the legendary vampire Dracula, obsessively impales victims through the rectum, is known for drinking blood. War of the Rose between House of Lancaster and York (red and white rose).
1466 The Venetians build a Stairs of the Giants in their city. The Venetian Pope Paul 2 revives Saturnalia, lets jews race naked through the city for fun. Saturnalia turns into Carnival.
1469 The Roman Empire defeat the black Moors who control Iberia, Iberia becomes the Christian nation Spain, gloryfying bulls and bull fighting.
1470 The same Nordics who created Tiahuanacu in Peru return to South America and teach astronomy, building skills, the calendar to the Incas. Machu Picchu is built for the Viracocha, with an Altar of the Condor and a temple for sacrificing virgins. Cusco is built in the shape of a cougar. The sun God Ra => Inti. The city of Tenoch with twin towers, worshipping Mars (Huitzilopochtl) at lake texcoco. The Inca culture takes human sacrifice as debt payment to an extreme, sometimes over 80.000 people over the course of 4 days. They indulge in warfare to obtain living bodies for continuous sacrifice. Virgins are buried alive. Children are drugged with coca leaves and alcohol and sacrificed on top of vulcanos of the 'ring of fire'. Hearts are ripped out and put in jaguar-shaped bowls, while the bodies are tossed down the steps of the pyramid. The victims, when chosen have a celebrity status and are tied to large stones. The capital of the Inca empire is Cusco, the 'rock of the owl', built in the shape of a puma.

1500 Christ-opher Columbus (the dove, messenger of the holy spirit, the column) is sent acrosses the Atlantean ocean, looking for the city of gold as a premeditated attack on cultures with pre-Atlantis knowledge as the Cherokee, the Hopi indians ('the peaceful ones'), remnants of Aztecs and the Mayans. The conquistadores of Portugal (Porto-kali, gate of Kali, gates of hell). In the city of Tenoch with the twin towers (Mexico City) they still expect a second coming of Quetzalcoatl and mistake Cortez as their saviour, which steals their golden sun disks and sends them to Europe. Confused by the similarities between their holy Christian communion and the rituals of the Aztecs, the Europeans banish all forms of mushroom use and burn all native manuscripts. Millions of indigenous people slaughtered or pushed into forced labour. Am-eri-ka=people with the soul of a lion.

English pirates (men of fire) of the Tudor dynasty led by Francis Drake (Dragon) rob ships as with the skull and bones symbol as their flag. They build universities with masonic fraternity structure for their children.Tuatha, Teutonic Knights => Deutschland. In Genua, they built a lighthouse tower with the rose cross, as a centre of slave trade.

On the tropic of capricorn of the black cube in Mecca, where tropical typhoons form, they found the country 'Cuba' (part of the Antilles, windward islands like constellation Antlia, the vacuum pump of the sails of Argo Navis). On tropic of cancer the Brazil (lizard) the city 'San Paulo' (sacred pole). Beginning of the triangular slave trade: Africans are shipped to the Carribeans. Sugar, tobacco and cotton is shipped to Europe. Textiles, rum is shipped back to Africa. Black is introduced as the color of mourning. Another Armada reaches India and builds a new Calicut, a new Delphi, Goa (goat) installs a new Inquisition with anti-Hindu laws to destroy pre-Atlantean knowledge.

1521 Exsurge Domine Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther.

1540 The Knight Templars are revived as the Jesuit society, the cult of the Black Sun Saturn, using the same monogram IHS (Isis, Horus, Set), in Montmartre, Mountain of Mars in Paris. They are the army of the pope and appear Roman Catholic from the outside while internally they worship Lucifer. Paris is modelled after the temple of Luxor, with the same obelisk as Osiris phallus, now at the Place de Concorde.

Agenda of creating atheism ('enlightenment') and immoral nihilism (libertarianism). Calvinism giving rise to capitalism. Art, religion and science are seperated with the idea the old and new testament are just mythological explanations. Humans start seeing themselves as apex of evolution and the universe as a mechanistic device, without consciousness. Shamanism is supressed in the western world, seen as a medical condition, threat to the mechanistic worldview. Sugar addiction makes people lose their ability of lucid dreaming. Everyone is divided into different sects and sectors so they are not able to see the bigger picture.

British Empire

Britons is Hebrew for 'covenant', the Israeli people of the covenant return home and build the British empire, supported by the 'Black Venetians', Phoenicians. It represents the Unity/Monad concept of Akhenaten, the plan to create a new world order. The protestant Queen E-liza-beth (born from lizard), hires John Dee as her private servant/ black magician. He lives close to the omphalus stone of London, the London stone at Cannon street 111 and studies it. He communicates with fallen angels through Enochian Magic, who give him information about the importance of silicon, how to create matter from energy and energy from matter. Rise of universities and buisiness economy of British Empire.They want energy in the form of blood/massacres in return. Catholics form conspiracy plots againts queen Elizabeth.

The elite uses Venetian ceruse, 'spirits of Saturn', skin whitener with white lead, causing lead posioning and syrup of snail slime as cosmetics. They play bowling with skittles and nine pins, to worship the ninth gate, Betelgeuse to Saturn, the 9th circle of hell. Games are aimed at scoring like Scorpio, ruling the sex organs.Judges wear wigs of lambs wool, the light of Aries and use the Jupiter/thor hammer. Avocado=testicle, 2 devil's advocates, helpers of Saturn.Baal=>paing bail. Con-tract with the devil:stiffening, tie together. Murderers are dismembered like Osiris by four horses.

John Dee designs the wooden Globe theatre, based on the Atlantean science of harvesting energy, based on the hypercube, the Kabala, cube of God. In 1614 , the audience is sacrificed in the summer solstice fire ritual.

1558The child of King James V, Mary Stuart, queen of Scots (with swollen limbs from Marvan syndrome) and marries Francis, the Dauphin of France in the Notre Dame cathedral.

Francis Bacon, or Lord Varulam, an adviser to Queen Elizabeth and King James, secretly writes theatre plays for the Globe theatre at the Greenwich meridian, the same pole of St.Paul cathedral. The plays are known as the plays of Shakespeare. Shaking of the Spear refers to the phallus and Spear of Destiny, south-and northpole. Orion's belt, the Graeas, sharing one eye=>3 witches of Macbeth. Satan/jack also appears as character in theatre plays as the jester, the jack-out-of-the-box. As in the Dyonisian comedies he is accompanied by zanni clowns, with long penis noses and gouging eyes (eyes like pine cones, pin-okkio), features of the reptilian hybrids.

He also translates the bible into English, keeping the numerological codes intact and writes essais like 'New Atlantis', one of the rosicrucian manifestoes. In it he lays out plans for colonisation of America and announces an era of 'enlightenment', envisioning universities as Solomon's house.

In one of these first Royal Societies,his friend Isaac Newton is president. As a rosicrucian and Arianist he studies gravity, alchemy,..Alchemists try to make gold out of lead through fire, in the case of carbin coal into diamond. He writes Principia Mathematica, develops the modern mechanistic model of science. Testing on rodents/rats called Guinea pig, pig of the devil. The university is called campus after the dragon, the hippo-campus, the horns of Enlil.

1600 Jesuits sponsor the first operas as an attempt to recreate the Greek tragedies. 4000 boys per year are castrated so they can sing higher notes (soprano, from above). Baroque. Monteverdi, Bach, Vivaldi, Händel. Rococo. Mannerism. The instrumental ouverture part of the opera turns into the concept of the symphony, instrumental, secular music. The devil appears as Scaramouche with his curly moustache in the shape of ram horns, or his son Figaro (Fils Charon, Quarayn). The Lucifer bird/Toth=the thieving mag-pie. Belthane => the marriage of Figaro and his bride.Queen Herla, wife of Wodan during the wild hunt=the jester Harlequin with bull horn/moon shaped hat. Death/Saturn = il Dottore.The female goat doe=the do of do-re-mi.
1666 Great fire of London as sacrifice.

First crop circles. Rousseau, Kant, Hegelian dialectics. Aristocratic Viennese music scene with Haydn, Salieri, Paganini,.. Mercury is prescribed as the medicine Blue Mass (Txt=X-mas). 1667 Paradise Lost by John Milton.

1672 In Bejing, the Ming Dynasty has more than a million workers build a city Zjinn Cheng, city of the jinn/Draco pole star , with dragons and phoenixes, using golden bricks and vermillion. Louis XIV, the sun king sends Jesuits to China. They develop the first steam-powered vehicle (lord of genes/jinns=en-gine).The jesuits introduce Leibniz to the I ching, the binary language of O and 1's (0 and 1- Saturn Omega and goat Alpha, beans as penis with P's, testicle seeds=>binary code).
1682 Louis XIV moves his court to the palace of Versailles as one big sun gate (versailles, the turning, Enki Aquarius le Verseau). The palace has a Hall of Mirrors, with arcaded windows and mirrors to reflect the sun. His bedroom is the nucleus of the palace, like the Holy of Holies of Solomon's temple. Everyday he lets his court watch how he wakes up and starts to dress, like a rising sun.

In America, in the state of Penn-sylvania (Pan-Silenus, silver) a new Philadelphia is founded, to worship the Enki bloodline, Pegasus square, the box of Pan-dora.
1688 The first multinational, the Dutch East Indian Company monopolises the trade of sugar and opium, creates the first stock exchange and is closely associated with William of Oranje from the House of Orange (apple of sin) in the Netherlands. He is financed by Jewish banking families like the German family Bauer, who change their name to Rothschild after the seal of Solomon or David's star, Quain, the red haired child. William invades England and takes the throne, rules jointly with Queen Mary.Orange: color of amber road, orange route and blonde/red haired elite. Candidates for sacrifice becomes candy. Holland= hell, underneath sea level with Amsterdam, city of Venus worship with the xxx-symbol and red light district.

1690 On july 1 a ritual is performed where Rotschild puppet William of Orange 'defeats' King James 2 of England, crosses the Boyne, rise of templar backed protestantism, the Battle of the Boyne.
1694 Central Bank of England is created, at the Omphalus stone, the navel of the world. London as the new Babylon becomes the capital of the emerging British Empire and system of global banking of the Illuminati bloodlines. Most Templars are killed by the Church, the remaining group goes to Scotland, builds the Rosslyn chapel with cube symbolism and secret chamber for child sacrifice. Prisoners are chained to a black ball, the Lapus Exilis. Ships use the star of Ishtar as steering wheel.
1701 William 2 strenghtening of Triennial Act, supremacy of parliament over monarchy. So-called democracy but economic class as secret government and real leaders with monarch as figurehead.

The conflicts between the different families are fought by ordinary people, who believe they are fighting patriotic wars.

While neoclassicism stays a form of propoganda and entertainment for the elite, the industrialisation, the anonymous life in big cities, capitalism and materialism, in the name of 'progress' is a heavy burden for the common people. The illuminati offer the perfect escapism in the form of a new, even more populistic genre of Pastorale: roman-ticism, cultivating people's sensitivity and nostalgia for a great, mythological past like glorified ancient Greece.. Gothic novels like Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. Lucifer/Liber-tarian literature of Marquise de Sade. Era of Ludwig (son of Ludd) Beethoven, Goethe, Hölderlin, Schelling,Lord Byron, Blake,..Paganini, because of his Marfan syndrome spider like fingers has a reach of 3 octaves becomes the violin virtuoso his time, later inspiring Rachmaninov, also Marfan. Goya precursor of modernism, a more overt form of occultism, darker subjects, nightmares, owls, giants,..Archetype of the tormented, 'genius' artist (from jin, genii, touched by spirits). The dialectism of Hegel, these, antithese, synthese is applied as problem, reaction, solution, to divide and conquer.

New World Order

The Carolingian bloodline of Charlemagne continues as the presidential bloodline in America, build a clone/colony. Lake Michigan: the primordial sea, Detroit as the Rock, the Ohio region of giants, leading through a Route 66 to Las Vegas, the meadows as new Sin City and Phosphorus, the Light, Los Angeles, with NY (N snake,Y female) as the Big Apple from the garden of eden and Florida (Miami, mummy) as sunshine state with its oranges and keys as mother energy vortex at the tropic of cancer.
1706 Brittain creates Wahhabism, based on the same principle as Lutherism and installs it in MI6 created Saudi Arabia with the elite bloodline of Saudi's to create chaos in the region (sunni red against shia blue).
1711 The New York City Common Council makes Wall Street, (the well that runs straight) with the bull statue the city's first official slave market for the sale and rental of enslaved Africans and natives with bull ring in their nose (Dow Jones= the doe of the johns, the tropics). In Bangladesh the worshippers of Baal, the Baul become a major sect.
Work based economy. 1718 Hellfire Club.

1744 In Spain people worship the morning star, the lady in red as flamingo fire bird by dancing the flamenco and fandango, clapping their palms and waving the fan, the feathers of the peacock. The gambling game Roulette, the liitle wheel is the sun as a white ball in the zodiac with its 36 deacons.
1776 (in roman mdcclxxvi) In Bavaria, within the freemasons and Jesuits (Society of Jesus), on 1 may (Walpurgisnacht, may day), the Illuminati are formed, by Adam Wesihaupt to break away from the Catholic Church. They use the owl of Minerva symbol. Adam Smith publishes the Wealth of Nations, a blueprint for capitalism, concept of Invisible Hand that guides the market, based on Satanic principle of self-preservation and social Darwinism. They replace the old world order of priestkings by new world order of government institutions.

His friends and fellow freemasons like Benjamin Franklin spread capitalism, worship of Isis/ Lucifer the morning star as statue of Liberty, slavery, the $ snake Dollar Bill green and black (Venus/Saturn) with the all seeing eye, star of David, reading Mason and Novum Ordo Seclorum (new world order). French freemasons like Pierre L'enfant, design the new Rome, Maryland: Washington DC. Capitol Hill as the new Mons Saturnus/Capitoline Hill,

During the alignment of Sirius with the sun, freemasons sign the US Declaration of Independance in the tavern 'the Green dragon' in Boston.

1784 A.I. Archon driven 1st industrial revolution. 1st mechanical loom, introduction of water- and steam-powered mechanical manufacturing facilities, the concept of the Greek automata. Rise of the Luddite movement, named after sky goddess Nut/Ludd and Ned Ludd who became emblematic for machine destroyers. The British government makes machine breaking a capitol crime, the Luddite or Labour movement defended by Lord Byron and Marx eventually turns into socialism and communism and makes people believe there is an opposition party (left wing -right wing) that defends its interest while both are controlled by masons. Ludd is the inspiration for the new archetype of Lucifer as the Robin Hood (a redbreast bird with a cap) character as the socialist hero of the people.

The apron skirt of freemasons becomes the envelope of letters, with stamps of one penny, representing the penis with a side of acacia gum, which has to be licked.

In the black forest Germany, cuckoo clocks are made, at 12 the bird Lucifer comes out of his cage for his cuckoo's call (cuckoo's is the name the Greeks gave to the Phoenicians). The weak force in science is called Coulumb's law (of the dove, holy spirit, Lucifer).

Mozarts Magic Flute is the masonic parable of mankind becoming entranced by the flute of Pan, 'enlightened' by the caged bird Lucifer as the Queen of Night.
1789-1799 George Washington is inaugurated day before 1 may as first US president in Wall street, NY. Jacobins, Jesuits and masonic lodges cause food shortages and create the French revolution, aimed at Louis XIV as the usual spring ritual of chopping off heads of the previous sun king. Blue- white- red: sky, fire, earth. Fraternity (freemason secrecy) Liberty (moral relativism), Equality (in slavery). The Bastille prison (the beast) is stormed and libertarians like de Sade are freed, more than 300.000 people die. They exercise mind control on people like James Tilly Matthews. Spreading of the doctrine of materialism, Lavoisier, Baron D'Holbach. John Robinson, introduced to European lodges, influenced by Boehme and Swedenborg, exposes them in the book 'Proofs of a conspiracy'.
1791 Brandenburg Tor in Berlin, Venus/Victory, the morning star holding the Annunaki symbols, the Anunaki rose cross, eagle and a chariot of 4 horses, controlling the world, the 4 cardinal points.
1800 The morning star cult of Ishtar becomes legal in the US and turns into jewish Eastern Hanukkah (8 days and 8 nights). Gaelic Samhain, harvest= waning of the halo, Halloween. The spring symbols of eggs, bunnies, fables of hobbits living in mushrooms, Alice in Wonderland, Mardi Gras, Carnaval. Krampus demons become helpers of Saint Nicolas. Capitalists commercialise the story of the oil made in the claustrum- Saturn, Old nick as Santa Claus coming from the northpole hexagon chimney (opening the box at winter solstice, satan=soot in the chimney, cadeau=caduceus), with canes and balls hanging in the evergreen tree.
1804 Napoléon is crowned as the new sun god, wearing the ancient symbols of spotted fur, gold and insignia.
1815 Christian slaves in Algiers. June 18, at the Battle at Waterloo, in the heart of Europe, Napoleon is used as puppet, defeated by Wellington (born 1 may, founding of Illuminati). The Rothchilds use pigeons, the symbol of 'peace' to deliver the news England won. They create a panic, making it seem like France won and secretly start buying. Afterwards the Jesuits dominate the financial market of Britain and the world. On a mountain at the battlefield, they place a Lion of Juda with the lapis exilis under its paw, the coat of arms of Willem 2 of Orange as conquerors of Europe. Frankenstein novel 1818 set in Ingolstadt, city of Adam Wesihaupt.

1822 The brothers Grimm, Kabbalistic jews collect occult folk stories. Snow white: Venus, kissed back to life. Little red hood: blood sacrifice of children.
1824 Beethoven '9th symphony' with Schiller's poem 'Ode an die Freude, tochter aus Elysium'., anthem of the European Empire.

The first matches are sold as Lucifer, in a box of hexagons with a fatal dosis of phosphor. Saxe-Coburg Gotha bloodline rules the new state Belgium. Thomas Jefferson death 4th of july. American illuminati Order of Skull and Bones in 1832 (322 refers to bible verse about tree of knowledge).

1833 Joseph Smith declares Independance, Missouri near Kansas City as nex City of Zion in Missouri.
1834 The British Empire imports 1400 tons of opium per year to China, wages war to protect the drug cartel.
1836 The obelisk of Rameses 2 is moved to Paris. Inauguration of the Triumphal Arch of the (Morning) Star in Paris. Venetians build the Fenice theatre, the phoenix and with the floor as a pit, use it several times to burn people.
1846 The Smithsonian institute is founded, with the Black Sun logo, to distort and erase important parts of human history. They search all skeletal remains of the giants to rewrite history.

1848 The Jesuits use jewish puppets like Marx to create communism. Birth William Wynn Westcott who will found the Order of the Golden Dawn.
1850 1st production line. Gold rush to Golden state California (Kali,Caillech), El Dorado, City of Gold, on the 33d degree parallel.
1859 (nr 23) Masonic Lunar society with members as Benjamin Franklin, James Watt, Erasmus Darwin introduces 'survival of the fittest'- idea in science as Darwinism, (with the same Beagle/beatle ship symbolism) idea of humans descended from apes instead of creation by God. Full title of Charles Darwins work:'On the origin of species and the preservation of the favored species'. Herbert Spencer, Eurocentric eugenetics, research on twins. Darwins cousin Francis Galton spreads the idea of eradication of the unfit. Scientists deny ancient cultures were more advanced.

2nd industrial revolution. Introduction of electrically powered mass production, based on the division of labour.
1860 In US the number of 500.000 slaves has grown to 4 million.
1861-1865 American civil war, started by Rothschilds, Belmont, Bismarck, Knights of the Golden Circle in Charleston on 33d parallel. AbRAham Lincoln, descending from the melungeon Atlanteans in Ohio, has Marfen, suffers from Saturnian Me-lancolia. He makes the North fight the South to enforce industrial revolution, in the interests of the railroads. The only organisation allowed behind enemy lines is the Red Cross.

Cowboys ride mechanical bulls and wear Saturnian ring hats. The Saturn-Venus tabernacles turn into taverns, lodges, lounges, bars and saloons. Towns are ruled by a Sherrif (giraffe, reeve of a shire) who carries the Star of David. They call their children kids (baby-goats) and the black humour of Pan kidding.

The US ($, Isis) Dollar (Osiris, the pillar of the doll) and his bill (Toth) is introduced. Slavery continues as the prison economy, owned by 3 companies, who can kill at will, using cyanide. Copper, blue blood=> cops, wearing the 6-pointed star.


Agenda of further degeneration through art as Fin-de-siècle, end of a cycle, century by the sickle of Saturn. The Jesuit stronghold Montmartre is the centre of Bohemianism (wanderers), with the black cat symbol of the Egyptians and Cat-hars as their saint. Alice in wonderland, rabbit hole. Mason Oscar Wilde helps to spread the Decadent movement, wearing long hair and flowers, rejecting the idea of progress, embracing the unusual, criminal and exotic, feeding the fear of the unknown, embracing of the Kali/Saturn worshipping Gypsy culture.Lucifer as cat with green eyes=emerald, esmeralda, the gypsy women. European intillegentia discovers hasjisj, artists like Baudelaire (Jesuit trained) openly and proudly call themself decadent, themes like pact with the devil, femme fatal.


Nikola Tesla influenced by the Hinduistic Veda texts, invents electric devices, x-ray, neon, radio, free energy device. All his inventions are stolen by Edison, Marconi, boycotted by JP Morgan, Rothschilds. After death his work is confiscated by FBI, and misused by US military complex, nazi's,.. Revival of occultism, socialism Eliphas Levi and Flora Tristan (womb of the 3 stars), feminism, aimed at masculating females. Kuklos Klan, Knights of the Golden circle with a Dragon as leader.

1867 Marx das Kapital.
1869 Goldman Sachs is founded. King of Bavaria, Ludwig 2 who sees himself as the moon king, builds the Linderhof fantasy castle to worship Lucifer. He promotes the music of Wagner (Wagoner, charioteer) : Horus, Lucifer, Hiram Abiff, son of a widow =>Parzifal, Siegfried who slays the dragon with a sword of fire. The seed of the three stars of Orion=Tristan. The wild hunt =ride of the valkyries, followers of Horus. Lucifer/Venus as deus ex machina, queen of night= Brunhilde with her winged helmet and spear of destiny.
1871 US constitution is illegally suspended and replaced by Vatican 'Crown' corporation, a seperate government in the district of Columbia. The Annunaki Holy trinity of 3 states, worshipping Baal:

1-Rome, the Ram, the father, Vatican city-religion.

2-Brittain as the Bride, at the Thames (tammuz, dam of Isis) with the Two Tower bridge, the City of (Baby)london guarded by a Dragon statue, financial liquidity. Queen Victoria and the templars bring the obelisk of King Twt/David to Westminster, where the templars have their own docks. Every year they carry their giant ancestors Gog and Magog in their procession.

3-Washington DC, as the Vesca Pisces, district of the dove Columbia, Holy Spirit, White House and military force, the eagle/falcon that rises out of the war between blue and red (DC is aligned with 3 main stars of Virgo), controlled by Jesuits of Georgetown University. The map of DC is designed with owl shape, pentagrams and and the largest obelisk in the world with a cornerstone of 12 ton marble. The statue of George Washington poses as Baphomet/Lucifer. 4th of july is the only day the sun and Orion's belt rise together.


The obelisk from Alexandria, Egypt is put in Central Park in NY (near the Jackie -Kennedy- Lake), near the temple of Isis in Metropolitan Museum. Isis as Lady Liberty with solar crown holds the chalice with blood and starfire as torch of heaven in 11 pointed star and 111,1 ft height.

On 18 january Wilhelm/William 1 is crowned Caesar/Kaizer of the German empire in the Hall of Mirrors in the palace of the black sun of Versailles.

1872 First gathering at Bohemian Grove, (cave of the wanderers) California, meeting of the elite, fire worship in front of giant owl, homosexual orgies.
1875 12 october birth occultist Aleister Crowley, the year of Eliphas Levi death. Oct 30 founding of Theosophic Society by Blavatsky.

1880 Scramble for Africa by European colonialist Illuminati like Leopold 2 of Belgium who invades the Congo Free State and kills millions of Africans. 1882 Nietzsche writes the Gay science, announcing death of God, Uebermensch, individualism.
1885 In Chicago, Windy City of the holy breath, close to Lake Michigan, the first skyscraper (scarab, crab, modern obelisk phallus) is built from steel skeleton.

1886 (=23) Founding of Coca-Cola (cc=33), with the 666 logo. The drink is modeled after french coca wine, mixed with sugar syrup. Later it is replaced by sugar, more addictive than cocain. 33cl reaching the reward system, the bull's eye at the top of the spine. Statue of Liberty.

1887 Westcott, Woodman and Mathers found the Order of the Golden Dawn.

1888 Nietzsche writes the Antichrist, introducing the satanic concept of moral relativism. Jack the Ripper murders in London.

1889 To top the other phalusses, another huge phallus is put in Paris, of iron lettuce as the Eiffel Tower. On april 20, day after Feast of Moloch, beginning of Belthaine, 11 days before the high sabbat may day, Adolf Hitler is born to eventually become the new Napoleon (11 the nr of Horus, the son), 111 years before new millenium. Adolf means noble wolf, Hitler, is a hermit shepherd who lives in a hut=the false shepherd, symbol of Sirius the wolf star. Zionists like Theodore Herzl begin planning a persecution of jews (sacrifice of '6 million' ) and evacuation out of Europe to Palestine.Saturn hexagon star of David becomes zionist symbol.
1890 Height of slavery (2 million people) in the Sokoto Caliphate.
1896 First motion pictures to work the subconscious: in Dream Theatres, designed according sacred geometry, the fear energy is sucked up. The screen on which the fake world is projected=the black monolith. The industry is centered in NY, monopolised by Edison and in Hollywood (wood of illusion), California. The sound of Pan=Panasonic.

1897 Dracula novel by Golden Dawn member Bram Stoker. The 1st Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland.
1898 V. Poulsen discovers magnetic recording of sound image and data. Thousands of people report airships in US. Bayer launches the product Heroïn (H) as sedative cough syrup.
1900 Occultist Frank Baum (tree) of the Theosophical Society writes 'the wizard of oz' (Osiris), for mind control rituals. 'Going over the rainbow' is beyond the spectrum of light, a dissociate state of mind, triggered at will, yellow brick road is the road to illumination, laid out by the handler. Golden phallus, amber road to northpole with green auroras=yellow brick ro(a)d to emerald city. Pan=> Peter Pan and his handler Capitain Hook, Neverland=Australia with Alice springs, 4D. Founding of Monsanto ( holy moon).
1902 Black monolith as first film screen 'Trip to the moon' involving Saturn, one eye symbolism of Horus.
1903 First contrrolled flight of the Wright Brothers.

Humanity approaches a point in time of awakening and shift in consciousness where our planet is completing a 26,000 year cycle and completing a greater cycle in which our solar system completes it revolution around its own sun in Sirius.

The Aeon of Horus

1904 (year 0-0) Crowley writes the Book of Law, on 8-9-10 april as the central text of his Thelema religion, ushering in the Eon of Horus, the child, the next stage of spiritual evolution of mankind (apocalypse, lifting of the veil). The main law is 'Do what thou willt',deity Aiwass as a distortion of Divine Will/True Will. 22 april birth Robert Oppenheimer.
1907 Financial panic. Greenwich village, the green district of NY with becomes the new capital of Bohemian culture. As a Saturnian/Washington square with arch, it gives birth to the pole, 5th avenue (nr of Venus), like the Greenwich meridian dividing east and west leading to Waldorf-Astoria (star of Ra), on the 33th street where the illuminati elite gather. Another Mount Parnassus is created in Paris as another centre of Bohemian modernism.

1909 The Rothschilds create the Buisiness Roundtable (Milner Group) with Alfred Milner. Industrialist Cecil Rhodes and Oppenheimers sent to South Africa, Kipling to India, Schiffs and Warburgs to Russia, Rothschilds and Lazards go to the Middle East.
Colonel Lytton leads the English Rosicrucian secret society, father of the RIIA and fascism. James Bruce supervises the Caribbean slave trade. Breeding of Mandingo fight slaves. Creation of the Maffia and FBI (murder of president McKinley as excuse). William Taft, son of Skull and Bones founder Alphonso Taft, inaugurated as president.

1911-1913 The atomic nucleus is first identified, first model of quantum mechanics.
First indications that we live in a hologram. The symbol of Saturn is used for Planck's constant.
1911 Wall Street capitalists (Rogenfelder/Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan,..) finance the communist russian revolution.Chevre (goat) => chevron, chevrolet. People dance in honour of Lucifer on 4/4 as the fox-trot (rocking) and tango (touching the moon).
1912 Sinking of the Titanic as ritual symbolic sinking of Atlantis/Titans, sacrifice of the rose maiden/virgin, getting rid of opposition of the Rothschild/JP Morgan/Rockefeller banking union into Atlantic Ocean, to create new Atlantis. Creation of the Federal Reserve bank by Nelson D. Rockefeller, as pendragon of 12 other banks.
Warburgs found IG Farben, birth of the modern farmaceutical pill industry. Teutonic Knights, Templars found the Thule society (Thule=Baal, the lord). Washington DC has one of the first subways, with tunnels connecting buildings only accessible to the elite.

1913 In Paris, the rites of spring, dancing around Baal, the pole, the bar of Isis are orchestrated as ballet. On winter solstice Woodrow Wilson (ww=33) hands over the US to the Saturn cult/banking cartel through the Federal Reserve Act, who begin to get rid of the gold standard to introduce meaningless Phi/fiat money (moon eye/black sun, the 13th zodiac sign). The Germans start moving people and equipment to Antarctica and call it Neu Schwabenland (Antarctica has a Drake passage at Cape Horn). In NY, the Vanderbilts build the grand central station with secret tunnels like track 61.
1914 On summer solstice 28 june, birth of the German empire in 1871, bankers like the brothers Warburg evoke and finance World War 1 through a false flag attack murder of Franz Ferdinand (ff=66, nr of sun). They run both sides of the war, as a modern form of sacrifice ritual (Tannhauser Warburg contest=battle between Lucifer and Michael). On 23 july war is declared in Vienna on the longitudinal line, the Spear of Destiny. Birth of Jack Parsons.
1915 Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire. First use of poison gas. Anti-art statement 'Black square' of Malevitch.
1916 First use of tanks. Battle of Verdun.
1917 Russian Revolution, beginning of jewish bolshevik communism (sickle=Saturn, hammer=Jupiter, the Spartacist revolution, Spartacus being the nickname of Adam Weishaupt as model of Luciferian rebel/slave leader), socialism, anarchism. Russian civil war,
US enters WW1, because of the Balfour declaration of 2 november where British controlled Palestine is promised to the Zionists. Rockefellers make $200.000.000 from the war. Stalin (stallion, steel horse) tries to exterminate shamanism through concentration camps. Duchamps anti-art statement 'Fountain'.Anti-German sentiments are orchestrated so the Battenbergs change their name to Windsor, to sound more English. Crowley writes Moonchild novel about magik, capturing 4d souls to create a moonchild, preferably born out of wedlock, as a bastard.

1918 Another battle at Har-mageddon between allied troops and the Ottoman army. End of war ritual on 11/11 on 11.00 (11-11-11 their antichrist nr).
1919 On summer solstice, the same date the war was initiated, Rothschild affiliates gather in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, palace of the black sun (salon of war and salon of P-eace) for the Treaty of Versailles and redraw European borders and impose a 'Carthagian peace' with rules so harsh, another conflict is bound to happen. Russia is in hands of Khazarian bolshevik communists who want to overthrow the christian empire.

On top of the quarries of gypsym, the white mineral from sedimentary rocks, the Jesuits build the rose cross church of Sacré-Coeur, the heart but also the sister of Isis, Nephtys, the black cat (Lucifer/Venus that rose like a rose out of the rock). After the millions of deaths from WW1, nihilism (anti-art, against the heart), the existential crisis Nietzsche predicted, is orchestrated. Modernism (from the mother). Influenced by African art, fauvism, futurism (Marinetti,..), surrealism (Magritte, Dali, Verlaine,..), cubism, symbolism. Iconoclasm. Baal Hadad, the father => Dadaïsm. Stream of consciousness, interior monologue, models with Marfan. Modernists in US build skyscrapers as giant black obelisks. Inversion of the ancient horror vacui, emphasis on functionality, emptiness, minimalism ('less is more'), worship of black squares, black cubes. First digital technology, 'RAM' memory.

In Germany, the Thule society changes it name into German workers party.

Founding of Hilton hotels. Some rooms are modern stargates for the elite to meet in 4D.
1920 The Milner Group turns into Chatham House (Royal Institute for International Affairs). Consumerism: development of modern advertising techniques, emphasizing manipulation rather than information, through the subconscious, creating more needs, celebrity cult based on Freuds nephew Edward Bernays. Mind control research at Tavistock institute, London. First televisions (tv of El, the Devil with the sacred horn, Latin tuba=> watching the tube) become the centre of living rooms as the sun/black box of Saturn with the leather couch as crocodile/moon sickle. Movie stars wear sunglasses like Grey eyes to look 'cool', idea of sun being harmful. 2 april Crowley and his Thelema followers turn the Villa de Santa Barbra in Sicily into an Abbey of Thelema.
1922 March on Rome brings Mussolini to power, to create another Roman Empire, based on the Roman phallus and masculinity worship, 'fascism', the dick as dictator.
Stalin takes over and becomes a dictator. Hitler's party, backed by the Draco reptilians, the Vatican, and the Thule societies leading Germany is presented as only force that can stop Russia. The cult of the Black sun is now National Socialism, with the mark of Quain/Annunaki cross, eagle, oak leaves, skull and bones and Hitler as Fuhrer/charioteer. Crowley goes to France, where he encounters Pauline Pierce.
1924 Birth George H Bush from Crowley bloodline. J.Edgar Hoover takes over FBI.
1925 Mussolini gains dictatorial powers. Mein Kampf is published. Pauline Pierce gives birth to a child by Aleister Crowley: Barbara Pierce, later Barbara Bush, wife of George Walker Bush.

1926 (year I-0) 21/4 (111th day) birth princess Elizabeth, 1 month 11 days later Marilyn Monroe.
1927 Rockefeller funds Nazi eugenics institute for the 3d reich, invests in Standard Oil, later Exxon. IG Farben Prescott Bush funds Hitler. Nazi's work together with Zionists to create a master race and Israelian state (Hitler's eagle nest=symbol of Mount Zion). Germans are mind controlled to believe they have to undergo purification to become Uebermensch and Jews are underground demons/untermenschen because of their hooked nose. SS= die Schwarze Sonne. Release of propaganda film 'Metropolis', Baal, the paal that mothered us, whore of Babylon ushering in era of transhumanism. In Paris the Greek Montparnasse is recreated, Black sun press promotes bohemian culture and modernist literature from James Joyce, Hemingway,..
World population reaches 2 billion.1928 oct 2 Opus Dei.
1929 Oct 29 Wall Street stock market crash.Top 1% already owns 44,2% of the wealth. Rockefellers build their tower with golden Lucifer/Prometheus statue.
1930 Great depression. 11 april Anton Lavey. 17 may Bis Bank in Basel, Switzerland as the new Tower of Babel, where 33 years earlier the first Zionist Congress took place.
Ethiopian Judeaism spreads as Rastafari religion to Jamaica, Yahweh becomes Jah.
In Brazil the Ayuaska religion, Sancto Daimo is founded, the Eucharist cult of Agathodaimo (Seth).
1931 Chinese Soviet Republic by Mao. Japan invades Manchuria. Building of another lighthouse of Alexandria in Virginia as masonic George Washington monument. Announcement of 'A brave new world'. Building of the Empire State building on 33d street. Rediscovery of DMT.
1933 Roosevelt becomes US president, introduces the New Deal stimulus package. Jan 5, the orange Golden Gate bridge is built near Fort Mason in San Francisco, completed on 19 april (=13) 1937. Rockefeller center completed, 4004 local US banks are closed and merged into larger ones. January 30 (333) Hitler becomes chancelor and Führ-er of Germany . 3 Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) form against 3 Allies (US, UK, Russia). The zionists declare war on Germany. The first 60.000 jews are transferred to Palestine. Birth Jayne Mansfield 19 april (=13), named after Mansfeld, town of Martin Luther. A fire ritual is performed at the Reichstag and books are burned at Belthane/May day,under the linden trees. As the beginning of Holocaust, fire sacrifice, the first concentration camp is opened near Oranienburg (orange=33) and Dachau, Bavaria where the Illuminati originated and the Nazi party has its headquarters. Einstein is sent to the US.
1934 June 30 Night of the long knives, Nazi Germany.Founding of the Ahnenerbe institute for research on Nordic heritage.

1936 1st Arabian revolt organised by Mufti Al-Husseini, Hitler's ally. 1-16 august: Olympic games nazi Berlin, first television transmission on earth. Concept of Olympic flame, fire that Prometheus/Lucifer stole from Mount Olympus.
1937 Recession US. Marijuana is criminalised in the US.

Germany enslaves 12 million people.'Entartete Kunst' exhibition in Nazi Germany. The Draco reptilians make agreements with the Nazi's. They lead them to 3 huge caverns in Antarctica, close to their own bases. From these 3 bases they develop interstellar travel, a Nazi fleet, controlled by reptilians. They start exploring Mars, first around the equator, later they move to the north pole.

The Draco, Nephilim/Black Robes become the Gestapo, wearing the rose cross, oak leaves and crab helmets. Children are put in special genetic breeding programs to create the perfect slave, willing to die for Hitler as the adler, the new Lucifer/Horus with Eve/Eva Braun as his bride.The Wewelsburg castle is used as the centre of the black sun cult centre as the new navel of the world, where Himmler gives his 12 SS-disciples a Saturnian ring of death. They know history happens in cycles, through astrology they try to predict the outcome of the war.

Anschluss unifies Germany and Austria. Hitler orders the blowing up of a factory as a false flag attack so he has an excuse to invade Poland.

1939 After discovery of nuclear fission, nazis plan to drop atomic uranium bomb on Manhattan. Aug 25 the Wizard of Oz, featuring Judy Garland. In Sumerian mythology Joudy (over time Judy) was the female form of the uttuku, a wandering demon that feasted on human suffering. It was said that if the female and male form (known as Ba'al) ever united on Earth, the union would produce an even more malevolent being, hastening the end of the world.


After flase flag attack on 31 august, Hitler invades Poland. In 1940, Mussolini declares war on France and Brittain. Jan 15 the Blue bird, movie based on nazi project Bluebird. 9 oct John Lennon is born as child from Julia Stanley.

1941 World War 2. American companies like Ford, IBM finance Hitler and pay back the losses. Germany invades Russia, 150 years after Napoléon. The nazis build a base on Alexandra Land on the North pole. They build a pentagram vortex of camps killing people as a fire sacrifice (Holocaust/casting in hell, using cyanide as Sickle/Zyklon B) on the Metro-pole in Poland. 12 sep Construction of Pentagon/ Pendragon, based on design of Jack Parsons, high priest of the O.T.O., who sees himself as the Anti-christ. After the Pearl Harbour ritual (pearly gates), US eagerly joins WW2. They use phosphorus bombs to bomb German cities, amonnia is used for methamphetamine pills.
1942 Internment of Japanese Americans. Endlosung of the jews by the nazi-zionists. June 18 birth Paul McCartney. November 29 (333d day) birth Stanley Dunham birth of Obama's mother (Crowley's goddess Babalon, mother of abominations) in Kansas (New Zion, town of Wizard of Oz).
1943 Battle of Stalingrad, 2 million casualties.
A spirit dictates Maria Valtorta, a girl in Italy 15.000 pages (the Poem of Man-God). Concern of other planets about the nuclear threat, interventions of 'foo fighters'. Joseph Mengele starts his experimenting and research on twins.7 jan death Tesla.
LSD is discovered in a pharmaceutical house owned by Warburg and used as a weapon through MK Ultra experiments. John Trump involved in study Tesla's research. Los Alamos base.
1944 On 6/6 D-day. First electronic computer Colossus online.
Japan investigates possible Death Ray.
Nazis move into Languedoc (tongue of the ox) and find the Cabalistic wealth and knowledge, hide the gold in the Berghofbunker.

Rogenfelders/Rockefellers found the IAS. IAS members Oppenheimer, Bohr and Einstein create the atomic bomb in the Manhattan project. John J McCloy of Chase Bank that funded Hitler, founding of the World Bank.
1945 Dresden attack 15 february. . April 12 Roosevelt dies of cerebral hemorrhage on the 33d parallel in Georgia, Harry Truman sworn in as new president. April 28 Mussolini hanged. April 29 alchemical marriage Hitler and Eva Braun, April 30 Hitler's supposed suicide date at 3.30 (333). Illuminati May day ritual (V-E day) surrender Germany, division in two.

Trinity nuclear test in New Mexico on july 16th on 33th parallel. The homunculus (Uebermensch/Superman) research of medieval alchemy continues with Jumbo steel bottle to create being with altered extraterrestial Grey DNA. Potsdam conference 17 july-2 august.

On august 6 and 9, (in system of 13 zodiac signs crossing between cancer and leo) 33d president and 33d degree mason Harry Truman usheres in the nuclear age. He orders the Enola Gay (bisexual Magnolia with red seeds) to drop the 'devil's egg' Atomic Bomb,(uranium bomb Little Boy referring to the homunculus Uebermensch) and plutonium bomb Fat Man on Hiroshima and Naga-saki ( blood of the snake/reptilian) on the 33d parallel. 6/9 symbolizes cancer, intertwinning of spirit-soul at beginning of existence in the Great Year, procession of the equinox (nuclear fallout will cause huge amount of cancer cases), Jesus walks to cross at 6th hour and dies at 9th hour. August 13 zionist congress to start funding of Israel.

On 2 september the war ritual is closed on the dock of ship Missouri (the new Zion of Joseph Smith, where Truman and his daughter was born), on a black monolith table to usher in the new Zionist world order. Gold is moved in underground tunnels. While some of them commit suicide by cyanide, a lot of Nazi's can flee to Egypt, Argentina, US, where they are protected by the military complex, with technology, mind control techniques, evolve to 'Neo-cons'. Aktion Adlerflug (IG Farben, Bosch, Siemens, Daimler Benz, General Motors, US Steel, Standard Oil,..).

Project Paperclip, transfer of nazi scientists like Werner Von Braun and Joseph Mengele to American military complex. US tries to build his own space ships and uses the mind control techniques developed by Mengele, giving him the nick-name, Dr. Green (Osiris). Cloning of people based on Simon Wiesenthals research. International Monetary Fund. Brain drain of scientists to the colony on Mars. Black projects of Jesuits, Knights of Malta under umbrella of CIA, the all-ceeing eye. Project Oaktree traces the descendants of the Tribe of Dan. Underground bases are built in Atlanta, Montauk, NY,.. Illuminati create the UN, with their blue capped soldiers. They act like 'filantropists' and hand out Peace prices named after Nobel, who invented dynamite. Jack Parson Babalon working ritual.
1946 The Dead Sea scrolls are discovered. June 14 lunar eclipse birth Donald Trump to become 45th president. July 1 (date of Battle of the Boyne) bomb Gilda is dropped named after Rita Hayworth. July 6 (aphelion) George W(23) Bush is born from the Charlemagne/ nazi/Crowley bloodline to become the 43d president. July 25 Bikini Atoll (one of 23 Marshall Islands) nuclear test. August 19 Bill Clinton is born on the 33th parallel (Hope, Arkansas), to become the 42nd US president. 18 oct Michael Aquino. Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard perform Babalon rituals, coinciding with Project Diana Fort Monmouth, New Jersey sending radar signals at moon.
1947 Elizabeth Short (age 22, fool card nr) Black Dahlia murders.Birth David Bowie, Elton John, Camilla Parker. Start of the Cold war. Operation Mocking bird, controlling public debate and opinion. July 7, at the 33d parallel of Babylon, a ship is deliberately crashed at Roswell,Lincoln County to start new age ufo cult. Start project Montauk at Brookhaven National Laboratories and Project looking glass. Operation High jump in Antarctica with admiral Byrd. UN approves jewish state Israel. Marriage queen Elizabeth. 20/7 Founding of the Tavistock mind control institute (backed by Rockefellers). 26/10 Hilary Clinton, 36 days later 1 dec death Crowley in Hastings, 11 days after wedding Elizabeth 2. First role of Marilyn Monroe.

Slaves indoctrinated with 'statism', belief that slavery and obedience to criminal psychopaths is necessary and right.

1948 (year II-0)
Seizure of Palestinian land in the Arab-Israeli war by the Zionists. Similar to the Amon priests, Edmond de Rothschild builds the first oil pipeline from the Red Sea (the Suez/Zeus canal) to the Mediterranean to bring BP Iranian oil to Israel and founds Israeli General Bank and Paz Oil. Declaration of an Israeli State as Rothschild/8 families control the world's oil supply. After the 1948 Palestinian exodus, 700,000 Palestinians who fled are not allowed to return (the Lausanne Conference of 1949). The rock, St.Petrus => petroleum. Rothschilds set up the Rockefellers for US domination, through oil, the black gold, modern version of the Babylonian holy oil, with 7 sisters (Exxon, Shell, Mobil, Texaco,..). The Saturnian concept of darkness creating light, the black box=the Big Bang (bang=sex).

Orwell announces the plans of the elite in '1984'.
1950 Beatnik movement in Greenwich village, cut-up style. 20 april CIA approves Project Bluebird, later Project Artichoke, creation of amnesia, hypnotic triggers, and the Manchurian Candidate. Heroin sold by nazi company Bayer with Mengele as employee.
1952 UN building as city state in NY. On 6 february (birthday Adam Weishaupt) death king George 4, queen Elizabeth 2 ascends throne.
1953 'Discovery' of the 3D structure of DNA. Founding of Playboy, the Ishtar/Set rabbit with the orion bow tie. Project Bluebird/Artichoke turns into MK ultra.
1954 Eisenhower has his 3d meeting with the Greys about the Technology Transfer Programs, the Grenada treaty in Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico (operation Dandelion).
Out of NSA, other secret branches sell the technology to private industry and government agencies, including the military like Boeing, Lockheed,... Start of breakaway civilisation, development of mind control techniques like Extreme Low Frequency, memory erase technology, electronic mind control, Voice of God-technology. Through implants, humans can be made into mechanical toys. Human consciousness is basically 'hacked'. Personalities can be created, inserted, reprogrammed and combined (Multiple Personality Disorder). During rem-sleep consciousness can be transferred and activate clones in underground bases like Dulce. This becomes the common way of meeting between the elites.

April 19 wedding Grace Kelly. Angela Merkel,the biological daughter of Adolf Hitler is born on 20 april, 65 y after bday Adolf. may 29 Dutch nazi prince Bernhard hosts first Builderberg conference. First Scientology Church.

Networking is 4th Density STO concept seeping into 3rd density. Sep 29 at Genève (Gwenyfar), the Jesuit stronghold with the white mountain Mont Blanc and Park Aryana, CERN, named after the Capricorn goat- the horned god Cernunnos/Pan, with the Lucifer/Shiva statue and 666-logo, is built on temple of Apollyon (Lucifer/Enki). They see the Age of Aquarius as the return of Lucifer/Enki/Vishnu, the life-giver and try to summon him. It develops intranet as a weapon (gnostig G/6 becomes @).  
First electricity from nuclear power. The illuminati build an entertainment/news industry creating pop as the modern opium, to program the masses. The 2 tropics: back and forth, in and out, rock and roll, nodding yes in the 1-shape (Greek phren heart/mind => refrain). Project Monarch continuing of the Egyptian research on mind control.
1955 Guru Gobind Singh establishes the Sikh religion with the same Amrita ceremony. Cocaine as the new manna. MI6 and CIA rule global drugs trade to finance Black Ops. Shipping of heroïn for black ops and opiate youth.Vietnam war (blue vs red) a war that lasts 20 years, using chemical weapons like Agent Orange and phosphorus bombs, while over 40% of US soldiers are exposed to heroin or LSD. Their dead bodies are used to import heroin into the US and sell in black neighbourhoods.Opening Disneyland. 30/9 sacrifice James Dean. Nov 22 Russian H-bomb.
1957 Mason Mao launches 'The great leap forward' to rapidly transform China's economy from an agraric one to an industrialised one, causing widespread famine with a death toll over 20 million people.10 march birth Osama Bin Laden. 6 july (aphelion sun-Sirius) John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet.
1958 First VISA cards (based on the number 666) are used. Building of the Atomium Merkaba hypercube, the structure of iron crystal, the iron crown of Atum in Brussels, heart of Europe.
1959 world population reaches 3 billion. Globalisation of world culture to make control easier. Opening of the Guggenheim at Central Park on 88th street, as the new Solomon temple/ziggurat built like a nautilus shell, dome of the rock with 6 pointed star. Yellow cabs as symbol of following yellow brick road.
1960 Independance of 17 African nations. Luciferian blue-red street gangs in US (bloods and crips/blue blood crabs with 6 and 9's). Because in Luciferianism blacks represent evil Saturn/Set raping Horus, blacks as members of the masonic Boulé sect always have to perform homosexual rituals.
1961 3d intustrial revolution. Berlin wall. Patrice Lumumba assasinated by Belgium, UK, US.

Bay of pigs invasion fails at april 19. In some manuscripts of Revelation the nr 666 is 616: 1 july birth princess Diana, mother of the false king. 34 days later, 4 august Birth of Barry Soetoro (Obama) the false king in Honolulu, Hawaii, tropic of cancer, one of the 3 bars of our prison matrix as the child of Stanley (Satan) Ann Dunham, twin sister of Paul McCartney (Liverpool 53°, Kansas 55°). Paul McCartney becomes base player of the Beatles (scarab beatle symbol of Egyptian god Khepri), mind controlled at Tavistock institute.

Betty and Barney Hill case, tested by human/Gray hybrids. Under regressive hypnosis she states a German nazi was involved. Abductions are introduced in the collective consciousness through movies. Oct 30,303d day bomb Ivan.

1962 (6/2 birtday Weishaupt) aug 5 murder of Marylin Monroe (M=13, mm=33), of the Crowley-Bush bloodline, mind controlled with beta kitten programming, 400 days after birth Diana. Music records based on Saturn's rings, played on record players with big horns. Mengele and other nazis continue twin research in Argentinia and Brazil. October 5 1st Beatles single, and Dr. No 1st Bond movie (007 Tubal-Cain refers to John Dee and MI6 spy Crowley, following True Will is the bond). 13 day ritual Cuban missile crisis, opening of box of Pandora, the cube (Cuba). Manchurian Candidate and How to kill a mocking bird (Project Mockingbird).

1963 Aug 28 March on Washington, MLK speech in front of Lincoln Memorial. Sacrifice JFK (symbolic names of John and Jackie) on the 33d degree parallel on 11/22=33,the date of papal bull against the Templar Knights, through the use of Monarch slaves mind controlled with wizard of Oz (Os-wald, Jack Ruby). death Aldous Huxley and CS Lewis. Viennese actionism, more overt satanic rituals in art.

1964 A generation gap is created between modern youth and their parents and the mantra 'times are changing' is spread everywhere. Beatles for sale 4 dec.
1965 Malcolm X, of Scottish descent, linked to nation of islam is assasinated..Postmodernism. With the fall of communism, western capitalism is the only system that still stands. Agenda of nihilism in Europe, childish optimism in America (climbing up Jacob's ladder, the American Dream). All participants, every citizen is a producer or consumer, tries to acquire wealth to enjoy luxuary products, bombarded with advertising to get addicted to sugar, coffee, fat, metamphematines,..Heroin is promoted as chic in modern art, Andy Warhol. Increase of pornography (Playboy, Crowley connected Kinsey research funded by Rockefellers,..).

March 7 ritual in march at Selma, Alabama of crossing the abyss/bridge by mason Martin Luther King at 33d parallel ('reaching jeru-salema'). Beating of Amelia Boynton, linking it the ritual to the crossing of the Boyne and rise of Rothschild backed Martin Luther protestanism of in 1690.The bridge is named after Edmund Pettus, Grand Dragon of the KKK.

In L.A., the Osirian/Dyonisian cult continues. In the same log cabin where the first hippie Vito Paulekes, family of the Rockefellers, sacrificiced his son, where Frank Zappa and his family lived, Charles Manson from the same Laurel Canyon scene is turned into a cult leader.They manufacture bands, create a counterculture, a continuation of the Decadence movement. Jim Morisson and Jimi Hendrix, of military families are turned into anti-war but basically just hedonistic rock icons.At the same time they promote satanic cults like the Process Church of Last Judgement as an offshoot of Ron Hubbard's Scientology, Kenneth Grant's Solar Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis, Aryan Brotherhood and program their musicians with Aleister Crowley and Alice in Wonderland. Beatles movie Help about blood sacrifice Paul, replaced by fake Paul, fool joker.

1966 March, John Lennon claims to be bigger than Jesus (John of Revelation). On 30 april, eve of Walpurgis night, same day Illuminati were formed (day of Hitlers alleged suicide), Anton LaVey, closely related to NSA's General Michael Aquino (connected to Mengele) founds Church of Satan in San Francisco, keeping a black leopard in his garden (animal of Dyonisus). Founding of Process Church of the Final Judgement in London by Scientology members. Creation of fake gangs like Black panthers to scare white America. CIA creates 'Rock music' and hippie movement, as a MK Ultra mind control experiment in Laurel Canyon, California to undermine the anti-war movement. 31 aug Persona movie.

Mind control projects involving Elvis, Mick Jagger, Jodorowsky, George Lucas (Luke Skywalker=Lucifer, Darth Vader=Saturn, father time), Francis Ford Coppola (Kurtz, the Godfather=Saturn), Steven Spielberg, Harry Houdini, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, Man Ray, Salvador Dali, Walt Disney (capricorn=peter pan and captain hook,..), Michael Bertiaux (New Age movement worships Satan and Venus as Sanat Kumara and Ashtar ), Rick Ruben, Robert Heinlein,.. 5 august (day of death Marilyn Monroe) release of Beatles 'Revolver'. Last concert aug 29, day of John the baptist.

Sacrifice of Paul McCartney on 9 november (911) in Aston Martin car crash, replaced by a lookalike Faul, the fool. Blow up movie (set as photographer killing isis) at 18/12, day of car crash Tara Browne.
1967 Jan 4 the Doors. 13 april Casino Royale with Le Chiffre as Crowley. june 1st (birthday Marylon Monroe, 20y after Crowley's death) Sgt. Pepper album with OTO Crowley cover referring to McCartney's sacrifice (devil's pepper explained in Rosemary's baby, published on march 12). LSD is spread and promoted as Lucy or Lucifer in the sky with diamonds by new age guru Timothy Leary and John Lennon.12 june You only live twice with Dr Blofeld as Crowley. 29 june car crash Jayne Mansfield (story of beheading, linking to John Baptist). 2 days later, july 1 (birthday Diana) Pamela Anderson, archetype of red rose sex slave. Summer of 'love' in San Francisco (satanic mind control involving Charles Manson). Oct 9 death Che Guevara (birthday John Lennon).
1968 3 april: Release of Planet of the apes and 2001 (homunculus/moonchild, eon of Horus, revolution of Revelation 9). Hal=doorway to Duat, red mercury used by Toth in Atlantis bull's eye shaped stargates. 4 april: sacrifice Martin Luther King (MLK, king Molech,Mal'akh messenger) like Osiris bull in Memphis of Ancient Egypt. May student protests. 6 june Robert Kennedy .
Lyndon Johnson and his 'Wise men'.Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, CIA operate as one entity. Tolkien publishes 'The lord of the rings' (Saturn), after his research in Oxford about our real history, the 2 pillars,..

Huxley describes the new society, how the slaves will eventually start enjoying their slavery. Kneele describes how pornographic reality-tv will dumb the masses down. Rockefeller foundation decides to increase the amount of pornography, violence in human society. Feminisation of men, masculation of women.

June 12 (birthday George Bush), release of Roman Polanski movie Rosemary's Baby (child of Isis Horus-Antichrist, written by Ira Levin, born 12 nov like Charles Manson), filmed in Dakota Hotel, NY (God is dead, Damien theme with Maria de Lourdes 'Mia' Farrow, born in 1945, involved with pedophile Woody Allen).

November 5 Nixon is elected. November 22 (=33, JFK assasination date) release of Beatles 9th album 'White Album',(Glass onion about Looking Glass). It is used for mind control of Charles Manson (charlie, the fool joker, Son of Man) living in the Spahn Movie ranch in Death Valley as bottomless pit of Lucifer. Revolution 9 seen as Revelation 9, assasination of MLK as start of Helter Skelter as race war between black and white.
1969 In occultism 69, the number of cancer is important, because the relation between Saturn and the tropic of cancer.

In january Manson family moves to yellow home as his 'Yellow Submarine'. After their march 20th wedding, John Lennon and Yoko Ono let the press watch how they rise in the morning like a sun king (Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Ono born in 1933), promoting 'Pax/Pea-ce' with the dove and inverted tree of life symbol (room 702 in Amsterdam Hilton, from 9am to 9am). feminism (cancer rules the womb). June 13 Blue movie, golden age of porn. June 22 sacrifice Dorothy/Judy Garland, age 47.

On july 3, day before aphelion/independance day sacrifice of Rolling stones member Brian Jones at 27 in swimming pool. Nixon inaugurated as president.

On 11 july Space Oddity (trip of the fool) is released by David Bowie (later dying from on 69th birthday from cancer) to promote the moon landing. Saturn V launches Lucifer/Apollo rockets, based on Parsons and Werner Von Braun's research. July 20: moon landing hoax by the insider Ashkenazi jew Stanley Kubrick, ordered by Nixon.

Charles Manson orders murders, mind controlled with LSD, Revelation 9 and Beatles music (Revolution 9) on 25 july (date of nuclear test Bikini Atoll) and august 9, date of atomic bomb (symbolic splitting of the Godhead). One of them is pregnant Sharon Tate, born on date of Diana's father, the wife of Roman Polanski (like Vincent Bugliosi, born 18 august- 1+8=9, director of Rosemary's baby), killed in masonic pose the Hanged man. The next night his Family murders Rosemary LaBianca writing 'Rise' (shouted in song 'Revolution 9', interpreted as Revelation 9) and 'Death to Pigs'(song 'Piggies'). One of the killers Bobby Beausoleil played the role of Lucifer in 'Lucifer rising' by Crowley follower Kenneth Anger (with Marianne Faithful, girlfriend of Mick Jagger as Lilith). Aug 15 Woodstock festival (wood tree of life Osiris) with headliner Jimi Hendrix, sacrificed a year later at 27. 26 september Abbey road is released (funeral procession cover, road to abbey of Thelema, taken on aug 8, 69 crossing cancer to leo, pisces to age of aquarius).

6 december Murder ritual during 'Sympathy for the devil' of Rolling Stones concert by Hell's Angels, ending the dream of peace and love and usher in the materialistic yuppie culture of the 80's.

Multiculturalism becomes official policy in Western nations, to create a 'final conflict' race war and eventually obtain a genderless, raceless slave species, while white supremacists continue to rule. Society is polarised into extreme left and extreme right untill there's no resistance left (a jesuit conspiracy, not a jewish one).

Sport turns into a commercialised religion and industry. Together with the industry of music and films, it continously produces new idols, new stars and gods of the people.

4th industrial revolution: Industrial park Stanford University (mind control research) turns into Silicon Valley. Electronics and IT for further automation of manufacturing.
Middle class jobs (assembly line workers, data processors, foremen and supervisors) disappear through outsourcing or automation. People must either move up as 'mind workers' (engineers, doctors, attorneys, teachers, executives, journalists), or settle for low-skill, low-wage service jobs.

1970 (year III- 0) Club of 27(=9) sacrifices Alan Wilson, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. Laws that make research on lsd, DMT impossible, war on blacks as the 'War on drugs'. Pole dancing in stripclubs as modern Sanctuary of the Night/Venus Mountains with black bouncers wearing Saturnian black, guarding the door of the underworld.

1971 Thx 1138 announcing the totalitarian A.I. police state. April 9, Manson sentenced to death (killing of the bull). May day (celebrated by pagans, nazi's, socialist, European communities) ritual disguised as anti-war protest . 17 june: Manson trial media circus creates Antichrist superstar. After CIA has flooded streets with drugs, antipode Nixon declares war on drugs (repression against blacks).Ludwig 2, the wizard of Oz becomes Willie Wonka and his Chocolate factory. July 3 (aphelion, the door) sacrifice Jim Morisson sacrificed in bathtub.John Lennon's Imagine on 9 sept (99). December 19, A Clockwork Orange. Alex=Alexander Crowley, 4 droogs, the 4 angels from Revelation 9 (9th symphony). Beethoven 9th symphony nazi/illuminati anthem of 4th reich, of what will become European Union with ring of stars flag,
1972 Nixon gets elected after Wallace shooting. David Bowie's alien androgynous alter ego Ziggy Stardust.The Godfather (Diana scarlett woman as Diane Keaton).
1973 Watergate scandal. David Rockefeller and members of the Council of Foreign Relations found the Trilateral Commission.
Opening of the Twin Towers in New York (2 masonic pillars as stargate). The Exorcist about antichrist baby. The Holy Mountain, the Wicker man.
1974 First microchip. Companies like IBM that made the concentration camps, make the personal computer. World population reaches 4 billion.20 june 1975 Jaws, era of summer blockbusters.

1976 Mind control experiment on US embassy in Moscow as part of war with silent weapons.Taxi Driver announcing MK ultra killers like Son of Sam, John Hinckley and Mark David Chapman, turning the Ma(n)son antichrist serial killer archetype into a superstar. 1 april Founding of Apple computers (Venus, the forbidden fruit of the serpent).First Apple Computer april 11 (bday of Anton LaVey). 6/6 The Omen.
1977 (77 divine nr of osiris) 25 may, Hollywood blockbuster era: first Star Wars with Obi Wan-Kenobi (Osiris) attacked by Darth Vader (Daath-Set/Saturn), Luke Skywalker/Moonwalker as Lucifer/Horus with the Djedd-eye and Yoda against Dart Sith (Apep), heavy Nazi symbolism. 27 may Sex Pistols 'God save the Queen' on the Queen's silver jubilee.

Postmodernism, marketing of so-called rebellious alternative to mainstream, creating divisions between generations.Shamanistic rituals turn into music trends like Disco (the sun disk, Saturn saturday night fever) in Studio 54 (9) where everybody dances in discothecs on the masonic checker's floor in the light of Saturn as mirror ball of illusion (Doe of the jones, the disc jockey).

Bastille day, 13-14 july (when Sirius dissapears behind sun, when the lights go out) a black-out lightning ritual is orchestrated in NY for riots. Mind controlled serial killers like the Son of Sam (Samuel/Set), are let loose to kill during the Dog Days so media can exploit the fear. So-called birth of Hip Hop; 16 aug sacrifice Elvis Prestley.
1978 Harvey Milk is shot to cause the White Night riots as Belthane ritual. Jonestown, 909 people commit suicide with cyanide. Personalities/realities can be inserted digitally.oct 5 The boys from Brazil.

1980 Because of the movie Heaven's gate (referring to Saturn), a planned office box bomb, leading to the financial collapse of the studio United Artists, Hollywood can move away from director-driven film production and move towards total studio control. Workers in the movie industry are rewarded with a statue of a golden man (Oz-car) or golden palm/laurel crown. Actors are the new sex slaves and candidates for sacrifice. They are bred and mind controlled in special programs. Rise of CIA controlled feminism (Gloria Stein), MK ultra Washington controlled Punk rock ( Ian Mackaye, Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl,...), Hip hop ( rappers calling themselves 'dogs' and women 'bitches' like Isis, controlled by Israeli moguls like Jimmy Iovine and Lyor Cohen, who create bull fights/beef. Jupiter=Jay-hova Carter, Nazirius=Nas), materialistic yuppie culture in Wall Street, cell-lunar phones. Rise of satanic death metal in Nordic countries and gangster rap in black suburbs as projects of project Monarch.

The Shining, about Crowlean rituals to create antichrist babys as in Rosemarys Baby (prince William 2 years later during solstice, portal to 4D), predictive programming of John Lennon murder on 8 december, with rose memorial in Central Park.
1981 Trans-en-Provence ufo case. 20 march spring equinox The Omen 3 about antichrist birth prince William, president Bush. 24 february Engagement (sapphire hexagonal saturn stone ring -dr Sapirstein Rosemary's baby, ring represent eclipse) and 29 july wedding prince Charles and Diana.1 july Wonderland murders Laurel Canyon. Birth Meghan Markle. 12 nov William Holden (Omen 2). Sacrifice Natalie Wood 29 nov.
1982 Launch of the cd-player. Mind control program Punk(ie) rock, makes young people wear rooster mohawks and dog chains (black sun Johnny Rotten). 9 january birth princess Kate Middleton on lunar eclipse after winter solstice. May 26 ET movie about moonchild.

21 june (mirror date of Rosemary's Baby,21/6=216 (6x6x6)) summer solstice: Birth prince William (True Will, Thelema) at solar eclipse as new king Arthur (meeting sun and moon, eclipse as portal shown in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001). Solstice child (feathered serpent) receives snake DNA, tribe of Dan from mother and eagle wings, a 4D soul from sky father (in case of eclipse Saturn/Satan, the rebirth of Osiris through Horus). Diana becomes symbol of mother goddess.

85 days later, 14 sept car crash sacrifice Grace Kelly (birthday Charles Manson). Michael Jackson as king of pop.1983 Thomas Aquino of the Church of Satan/Set performs rituals in the nazi castle of Wewelsburg.Project Montauk.

1984 22 january Launching of Macintosh as commercialised Lucifer Lightbringer (transhumanism, artificial ascension, the promise of Lucifer to become a God).Michael Jordan 23, the new Osiris bull and Lucifer as Omni (omniscientist, the Lapis Exilis, human becoming all-knowing God) as genderless Prince enlightened by 'Purple rain' (sex magic) as genderless Madonna, queen of pop.Michael Jackson's fire accident. 15 sept birth prince Harry, son of Diana and James Hewitt. 26 oct Terminator (red eye artificial intelligence).


1985 23 jan Material girl, Madonna as whore of Babylon.19 april siege csa. July 3 the movie Back to the future is released about time travel (Werner von Braun=Emmet Brown), project Bluebird, Montauk. Predictive programming of 911 and election of Donald Trump as the bully Biff (Chiram Abiff, the antichrist).

November inauguration president/actor Ronald Reagan.
1986 Burning man Nevada (horseshoe shape). Transhumanists of Silicon Vally perform the desert wicker man ritual burning of man, Saturn eating its children, based on occult summer solstice ritual of Black Rock City with Terrordome. April 26 ritual with nuclear technology at Tchernobyl ('wormwood' prediction of Book of Revelation) to mutate human DNA.
1987 The Rockefellers plants the infection AIDS (Greek Hades/Aïdes, hiv=hive) through the 'Hepatitis B vaccine study' in New York City as an attack on the black race. The 'wall of sound' in music production.

1989 Collapse of the Sovjet bloc in Europe.
1990 Twin Peaks april 9th. NWO speech of George Bush on 911. UN Resolution 666 with 13 votes on 13 september ushering end of Babylon (the Gulf war, attack Saddam with psychotronics). US builds large ambassy in Iraq for contact with technological giant Atlanteans who retreated in ancient tunnel system in inner earth. Internet, based on Arpanet becomes worldwide web (w phoenician letter vau 6=666). 3 october Reunification of Germany (blue and red). Illuminati create Nefertiti blue flat top headdress=> Marge Simpson, flat top hair of black kids. The 'new man', new matriarchism.

1991 Nov 7 Magic Johnson spreading of Aids scare and condoms as rubber snake jackets. Gulf war in Iraq. July 3 (judgement day) release of Terminator 2 (911 transhumanism programming, with red mercury eye). Sep 24 Nevermind: Marketing of Generation X with Kurt Cobain (cocain), RHCP as poster children for nihilistic drug addiction, living under the bridge. Tupac Amaru ('shining serpent') of Black Panther parents, is made into icon, a Kali worshipping thug with Nefertiti tattoo, making the W (23) sign. Sacrifice of Queen singer Freddie Mercury through Aids on november 24.
1992 The European Union is created to prepare for world domination. Dance temples as Thunder/terrordomes. Instigation of black and white race war, 'Fear of a Black Planet' (Saturn, the terrordome). In L.A., after killing of the old sun (Rodney King), as Belthane ritual, riots are created with fire and looting, broadcasted live (evil).
1993 Launching of the HAARP project for weather manipulation (causing earthquakes and typhoons) and mind control at 4th density. Building of the Lucifer-telescope of the Vatican. Feb 26 first WTC attack. March 31 sacrifice Brandon Lee. April 19 sacrifice of children at Waco, Texas.

On dog day 23 july, father of Jordan (23) is killed with license plate uncoo23. Dennis Rodman tries to commit suicide, promoted as the new Michael Jordan. Hellraiser 3 on 9/11. River Phoenix ritual on october 31, in Johnny Depp's Viper Club.
1994 5 april Kurt Cobain is sacrificed at 27 (9). . 1 may sacrifice Ayrton Senna. May 13 The Crow. june 12 (date rosemarys baby) OJ Simpson murders. 15 june Lion king (Arthur/Horus). Shawnshank redemption: illumination through anal rape.
1995 Establishment of WTO. Pornification of children in movie 'Kids'. Microsoft Windows as window on the world. Seven movie, the 7 sins/beasts of the Whore of Babylon. April 19 blowing up Oklahoma building. oct 3 OJ Simpson trial.

7 november Stanley Ann Dunham is sacrificed, 2 days before date Paul McCartney.
1996 Independance day movie (Independance Missouri, the new Zion), july 15 Charles and Diana sun and moon divorce ritual (96-69 sign of cancer). Tupac makes Killuminati, 7 day-theory in 7 days. After leaving Luxor temple in Las Vegas he is shot, and sacrificed at friday the 13th of september at age 25 (2+5=7), 7 days after being shot. Trainspotting: more heroin glorification.
1997 March 9 sacrifice of 'king' Biggie Smalls in car. March 26 members the mind control project/Saturn cult Heavens gate, wearing Nike shoes commit suicide on the Ides of March in San Diego, near 33d parallel. Women inflate their lips with collagen or silicon to have fish lips. Bags/vagina's of crocodiles are sold to put make-up in, to make their eyes like the Evil Eye.

May day ritual Tony Blair socialist victory (Bilair=Satan, red rose symbolism). May 11 A.I. Deep Blue defeats Kasparov in chess (Deep Blue, IBM's supercomputer Blue Gene= the same blue jinn from the Aladdin stories, Lucifer, deus ex machina, man vs machine). may 29 Jeff Buckley. July 15 sacrifice Versace by Andrew Philip (prince Andrew/Philip), born 31 aug 1969. He is cremated on july 17, 50th birtday of Diana's rival Camilla Parker. Diana linked to Dodi Fayed of Akhenaton bloodline, born on 43th birthday of sinking Titanic. August 31 car crash moonless night (virgin moon) sacrifice of Princess Diana (red rose, queen of hearts) in the Alma tunnel in Paris, near the Eiffel tower, field of Mars, similar to LaVey's victims Mansfield and Monroe. Predictive programming in Terminator 2, 2 days after Judgement Day,

Aug 31 is the date of Hitlers false flag attack to start WW2, day before death Louis xiv, 100 y after 1st Zionist Congress. Lawyer of Fayed: Michael Mansfield (birthday Crowley). 29 oct death Anton Lavey.
1998 Google is founded (Gog oeuil, the eye of Gog, goggles), Yahweh=>Yahoo. Monica Lewinsky scandal. Dark City and Truman show (Revelation, unveiling).
1999 1/1 Introduction of the Euro in 11 countries. Rockefeller's Standard Oil becomes Exxon Mobile.Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq, from the Djengis Khan bloodline, sees himself as an incarnation of Nebuchadnezzar, orders tanks called 'lion of Babylon'. He has stargate technology and is a famous handler of US elite like Barry Soetoro, Hawaï native who becomes Barack (Hussein) Obama. Saddam Hussein has time travel technology and wants to bypass the dollar. A new attack is planned against him (propaganda in South Park).

3/31: Release of The Matrix, gnostic Christ Neo, the one, the moonchild of 2001. Predictive programming of 'truth movement' through movies like the Matrix and Fight Club, not exposing the fact we live in a matrix but through video games and virtual reality pushing us deeper into another controlled matrix, approaching the Singularity.

20 april (birthday Hitler) sacrifice ritual Columbine high school (shown in movie Elephant:slaying of the bull, linked to Marilyn Manson). Eyes Wide Shut.story of Polyphilio's dream, part ofThelema religion. Theme of breaking out of conformity (Bringing out the dead, fight club,Truman show..).American Beauty (the dream of the whore of Babylon in Metropolis), august Polanski's the Ninth gate (ritual of ninth month sept 2001),
2000 in US all information is controlled through 5 media/mind control companies: Viacom, News Corp, Disney, Time Warner, Vivendi. CNN owned by Rupert Murdock/Marduk, Fox=firefox, the animal associated with Lucifer, NBC with Lucifer peacock logo. 10 multinationals control all brands sold in grocery stores. The rectangle tv box evolves to the black monolith rectangle. A new dome of the rock is built in London as the Millenium Dome (XX).

2001 On the Ides of March the Taliban blow up 2 Buddha's near Kabul (the Ka of the bull). 21 june solar eclipse summer solstice (eclipse of movie 2001, 33 years earlier), 8 days later release of A.I., story of David (=David Bowman, moonchild that has a '6th sense', a red eye, falling from building in NY), the same nazi zionist dream of Metropolis.

Saturn is in the sign of Gemini/twins,on 9/11 strong opposition Saturn/Pluto. the weekend of 7 sept the company of Marvin Bush places the explosives at the WTC. 11 years after his father announced a new world order on 9/11, when he is age 77, his son George Bush, nazi skull and bones memeber is inaugurated. 33 weeks and 3 days later, a false flag attack is carried out on the World Trade Centers on 9/11, following Crowley's rituals to evoke Apollyon of Revelation 9:11.


The buildings with each 111 floors, insured through Swiss Re (Bilderbergers group) for 7 billion $, are blown up with nukes containing thermite, while new holographic technology of Project Bluebeam creates 2 planes (the doubleheaded eagle) at floor 77, flight 93 hits floor 93 (important Crowley nr, 9 nr illusion, 3 divine). The Salomon brothers building (47 story, 1947 year of Crowley's death) is also blown up. The Pentagon/pentagram, based on Venus orbit forms a pentagram, 77 ft tall, located on 77th meridian west, initiated at 9/11 1941 attacked by plane call sign Venus77. Sacrifice of the virgin Isis at harvest, when sun moves into Virgo. Two become one, the pillar of truth, aeon of Horus.

As the usual harvest of september, the large dosis of fear at important energy vortex creates a measurable effect on the global consciousness grid , the impact of a lightning in a black magic ritual of summoning entities ( silver gate ritual with time symbol octagon colgate clock, 9th gate between 2 pillars).The stock market plunges, Patriot Act is enforced. George W (23) Bush(UA flight 23, 9+11+2+0+0+1=23),13th cousin of Brittain's queen mother, descendant of the first crusader Godfried of Bouillon, attacks Afghanistan. The blame is put on their distant relatives, the Bin Laden family,owners of the twin towers of Mecca, with Osama ('lion') also Marfan syndrome as Set. Another crusade is started, holy war in Afghanistan (Persia is where Zarathustra and his teaching of good and bad originated, inspiration for Nietzsche's Zarathustra who taught an inversion of morality).

Using the axis of evil metaphor, people are tortured in Guantanamo bay in Cuba.

Big Brother tv show announcing the digital prison surveillance state.

2002 The physical euro money is brought into circulation. February 6 celebration of the 911 sacrifice ritual as 50 year Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. May sacrifice of Pim Fortuyn.
2003 20 March attack of Iraq under false pretence, the revenge of the tribe of Dan against Babylon, steal 10.000 pieces in the National Museum Iraq (ancient information, useful for future technology) and capture Saddam =After the Two Towers: Return of the king as Lord of the rings in Babylon, the 33d parallel. The Da Vinci Code Arago=Aragon, south of France Tribe of Dan rhesus- bloodline.

Summer solstice release of Hulk and Terminator 3 (rise of homunculus A.I. uebermensch). Rise of social media, Big Brother technology.

2004 feb 4 (date of Videodrome) Facebook is founded, the digital wall -all seeing eye of our matrix with Tubalcain-logo. feb 26 Passion of Christ. 11 march false flag train attack Madrid 3/11 (close to north parrellel with NY, 911 days after 9-11) near Lucifer statue.
Trend of mindfulness, healthy food, concepts like open source, creative commons, peer-to-peer, sharing economy. Sirius Independance day ritual june 28 june in Iraq. Fake truth movement (Fahrenheit 911, Zeitgeist,..). Election ritual between skull and bones members Bush and Kerry.

2005 22/1 wedding Trump and Melania. On april 19, the nazi bishop Ratzinger becomes Pope Benedict the 16th, day before 116th birthday of Hitler (Manson from Benedict Canyon-Stars Wars Revenge of the Sith-the Roman empire).

July 7th (aphelion, 7/7/2'5=777) London false flag underground bomb attack, after the day London won the bid to host the Olympics of 2012, at Tavistock square (birthday Ringo Starr, mind controlled at Tavistock).

29 august (birthday John McCain): Satanic Wizard of Oz/ Great Flood- ritual creating floods in New Orleans as a sacrifice to Catherine (wheel of Samsara, St. Catherine, wife of prince William,..) energy oil crisis, global warning hoax -transformation towards a new O 'Tomorrowland'/land of Oz of transhumanism, transgender artificial intelligence, push new climate regulations. 'The singularity is near' by Ray Kurzweil (=Joker).

22 november Angela Merkel, biological daughter of Hitler with the same name as his sister, also obsessed with Wagner, is elected chancellor of Germany. She will lead the G8 (the wheel-Will, 8 pointed star of Isis), beginning of the Fourth Reich. Jesuit propaganda V for vendetta launches the Guy Fawkes mask as the new Lucifer.
2006 Twt/Toth/Horus (CIA project Bluebird): blue bird Twitter. CIA creates controlled opposition Wikileaks with the same masked Lucifer liberator anonymous ghost/joker theme and Pirate Party with skull and bones symbol. Era of credit default swaps and creation of endless debt and endless cash flow for the elite. Macbook as the black sun, black book/box. .Al Gore's global warming scam.

After 40 years, June 6 (666) remake the Omen. 2 Oct the God delusion, push for atheism. November: the movie Casino Royale, Daniel Craig (tribe of Dan) as Bond, tricked by Le chiffre (Osiris-Set, Jesus-Lucifer/Crowley) behind 9/11. 22 december Children of men (son of man king arthur tale). 30 december sacrifice Saddam.
2007 February 8, sacrifice Anna Nicole Smith (Howard Marshall 4/8 like Queen Elizabeth and Obama). Global recession, 'saving' of the banks. 29 june first I-phone (black monolith), slaves are given their personal tracking and mind control device, prison cell phones. 1 july Diana concert. 14 december I am legend, last man parable bridge to uebermensch.
2008 Building of Horn shaped twin towers world trade center in Bahrein, island of Enki/Capricorn.
22 january (22 nr of joker card, last book of Revelation) sacrifice of Joker Heath Ledger, born on 4 april (april fool/joker), while Conrad Veidt who first played the Joker was born on 22 january and died on april 3. Iron man movie transhuman artificial heart, Elon Musk Mars agenda.

Bastille Day 14th of july release The Dark Knight. In Crowley's religion the dark night Nuit/Isis black sea of nothingness and chaos creates Golden Dawn, birth of Horus/Lucifer/Venus. The conflict between Batman and the anti-establishment Anonymous Joker=the birdman Horus- Set. Predictive programming of Obama in Chicago as Harvey Dent, with production designer Nathan Crowley. True blood series, glorification of the royal blue blood/True Will Dracula bloodline. 10 sept (date of Hellraiser) LHC (12+8+3=23) is powered up in Geneva. 15 sept, birthday of prince Harry, bankruptcy Lehman brothers, dow jones is dropped 777 points initiating global crisis and 700 billion pay out.
2009 8 january Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (date of charlie hebdo, featuring Heath Ledger/Joker as hanged man). 9 jan Bitcoin offered as open source software, 21 years after Economist cover predicting World Currency.

Jan 20 inauguration of Hussein (Bruce Wayne) Obama, the abomination of the Omen (born in Hawaii, female earth energy center, heart chakra of earth, barak means lightning, barack blessing) as the new Akhenaton/Mozes and his transgender husband Michel Obama as Tiye, while Merkel (daughter of Hitler) reopens Neue (neo) Museum with Nefertiti bust.

23 january Joker/Dark Knight inspired killing in Dendermonde Belgium. May 4 Angels and demons false prophet antichrist theme with Ayelet Zurer (28-6-1969, date of Rosemary's Baby).

December movie Avatar (Eve/Awa who consorted with Lucifer, concept of avatar bodies in matrix with Zoe Saldana who will play mother of antichrist in 'Rosemary's baby'), 3D glasses as preparation for total immersion 4D entertainment.
2010 Bujr Khalifa as new tower of Babel.

20 april (birthday of Hitler) killing of 11 workers at Deepwater Horizon (event horizon black hole, transition to solar power, singularity with wormwood sunflower logo) : 5 million barrels of oil is spilled in the Gulf of Mexico (Pensacola beach from the movie Contact, 2010 the year we make contact) resulting in the black birds from Revelation. Dead fish= transition from Pisces to Aquarius.

Downgrade of Greece's credit rating, resulting in European debt crisis. May 6 flash crash, trillion dollar market crash of 36 minutes (666). July 16, 2 days after Bastille day Inception movie (about mind control with predictive programming of attacks in Paris).

5 august masonic ritual where 33 workers (33 degrees of freemasonry) are trapped in a gold-copper mine shaft in Chile, and rescued after 69 days =rise, ascension of Lucifer/Horus liberated out of the bottomless pit with rescue capsule 'Fenix' at tropic of Cancer (69). Chilean president visits Queen Elizabeth with a rock from the mine. Nov 22 My beautiful dark..

In 2010 the year we make contact, Jupiter turns into a minisun called Lucifer. As a satanic fire ritual, 4 days before total lunar eclipse at winter solstice, a revolution is staged in December in Tunesia and Bahrein, the city of Lucifer, through FB and Twitter (the blue bird Lucifer).
2011 Launch of OWN (NWO) on 1 jan (1-1-11). Similar to Akhenaton causing revolution in ancient Egypt, Barack and his nemesis Mubarak: Jan 25 Arab spring, Tahrir square demonstrations and resignment of Mubarak, putting islamists of Muslim Brotherhood in power. IBM's supercomputer Watson defeats human contestants on Jeopardy.

Japan is attacked, on march 11(7 years after Madrid 11/3) creating the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, nuclear disaster in Fukoshima (3-11-11). 19th of march inauguration of pope Francis (anti-capitalist prophet) at St Peter square. Game of Thrones announcincing the ritual of the Orion/Lion king of Judah family ruling the world, war of the roses (Christ and Lucifer).

As Belthane mayday ritual marriage between prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29th of april, same day as Hitler and Eva Braun, while on 2nd of may (operation neptune spear, 2/6/2011=11) assasination of Osama by Obama is announced (Lion King Aragon wedding after defeat Sauron).European debt crisis. Increase of television series with more violence, pornography and dark themes. 22 july templar knight Anders Brevik sacrifice ritual. 23 july Amy Winehouse sacrificed at 27. 5 august (5+8=13-11) Rise of planet of the apes (virus alz-113- Charles and Will, next step in human evolution, babboons from the Omen). August 8 Watch the throne -Niggas in Paris 13-9, announcing 13 Paris attacks. Aug 8-10 London riots, ignited by murder mark Duggan (birthday of prince Harry) on august 4 (birthday of Queen Mother and Obama).

17 september: Fake movement occupy wall street (the Rise of Planet of the Apes, Luciferian rebellion against the 'Gods'). Take Shelter (Revelation storm coming), Black mirror series, announcing the era of nihilistic anti-politics, cruelty of internet. Homeland series (Damien Thorne theme). 20 oct Lybian war ending in sacrifice Khaddafi.


the End game

World population reaches 7 billion.14 million new cases of cancer occurr globally.
2012 Neofascists try to take over Greece (Crowley's Golden Dawn).

Feb 5 Madonna super bowl ritual. February 11 bathtub sacrifice Witney Houston, feb 12 Nicki Minaj Roman Zolanski ritual Grammy awards. feb 26 shooting Trayvon Martin. march 23 The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen as Lucifer/Horus, the mocking jay, the phoenix, Donald Sutherland as Trump. May 4 Avengers movie about the tesseract, opening portal.

May 26 Eurovision contest Lucifer/Venus/Baphomet ritual pushing the transgender agenda 'Rise like a phoenix'. June 8 Prometheus movie. June 12 Christine Lagarde speech: A triple crisis (environmental, financial and social inequality) to evolve towards one world religion.

16 july 'Dark knight rises' (Lucifer) movie, elite gods fighting Isis,occupy Wall street anti-capitalist anarchy.

20 july Batman-joker inspired Aurora shooting (aurora=Golden Dawn, predicted in Gangster Squad). 20/07 Century 16 refers to John Dee (007) who laid the groundwork of magik in the 16th century.20/07=27, victim of 27y old.

27 july London (nazi-Zionistic) Olympic rising phoenix ritual-hunger games with 12 august closing ceremony feat. Paul McCartney playing Hey Judd (white album linked to Revelation). 30 august One World (new world order) Trade center completed in NY. 911 riots in Egypt linked to 'Innocence of muslims' released on 1 july (Diana's birthday), charllie hebdo (fool/joker) Muhammed cartoons. 23 oct Skyfall (elite fighting Secret Intelligence Service terrorist/ Isis).

22 nov abduction of James Foley to start Isis media ritual. 14 december after hurricane Sandy, false flag attack Sandy Hook (predictive programming in Dark Knight). Censorsip of anyone exposing it as a cheap crisis actor joke
2013 Controlled opposition Wikileaks is allowed to reveal surveillance of NSA.
Start of the Human Brain Project. The CEO (all seeing eye,COW)-to-minimum-wage-ratio becomes 774 to 1. 3/13 Inauguration Jesuit pope Francis (Revelation 13). The Jesuits finally have their world empire.

5th industrial revolution: based on Cyber-Physical systems (Internet of Things). Push towards transhumanism, man becoming immortal, God ( A.I., singularity), post carbon age (no human body). Mind control through splitting, creating dissasocciate personality disorders can be done technologically. 15 april Boston marathon ritual.

May day ritual of the maypole: installation of the spear of destiny, the pole on the World Trade Center. June 14 (birthday Trump) Man of steel. july 13 (birtday Caesar) formation of fake gang Black Lives Matter.

July 22 (feast of Mary Magdalene) birth prince George during supermoon. Zimmerman Trayvon Marton murder. Nov 30 Paul Walker. Dec 5 death Mandela.

2014 (year IV- 0) Grammy 33 gay couples ritual. February 2 sacrifice Philip Seymour Hoffman. April 18 Transcendence transhumanism propaganda.

May 11 (mother's day) Rosemary's Baby antichrist remake, set in Paris. Instigation of racial tensions, muslim fundamentalism and nationalism across Europe so zionists like Geert Wilders, Le Pen gain more support. At the same time climate doom stories about a flood and WW3.

The Jesuits, John McCain (Cain, child of Lucifer and Eve/Isis) rebrand Al Quaïda as an apocalyptic sect to create Holy War, funded by Qatar and Saudi, worshipping their goddess ISIS (plain of Megiddo of Ar-mageddon at 33d parallel). Sexual slavery, veiling, stoning to death, torture, beheading, burning people, blowing up archeoligical sites and broadcasting the propaganda on their media channels, to eventually reconquer Babylon and prepare the world for a new world war between west and east (solar and lunar worship, left-right brain on Paris meridian). Anti-muslim violence in Europe.
June 29 (death Jayne Mansfield) Isis announces khalifate. july 11 Dawn of planet of the apes (Golden Dawn after Dark Night, solar warrior of Julius Evola, living off the grid). july 17 malaysia ailines flight, death Eric Garner (birthday 15 sep like prince Harry). July 25 first Isil media propaganda, Lucy movie (Lucifer offering next step in human evolution through black goo, nanotechnology).

August 1 Jihadi John called the Black Beatle (Khepri), beheading of James Foley (Jesuit trained) in orange (code for 33, decapitation symbol 9th degree in jesuit controlled freemasonry).

Aug 9 murder of Michael Brown, causing Ferguson riots (royal Sarah Ferguson). Aug 11 Robin Williams, aug 12 (hanged man) and Lauren Bacall. Aug 27 Birdman (the dark knight). 3 nov opening one world trade center. 7 november Interstellar.
2015 3 jan burning of Muath al-Kasasbeh. Illuminati try to create 'clash of civilisations', another Armageddon prophecy of 2 armies on 2 shores as destruction of man:

January 7 murders at Charlie Hebdo Paris (archetype of the charlie/ fool, joker/cartoonist, victim in hanged man pose, release of Michel Houellebecq Submission), later bought by Rothchilds, jan 9 birthday of princess Catherine, attack at Vincennes. Jan 11 (111) march. Madonna Rebel Heart.

15 january Man in the high castle, openly showing how jesuit nazi still rule US.
Eurasian Economic Union. G7 commit to get the global economy off of fossil fuels to introduce artificial Hybrid cars, connected with the Internet of Things, 3D printing. Rise of graphene instead of silicone (with the 6 hexagon saturnian cube structure). 15 feb beheading ritual Isis 21 masons in Tripoli, Lybia. 19 april robot Sophia activated, date Skynet (Google) would go online.

May day birth of princess Charlotte (the harlot of Babylon). June 12 (date Rosemary's Baby) Jurassic World. June 17 (death of J.Parsons) Charleston church shooting, close to 33d parallel.

Series like Mr Robot (in Coney Island, with eye opening climax at Times Square like Spiderman 2, Birdman, Avengers) use mind control predictive programing to prepare for a fake Arab spring like revolution of hackers and activists, thinking technology will save them (Sony hack in dec 2014). Theme of Disclosure/Apocalypse/Revelation, human annihilation, flood before rebirth, Horus revenge on Set. Disinformation to promise external saviour to the truth movement. Bridge to uebermensch theme:series like Sense8, movies like Ex Machina, X-men, Fantastic four, mutants who have supernatural powers/immortality,..

Merkel as empress of the European Empire, plans exodus of refugees the invasion of Germany of 1 million immigrants to cause chaos. Nasa announcements and movies about missions to Mars to promote the SpaceX-Mars agenda (movies about last man on earth-first man on mars,..).

21 sep Piggate (linking David Cameron-9 oct to John Lennon-9 oct who wrote Piggies, used to mind control Manson).

12 november (birthday Manson) Black beatle Jihadi John is announced to be dead. Friday the 13th (13-11, the same date Isis was formed a year earlier,friday the 13th related to Templar Knights ) 2 false flag attacks are carried out in Paris, at Zionist club Bataclan (predictive programming in Batman movie Dark Knight Rises, the Monarch theatre where Bruce Wayne's parents are killed, Cars 2 -a113, A. Abdeslam birthday prince Harry), boulevard Voltaire as symbol of illumination/enlightenment, freedom of speech. Man playing beatle John Lennon in front of Bataclan. A year later Bataclan reopens with a concert of Sting (Scorpio november, the Joker). Attacks in Syria in coöperation with the Shia's who indulge in more rape and torture. They conquer 5 cities in Syria (Raqqa, Palmyra,..) to create a pentagram around the energy vortex in the region and conquer Aleppo, the beehive, the Aleph. Dec 22 SpaceX lands Falcon 9.

2016 David Bowie is sacrificed on 10 january dying from Cancer (69), 2 days after his 69th birthday and release of Black Star (Saturn, the death star, the black sun). Jan 18 Glenn Frey, singer the Eagles age 67, 67 days after false flag ritual with Eagles of Death Metal.

Predictive programming the bully Biff Tannen=> Trump, always tanned like an orange as the new antichrist. The new fake jesuit controlled 'truth' movement (infowars, Wikileaks,..) is started of alt right news to back jesuit trained Trump, create left-right division and infowar.

Fake Isis attack Brussels airport (3/22=322 nr of Skull and Bones), one bomb at Maalbeek metro station at 09.11. Gates of Baal placed in Times Square NY and Trafalgar Square London. Proxy war in Syria escalates in covert WW3. Chinese Yuan declared official currency.

19 april gate of Baal in Trafalgar Square. 21 april Purple sacrifice ritual of Prince, on the Queen's birthday.

June 12, false flag attack Orange Avenue, Orlando (pushing the gay transgender agenda) in orange state (masonic nr 33) Florida with actor Omar Mateen. 16 june murder Jo Cox.

June 23 EU 'referendum' ritual, where purple party Ukip wins, Brittain leaves the EU.

July 14 Bastille Day (release Dark Knight 8 years earlier) false flag attack with truck in Nice, South France. October 2 (birthday Parsons) Westworld (artificial Truman show).

Lobbyist Roger Stone orchestrates Pizzagate, like Watergate, Irangate (the lionsgate, stargate of Isis, the black sun), to get rid of the previous puppets and install the new, censorship of truth as 'fake news' with even the pope attacking it. Left and right-mainstream alternative news conflict to give rise to nationalism.Nov 7 sacrifice Leonard Cohen. December 4 false flag attack Comet Pizza. Trump as the adaptable unpredictable joker/wildcard with general Mad Dog. December 19 Berlin truck attack, murder Andrey Karlov. dec 27 d Carrie Fisher.

2017 January 20 (=21) Donald Trump is inaugurated (quoting Bane in the Dark Knight rises, which used Trump tower as Wayne Enterprise) being 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old, symbolic trumpet of the apocalypse (777). Five days later John Hurt dies 77y old.

20/3 death David Rockefeller (bday of Barron Trump, release Omen 3, bday of Chester Bennington). False flag attack London spring equinox 22/3 ( 322 nr Skull and Bones, 22 nr of joker card, London has fallen movie),

31 march Ghost in the shell with Scarlett Johannson (the scarlett woman, whore of Babylon as shown in beginning 20th century in Metropolis) VR porn- uebermensch transhumanism agenda blurring line between man and machine, eliminating organic life, human connection.

3 april time cover 'is Truth dead?'. 14 april release Damn (Damien). 23 april Rothschild puppet Macron (birthday Marjorie Cameron) becomes French president with 66% of votes, celebrated at the 666 pyramid at the Louvre with 9th symphony.

22 may false flag attack Manchester (23 victims , skull and bones 322 numerology with 'Somewhere over the rainbow' mind control anthem) after another Horus-Set, King Arthur movie release.Trump poses with Palantir Stone (the hew-stone in magik) linked to Peter Thiel in Riyadh.

July 20 OJ Simpson (orange juice masonic code for 33) released after 33 years, sacrifice Chester Benninton of Linkin/Lincoln Park, on birthday Chris Cornell ('Black hole sun') who was sacrificed on may 18th. Aug 4th the Dark tower (king Arthur story with the man in black, dark knight Lucifer). 8/17 bus attack Barcelona. Aug 21 solar eclipse, linked to Cornell Black Hole Sun, when Trump (born on lunar eclipse) is 26.000 days old (26.000 years is a Great Age, the duration of the precession of the equinoxes). Hurricane Harvey in Houston (Harvey Oswald who killed JFK Houston street).

Sept 15 (prince Harry 33d birthday, death Harry Dean Stanton) false flag attack underground London at Parsons Green (bomb in Lidl bag as a pun on satanist Jack Parson and W. Parsons' Little boy atomic bomb).

Oct 1 false flag attack Las Vegas from 32d floor with 23 guns in front of Luxor pyramid. Harvest 91 ritual for 91 y old queen Elizabeth 2 (last 91 days of year).Stephen Paddock (9 april -1 oct) killed after Hugh Hefner (9 april- 27 sept) dies at 91. 15/11 after Hurricane Harvey, Harvey Weinstein scandal.

November Sutherland Springs church shooting. 19-11 death Charles Manson. 30 dec death Isaac Farris and Erica Garner.

2018 2 feb (33d day) 666 drop of Dow Jones. Rise of decentralised cryptocurrencies, sold as rebellious alternative to central banking, backed by A.I, to create a hive mind (ether=5th element, spirit). Deployment of 5G grid, radiation warfare at 60 GHz.

War in Syria for lithium. 19 may wedding prince Harry- Meghan Markle.

aug 14 staged event at Morandi bridge Genua: broken column symbolising the back of Osiris, broken DNA-ladder. Man as a bridge to the Uebermensch, collapse of Europe under rise of new race created in Geneva, through the 88 portal (Italian PM born 8/8).Predictive programming in the Dark Knight Rises, Rise of Planet of the Apes, X-men Apocalypse, Quantum Apocalypse,..Fake news about a survivor David Capello, age 33.


New Zealand hoax. Shutdown of free internet. Brainwashing the masses into accepting one world government, with one world race, one gender and one Luciferian world religion.



the present