100.000 - 12.500

12.500 - 6000


Creation is reversed. The magnetic The water of the flood, 3 x the amount of the oceans today, is stored in an ocean 400 miles/600 km beneath the earth's crust, within the mesosphere ( the layer of hot rock between Earth’s surface and its liquid outer core) inside blue rock called ringwoodite. Ringwoodite has a crystal like structure and acts as a sponge, draws in hydrogen and traps water, maintaining the balance of the oceans (underworld).

There is an overall increase of density on Earth and a drastic lowering of consciousness, life span and memory. Out of billions, only a few hundred million have survived the Flood, mostly mutant humans (genetically altered into a much lower state of consciousness), heavily traumatized. The reptilians seem to be defeated by the Atlanteans (Jupiter with his lightning and thunder weapons killed the dragon). While earth is mainly controlled by the young gods, associated with Jupiter, groups that created mankind see the confusion as an oppurtinity to regain more influence.

The heavy rains are remembered through the constellations Aquarius, Pisces and other sea-related signs.

Bulls are seen as an incarnation of Osiris. Taurus, the bull of heaven, is still worshipped in South Africa as the mother goddess Mahathor and in pre-dynastic Egypt in a fertility religion, as the sky and cow godess Hwt hr/ Hathor ('Hat'-'Hor' - 'House of (Phos)Horus'). Hathor is the ankola watusi cow/bull who carries the Black Sun between its large horns and whose milk/sperm created the milkyway. Her four legs are envisioned straddling the earth marking the cardinal points, the four rivers of the garden of Eden. Ploughs to work the earth are also triangular/bull-shaped. Horus, sun/son of God, the golden man becomes an important god, born at the equinox. A Horus is also a horned torus, the geometric shape of all matter. Horus=the zodiac sign Aries, spring, beginning of the cycle, the ram with 2 horns that spiral out of the golden ratio.

The story of the divine son/sun is a metaphor for the cycle of the seasons and enlightenment of man and ascension to the level of the gods and linked to the death/rebirth experience of plant medicines. The son/sun is conceived during winter solstice by the golden phallus, the first rays of light ( through sexual union, the 6 pointed star of David/hexagon of Saturn=> six pointed flower of life). He is born during the vernal equinox, begins to fall like the fallen angel at summer solstice and dies during autumn, the story of duality, light/dark, yin/yang, good/bad. Summer solstice, when the sun passes between Gemini and Cancer is the Gate of Men. 21 december, winter solstice, when the sun passes between Sagitarius (ruled by Jupiter) and Capricorn is the Gate of the Gods, when the interdimensional veil gets thinner, a paraphysical door is opened to feed the evolutionary process of human intelligence. At this time, the constellation of the giant Orion occupies the midway between northern and southern hemisphere of the heavens, commands the winter sky in upwards position, return of the golden invincible phallus that nobody kan keep down. The equinox, the central pillar is the equila, the equator, the aguila, the needle, the eagle, when the sun and its twin, the black sun Saturn meet. In the concept of Luciferianism, the male sky and sun god puts his golden phallus in the womb of the female earth and underworld and out of this sexual union, on the vernal equinox, Saturn falls, the sun exalts (every 5 year venus), new life is born=fire, Lucifer, the Morning Star, Phosp-Horus, the bringer of dawn, of light and life. The sun rises, is erect, resurrected again.

As the comet V-enis, the morning star he embodies male and female, good and bad combined so it is considered the rock of desire, 'love', passion, the fire in human hearts. The duality of yang-yin, light-dark is the same as Saturn-sun or Venus-Mars. Cardo=hinge, cardinal signs: the hinges of the door to heaven.


The giant gods are also pictured, carrying a wheel, the 8-pointed star of Lucifer/Venus in a circle. It is the symbol of the 8 pointed Saturnian box, and of the potter's wheel, used to create men but also to mark the different sacrifice rituals on the calendar, needed to make the sun rise. The holy spit/spirit is the sperm out of Lucifer's phallus that created man, symbolised by the steering rudder (root of all evil) at the stern, the mast of ships (later the 8-pointed wheel becomes the steering wheel connected to the rudder). The rudder is seen in the sky as star Quain/Can-opus of the ark Argo Navis, the mother ship with the front as lotus/vagina and the silk sails as the scrotum. The calendar wheel has 4 cardinal points to sacrifice to the male sky and sun god (the earth-red cross, mark of Quaïn), 4 diagonal wavy lines to sacrifice to the earth and receive rain and fertility (galactic cross of Taurus-Aquarius-Aquila-Leo). Femine power in the Annunaki religion equals evil and death, that needs to be battled and beaten with phallic power.The male fire energy of Phosphorus is worshipped as the axis mundi, the axe, the pole warding off the scary Evil eye of the female seductive Phosphorus (morning star Venus).

Age of LEO, ruled by the sun.

10.500 On the remnants of Lemuria, Angkor Wat with the 3 pinecone like towers, pillars of the trinity/tree of life pattern, is designed as a star map of the constellation of Draco, by reptilian bloodlines. Gates with 2 Lions, the shoulders of Orion, holding the lapis exilis stone under its paw with the flower of life motive.

Close to the city now known as Caïro (meaning Mars) a statue is build of a lion sphinx, the symbol of the morning star. Sphinx= sphincter, a gate/ ring that regulates closing and opening. At the time it faces the constellation of Leo at the horizon. The right paw of the lion has a passage to the Hall of Records and a subterranean chamber system, leading to inner earth.

Age of the first sun

The Atlanteans mix with the natives of North-America, become the Iroqois (Haplogroup X). Blue-eyed Nephilim are known by the Othama tribe and the Hopi Indians in North-America as Bahana, 'white brother from the skies' . In Peru they are known as the Chinchurro, red haired fisher folk. In Meso and South America the people call their arrival, the beginning of the Age of the First Sun, 'age of the giant, white haired, bearded giants'. They build 3 pyramids in Yucatan, aligned with Orion's belt.

Because they came from the sea, they are called Viracocha (sea-foam).
In Tiahuanaca, Bolivia, one of the vortices, they construct Kalasasaya, palaces with underground pyramid, using granite. It is dedicated to Lord Viracocha, the creator of all things, also linked to the panther/puma as harbinger of death. The distinctive glowing, blue eyes are painted on their statues with lapis lazuli. Wall of humanity shows all human races, like the OTO-shaped Nordics. Appearance of the H-symbol of Orion's belt and stargate, swastika SS-symbol, cross-symbol and T-crosses. They build a Sun gate that serves as a calendar with Lord Viracocha in the middle, on top of the Roal Arch, holding lightning and axe (2 solstice poles). All their mythologies speak of the war between the gods and the titans. The Hopi call the greys Masau'u, god of death and underworld and the reptilians with horns and thin waists Anu ('ants').


Canary Islands

While Atlantis sinks, the Nordics of the city Gorias on the Gorgon isles end up on the highest point that hasn't sunk yet, the region now known as Kain/Canary Islands at the vulcano Mount Teide with the Dragon tree. Mount Teide is the mythical Atlas of Atlantis who held up the sky (Mount Bel, now Mount Etna in Sicilia as the other pillar of Herakles). The natives say Guayota, the devil kidnapped Magec (magic, Lucifer, god of light and sun) and imprisoned him in the mountain, plunging the world into darkness. People asked Achamàn (Aquaman, Enlil, the rain and sky god) to release him. The dog-faced creatures are called canars, coming from the canal, they are feared and worshipped. Mount Teide becomes the post-deluge version of the mythical white mountain, where 'creation' took place. Berbers of Morocco are still related to the Irish, also using bagpipes of goatskin.

Tuatha de Danan

The Nordics of Tir-Na-Nog, the Os-Irish Atlantis with their leader Ogma (Eremon, the 4th monarch of Atlantis) colonize the countries now known as Ireland and England. Because they are so tall, have red or blonde hair and blue or green eyes, the small, dark natives consider them gods. They are known as the matriarchal Tuatha de Danan, who worship the mother womb of the primordial waters as Danu. Danu is the mother of Vrtra, the demonic serpent, slain by the thunder god. The Sliabh an Irain they land on=the iron mountain, the primordial mount of the bennu bird, the Mt Zion legend. They use the symbol of the axis mundi/world tree with a serpent at its feet, and an owl at the branches, the feathered serpent. The lightning shaped Vajra: trident/ tree reaching upward and a trident pointing downward, roots of the underworld.

They build serpent mounds like the one in Avebury and earth wombs, chambers linked to winter solstice and the female egg conception like Newgrange. On winter solstice a shaft of light enters the site as a golden phallus, 'impregnating' the 3 basins. On the vortex of South England, a convergence of 14 ley/dragon lines, they build Somerset and the Stonehenge site. The T-shaped stones form a coil arrangement, with magnetic stones in the Trilithon Pi-(pee, phosphor) shape, aligned with fixed points in the solar or lunar calendar like summer and winter solstice, when the sun appears between the door shaped Trilithon and the veil is thinner. A throne of a recumbant stone and on the sides two taller stones, two towers as an arch portal for the sun.

They have the features of a particle collider and serve as a portal. These natural stargates open, depending on positions of the celestial bodies. Air-bound electric currents improve seed fertility and crop production, enlarged with the focus and intent of a large cetemony with drumming, creating coherence. First they are centres of peace and enlightenment but they are later invaded and contaminated with negative energy.

The stone henges or wood henges, as symbol of man/penis/tree and its kings and gods appear all across England, Scotland and Europe in group, horseshoe formation or near a building, as menhirs. The royal stones have cup marks and rings, referring to star constellations. The stones are called dragon teeth (linked to reptilian features). They harvest energy and can be healing. After death, after sacrife through a 3-pointed knife they remain as a capture of soul essence, and a seed of the moon, a navel for rebirth of a 3-petaled flower, a new tree of life.

The druïds worship the Trinity (3 solar rays, the 3 pillars of the three/Tree of life), a triad of the Gods Esu (sun and sky, masculine, the father, the higher realm) (Luci)Bel (earth and the moon, female, holy spirit, water, the terrestial realm), (Lucifer)Taran ( fire, the son, neutral, the lower realm). Human sacrifices are made to Esus by tying and hanging them as a woodman to a Tau-cross, a T-shaped tree, to Bel or Teutates by drowning them, to Taran by burning them. They even make a huge wicker man with living people inside it and set it ablaze, the symbolic burning of man.

They worship the oak as symbol of female chalice, male phallus combined sexual power. They use them as World Tree in their oracle rituals. On Bel-thane, the female fertility rite of 1st of may on the wheel of Bel, a druïd climbs an oak, willow or holly tree with a mistletoe to cut it as crown of the illuminated ones. In rituals of blood sacrifice to the moon, lumps of white quartz is used as 'moon stones' of the mythical white mountain Albe. It is a binary crystal (vibrates at frequencies, multiples of 2) and contains silica. Silica has memory and conducts electromagnetism. The stones are broken and used as knives with 3 points pointing upwards, 3 points pointing downwards, symbol of lightning and the tree of life.

In Germany, the rock is worshipped in the rocky cave Externstein, where a ray of light falls on the altar on summer solstice.

Slaves wear the golden ourobouros ring around their neck as a torc. The fossilized resin of pine trees, the orange amber (barnsteen/bernstein, burning stone) the 'gold of the north' is connected to Lucifer/Electricity and his Ambrosia, food of the Gods. The stones are considered tears from the Children of the Sun, the Eridanus river star constellation, holy blood. They are transported from the north to the south, leading to the Amber Road, beginning in the region of St. Petersburg.The nomadic sea-faring Nephilim move to Western Europe and the Middle-East, following the river we now call Danube, leave sites like Lepenski Vir. The Baal-tic sea is another source of amber. The horned bull becomes the A-symbol (aleph), king of the holy breath and number 1. Mountain ranges like the Alps in Italy are also seen as bulls.

Age of GEMINI, ruled by the moon.



Reptilians reastablish a new kingdom at the Persian gulf and build the city Nippur. They no longer control the moon and are cut off from communication with the Draco. Syrians from Sirius B help the reptilians to perfect the shapeshifting process with their technology and develop a hybrid reptilian/Aryan race: the Titans, giants of the Lucifer/Quaïn bloodlines, Semite-Aryans /Sum-Aryans who can shapeshift from reptilian to human form, symbolized by trees because of their height.

Sumerian civilisation is influenced by early colonies of explorers from Aldebaran, (the red bull's eye of the Taurus constellation, 'the follower' of Pleiades, the cenTaur or Taur-get of Sagittarius the Atlantean archer). For instance the cuniform script is identical to the written language of the Aldebarans. Phonetically, the language of the Aldebarans is similar to spoken German. After the rapture, the zodiac sign Taurus becomes a sign of the Beast from the earth: titans, elite men in rebellion against the Gods.

Gilgamesh, hybrid Annunaki/human rules Sumer, becomes the archetype of the Orion hero who beat the lion. Kingship is inherited through Quaïn/kinship, sky people who have royal, blue blood, red hair or reptilian scales under their skin. Animals who also have blue blood with copper rich hemocyanin, the crab, snail, octopus, squid, spider and scorpion are also considered aristocratic and divine, related to Venus, especially the snail and scorpion because they have shells showing the golden ratio and slugs can eat the death cap mushroom without problems.

DNA dictates energy so every organism with the right DNA can change into another form. When reptilians carry a human DNA package and because humans carry reptilian DNA, they can shapeshift, transform into a much smaller human. When in anger or frustration, their pupils can become elongated or their skin can become slightly green again.

At Serabat Al-khadim the Ark of the Covenant technology is installed on a mounted structure. The platinum powder called mfktz or manna is stored in black balls at the temple of Hathor.

Lucifer/Quain is the promiscuous serpent god Enki (lord of underworld, of fresh water/semen). He is depicted with his horned crown (cone hat, cap of El), bathing in the Abzu with 2 wavy water/snakes (energy, DNA) and upward swimming carp fishes. He is accompanied by electromagnetic pole bearers, needed for the technology to work ( sun/moon, male/female, -/+). Abzu for them is where the sun/son rises, the fountain of youth, between the 2 mountains, the twin peaks where the ark landed. Lucifer/Enki is also Nin-khursag, Lady of Life who birthed the first (white) earthlings. The ones who messed with human DNA are thus worshipped as the weavers of life, the cosmic Yoni/vulva. The priests wear fish suits and give the people opium from the poppy plant that pops open like a cosmic egg. Intelligence is linked to long ears (the same word gestù). Enki is accompanied by 2-faced Izimud (Mercury, binary star Sirius=Eannes, the 2 headed eagle, two faced Janus of January).Jupiter, the younger gods who caused the flood, is the storm god En-lil (little El, son of El).

The horned headdresses the priests wear, serve as antennas (2 cones can create a torsion field). In the temple of Hathor, where all this magic magnetism is worshipped, the mother goddess wears a horizontal crescent moon on her head as divine horns on her head for 'knowledge reception'.

Cities are built around these pyramid/ziggurat temple complexes of stone baked stones, and a system of opression is installed, a society build as a pyramid with the hybrid priests on top, as shepherds for the sheep, mediators between the human and the divine. The priests who handle the ark, the pole bearers of Enki, also control the food supply. They feed and care for the people and animals before they are sacrificed. They wear a Saturnian ring hat/headband, and a beard resembling the crescent moon/horn. The snake/DNA staff is the cane/Quain, the L or ?-shaped crook staff, that shepherds wear as the ox-goad to control the oxes and sheep by force.

Being half reptilian, the priestkings must absorb nutrients and are annointed with oil, made from the fat from reptilians: the holy oil, called 'messeh', the annointed priestkings thus become Messiahs.

The build 7 cities, so Sumer becomes the land of the 7 cities. Sumerian mythology is based on South African legends, calls the reptilians the 'Annunaki', those who came from Anu, sky, Aar-ra-nus, the winged black sun disk.

The children of Enlil, the shapeshifting grey owls, negative 4D entities, that hide in stones, abduct, rape and feed on human blood are called Ekimmu and Urukku, succubi and incubi linked to Lilitu/Lilith (hence liliputters), the first woman with reptilian soul. She stands on 2 lions, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix, the shoulders of Orion. Stars are seen as pigs that suck milk from the milyway cow godess. Lamashtu is another snake priest goddess, always depicted as suckling a pig and a whelp, holding snakes, standing on a donkey.

The reptilians invent a gender based religion. The number of antropomorphic (half human/half animal) deities increases to more than 3600, based on the 360 degrees or angles (angels) on a circle. The most sacred angle is 90° degree, representing phallic power, and power to raise the dead. The Kabalistic science is taught through a creation myth and polytheïstic mythology with the holy dragon breath as a radiating central creator/ black sun deity En-lil, worshipped at Nippur. The trinity of Saturn/Venus/Mars, winter/summer/spring (Osiris-Isis-Horus) = Nimrod/ Venus as a fish-virgin goddess Sammur-amat (gift of the sea, as an aphrodisiac fish) or Semiramis (branch-bearer, a dove with olive branch )/ Tammuz. Tammuz is the sun at Sammur/Summer solstice (Su-mer: 'south sea', Summair: 'Dragon'), resurrected as an egg at eastern.

The same way Isis mourns the 90° pillar/phallus of Osiris, during the month Tammuz, when light is dimmed, the sun loses strength, like a penis atfer an erection, Tammuz is wept by women as a physical entity during a 6 day imaginary funeral. Weeping women=young priestesses offering menstrual blood, the Beloved, the scarlet women, as it contains starfire, the nectar of the gods, the lifegiving extract of the lunar essence, the divine menstrual blood of the mother goddess, Scarlett woman. When this habit is restricted, their lifetimes shorten. Men who live as hermits, practicing abstinence produce sperm. The virgins are sacrificed at harvest, when sun moves into Virgo.

The plough is a metaphor for bull horns and virgins are seen as a furrow, an unplowed field. When the sun/Mars is in decline and moves from Virgo into Libra, the loin/hip part of the zodiac body, Saturn and the femine part of the cycle (comet Venus, the virgin, maiden) is on the rise. Than Isis and Venus is worshipped as Inanna, the morning star, the whore of Babylon, supposedly the lover of Tammuz, also standing on lions. Women are forced into sacred prostitution at her Gigunu temples, houses of nighttime pleasure, recreating the sacred Saturn-Venus, beast-beauty, snake-Eve ritual at festival of booths or tabernacles. Men visit the women for purification and salvation. The hybrid priests can rape women as they wish: they have sexual access to a woman, before the husband (the ritual defloration, the 'right of the first night' of the Lord, Saturn raping Venus). The red ribbon, knot of Isis, is the sign of marriage with Saturn. The sun god is thus betrayed by evil feminity and ends up in the underworld, Capricorn, death of the old, conception of the new. The 10 is the sign of completion, male, female, the 10th house of Capricorn.

When Inanna descends in the underworld with a torch, looking for the sun, she is Eresh-ki-gal, queen of the night/underworld (Irkalla), lifts her 7 veils. Sacrifice rituals with eating samanu and beets for laxative purging. Sagitarrius is ruled by Jupiter, the storm god. Os-triches are one of the birds that symbolize Osiris and the underworld, as they lay their eggs after winter solstice. Their eggs are painted, incised and put in graves as symbol of new life.

Sins are repented at the day of atonement (the ark is covered again with veils), during a period of fasting until the morning star reappears like a virgin, washed from sins, pure and white. Symbols of rebirth from the ashes are the cater-pillar turning into butterfly, the dove, the lion, the phoenix,..Nimrod as a winged bull=the lord of winter and darkness as the bull of autumn/Taurus who receives his phosphor, his shennu rings and wings at spring equinox (Aquila, eagle). On the first 3 days of the first month of Nisan, during the Akitu new year festival when Venus, reappears between the horns of the bull of heaven, everybody has to give their cattle gifts, their taxes and sacrifice to the Lord. The priestkings march through the city as the new born son of New Year (Aries, the sheep ruled by Mars, sun of the sea Mare) parading with a para-sol or umbrella, protection from the reigning rain god Jupiter (later umbrellas get the obvious J shape).

Gods like Pazuzu to ward off the evil spirits. For the same reason protective winged lions with human face and ox feet (signifying the cardinal points) are placed to protect gates. The bulla stones used for sound levitation are used as seals and given to people as clay balls to keep the tokens together, first money system. The bulla has to be crushed to reveal the content.


Hermetically closed vases with acid, electrolyte juices, like blood are used as an El-ectric battery, charging iron rods (-, male) in copper sheaths (+, female). These iron rods become the mythical weapons of the gods, the iron spear or sword. Natron and ash is used to make lye (soda) to cleanse clothes.

To help the hybrids maintain the human form, the Syrians advise to feed them more human hormones and blood in the form of an altered animal. They breed new animals from mixing DNA from the wild bore and human DNA: pigs. They domesticate them and slaughter them to produce pork (Ham, the son of Noa is also thesalted, crooked hind leg of the swine). Like reptilians bred humans to domesticate them, to kill them and eat them, they teach humans to breed animals to domesticate, kill and eat them. People start eating meat and drink malt beer, leading to more spiritual degeneration.


Because of the large cultural exchange with the Semitic Akkadian region (Syria), every Sumerian deity has an Akkadian counterpart. In Akkadia 2 goats are chosen and lots are drawn for them. One is liberated, the other representing evil capricorn is draped with silver necklaces and cast out on the day of the King's wedding (Yom Kippur) as animals who carried the evil spirit of Oz/Azazel (the dark aspect of Saturn), dismembered or thrown of the red cliff (hence the term black sheep and 'scapegoat'). The 11th month, when the rivers are at its heighth, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, they remember the deluge as the zodiac sign Ramman, the Aquarius storm god, lord of the canals, pouring water with wavy MMM-sign. They call Aires shapparu, the wild goat, the horn that gave the air, the breath of life. The ram horns are also a metaphor for the uterus. The Semites don't eat pork, because they know it is a form of cannibalism. They worship the Evil Eye, the star Fomalhaut as half man/half fish god Dagon (dgn meaning also grain), Saturn as El or Ilu.


The yearly cycle of the stars is seen as the movement of the herdsman or ox keeper Saturn as Bootes with his plough, 2 hunting dogs on a leash, hunting the Big Bear, Orion killing Taurus or Orion the archer riding on a bull, shooting an arrow aimed at Sirius, the wolf/jackyl of Canis Major. The Black Sun is pictured as Isis.

First calendars

The concept of the evening star dissapearing in the underworld to reappear as the brightest morning star, the -/+ death/rebirth cycle, of a tone reaching its octave, a flower of life becoming a seed for another seed of life is fundamental for the elite to keep demanding sacrifice. Rituals are timed astronomically to the period when Lucifer/Venus (the Queen of Night) sinks below the horizon and disappears into the 'underworld' for 8 days, lifting her veils one by one as the first belly dancer, dancing with and hypnotised by the Cosmic Serpent. Venus takes eight years to reach all 5 points of the pentagram, the inside of an apple also shows a pentagram, hence the symbol of an apple as lost innocence, evil.

The system of 7 tones/7 planets is the foundation of the 7 day-week: Monday ( moon), thuesday (Mars), wednesday (Mercury), thursday (Jupiter), the Lord, the God of Thunder, Baal Hadad, the giant cannibal with a hammer and thunderbolt in his hand. He is also connected to fertility, the interaction with his counterpart death Mot rules the cycle of seasons, friday (Venus), saturday (Saturn), sunday (sun). the circular calendar of a year starts january 1, synchronized to the midpoint meridian of the binary star Sirius with all the months are defined by the moon cycle. The most important dates on the pagan calendar of sacrifice is 30 april-1 may (Beltane) and 30 okt- 1 november (Samhain-Halloween). 20-23 December is the Saturniab climax for destruction, decadence and rebirth.

Initiates are given caps of mushrooms or chalices with other psychoactive drugs as mescaline as a portal to the underworld, where they have visions of panters and other animals. With the drugs slightly improving visual acuity, dressed in animal skins they undergo an 'underworld panter or jaguar transformation'. Their rituals are not focused on opening the 3d eye to reach nirvana/the crown, the real alchemical transformation but to open the 3d eye so they can meet the lower 4th density beings, causing fear and trauma, keeping them at base level, following their lower instinct, struggling to survive. Before dying in the cave rituals, their hands are soaked in blood and their print on the cave wall is a memory of their death.

Self-sacrifices are made as blood letting and penis perforation, where blood is drawn from the penis and sprinkled upon the remains (cremated ashes or exhumed bones and skulls) of deceased ancestors. Humans, children and animals are sacrificed on altars as an offer to Saturn, the reptilian overlords (Altair is a star near Draco). Hearts are ripped out or heads chopped off. The heads end up in basket, used for harvest or in a vase on top of a statue of venus, wearing the vase as the crown of a flower of life, a hallucinogenic blue lilly/lotusflower. Corpses are burned to show man who came from ashes, returns to ashes.

They have to go in the woods as a hunter (Orion) and kill the giant Tammuz/Dumuzi,(Thurs is another word for 'giant'), dressed as a bull (Taurus constellation, the lower, animal mind, reptilian brain). The giants are Nephilim or sometimes genetically engineered giant hybrids (demi-gods), traumatized with mind control and enraged so they become killing machines. Other games involve riding a bull or killing sea creatures with a trident (symbol of Neptune, the child of Saturn) as a test to prove their manhood/testicles, in order to release Venus.

. Friday night Sabbath begins, the slaves are free from work. The winner who killed the bull is allowed to cut off the horns of the beast. They can drink from the Holy Blood (drugs for sexual arousal) from the Horn of Abundance. First humans eat beets to produce red urine and excrement, than at night with their vomit, piss and diarrhea they are smothered in red (Beetlejuice, Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation, Arabic for hand of the judge Orion, a red supergiant, the center of the Winter Hexagon).

Supposedly Venus mourns as a veiled black widow and out of suffering incites fornication and divorce so noon and night is ruled by darkness. Honey, beeswax, beer and more drugs are offered, all the primitives get drunk, mad and 'horny'. The Holy Blood contains alcohol, named after the Devil's star Al gol, ( the 3d eye of the head of Medusa in the constellation of Perseus) at the head of the Golem or the ogre. The mind controlled Golem, who supposedly is made of clay like humans, wears the word 'emet' (truth) on his forehead. People are taught alcohol (snake oil) removes in moments of ecstasy the burden of self-consciousness and elevates man to the rank of deity. Alcohol is brought into the blood of children, through an enema into the anus, to intoxicate them and to invoke demons.

The star Al Gol blinks, every 69 hours its magnitude dips for 10 hours, appears stoned or dead. The word on the Golems forehead is now changed to 'met' (death). A black raven or crow announces the coming of Death, the grim reaper, the son of Saturn with a sickle to harvest.

The horns used for drinking are now used for blowing wind, making sounds to announce the arrival of Venus. As Ayuasca experiencers feel reborn after the experience, Venus rises before the sun, thereby appearing to resurrect the sun from the underworld as the Morning Star. In some cultures people wear the comb of a rooster to celebrate the Golden Dawn. Venus is pictured with naked breasts and eggs, holding the snakes of the underworld in her hands. The slayers of the bull receive a golden chalice or cup as a trophy and as a (sat)urn to contain the ashes of the dead.

Cave paintings of Grays are being made in Chamara, India.

The tribe of Dan travels to Asia Minor (Turkey) builds cities like Harran, Troy, Zela and Pessinus. Start of the Hittite empire. The God of thunder Terah/Kvara is worshipped in temples like the House of Tammuz (Adonis) where people stay for 28 days, slaughter sheep, eat and drink food with mushrooms, mourning in the house of Dilbat (Venus/Lucifer).

TAURUS(exaltation of the moon, ruled by Venus)

The Nephilim, the 'Elder-Gods' of the Aramaic culture in the Anatolian highlands build Göbekli Tepe ('belly hill'), depicting the constellation of Taurus, lifting the sun, with the 7 stars of the Pleiades in its neck.  Using the same method and symbols as on Eastern Island, they build mushroom/penis/T-crosses, with bulls and holy Orion-shaped crocodiles, vultures and scorpions, as a place for sacrifice (people are tied to the T-crosses) and the amanita muscara religion.

Than they build the site çatal Höyük with cart ruts for cattle worship. Bodies are buried without head, in decorated shrines for the afterlife with walls adorned with skeletal representations of vultures (carrier of the soul). On the walls breasts are moulded from plaster, with actual vulture skulls with their beaks protruding to form the nipples, as a metaphor for death/rebirth. Red aurochs (castrated bulls) are painted with vermillion, from cinnabars with mercury.

Building of Nabta playa, a stonehenge like structure in the Nubian desert, Egypt, aligned with Orion and Ursa Major.

The lion statue in Giza is rebuild as Anu-bis, the sphinx dog of the underworld. The statue of the dog is immersed in a lake, the sacred Jackyl Lake, used for wasing ceremony for mummification (Isis, the bitch=>beach, the shores of the afterlife). First the embalmers wash the body with palm wine and rinse it with water from the Nile. Then they make a cut on the left side of the body removing the internal organs, and packing the liver, lungs, stomach, and intestines with natron (combination of baking soda and salt, alkaline) to dry them out. The heart is left inside the body because it is essential for the afterlife. A long hook is inserted through the nose and used to pull out the brain. After this is done the body is covered and stuffed with natron to dry it out. The body remains like this for forty days, after that, it is washed with water from the Nile and covered with oils to help keep the skin elastic. The internal organs are then wrapped in linens and returned to the body. The body is stuffed with dry materials to look life-like, and covered with good-smelling oils. Then the mummies are wrapped in resin soaked (acid) linen and kept in a sarco-phagus (flesh-eating box, with granite lid because granite is slightly radioactive can hold spirits).The whole process takes 70 days, like Sirius/Orion descends in the underworld for 70 days. Through the an alchemic reaction (battery of acid-alkaline, natron, mercury, orme powder and the annunaki dna) the mummies than emulate golden power, symbolic of the reborn sun. The ritual of purification is essential to free the spirit to become an Akh, 4D spirit.

Egypt - old kingdom

In A-nu/Iu-nu, the city of the Black Sun (later called Heliopolis by the Greeks) is built on the east/left hand side of the Nile in the 13th nome of Egypt (nr of Luciferian rebellion). The first obelisks, golden bull phalluses are erected that work as electric antennas, as sun dials to measure fertitility of the earth. In Mem-phis (mem=water, flowing in the P/Phi golden ratio), south of Giza, the reptilian creators Enki/Lucifer/P-tah are worshipped as a black bull in the temple of Hut-ka-Ptah representing his watery Abzu temple. Hut-Ka-Ptah means the hut/hat with the soul the Ka of Ptah. Its pillars form the 4x4 Saturnian cube. As an enclosure, a capture, enclosure it is the Saturnian matrix, so-called hat with the rabbit. Because of their horns, the shape of the Ka, the soul, bulls are worshipped and sacrificed as an aspect of the hornyness of the bull of heaven, the Holy Breath of Ra as a Hat-Hor, house of Horus. In special temples, the movements of the bull, moving one or two pens are used as an oracle of yes and no (Iu-nu). Khem is the word for black, the color of the fertile khem-trails of the Nile and the black bull. Egypt is called the black land and the bull is called Kemwer, the great black one, holding the solar disc/mother womb between its horns. The opening of his mouth created the primordial sea/semen (D)Anu/Nu. From the sea rose the radiating holy dragon breath, the inferno/vernal equinox of Autumn=>Atum Ra. Priests who can create a black hole though implosion= an El-chemist. The temple in Greek Ayuptos => Egyptos.

Science of the atom/ lifegiving sun is explained through the story of the androgynous Atum or Aether, 5th element the life force of higher dimensions, Spirit or Source who breaths life from the ourobouros into the spine and penis, P, Phosphor=the Ankh, key to life symbol. It is the life giving sun above a Tau Cross with 4 top floors (Amun/Amunet, Nun/Naunet, Ku/Kauket, Heh/Hauhet). These are the Ogdoad, the 8 giant children of Og, the biblical 8 people who survived the flood in the ark, the 4 elements and their negative counterparts, born out of Ma'at (equilibrium) and Toth/Tehuti (the serpent, vibration), the 8 points of a hypercybe , 8 notes of our octave of reality. Combined with the 9th point, spirit they are the Ennead.

They are depicted as frogs/snakes, as they survived the flood and come from the primordial sea. The ankh corresponds with the Djed pillar, that shows how the tree of life pattern works in the human body because the brain also has 4 parts and 3 ventricles. The pole star of Draco= Ma'at, the matriarch, the mouth, the axis mundi, pillar of stability, equilibrium at winter solstice. Ma'at weighs the heart after death with a OTO-shaped scale, the Libra zodiac sign, the equilibrium emblem.

The Ankh is the tree of life and Orion symbol where the T-crossbar is the belt. The Ankh is also the name and shape of their golden sandals: because they are immune to the Ark, it appears as if their feet have divine power (the winged sandals of Hermes and Perseus). Ankh also means captive human/food, a source of P. Sacrifice becomes a form of giving th-ankhs.

In their creation myth Atum (Luciferian fire, the force of life, undivided) emerges from the womb, the primordial waters (Da)Nu as the sun god sitting at the ben ben stone, the top of the penis, the Great pyramid and is the creator, the Author, of the world. Since Atum was all alone, like an Autist, he chose to mate with his shadow (Saturn). Atum gave birth to twin children by ejaculating or spitting out his son Shu, (air, shooting phosphor, wearing an ostrich feather of winter solstice, Saturn, the square) and his daughter Tefnut, (water, rain or spit, principles of order, the lionness of summer solstice, Neptune, the circle). Nut is another Pi-shaped cow goddess with nutritious breasts and a nut/pot of manna on her head as symbol of the womb, because the kings were annointed with nut oil. She swallows the celestial bodies everyday so they can be reborn in the morning. The three remained in an ark-boat in the watery chaos of Nu (hence the ark of Noah) and during the flood air and rain dissapeared so Atum was separated from his children. Ra sends the Eye of Ra (originally 3d eye pineal gland, than the morning star, the golden CAP-stone Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) as their embodiment and Atum weeps golden tears of joy, amber. When his tears hit the ground, men grow (the illuminated race, Adam) and he then begins to create the world, through the ourobouros, the rings of Saturn.

The ennead of 9 main deities correspond to the circles on the tree of life pattern: the god Atum his children Shu and Tefnut, their children sky mother Mut/Nut and earth god Geb and their children Osiris, Isis/Iset, Set and Nephthys. Set is the devil with hornlike ears and Nephthys as his female consort, who kills the sun at sunset. Their world is winter, the duality of Da'at, the underworld. The green man of the druïds, dead nature asking for sacrifice= Osiris. Osiris-Isis is the male, female aspect of Orion-Canis Major with Sirius, but also of the sun and mostly the black sun Saturn.Eye of the bull/ox=os-iris.

The story is an allegory of how the sun appears to us at the 4 cardinal points (S-I-O-N) and how the holy oil reaches the optic thalamus. After the longest day (cancer) the light dims. When the sun sets, Osiris is cut in pieces by sun-Set. His reflection in the water fades- the golden phallus is thrown in the sea and swallowed by an elephant fish with phallus shaped snout (=Toth with the head of an ibis, a bird with a sickle shaped bill that kills serpents, like the peacock or phoenix, the bird is symbolic of Lucifer who refused to bow for God). Isis, symbol of Sirius, the Nile star, but also the sea, the vesica pisces fish, the black sun mother womb, becomes the sol-id ice queen during winter. As a black widow she betrays the sun by becoming the whore/horse, the veiled bitch of Saturn. She manages to find all 14 pieces of Osiris, re-members him and makes love to him during winter solstice. The first rays, the golden phallus impregnates her so at spring equinox, at the horizon, the golden hour she gives birth to a new sun, the divine son Horus (as blue eyed or as a Blue Avian/birdman), through which the sun/Osiris is reborn. Order out of chaos: the sun out of the womb of Isis as consort of Saturn. Osiris-Isis-Horus form a trinity. Horus, the sky God has the sun and the moon as eyes, each shining light on Earth in succesion. The moon is explained to be a dimmer light because his rival twin Set gauged out one eye. The elite abuse the Eye of Ra to create fear, the Evil Eye on top of the pyramid. The underworld is also ruled by the underworld snake Apep, the evil lizard that waits at the twin peaks mountain of the horizon to swallow the sun barque of Ra, the umbilical chord of th black stone balls. In other versions the sun dies because it is swallowed by Isis' twin sister Nephthys, representing death, a snake or catworm coming out of the wormhole.


Legends tell how Isis changed into a she-dog when Set tried to rape her as a bull. Initiates of the Isis mysteries wear a dog mask. The year begins at the helical rising of her dog star Sothis (Isis, Sirius, the sun behind the sun, the power of darkness) in the sign of cancer. Osiris:Orion and Isis: Sirus B, the 2 bloodlines of the Nibiru group, ushering in new year.

-The first season is Akhet, the opening of the gates of the underworld, death, the tears of Isis, caused by Osiris' death, flood the Nile (july-oct). 23d of July is the rise of Sirius, the scorcher, the red star, the Ka of the Ox (Cha-os). The slaves all get drunk from red-dyed beer. During the hottest days of summer, the dog days, they fear because of the heat, men become weak and women aroused, so the elite publicly sacrifices the red haired giants (female dogs go into heat twice a year and bleed during their estrus, hence sacrifice for meat -hot dog ). They are sacrificed similar to the way they sacrifice pigs, reenact the dismembering of Osiris, because pigs and red hair both are linked to the spirit, the golden wealth of corn, of nature of Osiris himself. The cannibalistic reptilian elite makes them offer their hair and blood as sacrifice to feed the evergreen Persea tree, acacia tree of life. They are roasted alive and their ashes are scattered far and wide by winnowing fans by the fan bearers of the pharao, supposedly to fertilize the fields and produce a bounteous harvest. They are called Typhonians, linked to the evil red haired Set and Typhon, the underworld snake, the enemy of Osiris. The 70 day Sirius is invisible behind the sun= Osiris and Isis passing through Duat, the underworld of Toth, the Halls of Amenti. During the ka-her-ka festival the backbone of Osiris, the djedd pillar (Djet:olive, the olive tree, as oil a source of light) is raised. Passion plays and processions re-enact the story of Osiris. Rituals climax in the eucharist, eating of their god. Isis as Ma'at balances the scales of Libra, ruled by Venus at last judgement.

-During the second season of growth, sowing Peret, (waxing moon, nov-feb) the river retreats, the b-ankh-s of the Nile leave a fertile layer of black silt. Worship of the evergreen ished/Persea tree and of the black fertile phallus as Min.
-The third season is 120 days of harvest (waning moon, mar-jun). Toth/Txt, the moon sickle represents the raising of taxes, cutting off properties. 21 june summer solstice is the pilar of Boaz, Bo=Oz=Osiris, the reaper, celebrated with booze, beer and wine (blood of the underground snake/lizard Apep) as Lord of drunkenness during the Wag festival, before another inundation. Isis-Sirius is worshipped as a goddess of fertility and rebirth, with the new sun between her horns, her child Horus as son of a bitch (=the morning star reborn as red haired phoenix firebird, or falcon, bennu bird, Nile goose, pea-cock, swan, chicken, dove or flam-ingo on the ben ben stone). In may the priests class of Thebe ('ark') teach that the lion headed lady in red Skhet/Sekhmet (Venus, the morning star) with the evil eye is so bloodthirsty an annual festival of intoxication and sacrifice has to be held, similar to her drunkenness, to stop her wrath. The androgynous Hapi provides nectar, fills the Nile (=sign of Aquarius).

The turtle/water beetle becomes the cardinal water sign of summer solstice, now known as cancer, where Sirius rises as Khepri (khpri, bring into being, the keeper that created himself from nothing, skarab=>the hard core crab), the ball rolling scarab beetle, that can reproduce without female partner and ejects sperm in a ball of dung (similar to the Ambrosia beetle who leaves white dust and the mythical water beetle of the Cherokee). They roll the ball up by pushing it upwards as the sun seems to turn the heavens in opposite direction, from west to east. The beetle casts his ball in the water for birth after 28 days, like the moon cycle and the moon rules Cancer/Scarab so it is a symbol of the moment the (black) sun ascends his throne/chariot at tropic of cancer and the sun goes into the duat, the underworld of dimmer light, the unconscious, ruled by the moon (4D, the gate of men). In breastplates, Khepri is made of amber and in mummies, the heart is replaced by a scarab (cancer rules the bust). Khepri stands for the Saturnian hypercube in the Tree of Life. J'b is the heart, Jupiter exalts in cancer.The beetle also stands for the left and right thalamus


An underground base is build at Fayium, the City of the Crocodile and tunnels connecting the pyramids to the academy of On, Heliopolis. At Fayum the first bowling games are played, the ritual of the rolling of the Rock, the lord Ba'al (ball) that glides into a bowl, falling a bow pattern into a 10 cm square opening (the box, Saturn). During the Isis mysteries, initiates are brought underground.

Mystery schools


Another legend of how Enki/Lucifer created mankind is the goat horned Knum or Gnoum, who made men, the human DNA-Genome from its nut/potter wheel, the celestial north pole. The knowledge about after sexual abstinence of 40 days to ascend, to make Holy Bread is spread in the city Khmun (later called Hermopolis), in the 15th province, the Hare nome of Egypt as the chastity belt of Orion, Knot of Isis. Scriptures are made about iron levels (the sacred black rock) in the blood to facilitate the transition to 4th density ('open a stargate') through magnetism. Khnum is worshipped in Elephantine, a city with rocks that resemble elephants, representing the phallus, the red root chakra.

The initiates of the Mystery religion, 'followers of Horus', the Transfigured Ones are given DMT and taught the insights about transcendental existence in rituals involving Iron,B’ja, or the ‘Divine Metal’, the iron meteorites-as described in the Pyramid Texts, following the example of Osiris. Stones are used to layer in lower vibrational entities, a process where a high amount of iron or lead in the blood is helpful. They are learned to go in a trance to channel, so when the pyramid is used to consult the clairvoyants and to access 4D, it is a sort of a timegate (‘Boat of Millions of Years’)/stargate, related to the psychedelic blue water lily/Lilith. The cow shaped sistrum is used as a instrument to reach 4D in a shamanistic trance before the ark.

The secret knowledge is associated with Lucifers children: the Sirian dog Anubis (Hermanubis), the conductive fluid Mercury and the planet Mercury (Sumerian Nabu), the planet closest to the sun. Because rabbits have a high libido, keepers of the knowledge about ascension are depicted with headdress with 2 plumes or rabbit/ hare ears, the later Hat of Hermes/mount Hermon of enlightened, ascended masters, RAbbi(t) priests (capricorn rules the knees and hair/hare). Because of the gnostic mystery religion, Egypt, a country with almost no trees, is known as the Land of the Tree and the Serpent. Egypt itself is build according to star maps and human anatomy, where the Nile is the serpent/Kundalini energy, rising from the lowest chakra Elephantine, from Upper Egypt, the loin ruled by Seth and his temptations, to the sun city Iunu, ruled by Osiris. Oz (osiris, Ashtar) his phallus: Carrot=chariot with 4 horses. The owl symbol with OTO eyes also represents gnosis, the morning star, the only god who is shown with both eyes and not in profile.


The architects, are revered as gods wearing a measuring rod, tuning forks to levitate and a resurrection staff or an Ankh. The temple priests and nomarchs, regional kings are the actual rulers of Egypt. The priestkings call themselves Pharaos, light of the Gods and are also baptised, annointed with reptilian body fluids. Crocodiles can send a frequency underwater for mating, that makes the water seem to dance. The Egyptian people are made to believe the oil, the sweat of the Orion shaped Holy crocodile Sobek (associated with Set) is filled with magical fertility and the reason why their hybrid reptilian kings live much longer. They believe the Nile was created from the sweat of the crocodile Sobek and that the crocodile, being green created green nature, the fertile soil of the Nile. After death they are annointed again. Born from a virgin means being born from the MeSSeh, the crocodile star so born as a reptilian hybrid. Saturn/Set his wife, Isis as the evil hippo Tauret with a crocodile on its back is pictured at the celestial northpole, riding a plough like an ox-keeper. The big and small dipper, 2 ankhs, the 2 arses/vagina of Isis and Nephtys (good and evil, 6/9, pouring out dawn, creating a spiral) are also seen as 2 beavers, producing castor oil. The pharaos carry a was-scepter with goathead, of the phallic power of Set/Saturn.

While intitiates know the mythical white hoama-plant (Soma in Sanskrit) is a metaphor for the oily substance in the claustrum, the masses are given a substance made of opium, called Parahaoama to feed their superstition about the Holy oil. The pharaos and priests wear animal masks and are portrayed as such. The elite of Annunaki origin wear the winged solar disk with serpent emblem on their elongated skulls. They also wear extra serpents on their hats, on the spot of their 3d eye and a black beard like the horned mountain goats differentiate themselves from the sheep.

To explain the tree of life concept of the human nerve system Horus and Set, (good and evil, alkaloid and acid) are shown binding papyrus plants as lower nerves of the inferior chakra's, of lower egypt and the lotus plant/psychedelic blue water lilies as nerves of the superior chakra's of upper egypt, together in the middle, in the solar plexus. Boats or Bar-qos are symbols of half moon sickle/bull horns with a male and female pole, of the sun that travels through the underworld.

The cherubim of the Ark, the shoulders of Orion are sometimes pictured as Isis and Nephtys, 2 lionesses, forming a stargate. When a child is born, 2 midwives also play the role of lioness. They swallow a mixture of honey and fenugreek, or a vaginal suppository whose ingredients include incense, beer and fly dung. Spells involve a variety of magical techniques, similar to those used for treating diseases and accidents. Horus, the child of the black sun, Horus the Great/ Red Horus, the falcon emblem, based on a pentagram, wears the double crown and the shen rings of Lilith in its claws. Shen rings are symbols of the sacred number 10 (X) female circled tied to a male 1, the upper part of an ankh, also the libra scales of sunrise and sunset, 2 blades, handles of the sacred bar of the equinox and the battery-vases with electrolyte blood. People worship sexual desire as winged phalusses, mimic them by making feathered arrows. Because for them Horus symbolizes Jupiter, the penis, he becomes the bold, the bald dickheaded eagle, the pillar, the builder, the aqua-ila, water bird that catches snakes. Aquarius ruled by Saturn is the urn that flows, Aquila is the Erne, the sea-bird of Jupiter that brings back his thunderbolts, the Adler, the elite looking for young boys.

The Nephilim turn the Eye of Horus, symbol of enlightenment of the 3d eye chakra into the symbolic all-seeing Evil Eye, at the top of the pyramid, to mock Horus. Temples are used as Sanctuary of Night for sacred prostitution, consuming water lily, hasjisj, cocaine and nicotine, while Isis is depicted as the veiled bitch, dressed in black. Toth is depicted carrying a waxen writing tablet and serving as the recorder during the weighing of the souls of the dead in the judgement Hall of Osiris, the key to heaven.


Minoan civilisation

European megalithic structures are built for the cow-goddess of fertility. The worshipping of bulls as symbol of virility spreads to Crete, France, England, India and Spain. The commercial growth of olives makes the Minoan civilisation wealthy.

Jupiter= the Egyptian black phallus moon deity Min, when light diminishes, and king Minos of the Minoan civilisation in Crete (Cri-ti, creation). The Minoans are known gnostics. Gnosis => Gnossos/Knossos.Lucifer/Venus=> the goat Amaltheia who suckled God (Zeus), also Britomartis, sweet bride of Mars and the Mino-taurus, bull of heaven. The mythological labyrinth of King Minos= the Egyptian underground base built by the Annunaki pole-bearers (labrys) and the mind controlled splitted mind. Humans have to leap on a raging bull and try to ride it, to show their manhood. As hats, they wear the first berets. The palace of Knossos on Crete shows links with the same horns and murals, the Saqqara complex, dynastic tomb with bull friezes and 500 mummified cattle, graves with decapitated bodies.

The vulcan Thera, the holy cow, Hathor= Hera (Boopis, cow-eyed). She is connected to Cancer, house of Neptune, ruled by the moon where Jupiter exalts, with the chair/chariot symbol, drawn by firebirds. The pearl is another symbol of the seed of Lucifer and cancer, hence the pearly gates of heaven. Jupiter is both the fertilizer ( rules the stomach, providing stercus, feces, bull-shit) and sower (providing hercus, semen). Orion, the hero Gilgamesh= Hera-kles/Hercules with lion skin. His dog= Sirius, the falcon/eagle of spring equinox=Achilles. Snails are used to extract blue and purple dye from, an item and form of currency for luxury trade for the priests, the ruling classes.They use the symbol of the trident on their coins, power over heaven, earth and hell, Psi-abilities. Enki, the fish-god Oannes son of Saturn, Set =Tan/ Poseidon, also god of earthquakes. Saturn and his 3 suns Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto => Noa and his sons Ham, Shem and Japhet. Horus and Set (day and night) could be depicted as one man with 2 faces.

The island Dia (another word for Jupiter/Zeus) near Creta is the origin of the Khan/Cohen priests who also use the trident for offerings to Baal.

Tiamat is called Phaeton, the son of Helios who crashed his sun chariot. The duality of Lucifer is shown in animals (white horses, white bulls, white wolves: the sun, male sexuality, alcohol while dark horses, bulls: Venus, the night, nightmares).

Scarabs (Saracene Arabs) and inhabitants of Hadramouth (Hydra-mouth, later Rey del Taurus) move to Jemen.

The Orion/Aryans (ari meaning lion) invade Asian countries like India, inhabited by Asian tribes and Neanderthals, beginning of Hinduism (Hinduistic caste system based on reptilian hierarchy), spread the knowledge about the A(t)um /Ohm-frequency. Manna=the sacred ash Vibhuti. Cities like Mohenjo-Daro with the bull motive. Their gods also carry the trident and have blueish skin and pinecone shaped heads. Lucifer is symbolized by the lotus Nymphea Nucifera, with its distinctive roots and seeds, resembling the flower of life, rich in P. Its roots are chopped off and eaten as first chips. Mercury/vermillion is used to mark the pineal with a red dot as a sign of Luciferian fertility. Lucifer as creator Khnum, the root chakra worshipped in Elephantine=> red elephant/phallus faced Ganesha.


6000 -0