500.000 - 50.000

50.000 - 12.500

The Illuminated ones

50.000 The Pleiadian giants with elongated skull, who once inhabited Mars also crash land on earth. Mount Hermon, the cedar forests of Northern Mesopotamia (modern Lebanon) on the 33d parallel. Their leader is the person who later becomes the mythical Lucifer. Because they are on the run and find themselves in a sort of prison colony, they make the decision 'better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven', and also start interfering with human evolution.

The giants becomes the biblical 'fallen angels' who start working together with the reptilian genetic engineering project in the region of Babylon/Iraq (Tiamat is the Dragon Queen). They find human women (pictured as Eve) irresistable and interbreed with humans.

Their offspring through genetic slicing are 6-15 foot tall giants, blonde or red haired humans with white skin, blue eyes, unusual for that region, later called the Nephilim. They also have a square jaw, long ears, large eyes, an elongated skull and typical reptilian heavy T-shaped brow ridges. They are used as mind controlled mining slaves, enforcers of the hybrid reptilians. In mythology this is the child of the Lord Ba'al ( DNA from the fallen angel Lucifer) and human female DNA: Caïn/Quaïn, the horned one, Belial. His bloodline: 'the shining ones', the illuminated ones or sons of the serpent, the later Tribe of Dan/Tuatha de Dana. Other humans from genetic engineering with less Anunaki DNA =Abel, the earth people of Mount Bel, 'children of a Lesser God'. Because they are white, they are linked to the moon. The word mountain=mon-tang, touches the moon, created the moon children, the mon-sters. Because they are from Mars and Mars rules Aries, they are the Aryans.

'Lilith' is the first woman created with a reptilian soul. 'Eve' is the second with a human soul. Lucifer becomes synonymous with the Anunaki leaders, later worshipped as En-ki ( lord of earth) and BA-AL (or BA-EL or PAAL), Lord Father, Father of Mankind. PAAL-EA-DAUS, 'Place of Our Lord Father the Creator' => the Pleiades, where his bloodline originated. Enki is also linked to the Abzu wormhole, called Ea,'whose home is water', or Eada, the Grandfather, the Creator. An(u)= the abyss, the black hole sun where they came from.

Because the Quaïn bloodlines have a higher percentage of Annunaki blood and more susceptible for mind control, they are told they are superior and should rule other humans (so the reptilians can control earth from 4D). The abduction mark of Quaïn is a red cross in a circle, the astronomical symbol of the earth and representation of kingship (Malhut, kingdom) over other humans, of supposed superiority over the smaller humans. It is the Iron Crown, the outer circle is a snake biting its own tail, the ring of power.The mark of Quaïn =the Rose Cross, related to the rose pattern of the orbit of Venus. Their 'golden' or red hair represents the earth realm (red), their high percentage of copper-blue blood represents the sky, the higher realm, 4D (blue). People are programmed to think of life as something that is only possible through war between red and blue, earth and sky. Siamese twins occur a lot because of hybridization experiments.The Q of Quain and the Queen is the symbol of the moon, so Quaïn is seen as a moonchild.


First gnosticism

On the 26th parallel, in Bahrein (the 2 sea's) a renegade group of the 'fallen angels' interact with the females of the Adamic race (symbolised by Eve). They teach them they can become like the gods, teach them about 'magic', genetics, technology and higher dimensions through psychoactive plants- the Tree of knowledge (like the reptilians, funghi rely on their host for survival).They give humans Me's, tiny objects, encoded with formulas for all aspects of science. Female adamites become the first priestesses and keepers of the gnosis (hidden knowledge).

They learn about the Tree of Life, how the Annunaki stay young and immortal: because they drink blood and bath in nutrients. Menstrual blood, symbolised by the pomegranate, contains starfire, Elixir Rubeus, valuable endocrinal secretions from the pineal and pituary. Sperm, urine and female ejaculation juice, called amrita in tantra, is also used as 'food of the gods'. The ones who provide the blood and amarita, are called Beloved, hence Amor. The chalice=the yoni, the female womb, with the coiling serpent, still the emblem of medicine. The serpentholder, with the knowledge of healing =>Set/Seth (satan) the constellation Ophiuchus, the seed of earth, the sons of Lucifer. Golden ratio Phi 1,619=Isis.

When they produced offspring, the child is said to be 'born from a virgin'. Reptilians see their parthenogenesis, reproducing without partner as sign of divinity. Start of the era of Nephilim 'sons of god' and humans 'daughters of men'.


New Atlantis

When the problems start escalating and the giants even practice cannibalism ('Saturn eating its own children'), they are stopped by their reptilian overlords. While the group of Lucifer is left alone, free to roam the earth, the group of Shemyaza, the Watchers are punished and locked up (Sumerian legend of Lucifer/Enki, who has sympathy for humans while Enlil is opposed to enlightenment of humans). In Lybia they have acces to fresh water from inner earth.

The creator overlords also alter their own genetics and eventually lose strenth compared to the demigods but the knowledge of astrology and ability to predict celestial events makes people believe the priests are magicians/descendants of God.

Eventually some of the younger gods of Quaïn bloodlines, equally advanced and intelligent, rebel against their masters and leave the Garden and move east (the mythological Quaïn is downcast and cursed, moves to the land of Nod). They practice metallurgy, forging fire to create weapons. They are the biblical Wanderers, nomads who live in tents with camels. They start a new technological civilisation of builders and sailers. They teach humans how to work metal, the art of smithing and the art of war.Humans start to kill each other.

Atlantis forms alliances with the renegades from the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri who favor more hierarchy, to develop their technology. Atlanteans become power hungry and more focussed on technology. In the temples of Atlantis and Egypt the candidate for initiation passes through nine degrees, the three-fold three degrees, into the mysteries. These degrees symbolize the re-entering of the womb in order, after the three times three months of gestation, to be reborn into the world of Spirit-consciousness.

The Brotherhood of the snake (DNA), a cult of Saturn creates more genetic experiments, known as beasts - half animal, half human creatures like minotaurs, animals like hippo (horse of the Nile), horses sometimes with horns -similar to a unicorn, pandas, cheetahs, jaguars (meaning 'true dogs'). They start tinkering with the DNA of feline kingdom to create lynxes and leopards (lynx=left pillar), long necked cougars, tigers with spots like mushrooms and snakes, as roses, evil eyes, signs of the divine.


The experimenting and the behavior of the demigods/people of 100 years causes their lifespan to shorten dramatically and they lose heigth. The royal council of Atlantis installs a ruling class, claiming divine authority because they descend from Nephilim reptilian bloodlines, have powerful psychic abilities. The genetics of the hybrid priestkings are carefully supervised and engineered, sometimes through mating with the mother, in genetics known as backcrossing, a technique that can knock out certain genes and traits and recover elite genotypes, preserve certain recessive traits.


45.000 On the remnants of eastern part of Lemuria, (what we call Eastern island, 'the navel of the world'), descendants of the Nephilim carve stone statues through tonal vibration, of their ancestors, with mushroomshaped T-symbol as their nose. As offspring of the red earth, the statues are made of tuff, vulcanic stone. Basalt is used for the body of the priest/shamans, white coral, black obsidian for their eyes, and red vulcanic scoria stone for their red hair, tied in a bun on top of their head. The backs of the statues carry the letters O and M, and the marking of birdman/shaman. The islanders call the power that the priestkings use to move the statues to the platforms and raise them upright  mana, or mind power of the god Makemake. They use a finely crafted stone sphere, 75 cm (2.5 ft) in diameter, called te pito kura (‘the golden navel’ or ‘the navel of light’), to focus the mana.

The red haired fallen angels become synonomous with Venus as lightbringer Lucifer, as it is the brightest object in the sky, rivalling the sun.

Goats are linked to Lucifer for their Ester, sexual cycle of estrogen. They are sexually active during winter (oyster is a symbol of the vagina and sexual desire, polyester means going into heat several times a year). His sexual rut (the red root chakra, root is also a phallus) is the so-called root of all evil. Bees or gadflies are also a symbol of that divine desire (P) of the holy sting or holy breeze. Lucifer becomes an androgynous god of lust with a billy goat's head with the lapis exilis stone on its head in an inverted pentagram, is linked to winter solstice and the tropic of Capricorn, the exit gate of souls, ruled by Saturn. A vagina has a goat’s beard (goatee), is connected to the fish and the Vesica Pisces.Child of Saturn/Venus, of earth and fish, sea (Isis)=the sea-goat.



Phosphorus (P, Pi, light bringer, Lucifer) is the Devil's element (atomic number 15). Fireflies, mushrooms, bone ash, milk, meat, urine (pee), semen and the brain all contain phosphorus. It is the strongest aphrodisiac know to man. It plays a major role in the structural framework of DNA and RNA and is the body source of chemical energy. The phosphorus atom is of the nitrogen family, with the characteristics of fire, symbolizing the light within our DNA and in nature. Collected urine or sperm, when stored for a few days and heated until it is red hot, glows in the dark.The P and DMT of mushrooms is also passed on through urine so shamans drink P/pee to remain in trance.

Phosphor is also found in olives. In places like Crete ('creation'), the olive tree (El-ia) which can become very old, become a sacred source of light, because they can also be used for oil in lamps, linked to the oily blood of the long-lived reptilians, a symbol of the evergreen tree of life. Olives are also linked to jade eggs, used for producing amarita. Salt is used in oil lamps to avoid smoke.

The rock, the philosopher's stone, descended from divine light into the mind of man is also a metaphor for the optic thalamus. Everytime the moon passes the zodiac sign of birth a seed is planted in the human body. A special oil is made in the claustrum, from which it travels to the pineal gland and the pituary gland. The pineal gland (male, -), the mythical Atum produces a substance similar to honey, the pituary (female, +) a substance similar to milk, the allegorical land of milk and honey. They produce an electro (-) magentic (+) signal to the spinal chord so the seed can ascend to the highest chakra's and enlighten the optic thalamus, the 'light of the world'. This ascension process of Holy oil, of raising a seed, the Holy Breath process consists of meditation, sexual abstinence.

At the time the sun is in capricorn, ruled by Saturn, worshipped in the southern hemisphere, in Lemuria at summer solstice. The reptilian cloaca tucked away becomes the cloak worn by reptilian priests.

Phosphor and the white, large skull fallen angels are linked to the brighest star, the comet later known as Venus, Lucifer the morning star. Because of Venus’s proximity to the Sun, its light is often obliterated, and so it is visible only in the early morning or in the evening, either just before sunrise or just after sun-set. It takes eight years and one day for the appearances of Venus to complete her entire orbit, shaped as a pentagram. Her 5-pointed star pentagram orbit becomes the symbol of the apple, containing 5 pips. Her 8 pointed star will become the star of Isis/Ishtar in Persia and Babylon. Her transformation is the journey in the underworld, from the evening to the morning star.


Spreading of agraric culture in South Africa. Domestication of cows, bulls and goats for their milk, bones and dung -horns and intestines even for music instruments. First fertility cults worship earth as Mahathor, the cow mother goddess, who birthed the sun but because of its horns is also connected to the 3 stages of the moon. Urine of cows or bulls are used as a drink, to clean teeth, as mouthwash and as a sedative. Because of its gold color, it is used to braid hair and color their until it becomes yellow/orange like the illumainated race of Lucifer. They blow air in the cow's anus, triggering the production of milk or urine. Only the urine of virgin cows are useful.

Fertility is a matter of life and death for the first agraric tribes, so they take the sacrifices to satisfy nature very seriously. In temples interbreeding and drunkenness is encouraged as link to the gods, the underworld and fertility. Because they can only see orange/red, bulls are a symbol of spring, of El (Saturn), the root chakra, phallic power, the cerebellum reptilian brain, the snake that chases Venus/Eve (lady in red).Cows and bulls have a vertical slit (ox-iris) with 4 eye muscles for up, down, left, right (where humans can see clockwise and counterclockwise). They have poor depth perception but can observe nearly everything going on around them at once. Its eye becomes a symbol of the centre of the zodiac with 4 cardinal points (bull's eye).

Especially the big horned Ankh-ola Watusi cows are considered divine (the goddess Isis and Ba-t). Grains of wheat are seen as braids of the hair of the sun. Bread as part of the rituals of the ark priests, is seen as the holy breath. The process of making bread is a female activity (loafs of bread=>love). A reed or cane is a symbol of authority and punishment of the Lord. Cane produces rum, corn produces vodka, gin and bourbon so every plant and drug is known to have a unique spirit, that can be used in the alchemical process of transmutation, so beer is seen as liquid gold, urine of the golden son, rekindling of the fire, with the white foam of the sea. Snails are considered divine because they contain a lot of phosphorus, have blue blood and carry a shell with the golden ratio.Pinecones of trees also have the golden ratio of Fibonacci numbers, symbolize the caduceus staff, a spiral leading to an open pineal gland 3d eye. Phi= the ratio 1:1,618033, the mathmatics of pine cones, sunflowers, waves, typhoons, the shape of the universe itself as a dodecahedron. The curl of the golden ratio is than distorted into a symbol of seed of Lucifer (0 and 1, male and female) who gave life to everything.

Clash of the giants

Jupiter starts to take a more dominating role in the electromagnetic interaction between the planets.

When the Anunaki realize the younger gods, the Nephilim slave race they created but who rebelled, are are co-operating with the Adamites, their other servant race to start new rebellion, they are so enraged they start marginalizing women even more and attack Atlantis. Atlanteans attack Lemuria, for control over the human experiment. Lemuria submerges into the ocean, leaving only Hawaï, the San Andreas fault, Australia, Japan,..

40.000 Disappearance of the Neanderthals. Split of Caucasian—Mongoloid races. In Northern India, tribes discover a vast system of caverns below the region of the Gobi desert, live in underground cities of inner earth, the Kingdom of Agartha or Shamballah. The main entrances to inner earth are the north pole and south pole (Hyperborea, beyond the pole and its northernwind), next to sub-oceanic entrances and entrances in the Rocky mountains, Appalachian, Alps, Andes, Himalayas, the Giza pyramids, the Shensi pyramid in China,...

Aurignacian culture in Europe, making of bone flutes, fertility figures and sculptures like 'Lion man' ivory sculpture in cave in Germany. The sculpture with 7 carving on its arm, represents an early version of the God Zurvan, with a serpent coiling 7 times around him (Lucifer originated in the 7 starred Pleiades), the first principle of time/space, with no distinction good/bad. Origin of the idea of free will. The +/- electromagnetic universe is explained in terms of male/female duality, the 3 pillars of the 3/tree of life. The moon or bull horns are a symbol of magnetism, a -/+ relation-ship, while the phallus is a symbol of El-ectricity, a homopolar motor.


The Lapis Exilis stone


The Quain race with Anunaki DNA, the new Atlanteans rule earth and are free to manipulate mankind. The body organism of the reptilians who exhale cyanogen leads to myth of fire breathing dragon.

Mercury as first matter, universal solvent becomes linked to the moon deity Toth/Twt. It stands for the sickle of Saturn, the sharp dragon Tooth. Toth is linked to the thought, and throat chakra that creates vowels and words with its mouth, that raises Osiris from death. Objects with lighter density than mercury sink, so it 'decides' what convolutes or absolves. Toth is the recorder at Death, with 8 disciples at final judgment, when sun enters Libra and balance is restored through harvest. Mercury is used in bowls or pools as mirrors during DMT experiences, so it becomes a portal to Duat, the underworld/afterlife. The Duat is also linked to binary star Sirius. The star of Toth/David represents male-female in one, the 2 trees (pyramids)= 33.


The information is spread about the transmutation of man, the 'Emerald tablets of Toth', how to reach enlightenment and open the 3d eye, the eye of Ra, the human mind reborn after a period of abstinence, opening the third eye chakra, the Enoch. Kundalini energy= the snake with cunt and lingua, female and male.The eye of Ra (evil) contains a curl, the line of the Golden Ratio, the glyph of the number 100..

The antediluvian patriarch develop an astrological system of constellations to serve as perpetual reminders of man's fall. At the top the serpent dragon Draco coils around the north star, the Eye of Ra, which becomes true north every 25.858 years. This knowledge is linked to green emerald, a stone also used in the breastplates of the ark and the colour of Venus, and the verdant water of women keeping their amarita.

The emerald stone is seen as a symbol of the secret knowledge that Lucifer and his fallen angels gave them. When the female symbol of Venus is inverted, with the cross above the circle, the representation is that of Saturn, the Orb of sovereign regalia.The Orb signifies completeness, representative of all things gathered within the orbis of Omniscience that can make man rebel against God and become a God himself. It is the jewel Lapis Exilis, a stone who supposedly fell out of Lucifer's crown when he fell from heaven, kept by Adam's son Seth.

As 3d layer of meaning the black orb is the lowest chakra, the counterpart of the pineal, the highest. For Luciferians, the rock is the Os Luz, light of Osiris, the almond bone, a bone of the loin, the sacrum part of the body, that can't be broken or destroyed by fire or any other element. It supposedly remains after death and decay, thus the Rock or Seed of resurrection, the Sacrum of 12 thoraïc vertebraes. Electricity, male lust and desire is thus the holy eternal flame, the fire of Lucifer that springs from the sacred rock, but a fire that needs constant refueling and ashes of destruction and death. Venus, the rock that is worshipped during lunar fertility rituals is the rock of Lucifer but his evil female, seductive, dark side.


The blue five-petaled flax flowers, with yellow gold-colored seeds are used to spin linen for the priests, as symbol of their purity. Because they contain a lot of phophorus, they become a symbol of the morning star and the vulva, weaving as symbol of the cosmic spit/spider, the DNA/snake creating the material world.
35.000 All Neanderthals are gone.
29.000 The Atlanteans build the Bosnian pyramid Visocica Hill, with underground tunnels and large stones containing crystals, based on advanced psychoacoustic knowledge about entrainment of brainwaves to the healing earth frequency of 7,83 Hz. All stargate vortices with the 2 mountain-shaped H as the vagina of Hathor, are connected and provide access to 4D, serve as teleportation sites. Atlantis reaches the highest level of technology thusfar on earth.

17.000 Shamanic rituals in the cave of Lascaux, France with callendars, images of the zodiac signs. Flutes with 3 holes are made of hollow vulture bones. The concept of the evening star dissapearing in the underworld to reappear as the brightest morning star, the -/+ death/rebirth cycle, of a tone reaching its octave, a flower of life becoming a seed for another seed of life is fundamental for the elite to keep demanding sacrifice. Rituals are timed astronomically to the period when Lucifer/Venus (the Queen of Night) sinks below the horizon and disappears into the 'underworld' for 8 days, lifting her veils one by one as the first belly dancer, dancing with and hypnotised by the Cosmic Serpent. Venus takes eight years to reach all 5 points of the pentagram, the inside of an apple also shows a pentagram, hence the symbol of an apple as lost innocence, evil. Before dying in the cave rituals, a print of their 5 fingers is made on the cave wall as a memory of their death.


First Luciferianism

The knowledge and rituals involving amanita muscara and psilocybe, the mysteries are spread accross the globe, as the Tree of knowledge (Chinese Wu, Korean Mu, Turkish bögü, Tibetan aba, Iranian magus,..). They know all duality is an illusion, an aspect of Oneness and that all negative thoughts are dark sprits speaking to us into reacting, so they can feed off that energy. The class of high priests is infiltrated by the reptilian Nephilim. They want humans to worship Saturn El as Ba'al, the Lord or Jupiter, the son of Saturn, and his prophet Lucifer, Mercury=Nebo/Nabul or Ba-el, Bel, the gate of El.. In Oc-eania (Pine Gap of modern Australia) they turn the religion/knowledge into the Kaballah, build their own temples like the Temple of Oz (o-the egg, z-the serpent, hebrew for goat).

The masses are given a religion, taking symbols and metaphors literal and true knowledge is passed on with an oath of secrecy and punishment of death, if broken.

To distort our heart chakra energy they create a society, aimed at maximum fear and stress, try to keep humans from opening their crown chakra, always keep them returning to our red base chakra, the lowest point of an inverted pentagram, 6 o'clock. Satan/Saturns number 666 is the 6th planet from the sun, with a 6-sided polygon on its north pole, worshipped on the 6th day of the week. The Mer-ka-ba (=star of David) is a 6-pointed star, minus the 6-sided polygon contains 6 mini-triangles.


The first creation myths tell a manipulated creation story where light is created by darkness:

In a primordial salt sea of darkness and nothingness the moon (O, the female egg cycle) gives birth to a virgin (Virgo, reproduction through genetic engineering without sexuality) who mates with a snake (Z/S, the sons of the serpent, reptilians, waves of water, DNA, the jinn, genes, genitalia). In the form of a dove or other bird (the Holy spirit, spit, saliva, sperm of the creator) she births a cosmic egg and the snake (the sickles/cycles of half moon, growth and decay) breaks the egg in two, creating duality (twins, yin and yang) the red earth, mountains in contrast with the blue sea and sky, the gods and their slaves. The lizard gods teach they created humans from ash/clay from the ash tree by spitting in it (again the Holy spit/spirit, holy sperm/saliva). The ash tree is a symbol of endless death and rebirth with biparental leaves, the concept of from ashes to ashes. The Annunaki claim that without their holy seed, P or hornyness, the spirit of Lucifer, everything would be nothing more than dead objects and humans just golems, made of clay.

On an atomic level Lucifer is the electron ('shining light', male negative energy) circling around the sun, the proton (female positive energy). The stones known as amber, later called 'el-ectron' are considered holy, connected to Lucifer, the homeplanet Tiamat/Elektra.

Rituals of blood sacrifice are meant to invoke demons, because torture attaches and layers in demons.They turn the concept of activating the pineal gland into a bloody Luciferian death/rebirth cult with the pineal gland as a red pomegranate. The pomegranate is a symbol of menstrual blood. The psychoactive plants are used to put fear in humans. People are given a cap of the mushroom, lay in a hot tub for astral projection. Medicine and healing is represented as a snake Ophis circling a T/mushroom-shaped chalice with the Holy Wine. They teach that Lucifer/Venus (Egyptian Sekhmet) was released by Ra to slay humans who were plotting against him. Made intoxicated by blood lust, she would have destroyed all of mankind if Ra had not taken pity on them. He tricked her by dyeing beer blood-red with pomegranate juice which she drank believing it to be human blood, and became drunk. She soon forgot her anger and humans were saved from destruction. Based on this logic they have to sacrifice bulls as an incarnation of the male Phosphor to appease the bloodthirsty female Phosphor.

Birds are not mammals but descendants from reptilian dinosaurs so as a morning star, reborn out of the fire and ashes, Phosporus/Lucifer is a blue bennu bird, blue jay or peacock, golden eagle, a red haired firebird/phoenix, like the blue star Sirius is always followed by the red star Betelgeuse. The winged sun is also the symbol of Anu and a pineal gland in an enlightened state (winged). The blue king cobra of the Kundalini energy, the awakened Hydra is decapitated.The decapitation ritual is based on the symbolic meaning of cutting the top of the tree, a flower growing from ashes, continuous death and rebirth.The concept of Saturn, Mars, Venus, father, son and holy spirit, the Holy Trinity, the new reborn out of clashing duality =>the symbol of Pi (God), and the building concept of a trilithon -two statues/towers/trees under a roof. This cycle of death/rebirth of mankind at the top of a pyramid is the foundation of almost every story ever told.

The mushroom is the penis, a alpha and the cup, the vulva, omega, combined. Because alcohol destroys brain cells and the seed of the Holy Breath, reptilians make up rituals with an emphasis on drunkenness.
12.009 'The sorcerer' painting of humanoid animal spirits, in a cave in France, as part of shamanism. Orion at the time is seen as a horned shaman.


the Pyramids

Triangle shaped temples are erected all across earth with 6 main pyramids to form a merkaba. Pyramids are built in Egypt, meaning 'fire in the middle' . They have a healing effect because like the human heart, they have a torsion field, a self-organised vortex or spin. A crystal capstone is used as an oscillator. An implosion vortex is used to revitalise water. At the same time, moral codes are taught like monogamy, loyalty and marriage (in contrast to the couples who did not live together but went to a temple to have sex), meditation, reaching equilibrium to avoid conflicts, because men often steal each other's women.

Near 'Caïro' (Mars), in Giza, throat chakra of the earth, Atlantean descendants order the building of a new pyramid complex. It is aligned with Orions belt.

A workforce of thousands of slaves, gathers limestone, living structures containing calcite, the crystaline form of calcium carbonate, with the same structure as coral.

The King's chamber acts as a stargate, an interdimensial anti-gravity field that 'lifts the dead to higher dimensions'r. The piramids are also surrounded by water, use the salt water of the Nile. The grand gallery serves as a tunic fork for the water as an energetic matrix.


the flood

All legends tell stories of the war of the gods, between black, red and whites, yellows, between Angels and Devils, Devas and Asuras, Daevas and Ahuras, the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, Gods and Titans, the famous Gigantomachy.

The Krakatoa volcano (Mount Atlas) between Sumatra and Java erupts. The overheated water dissolved in the hot magma turns instantly into vapor, on a worldwide scale, causes a huge tsunami. The ashes and debris are thrown up into the stratosphere, fall back to the earth and the sea, choking all life in the region, and causing enormous quantities of rain. The Ice Age glaciers melt and trigger the end of the Pleistocene.
In Hindu myths, the explosion of the Krakatoa vulcano are allegorized as the Primordial Castration which turned the Cosmic Phallus (Linga) into the Cosmic Yoni (or Vulva). Earth’s Yoni = Khasma Mega of Hesiod.

12.662 bc Shifting of the poles, the melting of the Antarctic ice cap, and the temporary but total collapse of the Earth's magnetic field. As described in Egyptian papyrus, 'South becomes north and the earth turns over'.

Atlas: 'the one who could not whitstand the sky', Atlantis in Sanskrit :'deprived of its pillar, sunken to the bottom', the castrated phallus in the sea.Atlas is also the name for the 33d, the top cervical vertebra of the neck, which supports the skull, the globe of the head. The mythical spring of royal golden blood ('Dam') is remembered as the river Danu/Eri-danus that springs from the foot of Orion, after a sting of a crab/scorpion (Lucifer), when the moon children took over from the original Atlanteans (moon sickle castrating its father).
Atlantis, Lemuria and most fauna and flora is destroyed. A reboot of earth.

12.500 - 6000 bc