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500.000 -50.000

The conflict between Nordics (Atlanteans) and reptilians (Lemurians) continues on earth. Battles are fought for control over the new race.

The Anunaki

375.800 Because our planet fluctuates between realms every 309,000 years, there is a realm crossing. Earth is the focal point of a cosmic imbalance. The 'Archon invasion'. They bring artificial bacterias with different DNA than humans.
They can be white, black, red and have horns. They are forced to leave because of genetic damage. After infiltrating a number of other planets, they come to earth, living in the lower overtones of the 4th dimension. They are temporarily given kingship over earth by the Draco. They are lipid, oily blooded and have silicon nerves. They breathe nitrogen and exhale cyanogen, the famous flammable dragon breath. Coming from methane environments, oxygen and water, our environment is like poison to them. They are obsessed with gold, because it is soul energy.

Looking for gold, the first group chooses the region of the Zambezi river in South Africa on the tropic of capricorn to establish their mining operations (the mythical En-ki, lord of earth). The second group rules the region of 33d parallel, the Persian gulf, and the cedar forest of Lebanon (mythical En-lil, lord of heaven and his garden). Cyanide and mercury are a byproduct of gold mining, cyanide is also found in smokes of fire.

The 'peace project' goes wrong.

The dynamic of this solar system changes: the original Saturn sun cools down until it has rings of ice, the famous 'imprisoned' Lord of the Rings. After a period of darkness, another sun is created.

The hexagonal shape, found on the north pole of Saturn, bigger than the diameter of earth, is the symbol of the black cube with 8 points in time and space, the 3D physical matrix humans are trapped in. It is linked to the hexagonal honeycombs of bees, symbol of the hive mind. The reptilian consciousness worships Saturn because it is the Great Malific, a strong astrological force of duality, the highest and lowest frequency of our solar system and of the black sun, radiating without light. Saturn is linked to the moon because it takes 29,5 year to complete the circuit of the ecliptic, similar to the orbit sickle/cycle of the moon of 29,5 days around earth.15 is the number of Saturn or Kronus the father of time, if we consider the circle as a unity, 360 degrees divided by 15 = 24 or the also natural hours of the day. 1/15 = 0,06666667 with 666, the so-called number of the beast but also of the sun.

The 'fall from Eden'


They rearrange the DNA of the native human species. The original DNA pattern is left within the human cells, but split apart, deactivated. They reduce the 12 strands of DNA to 2, in order to have them broadcast within a certain limited frequency band so they can feed them those frequencies and keep them in power in a copy/paste reality. Because DNA is a transmitter/receiver of laser like light frequencies, humans are connected to the matrix and having only a double helix, have much less access to information. Humans, 6th density beings that were STO (service to others) are turned into more primitive 3d density creatures STS (serving the self), alienated from their true creators and focused on the needs of their holographic avatar body.

The DNA in the 2 strands of our physical body, non-coding DNA are written in a language, a universal software code. Programs of neurological inserts, hormones and neurotransmitters are inserted in our morphogenetic field, our light body, connected to our chakra's and the earth, to keep us at base level. 666 is the number of Carbon, essential for making DNA/RNA. When a log of wood is placed in a fire, it burns down until all that remains is the Carbon element (from ashes to ashes). 66.6000 miles/h is the speed of earth. Humans have 23 thoraic vertebraes, human biorythm cycle is 23 days. Tropic of cancer and capricorn are 23,5 degrees from the equator. The annual seasons result from the fact that the Earth is tilted some 23.5 degrees in respect of the plane of the Earth's orbit around the sun – known as the Plane of the Ecliptic. Each parent gives 23 chromosomes.2/3=0,666. Every human has 46 chromosomes, 46+23=69. Where humans could reproduce through combining geometry, humans are now limited to biology, an egg and seed cell as metaphor for the prison, 3D matrix with no access to the higher realms.

Humans on earth now live in a lower octave of reality, in an avatar body with artificial neurology inside an artificial matrix as a energy battery for the controllers. However they are still powerful creators, because of their divine creative life force they breathe life into the simulation. Everything we see and touch is made up out of atoms but atoms are not solid, are mostly 'empty', vibrating on higher frequency= ether, the fifth element.

The reptilians/greys are called Urizen, the God of the material world or the Demiurg Yaldaboath, the evil architect who created the matrix, the material world through the rings of Saturn, the ourobouros, the snake eating it's own tail.

The reptilian parasitic consciousness can manifest for a short time in our 3D world but mainly lives in 4D and has no creative imagination, so this intermolecular space, neutral zones with no energy source is a perfect energy field for them to feed off human energy. When humans are frustrated, affraid, they have more acces to our mind because of holes in our energy field. Reptilians like to abuse humans, and have a large focus on sex. They consider the adrenaline energy of a terrified child as a delicacy. Substances like red adrenochrome, created by the human body when adrenaline (epinephrine) oxidises, is their ultimate high. Sometimes particularly evil spirits from the lowest frequencies of the 4D astral realm can take over a person permanently (demonic possession), creating a psychopathic mind that seeks only to harm other people.


The human heart chakra, of female creativity of 432 Hz, is distorted with dissonant frequencies. In cymatics, in our matrix the 440 frequency (note A) shows a 6 pointed shape. A is also pictured as a spade, an inverted black heart or clover.

They design a genetic augmentation of the reptilian brain on the back of the head, top of the spine, the so-called bull's eye, the eye of jealousy (N-vidia). The frequency 639 Hz,related to the § (6/9) hurricane symbol is a disonnance between 2 frequencies, involving love and problem solving. Humans become jealous of each other's women and posessions. Through the ventral striatum, the reward system in the human brain, they feel delight when a rival fails. The divine feminine energy is corrupted, through which we develop a distorted concept of love is later symbolized by Eve, or Pandora who opened a box. Human conflicts are engineered, people feel cut off from the source of life, feel depressed and uninspired.

A sort of sky grid, a frequency fence, a multidimensional mind control network is put around the planet to control how much the frequencies of humans can be modulated and changed. This plasma field around earth, resembling an octopus, interacts with the solar wind. The grid corresponds with the earth grid, 4D affects 3D and the other way around, hence the famous 'as above, so below'.

Everything in our reality (the atom, the body, the brain, the planets, the galaxy) is based on frequency, patterns of sacred geometry like the Flower of life/the genesis pattern (how an egg cell starts conception) or the Tree of life. Its two pillars are the twin towers, the 2 pillars of the transmutation of man. The two pillars form an arch, the Gates of Heaven, the Pi-symboll. The Orion group connects this symbol to the Orion symbol, with the pillar in the middle as the sword of Orion. One of the trees symbolizing the Tree is the acacia tree, containing DMT.

The fall of Eden or the idea of 'original sin' is the fall of the human race through  the act of wanting to experience physical reality, pleasure for the self.
The human race no longer lives in a state where they are able to use bodies and still have a spiritual connection, they become addicted and turn inward, fragmented units who forget they are parts of one consciousness. They lose faith and knowledge and have physical restrictions.


Introduction of 'death'

The greys, the semi-artifical beings from Zeta Reticula that live in an artificial universe, who had already controlled a massive number of planets to regain their soul essence, create/clone 8 new control layers of reality for us. Our planet is later called eartH because they want to make earth the Heart, the crown jewel of their prison planet system. They have their own Archon agenda, they need humans because they have a threefold essence of being, physical, emotional and spiritual and they have lost this unity and can't ascend to higher dimensions. Our matrix consists of cymatic frequencies, based on sacred geometry, but with inserted bits and bytes.

Because of the bacteria's and the distortion of the design of the human body, people become ill and die: through the ether, the original soul essence leaves the physical avatar body at tropic of capricorn, transcends to the 4D and 5D spectrum. Life and death. Humans start to incarnate, leave this body and transcend to 5D. In 5D they eventually choose a new body/incarnation, the souls return to earth throught the tropic of cancer, a process connected to the moon, the foundation of the female egg cell fertilisation cycle.

The moon object has bases on it and has technology that works as a soul capture machine: it can trap and store souls so humans don't have a life review and end up in the same situation in a different body. Because of 'the veil' of amnesia they created, humans lose the ability of lucid dreaming, don't remember their past lives and don't understand there is a evil wheel of karma that keeps them suffering and incarnating (the buddhistic Samsara). The true nature of the human soul is pure love but our personality is the reaction of the incarnated soul on the primary anomaly, the DNA-mixture of the DNA of our parents and the conditions that we find here on this planet. Soul groups reincarnate together so conflicts are fought continuously and on different levels.

Saturn stands for the beginning and end of our time illusion, eventually brings saturation, death. The universe can be seen as a waveform, a double helix, two snakes intertwined. 'Sin'=sinewave and cosinewave, time (circle) and space (square). Because of the ourobouros, eternal reocurrence, a snake biting its own tail, humans are stuck in a temporary wave.


When the reptilians/greys rape humans in 3D or 4D, the reptilian 3d eye, and the white phallus appearing out of the vertical slit becomes the dreadful Evil Eye. Children born from these 4D rapes are 'sons of the serpent'. Black cats, having the same vertical slits become a symbol of worship and Evil. They can have a 3d eyelid that looks like a moon eclipsing the sun. When the sympathetic branch to the eye is damaged (loss of sympathy) the eyes can become green. Because it contains phosphor their urine glows in the dark. In the sky the Evil Eye is the pole star Draco with its Cat Eye Nebula or the star Fomalhaut. Fomalhout means the mouth of the fish or whale: abduction victims describe the experence as being raped by a fish.

As a downgrade from telepathic communication like most animals, humans also have to use more verbal communication, using phonetic frequencies. The humanoid races from Lyra, Vega, Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades speak Tamil, an ancient language, of which all Earth's languages will be derived from (the language originated in Lyra and spread to the Pleaides).

Scarification and tooth sharpening become traditions practiced among Central African and Lemurian tribes. Both males and females practice bloodletting rituals or taking a jump with a vine attached to their feet as rites of passage into adulthood. They create scar patterns resembling reptilian scales as a sign of manhood, being initiated, a killer like the gods. Penis like staffs are used for penitentiary purposes. The male parts of the female genitals, the labia and clitoris are typically removed. A small hole is then poked through the scarring to allow for menstruation and urine. Boys are circumsized and have to swallow their foreskin. As an attack on the heart they are seperated from their mother and placed in all male environments. Young Mandan boys have to fast for 4 days without sleeping. They are then hung from the ceiling by hooks that pierce their skin. During the entire process they have to smile until they pass out. When they wake up their pinky fingers are chopped off and only then they are considered men. Humans are forced to eat posioning ants in leaves, shaped like an Evil Eye. Some tribes have their young boys stick two canes down their throats until they vomit. Reeds are then forced up their nostrils and their tongues are stabbed.

In Lemuria the elite wears bones like moon sickles through the septum of their nose as the nostrils represent the 8 of infinity. The dipan-bone refers to the hemipene- Skulls of ancestors, called ‘ndambirkus’ are used as a pillow for sleeping or as a neck rest by the ‘reigning’ family head. They are decorated with rings like Saturn or painted to accentuate the OTO brow ridges. The eye sockets and nasal cavity are lined with beeswax, decorated with red and light grey seed capsules and spinning spirals (life and death). The red pods are the lethal ‘abrus beans’ (abrus pecatorius, rosary Pi/pea's, also called crab or cock's eye). They look like a red pill and are used as an amulet to scare away the Evil Eye. They are also used as bead, for percussion instruments and as a measure to weigh gold. The grey are ‘tears of Job’ (coix lacryma jobi). The lower jaw is attached to the skull with rattan wickerwork. 
The skulls of murdered enemies, called ‘ndaokus’ are kept in the central mens’ house as trophy, as proof of the bravery and skill of a warrior, and decorated similarly to become a ‘ndambirkus’. These ‘war trophies’ always have a hole in one of the skull’s temples. Through this hole, the brain of the enemy was removed. The jaw bone of the ‘ndaokus' skull s removed and given to the women as a pendant for their necklaces – as a final, humiliating insult toward the defeated enemy. 

92.000 Mixing reptilian DNA and Cro-Magnon DNA is not succesful so the reptilians are forced to continue interbreeding. The natives (redskinned), and the Paranthas (resembling the Aboriginals) are more attuned to the vibrational frequency of the earth. The cave rituals are performed with drums and paintings with red ochre on the walls.
83.600 The first human ruler, King Ubara-Tutu (Lamech) an Ophite reigns over Shuruppak. Black Goo (black sister) lands on earth through meteors, an artificial seed device.

The reptilians, called 'chitaouri' force the black women in South Africa to work in mines to obtain gold, copper and tin (only woman are allowed to work with the female earth). They use fire as the easiest way to put fear in humans. Metals are considered gods, sacred materialisations of the planets, of the sepiroths of the Tree of life. Reptilians cover themselves with the mono-atomic gold for healing, to increase their bioelectricity, because they can't raise their vibration like humans the natural way.

Sometimes black meteors fall from the sky, rich in iron. Wherever the black meteors land, they are worshipped as stone of the gods, the 'navel' of the world and a religious centre is built around it, a Black Rock City. The radiaton of the rocks is worshipped as a spirit, a god itself. Rocks are also used to heat so they can be put in water to cook food.


The morning star

The comet Venus is linked to the green heart chakra. At the time it is closer and almost equally brilliant as the sun. It has a long green tail, resembling fire, smoke, or even hair and a beard, dark at daytime, luminous at night. Comet tails contain the sacred cyanogen, the comet is called the morning star or 'torch of heaven', later known in Greece as Phosphorus, now known as Venus (V-female, -enis male) and Lucifer, the lightbringer, thought to be ejected from Jupiter. The eastern morning star V-enis (Venus Barbata, with a beard), is Saturn/Satan in disguise, Eve seduced by the snake. The comet rules Taurus. Because it seems as if she is going wild and horns grow out of her head, the comet Venus is called 'the bull of heaven', apparently possessed by a holy spirit. Because of her horns she also is considered a child from the moon, originally a crown jewel of Tiamat. The horns of Taurus are the sickle or horns who points the way to Venus, the morning star. The comet in the sky transits, 'overtakes' earth every 584 days as it orbits the sun in a 5 point star/pentagram shaped orbit. Than it changes from the evening star, visible after sunset, to the Morning star, visible before sunrise. It is linked to the number 5, a sacred number in Atlantis, representing the male, conscious outward action of the sun, the 5th element, quintessential essence, transcendental power. Venus is represented by an apple, like almonds, oranges, peaches and cherries they contain 5 pits containing cyanide (cyanide is also used in mining gold and silver, can cause coma and seizures). Another symbol is the rose because of its orbit following a pine cone/rose pattern.

Because of the frequency shield around the planet, it becomes difficult and dangerous for beings in 5D to penetrate the atmosphere and our controlled matrix of 3D reality.

People are sometimes visited by postive E.T.s, to help us in our spiritual evolution.They communicate with humans telepathically and during DMT-experiences. Sirius is thus held in high regard and associated with mythological beings like the griffin (half lion, half bird) and angels, higher beings with wings.

Because of the interbreeding and the hybridisation, program a certain amount of people are born with more 'extraterrestial' DNA. They might be frail, predisposed to solitude, but have more receptivity for a trance state and genetic abilities that allow them to communicate with the spirit world. When they show promise, they are approached in dreams, guided from early childhood by the beings.

These beings bring the future shaman to the spirit world, the Venturi, the real world, the blue zone, in other words they leave the matrix. The beings always appear as animals in human form (therianthropes, snakes, fox, owl, dove, bear, dog, ibis,.. archetypes of the human collective subconscious). They learn them to be healers for the benefit of the tribe, showing what plants to use for certain sicknesses and trance, explaining the dances and drum rythms of the shamanistic rituals to invoke the thunder god.

The San-people of the Tsodilo Hills in Botswana worship the reptilian gods in caves. They have different colors of spearheads, the red ones are burned in rituals in front of a python, carved out of rock. They have rituals where the rock is connected to a room for the shaman, the rocks are used for channeling, called 'the rock that whispers'.

Some tribes in the rain forest access the spirit world through a brew of the snake like Caapi Vine, which enables them to communicate with their ancestors and intelligence of the plant and the earth, 'the Grandmother' goddess. In Atlantis and in the region of Lebanon, the mythical Garden, sorcerers consume mushrooms like the poisonous fly agaric Amanita Muscara ( the honey from the bees, the nectar, seed from earth). The spotted mushrooms grow as a fruit on the roots of cedars, ash or evergreen pinetrees. They contain DMT, a tryptamine naturally found in the brain in small doses, which activates the pineal gland, similar to the pineapples of the pinetree. They cause intense vision, a feeling of flying, size distortion, euphoric laughter and a red facial glow. The muscimol ends up unmetabolized in the urine so the urine, being less toxic is used again. It remains potent even after six passes through the human body and is also given to animals.

The initiate always undergoes a process of mystical death and rebirth, a multidimensional operation, a transformation from 4D into 5D, a superhuman condition. In a deep trance state, lasting a few days, he might imagine he is boiled in a caldron, devoured with spirits, reduced to a skeleton, operated and eventually adorned with new flesh, sewn together with magical stones. From that moment on, when he is purged and reborn, he can enter the spirit world at will and he can cure and divine and teach the rest the rituals through which he rest of the tribe can enter the spirit world so he is considered as the vital essence of the tribe.

Sorcerers carry feathers of owls or other birds on their head, referring to the top of the caduceus, the Kundalini energy that starts from the spine and enables the pineal gland to develop a crown and leave the body. They wear veils, animal masks on their face or antlers on their head to disguise themselves and scare away or become the evil spirit. In rituals venomous snakes are used: by being bitten by them, the poison is transmuted and enhances the immune system.

Sometimes they are instructed to choose a certain pine tree or silver birch tree from the woods. The tree is than place at the centre of the ritual as the Tree of Life, or the World Tree, a spirit ladder and intermediary between the earth and the higher realms that reaches the North star, the central axis of the universe. A tree is a symbol of 3, three, the trinity. Becoming one with the tree, the priest stands on top of the highest branches of the tree, beating his drum until he falls into trance and he is caught with a blanket by the others.

In cymatics, the sacred Ohm-frequency, the highest frequency before leaving our dimension, shows a pattern of 3 circles, the trinity of the father, mother, son. In alchemy the father-son-mother connection corresponds to gold-ridium-irridium or salt (male, solid)-mercury (female, fusible)-sulphur (binding, the son). Knowing that nature is cyclical and has consciousness, the process of death and rebirth of nature and its trees through the cycle of seasons, winter and summer, is celebrated through the green man, a living tree.

When they enter the spirit world (4D/5D), a raven or an eagle appears as a teacher to educate the souls. they can be brought to a tree with its top cut off, at the foot of a mountain, the holy mountain, the mountain of Enlil, sometimes called Jokuo. The tree and its nest is a symbolic overlay for the matrix and the hybridisation program that abductees report: they are shown hybrid babies, sometimes more than hundred, all stacked up in symmetrical racks, rows of fish tanks as one geometrical big womb, hooked to the matrix. Every branch bears a birds nest (incubation tank) according to a hierarchy. The Osmaili Turks say the tree has a million leaves, with a human fate written on it. When a leaf falls, the person dies.

The Owls that can appear in the tree are spirits that offer a learning experience, benevolant guides but sometimes also related to the grey aliens from Zeta Reticula that appear into our 3D world as a holographic insertion of a large illuminating owl with hypnotising large black eyes, during the shamanic rituals or contact experience with missing time. (The owls are called 'Ikuya' by the Brazilian Ipixuma tribe. When they are in trance, they see light and force around it, and they can shoot arrows that go right through it, so they know they are dealing with a humanoid in disguise. In Mexico the myth of Lechuza narrates that Lechuza is a black witch who whistles in the night to call the people, and whoever responds to her call is found sleeping till the next day arising with multiple bruises on the body.)

For humans the owl and its OTO- or 8-shaped eyes, the reptilian wings are symbols of the gods. Grays can also manifest as a ball of lightning/fire, simultaneous with lightning discharge, leaving an odor of sulphur, leading people to believe in a thunder god.

In the region now known as Arizona, a black nickel-iron meteorite from Mars crashes, causing the Canyon Diablo Crater (Barringer crater). The Kiowa tribe build a sanctuary around the 15 ton stone. Before each hunting, they immerse their spear and arrows in the water that gathers from the moulds of the iron meteorite, to make them as fast and accurate as the gods. The holy iron is traded with other tribes. Black obsidian stones are associated with the hypnotising black eyes of these Grey/owl gods. Obsidian mirrors are used in rituals, so people can see themselves shapeshift into different forms.

In 4D humans are haunted and tortured by inner demons, known to Ayuasca-experiencers as the Purge, or described as Hell, eternal suffering, death. Some experience blackness, snakes and demons. They sometimes lose consciousness, 'lose their head', become catalepsic (the feeling of being 'stoned'). The visions are internal visualisations of fears, dark entities from the astral realm, based on the beliefs of the experiencer, feeding off the energetic body.

The clowns, jesters and 'machine elves' who appear in the DMT induced underworld are mimiced, dressed as skeletons, bringing black humour, depicting the morbid absurdity of life. With the mushroom being a symbol for human life, ancestors and the penis, they also have to be decapitated before they are actually beheaded.

The black hole in our sun, the chimney wormhole to other universes in the centre of our galaxy is seen as an anus or the womb of the Mother goddess, the ourobouros, or aar-raa-nos, the being of air and radiating light. It supposedly birthed this universe, as a black ball of space. The black stone ball with the zodiac ring around it as the mother womb and a cross on top of it. The mother womb gives and takes =>the turning cosmic wheel, the symbol of the swastika, the god Saturn/Satan who swallows everything, for its satisfaction. The solar eclipse is of great importance to worshippers of the Black Sun. The moon sickle appears to castrate the sun, making the black sun shine, giving it a corona or crown.

125.000 bc Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals migrate out of Africa, dominating the remnants of Homo Erectus. Construction of Nan Madol.

100.000 - 12.500