... - 500.000 bc


If you have firm beliefs about the world and not willing to question them, this information is not for you. This timetable of our history is all speculative and debatable. Skepticism is very healthy when it comes to matters like this, especially because the theory of humans having et origins and a much more ancient civilisation is also brought forward by the fraudulent New Age movement. It's not about creating a new belief system but investigating and letting go of the old ones -Darwinism, materialistic world model, belief in government. Humans did not just pop up out of nowhere in a period of 20.000 years, there is no proof of a missing link between apes and humans, that explains a sudden leap of evolution. The universe is infinite and teeming with life.

(4 billion bc) Earth is formed.

First human earth civilisations

(3 billion bc) Human civilisation did not originate on earth. Human DNA is too complex to be the product of just coincidence in such a short time like 100.000-80.000 bc (even mainstream science proposes that human DNA was seeded through meteors-is not from this earth).

The diversity of life on earth is found elsewhere in the universe. There seems to be an ongoing friction between warm- and coldblooded races, organic and artificial beings ( the subject of artificial races is unavoidable as we are experiencing the creation of A.I. in our own evolution).

Beings descend into lower dimensions of more physical reality, of duality: the experience of being cut off from their essence (the fool's journey). Some groups are so cut off from their essence and identified with the lower realms, they become jealous, egotistic and develop a god complex. They create artificial realities, manipulate and conquer others, throught strict top-down hierarchy.

One of these races is linked to the Draco constellation, the dragon circling around the celestial pole. Through the ages they have been pictured as having a tail or wings, flaps of skin (the features of the devil in christianity), having horns or having a powerful red eye.

The theory of reptilian beings controlling the elite of today is of course hijacked by and associated with characters like David Icke in the collective consciousness. There are almost no reliable books or documentaries on this subject so it is understandable that the topic is ridiculed and considered as too farfetched. However some information is important to understand what is going on. Any decent researcher will find the undeniable facts -that one group of psychopaths have controlled and are controlling the world,- that they have no empathy, -worship a consciousness associated with Saturn, and claim they have a Divine Right to rule humans.

The consciousness is cold blooded (no emotions like compassion), is multi-dimensional, physically and mentally strong, telepathic, and intelligent. They don't communicate linear with words, but through symbolic images with multiple layers of meaning. They don't take individual decisions but operate as a group mind, a Rhe- blood group with beehive consciousness (hence the worship of the hexagon, identical to the mindstate of the elite.

They are programmed to conquer and destroy and to consider themselves Godlike and perfect, because they are androgynous -man and woman in one body (phallus that remains permanently erect and stays hidden inside the animal’s waste and reproductive orifice, commonly known as a cloaca -and because their DNA has stopped evolving and lost most of their emotions. Mammals who are male or female and who evolve genetically are considered weak and inferior. They need others to drain their life energy, especially blood of the Nordic like races, with blonde or red hair, whose genes they carry and who are more susceptable for mind control.

The consciousness is probably also artificial, non-organic (the reason why technology nowadays is presented as a God, giving us the next leap in evolution). In the 20th century the Archons of Gnosticism are introduced in the collective consciousness as 'Greys' and became part of the false reality of pop culture.

It is important to consider in the context of how this 3D sensory reality works. In this new information age, the idea of this reality not being real, that we are hallucinating a dreamworld, an artificially created hologram is slowly spread and even promoted by mainstream science, to eventually embrace their gnostic luciferian religion. In the age where humans can create virtual artificial worlds, the question arises, did this happen before and are we living in a reality created by a more advanced race.

The most common theory about them is that they don't consider themselves evil, they are trying to survive and don't understand human pain because they have lost most of their emotions. They have lost the ability to reproduce and use cloning as way to survive.The conflicts between Draco and Orion break out and continue elsewhere on earth. This might sound like a silly Star Wars science fiction script to people who are focused on everyday problems, but a lot of movies and a lot Orion and Draco symbolism of the ruling class are crucial to understand our history.

4,6 billion Forming of planet earth.

1 billion First settlements are created on Earth.

500 million bc Phanerozoic eon (beginning of visible life).During these galactic wars, life is seeded from the moon (not yet in orbit of the earth) on earth.

359 million bc first fish and reptiles

335 million bc supercontinent Pangaea.

Making of artifacts like the Klerksdorp sheres in South Africa, and the 'London hammer' .

252 million bc Mesoic age (Age of the Reptiles): Earth's energy is divided amongst fault or ley-lines. Where these lines cross, the energy spirals into a vortex of energy. On a significant faultine, the Darling faultline, the place now known as Perth (Birth), Australia, becomes a reptilian stronghold. It is the beginning of an empire called Mu/ Lemuria that stretches from the Himalayas to past Easter Island and South America, the entire Pacific bassin, a horse-shoe shaped of tectonic plates, the famous 'ring of fire'. The reptilians bring and breed creatures in their likeness, the dinosaurs. Fossils like the Burdick track, humanoid hand print and fossilized human finger in Texas, Alvis Delk Cretaceous footprint,...Dinosaurs evolve into birds like the eagle.

66 million bc Cenozoic era (new life, Age of Mammals)

27 million bc Asteroids cause craters like the Chicxulub crater and megatsunamis (Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event).

2,5 million bc Shift in earth's axis. Pleistocene era (the Ice Age).

2 million bc (supposed appearance homo erectus) .

500.000 bc

Start of a civilisation centered on the north pole. The heart center, the connection to our multidimensional, infinite soul is described in esoteric symbolism as a primordial state, a world axis or sacred mountain (in Hinduism Mount Meru, Arab mountain Qaf , Greek Mount

Olympus, Christian Mount Purgatory, gnostic Montsalvat,..) unaffected by terrestial cataclysms, or the sea of passions and desires. The heart connection is seen as central pole, corresponding to the north star as immovable center, heart of the universe. This age is the mythical Thule and Hyperborea ('beyond the pole') on the north pole of earth, a Golden Age with no sickness, old age or death, an unrepented island 'Atlantis', a primordial state from which spiritual power emanates. This state of perpetual darkness necessary for rebirth in the light is the mythical Black Sun. The Darkness around the Pole, annually pierced by the sun’s rays, is a symbolic union of six months day and six months night, sacred marriage.

The Vedic texts say the ‘supreme country’ is known as Paradesha, also called the ‘Heart of the World’. It is the word from which the Chaldeans formed Pardes, and Westerners Paradise, with 4 rivers.

Rocks are worshipped as the immovable world axis, f.i. the large monolithic Ayers Rock is considered as the solar plexus, navel of the earth (myth of the rainbow serpent, falling spear point of Pleiades seeding life). 




500.000 - 100.000