... - 500.000 bc


(...) The first humanoids exist in the Lyra constellation. They would be called Nordics now, because they look similar to the Scandinavian races, but they are taller. While most Lyreans are blond haired and have blue eyes, some of them has red hair and green eyes. In their society red-haired people are seen as having extrasensory powers and kept apart for breeding purposes.

Because most Nordics come from hot dry planets, they have hemocyanin instead of hemoglobin, a higher percentage copper in their RH negative blood,in order to carry oxygen more sufficiently. Therefore their skin can appear slight blueish.

Humanoids also visit and inhabit the constellation of Sirius, the binary counterpart of our sun and a binary star itself (Sirius A and Sirius B), the Dog star of Canis Major. They develop highly advanced technology.

(4 billion bc) Earth is formed.One big supercontinent slowly rises out of the the ocean. Like all planets, it is a conscious being and has energy lines, fault lines that regulate her energy.

First human earth civilisations

(3 billion bc) Orion, the most heavily populated region of the Milky Way galaxy, has thousands of inhabited planets and artificially constructed planetoids. One half is Service To Others, one half Service To Self.

The humanoid STS beings from Orion coöperate with Sirians from Sirius A, mix DNA from the original Lyrans and their own collective energy to create 4D beings, that manifest themselves in 3D as reptilian. (The legend of the 'god' of Orion parallels, where Sirius is the dog of Orion).

Reptilians have a body of ectoplasma, can switch from 3D to 4D but in 3D they have a scaly skin and walk upright like humans but to reproduce they lay eggs. They are 13 feet tall, physically and mentally strong, telepathic, fast and intelligent. They don't communicate linear with words, but through symbolic images with multiple layers of meaning. They don't take individual decisions but operate as a group mind, a Rhe- blood group with beehive consciousness (hence the worship of the hexagon).

They are linked to the Draco constellation and are owned by the Orion STS as slaves, and, in some cases, pets. The soldier class has no wings but the Draco elite can have a tail or wings, flaps of skin.Some reptilians have horns and the highest ranking reptiles have their powerful red parietal eye visible on their forehead, like iguana's on earth.

They are highly telepathic, but have little empathy. They are programmed to conquer and destroy and to consider themselves Godlike and perfect, because they are androgynous -man and woman in one body (phallus that remains permanently erect and stays hidden inside the animal’s waste and reproductive orifice, commonly known as a cloaca. The cloaca looks like a reptilian eye with a vertical slit) and because their DNA has stopped evolving and lost most of their emotions. Mammals who are male or female and who evolve genetically are considered weak and inferior. Most reptilians are negative and are a parasitic consciousness, need others to drain their life energy, especially blood of the Nordic/Lyran like races, with blonde or red hair, whose genes they carry and who are more susceptable for mind control.

The Orion beings also create 'Greys' as semi-artificial cybergenetic beings, who function as a projection mentally and psychically of the Lizard beings, like 4dimensional probes.  They have all the same capabilities of the Lizard beings except for the fact that their physical appearance is entirely different and their biological structure is internally different. But, their functioning is the same and in order to remain as projection beings they also must absorb nutrients in the same fashion both spiritually and physically as the Lizard beings do. They live on Zeta Reticuli..

They don't consider themselves evil, they are trying to survive and don't understand human pain because they have lost most of their emotions. Through energy focusing and a camera like system behind their multi-segmented eyes they are able to send signals for thought paralysis, implanting thoughts. Their eyes work like goggles and their white skin is like a tight suit, underneath they are pinkish and also have eyes with vertical slit eyes. Both the reptilians and Greys are ruled by artificial intelligence. Because of their history of nuclear wars, they have lost the ability to reproduce and use cloning as way to survive.

(1 billion)


First settlements are created on Earth.

At the time the planet known as Saturn is closer to earth, is the life-giving sun of our system.


(500 million bc) The moon ends up in the orbit of the earth. Because the specific orbit around earth, never showing its dark side, with the exact size of the sun, seen from our planet, so light and darkness, day and night is created, the symbolic ritual of duality. The moon appears as a sickle, to full moon and a sickle again, creating a cycle.


Lemuria and Atlantis

Earth's energy is divided amongst fault or ley-lines. Where these lines cross, the energy spirals into a vortex of energy. On a significant faultine, the Darling faultline, the place now known as Perth (Birth), Australia, becomes a reptilian stronghold. It is the beginning of an empire called Mu/ Lemuria that stretches from the Himalayas to past Easter Island and South America, the entire Pacific bassin, a horse-shoe shaped of tectonic plates, the famous 'ring of fire'. The large monolithic Ayers Rock is considered as the solar plexus, navel of the earth (myth of the rainbow serpent, falling spear point of Pleiades seeding life). 


Beginning of first Atlantis, a colony on the north pole of earth (and inner earth, the mythical Hyperborea). They are technological but still depend on spiritual abilities. They breed mammals and other animals. Lions are on top of the foodchain and worshipped as the King of kings.

Making of artifacts like the Klerksdorp sheres in South Africa, and the 'London hammer' .

(252 million bc) The reptilians bring and breed creatures in their likeness, the dinosaurs. Fossils like the Burdick track, humanoid hand print and fossilized human finger in Texas, Alvis Delk Cretaceous footprint,...Humans occasionaly kill dinosaurs to protect themselves, causing the first battles with reptilians.

(27 million bc) As a result from a 3600 year- cycle a giant comet of 18 miles diameter crashes into one of the oceans and creates another huge cloud. Asteroids causing craters like the Chicxulub crater and megatsunamis (Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event).

(2 million bc) A peace project is developed for the different races to co-exist: a group of 13 races (12 humanoid and the reptilian race) start a genetic engineering project. The reptilians of earth, withouth the consent of the original Draco empire, agree on the condition that the reptilian body is the foundation of the new creature. The project of creating protypes is mainly located in the region now known as Iraq, in a domed garden on the 33d parallel and parts of Africa like South Africa and Zimbabwe. The most advanced primate on the planet at that time, Homo Habilis is selected to create prototypes. Eventually the first 'Archaic' humans, semi ape, resembling homo sapiens and the first Homo Erectus, are genetically engineered with 98% DNA of an ape but 2% augmented, extraterrestial DNA, created 'in their likeness', containing DNA of all the races =>the Adamic race (Adom- 'undivided one'). As a sperm cell and fetus, humans still develop as a reptile, before becoming more humanoid. The human body has the same design as our zodiac, planets corresponding to chakras, the sun corresponding to our solar plexus.

The concept of the experiment is based on giving it some basic knowledge while there is a rule of non-interference to see how life evolves.
They don't have an aging gene so have a long life span of hundreds of years.

Eventually about 50 epigenetic augmentations of the human genome are made to achieve the modern humanoid Homo Sapiens, living in the 3d and lower 4th dimension.

Most races secretly program the human DNA-sequences to make their traits predominant, making the project, doomed to fail. Adavanced cultures see earth as a prison planet, with the beings, predestined for oppression or tiranny. Because the reptilians added their own DNA so humans have mammal (caring, warm blooded) and reptilian (not caring, cold blooded) consciousness, that don't fit together, creating a continuous inner battle between a caring and loving side and a coldblooded dark side in our heart chakra. In its fetus state, the human body looks like a small reptile with a tail and the higher parts of the brain are founded on top of a reptilian brain.

13 races => 13 signs of the zodiac (the sign of the dragon in the middle). The earth grid is a dodecahedron, made up of 5 platonic solids of 5 elements- the cube (earth-Taurus), the icosahedron (water-Scorpio), tetrahedron (fire, Leo), octahedron (air, aquarius) with ether as the 5th element. 4 elements, ways of taking energy water, food, oxygen, source energy.

For a while, there are no big problems or conflicts. In later legends, this period of time is described as the Golden age. Religion in Atlantis consists of sun worship, is simple and without sacrifice.


500.000 - 100.000