Human interaction

People behave the same way as atoms and planets. We are fluctuations of electromagnetic +/- energy. Every mood, every thought, every spoken sentence is a frequency. The heart is the the equilibrium point from which a physical body is formed with electromagnetic radiation and an aura (Meissner field) of biophotons, spanning both the visible and invisible light spectrums (200-800 nanometers)..

When two atoms 'fall in love' (quantum entanglement) they share a connection which trancends locality.
When thoughts are transferred, they are spread in a time span of ten minutes and it seems these thoughts were 'beamed' (quantum teleportation).
The superconductivity of a superfluid (quantum tunneling) is also reached on a human level. Electricity at a human level is represented by will power (male) and magnetism as love (female).

Good and evil

The universe is all about balance. There is no force of darkness, just absence of light. One can only alienate from its core by free will, putting the ego above the Universal will but even things, that look terribly wrong are part of the One. In the pathway of service to others some Service To Self can be used as Service To Others. Both pathways blend in the middle: STS is necessary for STO. There's a perfect balance between the 2 realities.

However, it is important to treat everybody with respect and not to interfere with somebody's free will. This is a karmic law and the ones who do violate other's free will, are ultimately retributed.

Strong force/weak force

The strong force: + and + make more +. The weak force: + and - attract each other/ + and + repel each other. Open minded (lighter) interact through the stronger force and can make close connections. Negative closed minded people attack positive minded people and repel other negative people. Positive energy is measurable integrative, negative energy is segregative..

Interaction of thought

The body is a complex of electromagnetic systems. Our thoughts can be measured outside our head, this enables us to use thought to interact with things outside ourselves. The main aspect of the electromagnetic antenna system is the 7 chakra/endocrine centers. The main glands of the physical body who control the chemical production correspond with the chakra's outside the body at the etheric level. Chakra/endocrine centers converts energy from the subtle levels into physical energy, as a citcuit tapping in into cosmic energy. The circles or spirals of the monopolar antennas at the physical level leads to mandala patterns at the etheric level and by properly phasing these monopole elements the resulting etheric patterns can by made to rotate at various frequencies much like in ancient times.

Each chakra interfaces with the endocrine system and roots into a neural plexus, associated with the energizing of a specific physiological system. The electromagnetic emission has a near-field (very close to the antenna) and far-field. In the far-field, the energy is radiated outward and it doesn’t return to the antenna. In the near-field, the energy flows out and back twice each cycle without being radiated. The etheric and more subtle energy bodies each have their own antenna systems along with their standing wave near-field creating multiple auric sheaths around the body.Thus, for every level of human subtle energy, there is an auric sheath surrounding the physical body. If we introduce a substance, form or thought-form of electric or magnetic radiation that interacts or resonates with a specific level of subtle substance, it will alter the particular standing wave field and manifest both in that subtle body, in the physical body, and ultimately in the real world. This then is the mechanism of action of chakra-based systems of communication and action-at-a-distance, all of which are accompanied by intentionally directed thought-energy.

Until an event is observed, it does not really exist in any particular state ; its state is simply given by a number of probabilities. Once it is observed, the probability of what is observed becomes one, it becomes reality, and the probability of all other possible states goes to zero (the state vector collapse). Until an event is observed, it is subject to the influence of intentionally directed conscious thought, even if the event took place in the past.

Quantum mechanics proves that our mind,  our consciousness affects matter.

Some 23.5 trillion synapses transform sensory data into thought. Below a certain minimum firing rate of synapses, we sleep, above it we are conscious. The data brings into being the potential interactions - the quantum potentialities. Thus, consciousness is the collection of potentialities that develop as electrons and brainstructures interact. Out of the realms of everything possible, comes an intention, determining what our next move, choice, and thought will be. When a particular synapse out of the possible synapses fires, everything else in the whole universe that might be tied to that choice by the possibility of an intention must also go into that same overall quantum mechanical state. Due to Lorentz invariance, an intention transcends time and space.


Our mind affects matter and other brains, distant matter and minds can have an effect on us. In all of this, the observer is tied to all observers, and those observers collectively select the reality that occurs. We can not always state even which observer is the first observer. Relativity does not allow it, as there is no such thing as an absolute frame of reference. So there is no single reference point at which an observer is the only one who sees things correctly. Time is relative so it runs at different rates in different frames of reference, so there is no first observer, no absolute observer who is the unique cause of intention, of determination.

Everyone is part of the determination. Irrespective of space and time, an observer causes the system to go into the one observed state from the allowed collection of potential state, and these consciousness linked hidden variables are held in common for all observers. The perfect observer always gets what he or she wants. For the perfect observer, desiring a state causes that state at the same instant to become reality. The perfect observer is the one that mirrors the experience of observation -a pair of observers looking at the same thing and stating the same vectored intention, even when thesignal-to-noise ratio is about 1 in 1,000. If you were flipping a coin by yourself, you would get your choice only 1 in 1000 tries. The wish as complete fact is 1 in 1000. But when pairs mirror the wish and declare the identical vectored-intention on the observed event, the odds change considerably. Hoping, intention changes the outcome of events.

We must have this intention and a strong desire to achieve that intention (need is a powerful, if you need the strength in a life saving situation, the strength can appear) the desire has to be shared by someone of equal or more powerful intention directed in the same direction. Thus, the mirror intent phenomenon is the next level of vectored-intentioning. Creating a true need for what you want is the strongest form of desiring it. It is a way to increase the signal strength of the intention-vectoring channel. And so is associating our thought of what we want with strong positive emotions. to better discriminate the signal from the noise we can strengthen the signal and/or decrease the noise. Various forms of meditation, biofeedback, HeartMath techniques, or simply cool-down techniques used in remote viewing or the sphincter-driven organismic drop to alpha-theta used in extension neurosensing and TopoThink would help create a clearer channel with reduced noise.

To become efficient, we have to quite our mind, use our time, attention and caring: the experiencing of positive emotion and the persistent intention of a desired outcome makes it happen in reality. Thoughts are real, as real as words and used properly have large effects. They are measurable outside of our heads and they exert a real influence on people and objects that is not bounded by time or space. Thought and emotions, coupled to a vectored intention appear to be a multidimensional phenomenon integral to the process of creating manifest reality and life experience. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thought, we create our world, and with proper use of thought in geometries of application, we can also affect the fate and destiny of our planet.

Group behavior

When 2 or more people are talking to each other, there is acoustic cavitation (bubblefusion), focus on one group of impulses, leaves out the other. Temporarily the individuals identify themselves as part of a group. The brain is an electromagnetic oscillator so like a beat or like a crowd that claps in a rhytm, the rythms of different brains can synchronize, allowing slight forms of telepathy. After a period of time people's DNA can also start to communicate and synchronize.

Flow state

When a group of people get in a flow state, in 'the zone' (through sport, sex, meditation, art,.. ) quantum tunneling can occur and they can have the characteristics of a superfluid. There's singleminded immersion and the group transmits gamma-waves, leading to the sensation one can do anything. The reward system secretes serotonin (joy), other needs become negligable, the critical thinking part of the brain is shut off. More gluons and glia are produced. The individuals develop tunnel vison and a state of hyperfocus, lose self consciousness. Instead of thinking they become thought.

People don't like a partner or parent who is too eager, too desperate, too dependant or pushy because they want love as a STS, by desperately looking for love they receive the least. STO is only STO when it's asked for, otherwise it's a violation of karmic law.