the present



New technology is rolled out, agenda of even more artificial intelligence. -More escapism, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, nanobots, Googlebots. -3D nanotube lattices, parallel neural nets, genetic algorithms, pinhead-sized cameras. -More personal advertising, digital sex with 'perfect bodies' and even more realistic violent games, -personal flying devices, windowless planes, -Communication with computer through speech and gestures, images directly projected on retina, AR lenses, -efforts to map the algorithms of the brain and incorporate it into neural net computers, to replace VR eyeglasses and headphones by removable or permanent computer ear and retina implants that go into the eyes and ears, allowing direct interface with the Internet of Things, recording what the user sees and hears. -Introduction of 'the Cloud' (wireless internet access everywhere through wearable or implanted computers) as something we really need. The issue of eugenenetics. Quantum computing, use of graphene. Computers that learn and discover knowledge on their own, learn the entire internet, every single piece of public information (every scientific discovery, every book and movie, every public statement, etc.) generated by human beings.
Brain implants are sold as a way to create a full-immersion virtual reality with sensory stimulation, so we have our minds in a totally different place at any moment, but controlled by them. Technology is sold as a form of protection against diseases. All these efforts are made to reach a 'Singularity' to create new level of dependancy and mind control. New manipulation efforts by spin doctors to make us dependant or afraid of other civilisations.

Regardless of all this manipulation, they will be defeated.

Green world economy grows.Work means acquiring new skills and knowledge.
Languages are translated fluently.

Disclosure, spreading of information about aliens.

The Event, a solar, galactical event means removal of the plasma field that controls us. Energetic changes that disrupt us in a positive way. The financial system of slavery debt based on the petrodollar collapses. Reset of the system with more emphasis on other currencies, temporarily based on gold. China becomes biggest econmy of the world instead of the US.

We heal ourselves. We face our fears, wake up out of our collective hypnosis, cleanse ourselves from A.I. and recognize our true potential, our multidimensionality, our creation power.
Through Tesla home batteries, off the grid machines, life pods, community housing people can leave the system, create a new self-sufficient, sustainable society, based on abundance. A new World Government, but not the one that the New World Order envisioned, based on mutual respect and sense of responsability.

More use of psychics and remote viewing, revision of history. Release of supressed, free energy. Cold fusion, teleportation, time travel, materialisers.

Science acknowledges we live in a hologram designed by artificial beings, to capture the essence of being human. The mechanistic materialistic world view crumbles, science acknowledges the importance of consciousness.

Open source sharing, more empathic, more spiritually connected society with more respect, less primitive behavior. Adults are counselors and mentors to young people instead of academic instructors.

Precision farming, aquaculture, Internet of Things. Modular buildings. Space tourism.Manipulation of the weather.

Full open contact with friendly civilisations.
Picoengineering (technology on the scale of trillionths of a meter) becomes practical.

Science becomes democratic and interactive, independant without competitiveness, dogma's, taboo's, bureaucratic termonology, the academic rat race and prizes.

Companies turn into non-profit organisations, new sites where all literature, all images and video are free available in perfect quality, free to use.

3000 End of transition to 5th density.
one day, it will be our descendants mission to carry on the tradition and assignment of seeding the 3rd density universe, once we have the adequate knowledge