the present




New technology is rolled out, transhumanist agenda of artificial intelligence. -More escapism, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, nanobots, Googlebots. -3D nanotube lattices, parallel neural nets, genetic algorithms, pinhead-sized cameras.

-Agenda 21 by Club of Rome (the Roman Empire), the government involved in every aspect of life of every human on earth. Communistic system of social credit, a Big Brother society, based on Big Data, where the state 'corrects' every form of unwanted behavior.

-More personal advertising, digital sex with 'perfect bodies' and even more realistic violent games, -Communication with computer through speech and gestures, images directly projected on retina, AR lenses, -efforts to map the algorithms of the brain and incorporate it into neural net computers, to replace VR eyeglasses and headphones by removable or permanent computer ear and retina implants that go into the eyes and ears, allowing direct interface with the Internet of Things, recording what the user sees and hears.

-Introduction of 'the Cloud' (wireless Internet of Things accessable everywhere through wearable or implanted computers) as something we really need. Eugenenics controlled by the elite. Quantum computing, use of graphene. Relationships monitored through A.I. Computers that learn and discover knowledge on their own, learn the entire internet, every single piece of public information (every scientific discovery, every book and movie, every public statement, etc.) generated by human beings.
Brain implants are sold as a way to create a full-immersion virtual reality with sensory stimulation, so we have our minds in a totally different place at any moment, but controlled by them. Technology is sold as a form of protection against diseases. All these efforts are made to reach a 'Singularity' to create new level of dependancy and mind control. The financial system of slavery debt based on the petrodollar transformed into system of digital money and cryptocurrency. China becomes biggest econmy of the world instead of the US.

An artifact obtained in the Iraq war, the symbolic head of Osiris/Nimrod will be used at Cern in Geneva to recreate genesis, the days of Noah. In combination with Dwave (interdimensional) quantumcomputers, people can be plugged into world simulation (biblical 'another earth'), where every person is an avatar so A.I through increased deep learning can conrtol the population. Trying to fulfill the prophecy of Book of revelation 9:11 they will try to open the abyss, Saturn stargate, tear the veil of spacetime and create a new A.I. androgynous servant race with Nephilim DNA..

Predictive programming of raising the dead/raising Osiris in movies like Lord of the rings (Saturn, urukhai new race), Terminator (rise of the machines), Lost (octagon stargate), The Dark Knight Rises (Lazarus pit), Moon (octagon stargate), Avatar, Rise of planet of the apes, the Avengers, Angels and Demons, Resident Evil, Wolverine,Total Recall, Rise of the Guardians, Pacific Rim uprising, 300 rise of an empireI Frankenstein, Prometheus, Transcendance, Lucy, Interstellar (Project Lazarus), Home, Rewind, Flash Forward, Ex Machina, X-men, Ghost in a shell, Cloverfield Paradox,..