The Brain


The brain is an electromagnetic oscillator that processes sensory and limbic inputs, analyses and transfers information but that can also receive other frequencies from other brains/beings, matter, outer space,the geomagnetic sphere, the solar wind, gamma rays,..

The brain consists out of an outside layer of grey matter, containing white matter.Generally speaking we can make a distinction between

Left brain thinking grey matter, male, analytical, rational 'computer thinking' , the executive attention network.
Right brain thinking white matter, female, intuïtive, imagination, empathy, the default mode network.


Generally speaking the EAN, Executive Attention Network (organisation and information processing) is in charge of all things that concern this dimension of reality. It represents the male brain, grey matter, analysing, mathmatical, spatial thinking, alpha brainwaves.
The male brain's has 6,5 more grey matter and is 10% bigger because its right hemisphere is slightly larger, but only because it's not organised in the balanced, optimal way as a female brain.


The DMN, Default Mode Network is used for 'daydreaming' (imagination), navigating through all possible worlds. The DMN, even when it reads, doesn't think in full sentences, but in an intuïtive, visual, mental language, a constant internal monologue, conversation between different opponents with the illusion of one ego. So when the EAN reads, the DMN translates it into thinking language it forms associations and metaphors (a metaphor is not only useful for a poem or in humour, it is essential in understanding and recognising patterns since nature is fractal, a microcosm works the same way as a macrocosm). While thinking we can zoom in and zoom out, every detail can become a world -fractality, the same way the universe works as shown mathmatically by Mandelbrot images.
It allows abstract thinking and self-referential thought.
(The reason why people can overlook their daily problems better at night in bed, before they go to sleep is because the DMN than connects with our problem solving modules, the Task Positive Network.)
During creativity and imagination,the EAN is shut off partially. Imagination is also the bridge to astral projection and the Akashic records. The female brain likes to make more connections, in the brain and with other people, making them more verbal. The female brain has 9,5 more connections than the male brain and a thicker corpus callosum, a broader bridge between the two sides so females think more lateral and are better at controlling anger and agression.
The more white matter, the more connections. The world is connected as one brain, through a the internet artificial silicon network, but also through a morphogenetic field, that transfers information to our intuituve senses.

The pineal gland (3d eye)

The pineal gland - and pituitary gland + regulate the flow of electromagnetic energy through the body and brain. The pineal gland transmits frequencies and the pituitary gland receives. Like our other eyes, the pineal gland is also a photosensitive sensor, it turns light that touches the retinas into serotonin - when they register no light, it produces melatonin. It also produces the hormone dimethyltryptamine DMT allowing telepathy and granting access to spirit world so we can experience our connection to the Source. The light body can leave the physical body through the pineal gland. When the eyes see nothing but white, (an effect noticed by Arctic explorers that encountered blizzard conditions) it also creates altered states of consciousness. These altered states can also be created by sound in the same way - if pink noise is blasted through headphones into both ears, it creates a 'sonic blizzard' with the same altered states of consciousness that you get with a literal blizzard. Altered states of consciousness/religious experiences are a form of high gamma wave, can be generated through a 8 coil Shakta. The secret 'voice of God'-technology works the same way.

While the role of the pituitary gland is to exercise control over the physical body through endocrine, hormones, the pineal gland exercises control over the mental and spiritual, with both working through a well coordinated system of of hormones and nerves. In a state of long term fasting, energy levels are no longer dependent on the intake of foods, but from the pineal gland, the seat of cosnciousness and the point from which our spirit exits during sleep and death.

All religions practice the Holy Breath process: a fasting month, fasting of all external stimuli, along with long rounds of prayer/meditation, sleep deprivation experienced from night time prayer/meditation in order to cleanse, to decalcify the pineal gland (calcification) so it is activated and releases DMT.

DMT is a peptide, a hormone, an energy transporter that works across the blood brain barrier. DMT is released from the pineal during dreams, near-death, death, birth, and during meditation and mystical experiences, the ‘epiphany’ or the Alpha/Aleph. DMT is psychoactive in nature and can cause intense visions, and with other peptides are released during such experiences that have been referred to as the nectar of the gods, ambrosia, the living water, and amrita. When released a trickle down the back of the throat it can also be experienced. DMT in turn increases all pituitary homones and beta-endorphins, vasopressin, prolactin, growth hormone, and corticotrophrin (cortisol).

All forms of temporary stimulation like antidepressiva or other drugs inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, but result in a period of less serotonin, a slight depression. Continuous spiritual practice is the only practice that sustains an active pineal, and gives access to greater control over our whole selves.

The pineal gland contains rhombohedron-shaped microcrystals, that have piezoelectric properties with excitability in the frequency range of mobile communications as GSM (cellular phone) waves, and electromagnetic fields in general. They have an effect on calcium channels within human physiology.

A standard pineal gland is 6 x 8 mm, through spiritual practice it can grow to 11 mm. Modern society toxifies the pineal gland through refined sugar, artificial sweeteners (aspartame K),E numbers beginning with 1, vaccines, mercury found in tooth fillings, fluoride added to mainwater supplies, certain drugs and foods, exposure to radiation via cell phones- damaging the gland by causing calcification.

The thalamus is a relay station (sensation, attention, alertness, memory) and plays a key role in the physical basis of consciousness, also called 'the bridal chamber'.

The prefrontal cortex is our short term working memory, it stores info for 1 minute, with a capacity of 7 items.

The limbic system is a center of emotions, learning and memory. Long term memory is stored in the hippocampus, with an asoociated emotional response from the amygdala. The hypothalamus controls the autonomic system, hunger thirst, sleep, sexual response and body temperature, blood pressure, emotions and hormones. it also has a pleasure center which can cause an addiction when stimulated.

The raphe nuclei (libido, empathy, happiness, the reward pathway) send serotonin to the cortex and body, heighten perceptions.

Experience through the human brain is subjective because our neurons use neurotransmitters to communicate their electric signal of information/energy to the neurons in the vicinity.

The brain is made up of 2 sort of cells: nerve cells/neurons and glia cells, glia cells produce 'astrocytes', probably related to mind control.

The healthy brain

To be able to accelerate (gamma waves) and to relax (Ohm-frequency) the body/brain needs regular oxygenation, hydration, movement, cleansing the body,..
Modern man lives on a diet of stress, fear, confusion, fat, sugar, alcohol, pesticides and unhealthy water. High level exposure to ELF (extremely low frequency) magnetic fields affect the function of the pineal gland and reduces production of the hormone melatonin. Continuous exposure leads to:insomnia, breast/prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, fatigue, depression (disease caused by inflammation), irregular menstrual cycle, PMS, scoliosis, anxiety, cataracts, neurodegerative disorder (MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, etc), elevated cholesterol,an imbalance of DEA/cortisol, high blood pressure, blood clots, heart attack, heart arrhythmias. In other words, modern society is a deliberate attack on physical and mental health.
Too little Gaba can lead to depression. Alcohol, nicotine, sugar disrupt the dopamine balance. Modern media has little to do with giving us a window on the world but is designed to give us sensations, causing a negative effect on our thinking, decisions and world view.
When a person can't calm down, his body, his wandering mind will make him tired and lazy and he will choose to sit in front of a tv and watch game shows. When the body and the mind is well trained, everything can be food for thought.

Like people in a society who constantly change their function, connection, structure, the representations in our brain are not fixed. We constantly, conscious or unconscious change the structure and connections through our habitual mental patterns. Even two hours of repetitive activity changes the connectivity.
So due to its neuroplasticity every person has the power to change the anatomy and physiology of his brain, to change his thoughts and genes, his vibration and energy. Like the muscles of our body we can train the brain so it becomes bigger and stronger, except for the fact that when it comes to brain, bigger doesn't mean stronger.
Except brain damage, there are no mental disorders. People who are born with more access to other planes of existence have a gift and should be treated as such.
If you only listen to the reality processing EAN, you become a computer, a robot, a boring human being or at least short-sighted one.
If you have a better balance between the EAN and DMN, the wiring of the brain changes and your consciousness can grow.

Positive energy (happiness) seen rationally, can be viewed as absence of discomfort or pain, dependant from materialism, something that never lasts long.
The mind and body of course is one, positive energy/happiness can't be obtained through thoughts alone. The human brain works with chemical substances and they can be regulated through our decisions about lifestyle (exercise, food, thought, behavior, environment,..).
We need nature, sunlight, connection with others, healthy, diverse food, meditation, creativity and intelligence to feel happiness. Food is important to balance the acid/alkaline levels in our body and provide the right neurotransmitters.

-Fish, eggs, meat, cheese, milk, avocado, nuts, seeds produce dopamine for assertivity, immune system, energetic, quick thinking. Alcohol, nicotine, sugar and other drugs disrupt the dopamine balance.
-Soya beans, wheat products produce acetylcholine for thoughts, memory and concentration.
-Broccoli, spinach, seeds, fresh nuts, potato's, banana's, onions produce Gaba for tranquility, well being.
-Milk, brown rice, sunflower seeds, pumpkin and sesam seeds, banana's produce serotonin for calmness and happiness.
All tissues and organs produce specific magnetic pulsations, biomagnetic fields. Whatever you thinks, turns into physiology.
The hippocampus records facts and events, holding them until they can be formed into long-term memories during sleep.
Whenever the body is jogging or having sex or when the fully concentrated mind is learning, the heart and breathing rate increases and the hippocampus creates gamma-waves, the highest brain frequencies that modulate perception and consciousness, above the frequency of neural firing (so higher consciousness/ spiritual emerging).

Frequency range

The contemporary human hearing range is 20 to 20.000 Hz. Elephants and moles hear lower frequencies like the 7 Hz frequence so they have better memory. Cats, dogs, bats, dolphins and whales hear higher frequencies so they are more in tune with what is about to happen. When we would see, hear, feel and produce waves with a range of 0-160.000 Hz in a way, we would remember everything, know the future and have unlimited intelligence, creativity. Higher beings who live in higher dimensions (higher frequencies) just don't live in linear time, their atoms are not as dense and they can manifest things with their mind. They travel through consciousness, to have contact with us, they have to lower their vibration.

Lambda waves (200-.. Hz) do not occurr in normal waking conditions in normal humans. As with color, the highest and lowest brain frequencies are interconnected because they form a spectrum that can be represented as a circle. Lambda and epsilon waves (below 0 Hz) are thus related, both found in Out of Body Experiences.

Gamma waves (30-200 Hz) high-processing information, bursts of insights, being in the zone, feel that you can do anything, 'genius' thoughts. 136 Hz is the frequency at which most people pray or meditate. The powerful effect is caused by the fact that intentions/high frequencies influence other high frequencies, after all: our entire reality is made up out of atoms that vibrate at high frequency and its core everything is one.

Beta-waves (14-30 Hz) are required to function in everyday reality. During history it was the spectrum in which most people on earth dwelled their entire life. It produces the experience of an old-fashioned 'normal' human being, linear thinking, concentrating, talking, being aroused, learning (too high levels can cause anxiety, fear or flight).

Alpha waves (6-8 Hz) when we study or lie in bed at night and start to contemplate, when a person is naturally relaxed, creative and aware, the brain produces and increases serotonin production. We feel a relaxed focus, light trance, learn quicker. Children or cannabis users have more alpha waves than 'normal' adults.
pre-sleep drowsiness, beginning of access to unconscious mind.

As Tesla knew already, the wave frequency of the human brain, all biological systems and the earth resonates between 6 and 8 Hz. As Tesla also predicted, the ones who con control these frequencies electronically, can directly control the entire human mental system. Tesla's knowledge was misused and our human consciousness was hacked in 1958, while we were already living in a reality, consisting of an artificial insertion of bits and bytes in our theta consciousness.

Theta waves (4 to 7,9 Hz) extreme relaxation, meditation, peace, calm sleep or drowsiness. 5 times a night the eyes show Rapid Eye Movements because the brain switches 5 times to Theta waves and creates neurotransmitters like catecholamines ( learning, memory and creativity). We live simultaneuously in different realities, the experience is translated through projections/dreams.

Theta is our original brain state of creative potential. When during the day your brain is going at theta speed, you are focused inward on your mind's eye, having visions and receiving intuitive information from the Higher Self.

Delta waves (0,1 to 3,9 Hz) Every night when we sleep we lose body awareness, the body starts regenerating and the right hemisphere/DMN becomes dominant. It is the dominant wave of infants, stimulating growth hormone.

Epsilon waves (...-0 Hz) occurr during extreme deep meditation, intense bliss and compassion.


Calming down ( Parasympathetic )

The brain and the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) needs the quiet, calm waves to recharge its energy.
The calm waves lead us to the 7Hz.
When a person masturbates or has sex and he/she relaxes and surrenders to the feeling that comes up, the front part of the thalamus is activated. The plateau phase starts (the period of sexual excitement prior to orgasm) with an increase of parasympathetic activity.
(When one is unable to relax, the energy is blocked, possibly leading to frigidity and impotence).

Accelerating (Sympathetic)

-sex High activation of the front part of the thalamus creates energy that activates the posterior hypothalamus and the Sympathetic Nervous System.
The brain 'recruits' other neurons to join and changes its activity toward more alpha, beta, theta and gamma waves, which means better access to the mind/body.The energy rises and increases its momentum . When close to orgasm, a vibration of 42 Hz the brain tends to shut down, the hypothalamus reverses the energy which will then seek release through the genitals (it's possible through meditation/tantra to hold the energy without releasing it). When afterwards the body calms down, the body has enough blood flow and can reach a state of mind of complete tranquility so the body calms down but the mind is accelerated. Oxytocin, a bonding hormone is released.

-meditation When one meditates on love and compassion, the brain accelerates to the same gamma-waves, that cause a decrease in inflammation, and increase in immune system response.
When the mind and body is trained and wired that way, one is better equiped to start using his intelligence and creativity better and again reach these frequency peaks.
The effect of praying or meditation is caused by the frequency 136.10 hz.

The amygdala, a small section in the center of the brain that controls the intensity and duration of how long a negative emotion like fear or anxiety can disrupt the brain can shrink significantly after weeks of mindfulness meditation, the physical volume of the amygdala shrinks in meditators, and the recovery time from negative emotional reactions quickens.

-running When the body is literally accelerating, jogging, gamma waves are created (runner's high) and more bloodflow is supplied to the brain.

The brain obviously reaches only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The effect of all these activities (jogging, sex, meditation, talking and learning) are enhanced by sunlight (also an electromagnetic wave with a frequency but higher).
In mind control programs optogenetics are used (combining genetic engineering with light) individual nerve cells are manipulated to induce higher frequencies.
Geneticly the protein ChR2 is created, which sensitizes cells to light and with an optical fiber and laser fast-spiking interneurons, known for high electrical activity, the proteins are activated towards higher frequencies.

Volunteer consciousness with extrasensory powers, can be sensitivity to light, have sudden flashes of light that indicate and predict periods of intense creativity and insight, have more connection with animals, large imagination (vivid dreams), great depth, intensity of emotions empathy active, lots of energy, sensitive, heightened awareness of all five senses through central nerve system,more energy (with these characteristics qualified to lead and help).

When misguided these benefits can turn to disadvantages as being workaholic, finding it hard to sit still, to find tranquility and peace of mind, hard to shut off irrelevant information (physical discomfort, irritation not felt by others), prone to loneliness, suicidal depression, and extremely intense emotions.

the Subconscious

We consciously process 55 bits per second, while the unconscious processes millions of bits per second. Our body can start to move, before we consciously decide to move. We are under influence of our own subconscious, other brains, other beings in 4D, the magnetosphere, light,..The subconscious is influenced by the geomagnetic field around the earth of 7 Hz. We as a specie share the field and it contains enough energy to store the thoughts and experiences of every human being.When we sleep and the brain produce the brain produces 7Hz waves, we have access to the field. The substantia nigra in our brain contains eumelanin and works like a magnet. People who have less of the substance (Parkinson's disease) sometimes hallucinate like people who try to stay awake for days. The time required for 1 event in a brain to diffuse in all human brains is only 10 minutes. Human can telepathically communicate with each other when there's a close connection between them like love, genetic relation or spiritual similarities. Two persons in love can finish their sentences, twins know when one of them is in trouble have the same dreams and friends can send each other signals unconsciously.
Persons with similar DNA have similar thoughts, but when people share thoughts, their DNA also starts to synchronize so two people in a long relationship chose each other because they resemble each other but through interaction they start to resemble even more, internally and biologically.

When a person has to name/write random things, the subconscious provides suggestions of the things it has processed lately and the person puts his/her own overlay on it.
The subconscious guides non-verbal expression and intuitive behavior during theta waves.


Our basic needs can easily be met so we can occupy ourselves with self realisation. Harmony and happiness is simple and measurable. A person gets back what he puts out. We have rationalised and overcomplicated it with the ego and the idea that it is unique, takes time and hard work to achieve goals. Happiness is a natural body reaction, can be trained and is easy to obtain in an environment where everybody is happy. When we are doing as we should, it is effortless.

Our emotional range is +/- energy, related to our chakra's.