The Atom


Three dimensional radiation from the center produces atoms. Like planets and humans atoms communicate like mini-radio stations, have aura's and can collide or bind and become one, give birth to new ones. As the building blocks of our holographic reality, atoms vibrate at much higher frequency and have much more uncertainty. They can be in more than one place at a time, they can be anywhere until you look for them. All matter is both an atom and a wave. The wave of probability is collapsed when it's being observated. The way 'reality' acts, depends on free will, the observation,and the +/- energy from the observer.


Atoms are information and the information can be relocated to anywhere in the universe. The nucleus of an atom is the same black hole as the center of the universe.

Time/space is a superfluid so every ponderable atom is differentiated from a tenuous fluid, filling all space merely by spinning motion. By being set in motion, this fluid, the ether becomes gross matter. Atoms constantly shift from one reality to the other.

Like a superfluid can negate our laws of space and time, it is possible for a being in a higher density to walk through a wall, to pass through any solid matter because the atoms of their body is rearranged differently.

A vacuum is thus not empty but an access, a wormhole. It can borrow energy from the future. Energy can be pulled from a vacuum. When matter and antimatter meet, huge energy is released. A vacuum is matter and antimatter continuously created/annihilated (=qauntum foam). What we see and experience as reality is a leftover from quantum foam.

Physical energy and matter is ruled by electromagnetism, the higher realms are ruled by prana, or what modern western science calls antimatter. When that energy increases, the pineal gland can see in full color.

There are no subatomic particles. They are packets of motion, often transitory.
(as with humans, huge negative energy occurs when smashed or separated, huge positive energy occurs when fused).

For atomic nuclei smaller than iron and nickel (people who are open minded, no iron in their blood and heart chakra), the strong force (love, attraction, magnetism) is stronger, resulting from a close connection. For nuclei larger than iron (close-minded, lots iron and lead in their blood and heart) no energy is released, distance too big so energy is absorbed.