One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a Hollywood movie by Milos Forman with Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd and Louise Fletcher, released on 11/19/1975, date of death Charles Manson. 1975 =year 5 the Hierophant search for illumination, year Uranus (rebellion, unconventional ideas) exalts in Scorpio (era of cultural marxist program 'Punk Rock'). The script is based on a book of Ken Kesey, involved in government mind control project MK Ultra at Menlo Park, California, research on the effect of mescaline and LSD (History of Mind Control). He was a student of Malcolm Cowley (=Crowley, the Left Wing Church of Greenwich Village). It announces the mental health agenda of the totalitarian world state (United Nations - WHO).

Milos Forman (=Slim, Roman), 18 February 1932 (date John Travolta, Dr Dre, Yoko Ono, discovery Pluto) – 13 April 2018, year wedding Harry and Meghan Markle.
Dominants: Aquarius (Uranus rebellion, mental disease), Cancer, Aries- Moon (in Cancer), Uranus (in Aries), Saturn. Neptune in Virgo, Jupiter in Leo, Venus Uranus in Aries, Moon and Pluto in Cancer, Sun Mars Mercury in Aquarius, Saturn in Capricorn.
1971 Taking off (the Fool)
1979 Hair the star hei
1984 Amadeus (black moon the Lovers, Apollo reason vs Dyonisus chaos) year birth Harry
1989 Valmont
1996 People vs Larry Flynt (Uranus in Aquarius) Woody Harrelson (Harry's son=Harrison) as Antichrist LArry Flint, Courtney Love (Kurt Cobain) as the whore.
1999 Man On the Moon Jim Carrey Moonchild joker Charles Manson
2006 Goya's Ghosts Natalie Portman (Nicholson's daughter in Mars Attacks) Javier Bardem

The movie was produced by Saul Zaentz (also born in New Jersey, produced a film version of Lord of the Rings) and Michael Douglas, distributed by United Artists. UA was backed by Trasnamerica Corporation of Knight of Malta AP Giannini (Bank of America), made the movies of The Beatles and James Bond. UA president Eric Pleskow founded Orion Pictures, UA was bought in 1981 by MGM.

The script was based on the book of
Kenneth Elton Kesey (kk 11-11, Elton like Elton John) September 17, 1935 (Batman day, year 11) – November 10, 2001, year of the 911 ritual, uniting the twins.
published 2/1/1962, day 32 path the universe, date death Mary Shelly (Frankenstein), Linus William Roache (Robert Kennedy, Thomas Wayne) father of batman, Brandon Lee, date Roman Polanski fleed us in 1978, date Dookie Green Day (recreation in Basket Case).
The novel was adapted into a 1963 play, year of the Harvey Lee- JFK ritual, starring Kirk Douglas (who purchased the rights to produce it for the stage and motion pictures) as McMurphy and Gene Wilder (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as Billy Bibbit.
music by Jack Nitzsche, McMurphy represents the Nietzschean uebermensch beyond good and bad, the messiah in Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Stranger Land (set in Bethesda Hospital of mind control project Project Bluebird), Jack Parsons, William V.

11/19 (=Revelation 911) date founding Templars (heresy of denouncing Christ and worshipping sodomite John the Baptist), date birth Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena LaVey, Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs 5 Oscars like One Flew), death Antichrist Charles Manson.
Poster with Jack Nicholson looking up Christ pose, lock with keyhole, symbol of Daath.
John Joseph Nicholson born April 22, 1937 taurus the hierophant, year 11 lust. moon in virgo. Asc: Leo (lust), mc: Aries (the emperor roman). Dominants: Taurus (ruled by venus nickle, the Hierophant), Aries, Leo- Pluto (Hades underworld, in Cancer), sun (in Taurus), Jupiter (Osiris, in Capricorn).
like Danny DeVito, born in Neptune, new jersey.

The movie was filmed at Oregon State Hospital (44th parallel). The term coccyx is derived from the ancient Greek word kokkyx 'cuckoo, tailbone anus=cuckoo's nest, cc=33 Eye of Horus, bird of Jupiter.
Randall McMurphy like Grady McMurtry head of the OTO 10/18 like Harvey Lee Oswald, shot by Jack Ruby.

He checks in like Jack Torrence in the Overlook Hotel in Kubrick's The Shining, undergoes a transformation of Apollo (reason, order) to Dionysus (extacy, chaos, insanity). Charles Manson, Roman Polanski, Jim Morrison Dyonisus-Christ figure (McMurphy mm=33) the Fool the Joker, Lucifer rebelling against 'God'. Venus vs Mars= Amor vs Roman empire.

McMurphy is locked up for raping 15 y old, Roman Polanski raped a 13y old girl in Jack Nicholson's house on Mulholland Drive.

In the 60's the CIA used mind controlled actors and singers, programmed with Alice in Wonderland (Cheshire Cat 'everybody here is insane'), to create the 'counterculture' of the fake hippie movement (Jim Morrison 'all the children are insane'). In the 70's the media industry popularised psychology and labels of mental illness became more common. Tavistock psychiatrist RD Laing popularised the notion that 'everybody is a little crazy' (documentary Mad to Be Normal).

Louise Fletcher nurse Mildred Ratched (3d sphere Binah) born 7/22/1934, date Mary Magdalene, nr pi, date Rose Kennedy, death John Dillinger, death William Mulholland, founding Special Operations Executive, death Janet Lee Bouvier, remake of the Manchurian Candidate, date prince George 2013 (Louis name Catherine's 2nd child), Leo ruled by the sun, strength controlling the solar lion.
Dominants: Cancer (queen of cups), Sagittarius, Gemini - Moon (Diana), Pluto, Venus. The 3d child of Mia Farrow (mother Antichrist in Rosemary's Baby) with André Previn was named Fletcher.

They have group gatherings in a circle (Wheel of Fortune). T-groups were used by Kurt Lewin at Tavistock and NTL in Bethel Maine in 1947 (Stephen King the Shining).
William Will Sampson (=William V) September 27, 1933 Virgo (month after Roman Polanski)– June 3, 1987 Gemini, both ruled by Mercury. He plays the role of indian shaman (mythology of Jim Morisson, Dakota of Rosemary's Baby), the true will, Harpocrates voice of silence. 'Chief' (secret chiefs of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, chief of the tabernacle 23d degree).

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Chief Bromden
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The Outlaw Josey Wales Ten Bears (also movie Howard Hughes)
1977 The White Buffalo Crazy Horse / Worm Orca Umilak
1978 Cowboysan Indian Chief Short film
1979 Fish Hawk Fish Hawk (Tzaddi: fish hook)
1985 Insignificance Elevator Attendant
1986 Poltergeist II: The Other Side Taylor

Bradford Claude Dourif (born March 18, 1950) as Billy Bibbit virgin Virgo.
William Redfield (January 26, 1927 – August 17, 1976) as Dale Harding (William) repressed homosexual (gay agenda)
Sydney Lassick (July 23, 1922 Neptunalia, planet of illusion – April 12, 2003) as Charlie - mr Fromm in Carrie. Charlie=Charles Manson, the Fool.
Daniel Michael DeVito (born November 17, 1944, scorpio Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn- Venus, Jupiter, Moon) as Martini.
Christopher Allen Lloyd (born October 22, 1938. Dominants: Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo-Jupiter, Moon, Venus) as Max Taber (Emmett Brown in BTTF based on Jack Parsons and Werner von Braun).

They line up for pills (the Star Aquarius hei: window, Alice in Wonderland programming).

He plays a basketball game (Green Day Basket Case) as William the Moonchild of Cancer (the Chariotletter Chet: fence, enclosure).


McMurphy escapes with yellow schoolbus (like Heath Ledger in the opening scene of The Dark Knight). He learns his fellow patients to have self confidence (Christ, True Will). They rent a boat and go fishing (Christ the Fisher of Men). 1975 was the year of Steven Spielberg 'Jaws' (Nicholson Pluto Shadow in water sign Cancer), filmed at Martha's Vineyard, associated with the Kennedies.
Tzaddi: fish hook, path of the Star turn the lower self into reflection of the higher self, hope guiding light.

McMurphy rebels against the authrity of nurse Ratched, is given electroshocks (used in MK Ultra to cause amnesia, also in Requiem For A Dream and Suicide Squad with Joker Jared Leto, based on Jack Parsons).

The night McMurphy and Chief decide to attempt to escape, they have a Christmas party before leaving the hospital (lunar night side of Dyonisus, extacy alcohol, winter solstice Saturn). Night guard Turkle played by
Benjamin 'scatman' Sherman Crothers May 23, 1910 – November 22, 1986 (33, JFK ritual). Jupiter in Libra, Venus in Aries, Moon in Scorpio, Neptune Mars in Cancer.
1970 Bloody Mama, moses the caretaker, with Shelley Winters.
1978 mean dog blues
1980 The Shining, bronco billy with clint eastwood,
1982 Zapped (Zapruder film JFK)
1983 Two of a Kind
Louisa Moritz born September 25, 1936 – January 4, 2019. Rose
Mews Small March 20, 1942. Candy

The party is the alchemical marriage, uniting opposites (the virgin and the whore, lunar and solar, the twin pillars.

McMurphy falls asleep When nurse Ratched discovers the chaos and damage of McMurphy's party, she threatens Billy to tell her parents and he commits suicide (Scorpio- Death).

After more electroshocks, McMurphy's spirit is broken, Chief kills McMurphy, frees himself by smashing the prison window (Osiris reborn as Horus).

The movie won five Oscars (Osiris). 'One Flew' is copied in Eminem 'the Real Slim Shady' =the twin, the real one, Jungian Shadow side, alter ego with hair dyed blonde like Marilyn Monroe, the Joker archetype like Jack Nicholson (Kathy Griffith -animal of Apollo, as nurse Ratched). Green Day Basket Case on 2/1 date Ken Kesey.

Jack Nicholson

Charles Manson

History of Mind Control